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When investing in stormwater systems, it’s important to not only consider the requirements for storage, but also consider the standards for water quality BMP and exceed them. When combined with SedimenTrap, no other StormChamber® system can match or exceed the expectations for sediment maintenance at such efficiency.

The SedimenTrap is designed to fit perfectly into the first and last row receiving water in the StormChamber®. While the first trap captures most of the sediments and other pollutants, some will invariably escape, which is why the second SedimenTrap is placed in the final row. The use of a filtration system on both ends of the StormChamber® is what makes it one of the most unique yet effective storm water systems in the marketplace today. Anything that passes through the first filter will quickly be caught and trapped in the second one.

The nation’s leading experts in ecology, biology, and land development combined minds to create stormwater systems that truly break down pollutants to natural and non-toxic byproducts so that it can be safely reused and redistributed. In fact, the EPA Technology Fact sheet even details the process of how technologically advanced filtration systems can break down pollutants into safe micro-organisms in the pollution abatement process. To learn more about this, be sure to read the EPA’s A Citizen’s Guide to Monitored Natural Attenuation. Further reports also show that infiltration devices maintain the highest levels of cleanliness, pollutant extraction, and quality enhancement. To see exactly how this works, review the Technical Memorandum as presented by the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center.

The first row in the StormChamber® system, which includes the first of two SedimenTraps, can also be considered as a pre-treatment device. Before any sediment can pass through, it would have to back-up and somehow invert into the connecting pipe of the adjacent row. Of course, this is highly unlikely under any circumstances, even under the heaviest of stormwater conditions.

Each row of the StormChamber® system plays an incredibly important role, successively functioning as a filtering device that suspends solids and other harmful pollutants from exiting the system and harming local or regional ecology. The design of storm water systems and multiple reports showcase how effective StormChamber® is at keeping oils and debris from reentering the local environment. To see exactly how StormChamber® works as the premier stormwater system on today’s market, be sure to view our animated video.

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