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    We are professional manufacturer of load cells, weighing indicators, and other weighing accessories. Products include:kinds of load cells and force sensor: load pin, torque sensor, canister load cell, single point load cell, shearbeam load cell, tension and compression load cell,etc. Kinds of weighing indicators and controllers: indicators for truck scale, indicators for floor scale, wireless weighing indicator, and other weighing accessories like junction box, mounting foot, etc.

  2. Papworths Construction Testing Equipment

    PCTE is one of the leading suppliers of Concrete Non-destructive Testing equipment. We offer wide range of equipment from around the world that is available at reasonable rates at our shop. We offer wide range of long history in the development and assessment of concrete testing equipment.

  3. GIBB (Pty) Ltd

    GIBB is a leading multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm based in South Africa with 67% Black ownership. The firm has a strong African orientation with a wide geographical footprint on the continent. The firm has been operating since 1956 and has proven capabilities in delivering world-class projects of any magnitude. GIBB prides itself on delivering high quality projects underpinned by an independently certified ISO 9001 quality system since 1999. GIBB offers comprehensive environmental management system (EMS) services, including the development of EMS to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2004. GIBB has extensive experience in conducting EMS audits to ISO 14001.

  4. PNM | Public Service Company of New Mexico

    Through its largest utility subsidiary, PNM Resources has been serving New Mexico customers for more than 90 years. Today, PNM Resources and its family of companies serve residential and business customers in New Mexico and Texas, building a solid reputation for shareholder value, customer satisfaction and service reliability.

  5. Častulík, Ltd.,

    The main activity of Ing. Častulík, Ltd., is represented by manufacturing of shredding technology – twin-shaft shredders and cutting mills. The own technical development is widely used ensuring consistent justification of produced machines to particular needs of customer.


    ŒERVA is a manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipments. ŒERVA offers an exceptionally wide portfolio of products with high stock availability, which it can guarantee thanks to its central warehouse, stable team of qualified employees and extensive partner distribution network not only in the Czech Republic but throughout the EU as well. Moreover, the company also cooperates with several retail chains and supplies them with its products flexibly as required. The company`s stability is guaranteed by its strong financial foundation and stable portfolio of both suppliers and customers here and abroad, which is also demonstrated by the consolidated turnover of 2 billion CZK achieved in 2011 and the same turnover in 2012.

  7. ČKD Blansko Holding, a.s.

    Blansko factory water turbines have been produced since 1904. During this time CKD Blansko gained a strong position among suppliers of equipment for water plants all over the world. The total installed capacity exceeds 19,000 MW. With more that 100years of experience we can offer the proven quality to our customers and we are able to meet customer´s most demanding requirements, whether it is machine efficiency or environmental standards. CKD Blansko Holding, a.s. is the direct successor of CKD Blansko, engineering company with a rich historical tradition. Products of CKD Blansko Holding, a.s. are used around the world and bear the seal of Czech engineering.

  8. İmot Environmental Technologies

    Our company was founded as IMOT Insaat Machinery industry and Trade Ltd. Lti. in 1995. IMOT started to operate with production and giving technical service of spare parts of the route groom machines and with production of cleaning equipments used in public and private sectors. After a few years IMOT started to work on solid waste management and produce recycling equipments. IMOT which leads its sector, started to work on a new field, the water and wastewater treatment systems in 2004, which is very important issue in environment technologies.

  9. İstanbul Teknik

    İstanbul Teknik is a Turkish building materials and civil engineering company, that was founded in 1998 serving to the construction industry. İstanbul Teknik manufactures and sells products offering maximum benefit to construction industry with the most suitable solution for the projects employed. İstanbul Teknik has a wide product range from infrastructure to estates and from asphalt applications to waterproofing. İstanbul Teknik come forward with its quality products, perfect services, experience and confidence. İstanbul Teknik exports to 52 conturies including Europe, Turkic Rebuplics and Middle East Countries. İstanbul Teknik offers relevant solutions to its customers with over 20 engineers and architects, 80 employees and 1.000 selling point around Turkey.

  10. İstek Isı Sistemleri İnş. İth. İhr. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

    İSTEK is one of the leading trade marks in solar energy systems sector. It is being manufactured since 1982 with the same quality, having a substantial impact in promoting solar energy water heating in the country. Being the first to expand its experience in the field internationally, currently İSTEK is exported to over 30 countries in 5 continents. Its quality is approved with many international certificates and test results from independent laboratories. The products manufactured under this brand name include copper collector, selective coated copper collector, aluminum collector, and aluminum towel radiator.

