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WEEE Recycling

As soon as the European Directives 2002/96/CE were published, MTB RECYCLING, in partnership with specialist companies, designed and developed innovative, simple and high-output mechanical solutions to convert WEEE at the best cost.

This research was driven by two fundamental principles:

  • To sort to the maximum: advanced sorting from the start, far beyond the minimums required, to obtain products of unrivalled quality.
  • To develop the sector: not just to be satisfied with the temporary existing channels, but to play the sustainable development and environmentally-friendly card to the full.

We now offer a unique, effective and above all ecological processing range for this type of waste. At MTB Recycling we were aware that the complexity of these materials would not enable us to provide the best solutions quickly, so with our key partners we developed the solutions to enable us to achieve the best results: The best of each together, gathered together in a single, multi-purpose processing unit, pushing sorting to the extreme, able to process up to 30 000 T / year of WEEE and complex metals.

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