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Wastewater Treatment


Ques Industries, Inc. has revolutionized the production of wastewater treatment chemicals; employing next generation polymers that offer a viable alternative to traditional aluminum and iron salts. These help aid settling, reduce odors, and accelerate the precipitation of heavy metals and phosphates. Using organic polymers, inorganic precipitants, organic/inorganic blends, and carbamates, we can produce a larger and faster growing flocculant that’s higher in quality and environmentally sound. Our wastewater treatment products help prevent discoloration and corrosion while acting as a viable solution for manufacturing, utilities, and other special applications.

We develop our organic and inorganic treatment solutions based on a rigorous assessment and evaluation process for each customer’s site. We investigate all of their current corrosion treatment methods, energy and maintenance costs, equipment failures, and potential compliance issues. Using our water treatment maintenance services, we can develop custom formulations on a per system basis. This program also includes the manufacture of wastewater treatment chemicals to help optimize their pump-off capabilities. To support them during the entire program, we offer a variety of secondary services including reverse engineering, water analysis, in-house product testing, and GHS compliant SDS/label generation. We’ve designed and treated polymer formulations for an array of systems, providing 24/48 hour blending time and emergency services as needed.

Our full line of polymer based formulations are manufactured at our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility; employing the latest quality control processes to ensure that our products exceed our customer’s expectations. Founded in 1983, we’ve served numerous industries including commercial, public water utility, manufacturing, metallurgy, property management, and food & beverage. All of our work abides by the latest industry standards from AWT, NSF, FDA, and the EPA.

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