Waste Management & Energy Concepts Services


More and more municipalities, industrial entities and farmers ask themselves for alternatives for today’s practices of waste management. Main objective is more and more looking for solutions which are generating energy out of biomass and preventing resp. reducing environmental damages at the same time. If a turnaround to more renewable energy should succeed, it is a strong command to use these potentials. As often seen in our today’s very complex environment you will find more than one solution. Often it makes sense to combine different aspects to find the best solution according the state of the art technology. Renergon is therefore an ideal partner for you to find suitable concepts and solutions were not only the generation of energy out of biomass is the focal point but also the whole waste management process.

Due to our cooperating partners we are well grounded over a wide range of Know how from waste handling to waste preparation including recycling.

At the final end of the process chain we are looking for optimal preparation of the digested residues to valuable compost and fertilizer. In all our considerations we focus beside the technical aspects as well as on the economical results.

Our services:

  • Situation analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept and solution proposals
  • Economic analysis
  • Consulting

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