ZoneSafe Gel Treatment Services



Protect producing zones from undesired fluid or gas migration. Protect producing zones from undesired fluid or gas migration. ZoneSafe gel treatments protect producing zones and sensitive areas from undesired oil, gas, or water migration by penetrating deep into porous material and filling the pore spaces to block permeability. ZoneSafe gel treatments are ideal for blocking annular channels behind pipe, repairing casing leaks, or sealing off abandoned zones. The treatments can be used in standalone applications or immediately before a cement squeeze operation. With the application of the appropriate accelerators or retarders, ZoneSafe can be used effectively across a wide range of downhole temperatures.

Simplified application at the wellsite

ZoneSafe treatments are simple to apply and easily incorporated into any cement squeeze. No special equipment is required, there is little to no cleanup, and impact on operations is negligible. Easy cleanout reduces rig time.

ZoneSafe gel is available in premixed kits that arrive at the wellsite in prepackaged containers for easy storage and long shelf life.  The dry mix can be added as a sequential pretreatment just before the cement is mixed and deployed.


  • Pretreatment for cement squeezing
  • Zone protection
  • Zone abandonment
  • Behind-pipe channels
  • Casing leak repair

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