Thermochem, Inc.

Thermochem, Inc.

Two-Phase Flow Measurement Services


On-line Continuous Instrumentation and Discrete Sampling Methods for Cooling Water, Steam Condensate, Steam, Gas and Water Mass Flow Rates based on Thermochem Tracer Flow Testing (TFT).

  • Cooling Water Flow in Fossil Fuel and Nuclear Plants
  • Steam Condensate Flow (Steam Quality) in Turbine Exhaust Steam and Heat Recovery Systems
  • Main Steam and Secondary Process Steam Flow
  • Noncondensable Gas, Air Leakage and Fuel Gas Flow
  • Calibration and Validation of Single and Multi-Phase Meters

Retention time of Liquids through Vessels, Piping, Separators:

  • Separator Design and Optimization
  • Chemical Treatment and Downstream Process Optimization
  • Piping System Design and Optimization

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