TeleDevices, LLC (TDL)

TeleDevices, LLC (TDL)

- Program Management Services


TDL brings a full range of multidisciplinary expertise to the functional areas of program and project management. Our expertise in this area enables us to support our clients in full systems acquisition and development programs, as well as in effective project management pointed at implementing and/or supporting critical tasks. We offer support necessary to develop all major program milestone documentation and decision packages. Our understanding of program management requirements enables us to provide analytical support in assessing performance and technical metrics of major tasks and the impact on program accomplishment for both federal government (such as DOD) and commercial clients.

TDL offer full range of Program Management services including:

  • Concept exploration
  • Strategic and Risk Analysis
  • Executive level program definition and evaluation
  • System design, development and documentation
  • Schedule development, management and analysis
  • Facilities planning and analysis
  • Strategic and Tactical program operations
  • Operation and maintenance support- configuration management
  • Test and evaluation
  • Manpower, Personnel and Training
  • Contract administration / closeout

TDL Engineering and Logistics Support Services
TDL’s exceptional engineering and logistics capabilities span the system’s life cycle. Our engineering and logistics functional capabilities reflect the multidisciplinary expertise that enables us to offer analytical assessments of the impact of program and technical decisions on design, production, and operational supportability, including cost and schedule. The comprehensive programmatic and functional engineering and logistics services available from TDL include:

  • Engineering Analysis and Support
  • Research and Special Studies Analysis and Reports
  • Systems Engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Implementation
  • Systems Specifications, Drawings, and Technical Manual Analysis and Review
  • Test and Evaluation Support
  • Industrial Base Production Availability
  • Navigation Systems and GPS Satellite Systems Support

Engineering Management Services

  • Systems Acquisition Management
  • Security Assistance Acquisition Management
  • Engineering Change Proposal Preparation, Review, and Tracking
  • Configuration Management
  • Diminishing Industrial Sources Support
  • Logistics Plans Development

Logistics Support Services

  • Support Equipment Program Management
  • Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability Engineering
  • Provisioning Analysis
  • Supply Support
  • Manpower, Personnel and Training
  • Training Plans Development

Systems Acquisition

  • TDL has a strong systems acquisition capability to support DOD organizations. Our acquisition specialists are very knowledgeable of DOD 5000 series directives and regulations. Our systems acquisition includes both technical and programmatic support. Our technical support includes system analysis, system engineering and integration, production engineering, logistics, testing and evaluation, and product assurance. We offer technical expertise in the areas of sensors, production engineering etc.

Administrative Services

  • TDL provides a variety of administrative services. TDL Administration Service personnel are experts in utilizing current technologies and methods for the smooth execution for your support program.

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