Transportation Services

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Transportation Services

DBES is ready to handle all your transportation services. Our new, fuel efficient and well-equipped response and waste transportation units are ready to handle your transportation needs when you need them. We offer everything from cargo vans, vacuum tankers, soil and liquid waste bins, roll-off container and end-dump services.

Our Fleet is Compliant with all Mechanical & Safety Requirements
Our trucks and trailers are all inspected and certified by an independent third-party contractor, insuring compliance with all mechanical and safety requirements. Our trucks are all California Highway Patrol, (CHP) Biennial Terminal Inspection, (BIT) certified and International Fuel Tax Agreement, (IFTA) registered for California, Nevada and Arizona.

Our drivers receive comprehensive and first rate training on the Department of Transportation, DOT requirements specified in 49 CFR as well as hazardous waste handling, packaging and security requirements.

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