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A robust alcohol and drugs policy together with appropriate testing is now established practice for many UK companies. We have many years experience servicing customer needs in both the public and private sectors and offer a complete service, including consultation to assist in setting up your alcohol and drugs policy - together with any testing necessary to monitor its performance.

There are a number of advantages of implementing a drug and alcohol policy including:

  • Fewer accidents.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Better decision making by key staff
  • The opportunity to provide counselling for valuable, experienced staff.

Policy Development
ESG can work with you to develop a policy specifically tailored to your company’s needs and assist you in the introduction of a programme of testing. Options include:

  • Pre-employment screening - this is usually incorporated into a medical examination.
  • Random testing - used to test existing staff members who may work in safety critical positions.

Sample collection
We can provide you with a complete sample collection service including:

  • On-site attendance of medical staff to assist or supervise collection
  • All the necessary sampling and packaging materials together with the relevant paperwork
  • Full training of the company’s Occupational Health team to take samples in-house

Our established analytical protocols use immunoassay screening and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry confirmation methods to provide both unambiguous and quantifiable data. We can test for the presence in urine of all major drug types. Toxicological interpretation of the result is included in the service.

Chain of Custody
A high level of security is maintained at our laboratory site. We work to a proven management system with
established protocols to track the ownership and description of all samples received.

The initial screening results will be available within 2 days and, where necessary, confirmation tests within 5 days.

We hold UKAS accreditation for our drugs testing facility and Scientifics has been an ISO9001 registered company since 1993.

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