  11. İtimat Boiler Industry Company

    İtimat Boiler Industry Company was established in 1976 as a project and producing company in order to answer to the needs in heating and energy industry sector. The only aim of the technical team who works for Itimat Boiler Industry Co. is to present qualified products which can serve to it`s own customers along many years without any problem since the day it was established. The mission of Itimat Boiler Co. is to create awareness of using economical heating thus make a contribution to protect the energy and natural sources. Itimat Boiler Co. is not only selling it`s own products but also developing systems by combining the products which operates in harmony and introduces these systems to the sector as a package solved within itself .

  12. ​Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs

    ​​Clean Planet Mfg. & Labs, Inc. ​is a privately held, woman-owned, board governed, and family operated sustainable manufacturing company located in Virginia`s Central Shenandoah Valley. In our manufacturing complex, we also house a research and development lab to explore and bring to market the latest and safest automotive and heavy equipment fluid management products for OEMs, end-users, mechanical technicians, and, of course...


    ANAMET is the major metal recycling company in Greece with a consolidated turnover of 224 million euro in 2010. With subsidiaries in Bulgaria, FYR of Macedonia, and Serbia the company employs nearly 250 people, handling 400,000 tons of quality scrap per year; and servicing industrial and corporate clients at home and abroad. ANAMET began operations in 1966 trading iron scrap and other metals; and supplying the emerging metal manufacturing industry in Greece with secondary raw materials. In 1992, it expanded its activities and moved operations for scrap storage and processing to its current main plant location in the Athens West Industrial Area.

  14. `Diversified Enterprise COMPLEX 1` Ltd.

    `COMPLEX 1` is a professional manufacturer of modular (sectional) bolted steel water tanks. We produce 2 types of bolted reservoirs: `Iceberg` - made of stainless steel and `Donskoy First` - made of galvanized steel. Stainless steel bolted water tanks are made using South-Korea technology, which was honed together with our specialists. We produce these reservoirs since 2006. Main distinctive features are the follows: water in `Iceberg` water tank doesn`t contact with a gasket`s material due to unique technology, only with stainless steel; structure is designed in such way that complete leakproofness of the tank is provided without using polimeric liners; all parts of water tank excluding support frame and strengthening elements are made of stainless steel.

  15. “Ukrneftezapchast” LLC

    “Ukrneftezapchast” LLC, founded in 1998, is situated within the territory of the Northern industrial hub in Sumy, Ukraine. Company’s area is 3.3 hectares. Production facilities together with administration buildings occupy 6,990 m2. Available stock of the main metalworking machinery comprises 70 units of turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, gear making and other machines, including 20 units with numeric control.

  16. 0waste

    0waste producing clean energy from waste, 0waste processing plants offer a strategically important alternative for governments that are now increasingly concerned about energy security. In an advanced economy like the UK, the 0waste solution equally addresses consumer resistance to rising energy costs, growing recognition of the limitations of so-called renewables such as wind power and the closure of coal fired power stations to reduce CO2 emissions and diminishing offshore gas and oil resources.

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  37. 1 Clean Energy

    Our companie`s engeneers upgraded allknown Chinies rotating reactor technology to full new semi-automatic and semi-continious cycle of pyrolysis. Russian good steel quality and stringent standards give the ability to get a high reliability of the equipment. We also update the already installed Chines rotary plants to enchance production in several times. Main guarantied characteristics: - all kind of tires sized up to 3 meters with no need of scrapping - reduced an external heat source - semi-automatic tire feeding system (1 man power) - 12tn and up tires one cycle - automatic carbon black discharge beeing hot without dusting - steel wire becomes the single beam and discharge in 15 minutes - the pyrolysis process is more stable because of continuous material feeding and persentage of condensed gases is higher because of the fast pyrolysis process - higher safety and less burden to condensing line due to pyrolysis of a small quantity of the material in the moment.

  38. 1 Emme Spa

    1 Emme Spa, a company specializing in the reclamation of contaminated sites and redevelopment of desolate areas, the management of industrial waste and the construction and securing of waste management sites, has been operating since 1995 throughout Italy and abroad.

  39. 1.800.Recycling

    Recycle your waste products and save planet earth. Recycling makes for a better environment. For more recycling facts and for any such requirement visit 1800.recycling .com, a reputed recycling center.

