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Waste-To-Energy generation is a classification of processes designed to convert waste into an alternative sources of energy. By diverting waste intended for a landfill it effectively conserves landfill capacity and eliminates greenhouse gas emissions the waste would otherwise produce in a landfill. The diverted waste is then processed and used to produce electricity or fuels such as synthetic diesel and natural gas. Inc. is a project development company with the resources necessary to complete your current and future waste-to-energy projects. We are able to develop your waste-to-energy project from beginning to end. Including economic feasibility study, environmental impact study, permitting, tax credit qualification, site selection, financing, construction and operation of the completed facility. To find out how exactly Inc. can help develop your waste-to-energy project please call and speak with an account rep today.

Waste Incineration Power Plants: The combustion of municipal solid waste burned in a controlled environment. When used together with an energy recovery system to create steam generated electricity. This process is the most common type of waste to energy technology being used today. Through this process the volume of solid waste is reduced by 96%. In 2004, there were 89 Waste Incineration Power Plants operating in 27 states. Waste Incineration was used to manage 33.1 million tons, or 14%, of trash in the U.S in 2003. Energy is sold to electric utilities which distribute it to local homes and businesses. Waste Incineration Power Plants in the U.S. generate enough electricity to power nearly 2.3 million homes. Energy created in this of type Waste-To-Energy facility has about the same environmental impact as energy produced from natural gas, and less impact than from oil or coal plants. Before combustion, recyclables are be removed including ferrous metals (iron alloys), aluminum cans, glass, plastics, paper, cardboard and batteries are separated out for recycling. Throughout the years many advancements have been made to this basic design. These newer, more efficient designs have been able to greatly reduce the amount of harmful emissions. This new clean technology has significantly lowered operation cost making Waste Incineration Power Plants one of the most economically viable solutions available today.

Quick Facts
Build Cost  :     $1.5 M+ per MW of equipment installed plus land and building
Size Range:     15 MW - 150 MW
Primary Fuel:    MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
Fuel Efficiency:  40 TBD (tons per day of trash) = 1 MW
Advantages:     Conventional, Flexible Fuel Type, Efficient
Disadvantages: Moderate Permitting Issues / Public Opinion Inc is involved in many technologies used in processing waste into energy. We provide the best possible solutions specific to your needs. To find out how Inc can help develop your Waste-To-Energy project please call and speak with an account rep today.

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