Dexcom Solutions Ltd.

Dexcom Solutions Ltd.

Wastes Management Services


Dexcom Solutions offers a comprehensive analysis of waste stream for best recycling solutions. Our approach to materials recycling is firmly built on the principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We provide a collection bins, carts, and containers for recycling services.  We play a key role with you in protecting and restoring the environment.

At Dexcom, we're always thinking green - especially when it comes to creating alternative energy solutions. We provide waste to energy solutions for alternative energy, providing clean, renewable energy and saving space in local landfills. We also offer landfill gas-to-energy technology, which minimize emissions of greenhouse gases as well as generate alternative energy, and waste oil to diesel technology, generating diesel fuel from waste oil.

Dexcom Solution collects municipal wastes for delivery to landfills. In collaboration with our partners, we provide waste transportation vehicles and equipment for collection of wastes from various waste dumps within the Port Harcourt municipality to designated landfills.

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