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  42. 101 Pipe and Casing, Inc

    101 Pipe & Casing and 101 Vertical Fabrication your one-stop supplier for every water works project. We will transform your vision and ideas into a cost-effective solution – a finished fabricated piping system that is custom-engineered to your needs.101 Pipe & Casing is your pipeline for quality products, efficiency and people-oriented service. In response to your needs, our product line has grown from pipe and casing to include plain-end pipe, threaded pipe, fabricated pipe and precision-fit fabricated parts.

  43. 1105 Media, Inc

    1105 MEDIA, INC. provides integrated business-to-business information and media. 1105`s offerings focus on technology, products, policy, regulation, and news delivered through an assortment of media including print and online magazines, journals, and newsletters; seminars, conferences, executive summits, and trade shows; training and courseware; and web-based services. The markets served by these offerings include Government, Education, Network & Enterprise Computing, Business Intelligence, Industrial Health & Safety, Compliance, Security, Environmental Protection, Water & Wastewater, and Home Medical Equipment.

  44. 12 Voltz Ltd

    12 Voltz is a specialist in Remote Power and Renewable energy company. we offer wind turbines, hydro turbines and photo-voltaics, inverters and batteries. Specialising in Off Grid solutions, we are able to supply and install tried and tested small scale wind systems from 100 watts to 20Kw for either remote off grid power or grid connected. With a range of over 200 solar photovoltaic panels to choose from and several water turbines including the new stream/river turbine complement the deep cycle batteries and inverter system. True sine wave Inverter/charger systems up to 30Kw.

  45. 1-2-1 Consulting Inc

    Provide consulting and Engineering Services in renewable energy as well as in telecommunication Prepare feasibility report on solar power systems for variety of applications. Work with different communities to create awareness for use of clean energy. Bridge the gap between public and government incentive programs for solar energy use. Keep public aware about latest innovations in renewable energy so that they have fair idea about professional renewable energy hardware market. Conducted the survey for one of the condominium building and presented the detail case study on solar water heaters as well as conducted survey for feasibility of wind energy for their condominium

  46. 1212 Environmental

    We analyze your environmental needs from waste water to waste removal and provide solutions that benefit your bottom line and the environment. Let us show you how partnering with us can be your greatest environmental solution.1212 Environmental is a one stop environmental solutions partner.We provide a complimentary environmental audit to determine your environmental waste needs and risks. We work closely with our network of partners to analyze your individual necessities and provide a taylor made solution.We create sustainable strategies.It is our obligation to future generations that we maintain sustainable business practices. We care deeply about our planet and our customers environmental risks and goals.We are motivated to push ourselves to overcome any obstacle and take on any challenge. We manage the entire waste lifecycle, we help our customers reduce greenhouse emissions, increase landfill diversion, and protect the most precious resource – water.

  47. 12D Solutions Pty Ltd.

    12D Solutions sells and supports its principal product suite, 12d Model (formerly known as 4d Model) direct and through distributors around the world. 12D Solutions` clients include civil and water engineering consultants, environmental consultants, surveyors, local, state and national government departments and authorities, research institutes, construction companies and mining consultants. 12d Model is powerful terrain modelling, surveying and civil engineering software. It allows fast production in a wide variety of projects including roads, rail, site layouts, and...

  48. 14000 Store

    The 14000 Store provides documentation, tools, and training to help organizations achieve and maintain ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System (EMS) - on their own. We offer many free tutorials on our website to help you understand ISO 14001, the registration process, as well as other tips. Easy to use checklists can simplify environmental assessment and our documentation templates can be used to create an ISO 14001 Compliant EMS easily and affordably. We are located in Minneapolis, MN and provide our products to countries and industries around the world.

  49. 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

    1-800-GOT-JUNK? is your full-service junk removal company. We offer junk removal services for your home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more. We’re the junk removal company that handles the tough stuff – and we ensure that your junk gets recycled, donated, or disposed of responsibly. Got old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, construction debris, or yard waste you need to make disappear? 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can take away almost any material we can fit in our trucks, without you ever lifting a finger. We’ll remove junk from wherever it’s located, and we won’t leave a dent or speck of dirt behind.

  50. 1cc GmbH

    1cc provides a full range of consulting services for waste and product-related environmental compliance, and compliance with copyright levies legislation. Our service Portfolio incorporates three modules: Legal Monitoring, Business and Legal Consulting and Compliance Services. And we cover all regions of the globe – EMEA, North and South America and Asia-Pacific.

  51. 1Cold Ltd

    From simple Cold Rooms & Industrial Chillers to more complex Pharmaceutical Cold Store solutions, Food Factories & extensions, 1COLD delivers value engineered `turnkey` solutions where a wide range of temperature controlled environments are required.

