Working With Lenders


One way or the other, most waste companies need banks or other lenders . Many clients have found it helpful to have assistance in negotiating the terms of their credit facilities. For smaller companies, this assistance can be as simple in assisting in negotiating new and better terms with an incumbent bank. However, even in those cases, consolidation of existing loans and leases into an integrated credit agreement can save a client considerable money and make administration of its finances much easier as it deals with one lender and one loan package, rather than many different loans with different interest rates, maturities and even lenders. Finding the right bank can also be a challenge and our experience in working with lenders that specialize in the environmental industries has proven valuable to many clients.

For larger—but still what the lending industry would term “middle market”—companies, we have been able to assist clients in negotiating credit agreements that include selected corporate finance techniques that are normally reserved for large, publicly traded companies. These techniques increase flexibility for clients to use credit resources without constantly having to ask the permission of their banks, and saves money by employing alternate, and more favorable pricing methods.

As companies continue to grow, they will eventually outgrow the ability of one bank to serve all their needs. Mr. Rose has been very successful in assisting in the negotiation of multi-bank “clubs” in lieu of the cost and other drawbacks of “syndicated” credits typically offered by the lead lender in such situations.

Mr. Rose believes that the “relationships” emphasized by most lenders must go both ways and is dedicated to trying to be sure his clients get the best possible terms and to help them resist occasional efforts by some lenders to offer often inappropriate leasing , short term asset based finance, or similar products. He works with specific bankers, in keeping with his belief in working with “the banker not the bank” to achieve the desired results. He uses his experience and depth of his client base to negotiate terms and pricing that are significantly more favorable to his clients than that obtained by similar companies.

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