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'Our development projects and services mean food safety from producer to consumer.'IGV GmbH also has an independent accredited test laboratory, which serves as a test institute for industry and research services in the areas of food, fodder and vegetable materials examination.The most important aspect is the examination of the marketability of grain-based food products, fodder, materials tests pursuant to the German Drug Law and examination of the processing characteristics of flours.

The examinations are based on the equipment's device spectrum (LC/MS/MS to farinograph) and the know-how of our more than twenty-five employees (among them four state certified food chemists, three chemists and two food technology specialists).

Our lab has the following certifications:

  • DAkkS accreditation pursuant to ISO 17025 -   D-PL-14024-01
  • Monitoring of pharmaceuticals transactions, EU-GMP certification - Brandenburg health Authority (Landesgesundheitsamt)
  • QS Approval in the area of fodder monitoring - QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH
  • Approval of the German federal states pursuant to §1 of the cross check assessor test lab directive (Gegenprobensachverständigen-Prüflaboratorienverordnung)
  • Approved cross check assessor pursuant to the directive on the approval of  cross check assessors
  • SAL-BB-G 116-05-10

We have two main alignments for our research:

  • Basic Research – Examinations on a Molecular Level
  • Structure analysis of effective substances by LC/MS/MS (4000 QTRAP), ab initio modelling and affinity chromatography.
  • Structure analysis of polysaccharides and carbohydrates
  • Plant physiology

Applied Research

  • Identification of grain species
  • Determination of processing characteristics of flours
  • Development of detection methods for enzymes in vegetable materials by proteomics
  • Development of methods for the areas of residue analysis and contaminants

The institute's accredited test lab offers services for the following test areas.

Examination of harvested goods and raw materials

  • Content and processing parameters for: Grain and milled grain products, Oil seeds, Greases and oils, Healing herbs and spices
  • Residues and contaminants

Examination of foodstuffs

  • Determination of the main food contents (water, minerals, protein, fat, carbohydrates) and their components (e.g. amino acids, fatty acids, cholesterol, sugar, dietary fibre) pursuant to official methods or standard procedures
  • Determination of residues and contaminants (mycotoxins, PSM incl. growth regulators, acrylamide)
  • Sensor examinations pursuant to DLG
  • Micro biologic examinations
  • Examination of filling volumes and packaging identification
  • Examination of formulation for compliance with statutory provisions, policies of the Deutsche Lebensmittelbuch
  • Assessment of marketability of foodstuffs


  • Fodder examination pursuant to the feed directive (Futtermittelverordnung)


  • Examination of the raw material quality of plants and effective substances and of the shelf life of pharmaceuticals pursuant to the German Drug Law

Other main aspects include awarding test seal certifications for foodstuffs and consultation for foodstuff-relevant issues.

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