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Structure of the Emergency Service



Dekonta is a part of the Integrated rescue system of the Czech Republic on the basis of a Contract on Cooperation with the General Headquarters of the Fire Rescue Brigades of the Czech Republic. DEKONTA‘s activity covers the whole territory of the Czech Republic. DEKONTA has a fire protection unit which ensures all activities during emergency actions and guarantees professional access when resolving complicated emergency situations.

Head of the emergency service - a professionally capable employee with experience in the area of work management in environments with the risk of explosion and with knowledge of rehabilitation technologies (work during removal of escaped pollution with respect to the possibility of its migration through the saturated or unsaturated zone of the earth body).

Emergency intervention group - a group equipped with technical means for implementation of protective measures (emergency binders, loose and textile sorbents, breast walls, pumps for explosive environments, intercepting capacities, lighting technology, motor boat, etc.). This group operates with vehicles equipped with blue warning lights and a sound warning facility to appear at the site no later than within 30 minutes from the receipt of a report of an accident. The group performs primary drilling surveys by means of a vibration system (Eijkelkamp) and with a portable analyser of organic gases. In the case of action in a toxic environment, members of the emergency group are equipped with protective chemical clothing (TYCHEM).

Specialist of the hydrogeological service - a highly qualified hydrogeologist experienced in resolving environmental accidents and possessing his own data about natural conditions in the area of interest, including a set of hydro-geological maps and data concerning the whole territory of the Czech Republic. Data from this database is available for routes of product piping processed by means of a Geological Information System.

Emergency technical and survey group - performs technical work, such as ground work, transport of wastes and preparation in environments with a risk of explosion, and has a ready-to-use number of ground machines and freight vehicles - ADR. The group is equipped with a belt-type drilling set (PowerProbe) for rotation and vibration drilling technology. This group is also equipped with cistern vehicles capable of extracting oil products from the ground surface, vehicles with containers for transport of hazardous wastes, approved according to ADR.

Group ensuring rehabilitation of water and earth at the scene of an accident - ensures rehabilitation work related to emergency action. Its activity includes pumping and cleaning of groundwater, removing contaminated air mass, biodegradation of contaminated materials in the discharge area or in the decontaminated area. They possess gravitation and lamella separators, stripping columns, venting columns, sorption filters, mobile catalytic-oxidation incinerators, means for application of bio-preparates, fermenters, etc.

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