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Waste generation has become a major problem to various governments in the Sub-Sahara Africa lately. The large volumes being generated daily has become a nightmare to the government, residents and even the environment. Therefore, turning the waste into energy or electricity is inevitable to save humanity and the environment. Waste- to energy which is the process of generating energy (Electricity or Heat) from waste through combustion/incineration has been successful in the developed countries.

Our company Richbol Environmental Services LTD is pioneering the introduction of waste -to energy technology in the Sub-Sahara Africa for the generation of electricity which is scares in this part of the world.

We represent manufacturers of various waste to energy equipment who offers various services from planning, manufacturing, installation, project consultancies etc on waste to energy projects.

We at Richbol in partnership with our partners will be available to help government (Local, State and Federal) establish waste to energy facilities for effective waste management.

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