Dynamis Energy

Waste Stream Diversity


There are few systems that are as versatile and easy to operate as the Dynamis Energy 3.0 System. No waste pre-treatment is required and its modular design makes it suitable for small projects of just a few tons per day, up to larger municipal projects of 2000 tons per day or more.

  • Untreated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • MSW with organic fraction removed for composting
  • Biomass wastes, mixed bruch, farm harvest clean up
  • Industrial packaging wastes
  • Industrial process wastes
  • Construction and Demolition waste, minus
  • concrete and drywall
  • Mixed waste plus tires
  • Mixed waste plus dry sewage sludge
  • Mixed waste plus oils, oily absorbent wastes
  • Mixed waste plus clinical waste
  • Medical waste and x-ray films
  • Auto fluff

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