Water Footprint


A product or corporate water footprint is the first step towards identifying the processes and activities which significantly influence your company’s water consumption.

Freshwater is becoming increasingly a scare resource especially in some parts of the world. Companies that are able to understand, measure, and manage their water footprints and water scarcity risks are likely to be more secure in future business strategies.

We can help you identify the processes and activities that significantly contribute to your water footprint. This will help you identify opportunities to reduce both your operational as well as your supply chain water footprint. At PRé we specialise in the following type of assessments:

  • Measurement of corporate water use and wastewater discharge: direct operations & supply chain
  • Assessment of local and regional water resource context: watershed aspects, local water governance and management capacity
  • Water risk assessment: mapping vulnerable locations, impacts on watersheds, ecosystems and communities

Our Consultancy Team has the expertise to conduct product and corporate water footprints based on the latest developments on water accounting and water impact assessment, both from the life cycle perspective as well as sustainable watershed management.

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