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Swimming Pools & Spa Sampling Services

Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd is the market leader in the testing of commercial swimming pools and spas, visiting over 1000 pool sites every month UK wide. Our UK wide service has been developed to assist councils, health club chains, stand alone clubs, hotels, schools and health service sites to achieve compliance with the national guidelines set out by BSI & The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG). These guidelines recommend that pools and spas used by the public be tested for bacteria on a monthly basis. Apart from achieving compliance with the guidelines regular monthly sampling of a pool or spa demonstrates to your customers your commitment towards their health and safety and the enjoyment of their visit to your facility. In addition it can also help to prevent costly shut downs to carry out maintenance work.

The service we provide includes:

  • Taking water samples for bacterial analysis - general bacteria, E. coli , coliforms and Pseudomonas aeruginosa from pools and spas and Legionella from spas
  • Detailed chemical analysis of the water - water balance, total dissolved solids, alkalinity, pH, disinfectant residuals (typically free chlorine, combined chlorine and total chlorine)
  • Transportation of the sample within 24 hours to a UKAS accredited laboratory under refrigerated conditions
  • Notification to site of results that are outside the recommended specification
  • Comprehensive advice on remedial action
  • A certificate of results for each sample
  • Monthly management report from all of your sites (group customers)
  • Secure web access to results

Our engineers are all trained to at least Pool Plant Operator level and use high quality, calibrated testing kits. A range of additional tests are carried to allow investigation of specific problems with pool water quality.

As part of our commitment to improving pool water quality across the country, we are proud to sponsor the CIMSPA NPPO manual.

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