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Watershed, Lake & Pond Studies



ESS is a leader in watershed protection and the complete analysis of aquatic ecosystems. ESS has performed diagnostic and feasibility studies for numerous watersheds and their associated lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and riverine systems. Our watershed, lake, and pond management services are headed by Certified Lake Managers with extensive experience in the assessment and management of both natural and man-made waterbodies. Our staff of experienced ecologists, hydrologists, engineers, and regulatory specialists provides clients with tailored studies that address the specific issues of each resource.

ESS expertise for conducting watershed assessments and plans includes:

  • Water Quality and Sediment Sampling and Analysis
  • GIS Analysis and Mapping
  • Watershed Assessments and Plans
  • Lake and Pond Diagnostic/Feasibility Studies
  • Nuisance and Invasive Species Management
  • Fish and Macroinvertebrate Surveys
  • Plankton Sampling and Analysis
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessments
  • Bacteria, Nutrient, and Pollutant Loading Evaluations
  • TMDL Development and Implementation Plans
  • Aquatic Habitat and Pond Restoration

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

ESS has conducted numerous aquatic ecosystem restoration projects involving lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and riverine and estuarine systems. Our experience ranges from restoration planning and design to permitting and monitoring. We have specialized expertise in lake and pond restoration and have prepared diagnostic/feasibility studies and management plans for state agencies, municipalities, and watershed groups. ESS’s technical expertise allows us to develop mitigation and restoration plans that are based on a combination of ecological principals and sound engineering practices. The success of mitigation and restoration projects is a result of our experience in developing adaptable design plans and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our core aquatic ecosystem restoration services include:

  • Habitat Evaluations
  • Lake and Pond Management Plans
  • Invasive Species Inventories and Mapping
  • Nuisance Aquatic Plant Management
  • Pond Dredging Evaluations
  • Steam Habitat Evaluations
  • Dam Removal Assessments
  • Lake and Pond Management and Restoration
  • Wetland Restoration, Enhancement, and Creation
  • River and Stream Restoration and Enhancement
  • Sediment Removal and Management
  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Restoration

Funding for Watershed Protection & Restoration

Local, state, and federal funding is available for watershed protection, lake and pond studies, and ecosystem restoration projects. These grant programs, such as the 319 program under the U.S. Clean Water Act, help to protect water supply, wildlife habitat, open space, and recreational resources. ESS works with our clients, particularly state and local government agencies, regional planning authorities, and non-profit watershed organizations, to pursue these funding opportunities and conducts the technical studies supported by water supply and watershed protection grants.

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