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Cooler Recycling Solutions (CRS)

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CRS has recently placed an order with Mercedes-Benz for six more Actros HGV vehicles. The transport team at CRS have always insisted that a policy of minimising the emissions associated with our logistics is viewed as a priority throughout the CRS group of companies.  Over the years CRS has developed a good relationship with Mercedez-Benz, using their Actros range of HGVs for many years now. The most recent range of Actros HGV vehicles can officially declare that they provide both ultra-low fuel consumption and ultra-low exhaust emissions. All vehicles in the range are Euro VI compliant and undercut the current standards by up to 80%. For example a new model Actros will drive at 7.6% less diesel in a 10,000 km relative test drive to similar competitor models. By 2014 this standard will be preceptive for those operating within an EU member state.

With CRS adding six more of the Actros range to the fleet , the company has again put itself forward as a market leader in satisfying the ongoing environmental requirements of the EU.

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