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Technology Transfer refers to a broad set of processes covering the flows of know-how, experience and equipment among different stakeholders. This concept grows from the fact that we have lead markets for environmental innovations: which are countries that are way ahead in the introduction of environmental innovation and with more widespread diffusion of the innovations. These countries best serve as models for other countries like Kenya, to adopt such technology to improve efficiency while reducing environmental degradation. At Éclat, we research on the best environmental advances in other countries, regions and store such information for use in the design or implementation of our projects. The information serves as a point of reference or modification to ensure practical application and cost-effectiveness.

Our technology transfer model subscribes to the 4Ps as used in marketing. The Ps' represent;

  • Product: providing the best green option available in the market.
  • Price: carrying out cost-benefit analysis of different options to finally decide on the most cost effective strategy
  • Place: considering the dynamics of modifying the strategy to suite the existing locality and/or other circumstances
  • Promotion: offering information to clients and the public at large on the merits of adopting and/or adhering to green technology

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