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Using Advanced Thermal Treatment Technologies to End the Landfilling of Recoverable Energy. Over a decade ago Klean entered the waste-to-energy sector using advanced thermal treatment (ACT) technologies, recognizing that waste-to-energy or energy-from-waste is a key component in any efficient waste management system. By using advanced thermal treatment technologies solid waste that could not be recycled by any other means is converted into environmentally-friendly energy, providing more sustainable energy supplies for the future and limits climate change by reusing resources rather than wasting carbon.

Klean believes that waste is an underused and unappreciated asset. Klean processes waste using patented technologies it owns or has under license with various partners. Its primary business is in the applications of carbonization and/or gasification technologies which produce clean energy supplies to meet - or potentially exceed - the growing demand for energy. 

The yields generated by a waste-to-energy facility may include: electricity, district heating / cooling, steam for industrial processes, or desalinated seawater, reusable commodities such as steel, and other recyclable. Residual waste that is uneconomically or environmentally unsound to recycle becomes a valuable local source of energy feedstock. Additionally the heat produced from a waste to energy system is designed to power steam turbines while syngas produced by the pyrolysis or gasification technology has a variety of potential uses, the most common system configuration being to burn the syngas in a boiler to generate steam. 

The advanced thermal treatment of solid waste reduces the volume of waste, thereby preserving landfill space. It reduces the need to transport waste, absolving the cost and manpower involved in long-hauling waste, as well as the pollution from the environmental impact transporting waste over great distances. It allows for the recovery of energy from the solid waste stream, as well as the recovery of minerals and chemicals that can be reused or recycled. Efficient waste management strategies can benefit immensely from waste-to-energy technologies and Klean is extremely pleased to offer its customers some of the most technologically advanced systems available for applications around the globe. We are excited to be a part of the re-industrialization of our world using more sustainable energy solutions.

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