Biodermol Ambiente S.r.l.

Waste Treatment and Land Reclamation Process Services


Biodermol Ambiente is the ideal partner for the reclamation of contaminated sites offering “turnkey” contracts as well as consulting services and technical support for the management of these sites, ranging from the preliminary assessment activities to the finalization of the project.

Our consulting and support services include:

  • The preparation of appropriate preventive measures
  • The securing of the site
  • The preliminary assessments and site monitoring
  • The preparation of site characterization and reclamation plans
  • Site-specific risk analyses
  • The determination and design of the most cost-effective reclamation system.

The reclamation of contaminated sites with turnkey systems implies the use of the proprietary, innovative and patented CLARA eprocess and the relative mobile plant, with which Biodermol Ambiente is able to ensure the on-site reclamation of contaminated soil.
This system employs the active Evo formula, based on enzymes, microorganisms and nutrients.

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