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It is of critical importance to the success of the use of activated carbon that the correct product is selected for the intended application. This will ensure that the removal efficiency and the operational capacity is optimized, allowing for the most cost-effective treatment method to be utilized. This can have impacts on facts such as energy consumption, regeneration potential, and water consumption, all with significant implications for the cost of the treatment operation.

Jacobi Carbons boasts an industry-leading capability in the understanding of applications and the use of its activated carbons in them. By being involved at an early stage in the consideration of an activated carbon duty, Jacobi can work through the stages of feasibility, laboratory and pilot scale assessment to final system design recommendations, material specification and supply. Once in service, the after-sales provision of periodic sampling and process optimization can provide users of our product confidence in our capabilities and customer care.

A variety of tools are used to achieve this including predictive modeling, empirical assessment, model and pilot-scale simulations, and application of standard technical data to real-life operation. The skilled team of Application and Product Managers can provide specialist assistance across the globe based on practical knowledge and operation experience.

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