  52. 1Source Safety and Health, Inc.

    1 Source Safety and Health Inc. (1Source) was formed by a group of experienced and highly motivated safety and health professionals to address the health and safety needs of our clients. The core business is safety and health management and consulting in select business markets. 1Source is committed to developing long-term, mutually beneficial professional relationships with our clients and business partners, while creating a challenging and rewarding workplace for our staff. Our Mission is to enhance professional opportunities for our staff, while providing a return on investment for our clients.

  53. 1st OSHA Safety Training

    We offer professional OSHA Saftey Training solutions including Asbestos/Lead, Chemical Awareness, Confined Space, General Safety, Laboratory Safety, Machine Guarding and Respiratory.

  54. 2 Centigrade SAS

    Company is focused on private and institutional investors from Europe investing in renewables, 2 Centigrade and its subsidiaries are managing clients investments as a full service partner.

  55. 2 Save Energy Ltd

    OWL is the trade mark and trading name of 2 Save Energy Ltd. OWL is the UK`s premium brand of wireless energy monitoring and control products. The OWL team combines many years of commercial experience with an in depth knowledge of wireless hardware and cloud software development. Since our inception in 2006 we have designed and manufactured a broad range of high quality products which have become household favourites. Originally we focussed on `standalone` Electricity Monitors, of which we have now sold over 1.1 million units around the world. After a management buy out in 2012 we bought Telepure Ltd to enable us to create the OWL Intuition cloud software platform. This quickly led to the launch of the Smart Electricity Monitor family, including for the first time internet based PV Solar monitoring. In 2013 we launched the Smart Heating Control family, a completely new concept of advanced, internet based control and monitoring of domestic heating and hot water systems.

  56. 2.-0 LCA consultants

    2.-0 LCA consultants was founded in year 2000 by senior consultant Bo P. Weidema. The company is a Limited Liability Partnership and is owned exclusively by the employees. Our objective is to contribute to sustainable development by removing obstacles to optimised decision-making. Our objective is to contribute to sustainable development by removing obstacles to optimised decision-making. We provide increasingly more speedy and precise tools for measuring progress towards sustainability, and for assessing the environmental and social impact of specific actions or products.

  57. 2001 s.r.l.

    2001 s.r.l. is leader on manufacture of a large range of clinical waste disposal containers. 2001 s.r.l. Never stopped to invest, as well as in the creation of new products, in new production technologies (always updated with the latest news of the market); the 2001 s.r.l. Uses automated systems for the production and packaging of products, with the aim to guarantee maximum performance. The 2001 s.r.l. obtains the Certificate of Quality ISO 9001:2008, with the objective to improve every year the production processes and the service offered to the customer.

  58. 21st Century Enviro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

    21st CENTURY ENVIRO ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. is a Company dealing in the field of Environmental Engineering related activities. We are Registered Environmental Consultants to Supply ETP’s, STP’s, APCD’s, Incinerators, Water Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis, Evaporators, Solid Waste Management and Rain Water Harvesting and to carry out EIA Studies . The Directors of the company are young Technocrats having versatile experience in this field. We have a back up of highly qualified and experienced technical team having versatile experience in Designing, Erection, Commissioning and Operation of different types of Effluent Treatment Plants. Our Managing Director himself is a Chemical Engineer with almost 25 Years Experience in this line and Technical Director is PhD. in Environmental Science with almost 30 Years working experience on various types of effluent treatment Technologies. Our team comprises of almost 150 people from different backgrounds

  59. 21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc.

    Serving Alberta, Saskatchewan & British Columbia Our Story Operating since 2009, 21st Century Environmental Consultants Ltd is a team of experienced scientists, fisheries biologists, regulatory compliance and permit-application experts. It is with passion that we offer environmental and regulatory consulting that meet the needs of our clients. We provide environmental site assessments, environmental planning, management & monitoring, biological & ecological inventories, regulatory applications, screenings & submissions and environmental & ISO 14001 audits/ risk-assessments. Our senior-staff has over 50 years of combined experience managing environmental projects. Our goal is to ensure that all applicable permits are in place to avoid construction delays. With offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we presently serve all of Alberta and British Columbia and plan to expand into Saskatchewan. 21st Century Environmental Consultants Inc. carries professional liability insuranc

  60. 21st Century Programming

    21st Century Programming has been the go-to resource for scrap metal recyclers seeking quality software solutions to help them run their business. Founded by scrap industry veterans and brothers, George and David Kane, 21st Century Programming brings to its product line an unparalleled knowledge of the scrap recycling business. Whether your recycling business handles metals, paper or plastic; industrial accounts, residential curbside recyclables or buys from the public, 21st Century Programming has the software solution that makes life easy. The first software vendor to introduce touchscreen technology to the industry in 2000, 21st Century Programming serves large multi-yard recycling facilities to small retail recycling centers with five distinct ROM product lines, each fully CRV and Weights and Measures compliant.

