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System Integration Services


Much of our work involves integration of several instruments and components to meet a particular system requirement.  We work with clients to find the optimum solution to meet their measurement needs, selecting our own instrumentation when design cycles need to be rapid, or integrating instruments from many third party instrumentation providers when appropriate.


Examples include: Marine Mammal and Noise Monitoring Systems, where we integrate custom instrumentation with commercial off-the-shelf items, controlled by both bespoke and public domain software, to provide a highly sensitive, rapidly deployable and easily modified system for wind farm construction monitoring.

Cable and Pipeline Span Vibration Monitoring Systems, where we integrate commercial accelerometers and gyros into a compact subsea instrumentation package with our AQUAlogger advanced power management features for long deployment periods, and options for high speed live data transfer.

Cathodic Protection Control Systems, integrating our AQUAmodem 500CP cathodic protection monitoring telemetry units with a comprehensive control software packaged for bespoke impressed current power supplies.

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