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Unlike field testing, researchers using Ohmsett's facilities are able to control test conditions. Our large test tank can accommodate full-size equipment. Therefore, testing at Ohmsett produces more accurate and reliable results while avoiding the need for scale models. And, unlike tests that use popcorn, oranges, or other biodegradable substitutes for oil, equipment testing at Ohmsett can be evaluated under authentic conditions using real oil.

Ohmsett's objective experts are available to help response companies with pre-purchase testing of equipment, and to assist manufacturers with product testing and improvements. Our facility has proven to be the ideal facility for testing and analyzing the practical effectiveness of equipment such as Booms, Skimmers, Sorbents, Temporary Storage Devices, Pumping Systems, and Remote Sensing Devices. New to the facility is the ability to conduct In-Situ Propane Burns, Dispersant Evaluations, Oil Emulsions, and cold water testing.

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