  61. 22 Zero Four Consulting Ltd

    VOC / Emission Monitoring & Process Development Specialists Welcome to 22 Zero Four the number one online destination for environmental monitoring equipment. With full Mcerts accreditation, and EPA equivalence, all our high quality equipment sets the benchmark in air quality and emissions compliance. At 22 Zero Four we have an extensive range of environmental monitoring equipment including Flame Ionization Detectors, gas conditioners, gas converters and loads more. Having the best equipment on the market for keeping your business compliant is essential and that is where 22 Zero Four comes in. With a friendly team and the only equipment you need we can help. The best range of FIDs, emissions monitoring and gas conditioning solutions, keeping you compliant with regards to your VOC emissions, using Best Available Techniques. Using Best Available Techniques (BAT), our goal is to ensure the record of high quality air remains from your process is uninterrupt

  62. 24 Acoustics Ltd

    24 Acoustics is a multi-disciplinary acoustic consultancy providing a high quality and professional engineering noise consultancy service to a wide range of clients and industries throughout the UK and overseas. We have completed over 2500 projects for over 450 different clients and provide a pragmatic and uncomplicated approach to the assessment and engineering of noise and vibration. 24 Acoustics have brought high levels of expertise, balanced advice and acoustic innovation to clients throughout the UK and worldwide since 2004. Perceived by the uninitiated as an imprecise art, the science of acoustics is in fact remarkably complex and calls for rigorous standards of technical excellence.

  63. 27th Trucks, Inc.

    27th Trucks is a Family owned company with more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of pump, vacuum and septic tank trucks. We count with the greatest and finest Engineers and mechanical staff. Our services range from commercial trucks, tractors to the most demanding manufacturing of custom tank trucks. 27th Trucks builds a variety of tankers trucks ranging from. Vacuum trucks, Pumper trucks, Septic trucks, sewer tank trucks, cleaning tank trucks. 27th Trucks will build any kind of tank truck according customer specifications either with a new chassis or supplied by the customer. 27th Trucks goal is to provide every customer with the best possible customer service, focusing on accurate delivery times, quality products, and customer service throughout the entire process, from initial purchase to product support after the sale is finalized. We look forward to do business with you.

  64. 2B Technologies

    2B Technologies is dedicated to the development and commercialization of new analytical instruments for atmospheric and environmental measurements. In 2009, 2B Technologies launched the Global Ozone Project for middle and high school students. In the `GO3 Project`, students at schools around the world measure ozone and meteorological parameters outside their schools and continuously upload their data to an overlay in Google Earth.Our small, light-weight, low-power instruments are now used for atmospheric measurements using balloons, kites, UAVs, research aircraft, and at many remote sites, including Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, the Greenland ice sheet, the summit of Mont Blanc, the Amazon rain forest, on buoys in the Arctic Ocean, on commercial airliners, in many U.S. National Parks and at numerous other locations throughout the world.

  65. 2B Technologies Air Pollution Monitor

    Advantages of 2B Tech instruments include: UV absorbance measurement of ozone using modern technology Small, light weight (~5 lb, 2.3 kg), low power (~4 watts) US EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) for Models 202 and 205 Can be battery or solar panel powered for remote applications More than 2,000 units in use throughout the world Great customer service - small and light weight makes easy to return for service Low cost -- 30-50% lower price than competing instruments

  66. 2BG Srl

    2BG s.r.l. photovoltaic machines located in Italy, thanks to its ten-yearly experience in the PV solar cell production equipment, offers solar panel equipment and integrated services all over the world: From the stand alone & PV machine planning and realization, to the development of solar panel equipment. The remarkable know-how is employed for proposing “on demand” solutions, according to the different inquiries, assuring high automation levels and performances. Quality and reliability for each supply and solar panel equipment are warranted by the (certified and established in the market) raw materials selection and through the deep knowledge of the productive trials.

