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Eagle Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. has completed more than seventy (70) wastewater treatment works, which were awarded by both the Public and Private Sectors. Eagle has provided turn-key solutions for a range of treatment capacities, starting from 10 m3/day up to 30,000 m3/day. Whatever the needs of the Client, we deliver the best quality solutions for wastewater treatment, odour control and sludge treatment with minimal environmental nuisance, from the construction phase through to plant operation. As for water treatment works, we can generate drinking water quality, cost effectively, via tertiary treatment systems such as reverse osmosis. We also have the vehicle for producing reuse water quality for various reuse water applications for industries such as district cooling or irrigation.

Eagle has no limits of implementation of sewage treatment plant technologies and designs. Eagle offers flexible and tailored solutions to meet the Client’s requirements and is responsive to the growing wastewater re-use demands and increasingly stringent Regulatory Standards. Of the sewage treatment plant projects completed are carbonaceous matter removal plants, nitrogen removal plants and nitrogen and phosphorus removal plants. These can be open top or enclosed in a building, above ground or underground, temporary or permanent; Eagle is ready to deliver. The conventional systems designed include activated sludge, extended aeration, anaerobic-anoxic-oxic processes (and alternatives) and sequencing batch reactor (SBR) including numerous in-house modifications to meet effluent requirements cost effectively. In the field of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) sewage treatment plants, the company has a long list of running plants. Eagle also designs treatment plant upgrades and retrofits to meet higher effluent standards in addition to increased plant capacities.

Eagle’s total wastewater treatment capacity in Dubai’s private sector alone is 100,000 m3/day. The largest sewage treatment plant that Eagle commissioned is 30,000 m3/day for Nakheel Corporation at The Gardens. This turn-key project included the design, supply, installation, commissioning and 10 years of operation and maintenance of the plant. The company also undertakes small scale temporary modular projects. In 2008 Eagle was awarded the contract to design, build and operate the Masdar City modular MBR sewage treatment plant (three 500 m3/day modules) in Abu Dhabi; Masdar City is the first major hydrocarbon-producing economy in the world. Additionally, Eagle crosses national boundaries and implements sewage works internationally. Eagle has successfully executed a contract in Azerbaijan at the Baku Waste Water Treatment Works and six (6) plants in Sudan.

The Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) is the combination of a membrane process, like nanofiltration or ultrafiltration, with a suspended growth bioreactor producing excellent effluent water quality which can be implemented in various water re-use schemes. Eagle has a good working relationship with General Electric (GE) and has built and is operating 45,000 m3/day of sewage capacity with their Zenon MBR technology. This translates to eight (8) online MBR plants in Dubai. The capacities range from multiple 500 m3/day and 750 m3/day modular temporary solutions at Dubai Studio City, an 8,000 m3/day open-top plant at Dubai Motor City to a completely enclosed 25,000 m3/day plant at Dubai Sports City, which is one of the largest operating plants in the Middle East. By the end of 2010 Eagle’s MBR capacity will rise to 65,000 m3/day with twelve (12) installations.

Drinking water grade can be attained through treatment of water with reverse osmosis (RO). This product serves a variety of re-use applications, such as district cooling. Eagle has experience in the application of an RO system following MBR treatment at the Dubai Sports City plant and Al Quoz Land Development phase II plant. At Sports city, a portion of the MBR product water, 2,500 m3/day, is further handled through an RO system to generate DEWA quality grade water. This product is then applied as sweet make up water for the Canal Filtration project, likewise at Dubai Sports City, to counter salinity build-up due to evaporation losses. At Al Quoz, the RO treatment is preceded by MBR treatment, generating DEWA quality water which is re-used for district cooling.

At Dubai Sports City Eagle has designed, built, commissioned and is treating a filtration facility of 84,000 m3/day for the Canal Water project by re-circulating 1.5 x volume per day. The system consists of four (4) trains of GE’s ZW-1000 with a second stage two (2) Train ZW-500, also supplied by GE. The product is combined with top up RO water, from the Dubai Sports City STP, to offset a rise in total dissolved solids (TDS) due to evaporation losses.

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