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- Mechanical Audit and Systems Review Services (MASR)


If your aging lime slaking system is becoming a safety concern or unexpected breakdowns are resulting in lost production, a Mechanical Audit and Systems Review (MASR) can help you

When put into practice by your maintenance team, recommendations in the MASR report will lead to a safer, more reliable system and cost savings for you. 

Be proactive, don’t wait until your system fails to call us.

Audit Details

Our technical experts provide an objective evaluation of your system and then provides a written report of the findings. Depending on your system’s needs, the MASR includes:

  • Review of mechanical inefficiencies to help bring your system within optimum operating parameters

  • Record of wear and tear and other matters, which can cost money in wasted chemical or system shutdown for repair and maintenance

  • Documentation of the current state of mechanical components vs. the original design specifications to evaluate changes in system performance

  • Record of safety concerns to bring potential hazards to your attention

  • Easy-to-follow checklist for your maintenance staff to utilize

  • Recommendations to improve performance and have a safer system

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