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Maintain your system operations during upgrade, maintenance, and peak demand, plus commissioning. Temporary mobile water & wastewater – bridge solutions offers you flexible service-based solutions by augmenting or replacing permanent water treatment facilities for you on a short term or long term basis. Typical situations where these solutions are needed are:

  • When you have seasonal volume demand increases,
  • When you have planned maintenance or
  • During start-up commissioning,  
  • During new construction or during system upgrades.

The modular design of our mobile water fleet is able to compensate for variations in the volumes of process water that needs to be produced or wastewater to be treated without impacting your core activities.

Temporary mobile water & wastewater solutions using bridge systems service contracts help you maintain system operations during an upgrade, maintenance outage, peak demand and start-up and commissioning.

SUEZ offers tailored solutions for your water supply and wastewater treatment needs. We can supply any water quantity and quality needed to meet your bridging requirements. Our range of water and wastewater technologies together with service solutions allows us to meet your specific short-term or long term needs to keep your treatment plant up and running. Thanks to a high degree of standardization, preparation time, deployment, site set up and commissioning times are minimal which reduces downtime and provides you with the economic advantage.

Tailored for any of your needs we have treatment solutions for source waters ranging from natural, industrial and municipal sources: condensate, surface impoundments, industrial wastewater streams, municipal gray water, cooling tower blowdown, brackish/seawater, plus wells/boreholes, ponds, lagoons, rivers, lakes, and more.

Our team of engineers and field service personnel dedicated to safety are positioned around the world with a network of service centers enabling us to serve you locally. Across all of our mobile water bridge systems, we can offer you with cutting-edge digital technologies to maximize performance through SUEZ’s InSight* platform.

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