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Sound Environmental Strategies

Water Rights


Water rights are essential for a stable and safe water supply.  Whether the water is used for municipal, irrigation, industrial or habitat uses or whether it comes from surface water or groundwater, a water right enables the user to rely upon an identified priority and range of delivery rates and duties.  At SoundEarth, we help our clients develop cost effective water-rights strategies that meet their objectives while complying with regulations and statutes. Surface water and groundwater rights engineering is a specialized field which requires detailed understanding of hydrology and hydrogeology, and water law and policy. Our work includes:

  • Augmentation plans
  • Historic consumptive use analysis
  • Quantification of irrigation return flows
  • Analysis of stream depletions from well pumping
  • Determination of available water supplies from various sources
  • Development or evaluation of water rights applications/decrees, and
  • High-quality reports based on detailed water rights research

Through negotiation and settlement, we work with our clients and their legal counsel to avoid litigation whenever possible, but are always prepared when water rights litigation or adjudication is required.

In addition, water rights acquisition and development are often connected to watershed level planning.  This takes place within a defined yet continually evolving regulatory environment that can make it an arduous process. SoundEarth works closely with attorneys, owners, engineers, and regulators to generate the technical information and analyses needed to prepare water rights, permit applications, water transfers, and water contracts. By tapping into SoundEarth’s experience and expertise for the permit and/or transfer process, our clients have been able to efficiently obtain the water rights they needed.

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