Anaergia Inc.

Waste Diversion



Anaergia provides alternatives to the traditional waste to energy solutions. Anaergia is able to convert the biogenic portion of waste into renewable natural gas for distribution in the local grid or for fleet vehicle fuel.

Organics Recovery & Conversion
Anaergia extracts over 95% of the organics from mixed waste streams and highly contaminated source separated organics streams. The organics are cleaned and digested in proprietary Anaerobic Digestion systems that produce a high purity biogas that can be used to generate renewable energy or fuel.

Residuals Diversion
After organics are recovered from the waste streams, roughly 70% of the waste stream remains. From this stream, Anaergia recovers recyclables including plastics, papers, glass and metals. The remaining residuals can be gasified using a proven gasification system to maximize diversion and energy recovery.

Residuals from source separated organics (SSO) and other food wastes can be composted and used as fertilizer on local farm land. This diverts nearly 100% of the SSO streams and provides a cost effective alternative to chemical fertilizers for local farmers.

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