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Sustainable Project Development Services



HBG Consulting provides sustainability consulting services with a broad focus upon the built environment. This broad approach taken to sustainability has led us to become involved in a wide range of projects such as energy modelling for residential, commercial and public buildings, zero carbon homes proposals, utility management strategies and sustainability management plans.


The pursuit of economic development has shown up certain environmental and social weaknesses that are the very basis for sustainability. It has become clear that economic development can only lead to sustainability if it is carefully planned, environmentally sensitive, locally-based, and focused on creating jobs and improving quality of life across the country.

We provide consulting services to achieve compliance with many different environmental regulations by creating sustainable buildings and communities, promotion of low impact materials, renewable energy and waste reduction, and the retrofitting of old and existing stock.

We work with our clients to help deliver on development aspiration by bringing our knowledge of the revolutionary advancements of sustainable development to ask the right questions, and use our industry-wide networks to deliver the most appropriate answers.

Development benefits must be maximized beyond industrial estates and business centers, while the adverse impacts of development must be minimized in our residential areas and our parks and beaches. At HBG Consulting, we work with site owners, contractors, architects, builders and developers who have the same aspirations for sustainable development to deliver great projects. We strongly believe open book collaboration is so much more satisfying and partnerships or joint ventures can bring together complementary skills to produce excellent results.

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