Global Environmental Lab (Pvt) Limited

Global Environmental Lab (Pvt) Limited


Testing and Monitoring services presently offered by the company include the following: Liquid Effluent Analysis: All parameters as per requirement of NEQS, Metals analysis using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Sampling of grab and composite samples, On site sampling and analysis using National and International methods.

Drinking Water Analysis:

  • All parameters as per WHO requirements including Physical, Chemical and Microbiological analysis according to WHO/ PSQCA / FDA Bottled Water guidelines.
  • Toxic metal analysis concentration using AAS.

Soil & Sludge Analysis:

  • Chemical analysis of sludge and soil and its characterization.

Microbiological Analysis:

  • Water
  • Food

Gaseous Emissions and Particulate Matter Analysis.

  • From generators, boilers and other industrial stacks.
  • Vehicular emissions.
  • ISO-Kinetic sampling for particulate matter.
  • Toxic metals in particulate matter as per NEQS.

Ambient Air Monitoring.
Noise Level Measurements.
Light Intensity Measurement.
Complete Monitoring as per NEQS.

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