  67. 2C DUE CI. inox

    DUE CI INOX is a manufacturing Italian company established in 1980 basing its activities on stainless steel processing. The company consists of three sectors that have been developed over the years in order to better follow the evolution of the market and respond to its needs. Because of its geographical position, at the centre of the Po Valley, in the heart of the PDO area of Parmigiano Reggiano, the company has specialized in the development of equipment and systems for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Italian cheese excellence known throughout the world. The company has paid special attention in offering its customers the best solutions for TAILOR-MADE artisan dairy processing lines. The MINI DAIRY equipment aims at offering a product line capable of combining technology and ease of use in order to make these machines versatile and effective to be used in small dairy production lines.

  68. 2degrees Ltd.

    2degrees is the collaboration service for sustainable business. At its heart is an actively managed, online collaboration platform focused on helping organizations accelerate the implementation of their sustainability strategies by providing services such as online event management, supply chain engagement, partner recruitment and ecosystem development, needs to solutions matching and knowledge transfer.

  69. 2ETW Consulting Services

    2ETW Consulting Services is a consult firm specialized in Environmental Engineering and Project Management. 2ETW Consulting Services implements of the following missions: Consultancy & Engineering - Project management - Technical Assistance – Training – Broad focused project feasibility studies. We can provide solutions for general studies and preliminary projects to implement 2ETW Consulting Services is currently reinforcing its references in: • Water, Energy, Environment • Transportation, Mobility, Infrastructure • Building Sustainable • Management of Waste and Industrial and Regional Ecology • Integrated Management QSHE (Quality, Safety/Security,Health, Environment) As we are always looking to assure quality performance (social, environmental and economic), our ambition is to build with you a sustainable and economically viable business and/or community. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can contribute to your company’s values and missions, and feel that 2ETW

  70. 2G Energy

    As of 2007, 2G Energietechnik GmbH, founded in 1995, has been listed as a publicly traded company on the Entry Standard of the German Stock Exchange. While during the time of the IPO, with the original name of `2G Bio-Energietechnik AG”, the main focus stayed on the role as manufacturer of biogas cogeneration plants, the strategic position has increasingly changed since then. To aid both, the increasing international demands of the company`s needs and additional focus be placed on the growing natural gas sector, the company changed its name in the summer of 2011 to 2G Energy AG. Detailed financial information about 2G Energy AG is available in the Investor Relations section.Due to the particularly close integration of global sales and service partners as well as other 2G Energy AG affiliates, it is possible to always respond quickly to customer requests.


    As experts in business strategy for new technology, we help innovators find the right industry positioning, avoid hyper-competitive, low-margin business scenarios, and launch clean energy businesses for maximum impact and profit. This often means developing strategies regarding IP protection, market research, public relations, business partners, manufacturing, technology licensing, and distribution – followed by a marketing strategy to generate demand and revenue. To learn more, start with these resources: White Papers E.g., Tough Realities of Renewable Energy Businesses: 2GREENENERGY TRUTH Service: One-day review of your clean energy venture Click for CLEAN TECH ONE-DAY BUSINESS CONSULTING Consulting: Engage our team to help you set or refine the four strategies of your clean energy business. Click for CLEAN TECH BUSINESS SERVICES.

  72. 2IE Irrigation Systems

    Manufacture of pivot and linear machine since 1965. 1969: 1st Electric Center Pivot in Europe. 1974: 1st Linear Move `Hippodrome` , Towable, Hydraulic/Electric (Patented). 1986: 1st Swing Boom Corner 25 m 1995: 1st 31 and 37 m long Swing Boom Corner 2IE is present in more than 50 countries, on all 5 continents.

  73. 2M Power Systems Ltd

    2M Power Systems Ltd have been the Authorised Scottish Distributor stockist for AMOT Controls for 20 years. AMOT Controls provides specialised mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electronic control components for oil and gas, power generation, transportation and marine industries. In addition AMOT UK is an expert in the design and manufacture of instrumentation and control panels for a wide range of applications. 2M Power Systems Ltd provides from its Aberdeen location a wide range of AMOT products mainly on the hydromechanical side ie exhaust temp/water temp/overspeed valves etc.

  74. 2M Ressources Inc.

    2M Ressources is a recognized expert in managing and processing waste materials such as glass, plastic, cardboard and paper, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Enjoy a made-to-measure solution that will allow you to quickly reduce your operating, handling and landfill costs, while making a major contribution to furthering sustainable development in your community.

  75. 2w plastic ningbo co.,ltd.

    Biopla is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Biodegradable products including vacuum molding, blowing film, injection, foam and PLA staple fiber. Biopla products factory was established in 1989 and has two plants separately in Shanghai industrial zone and Ningbo Chem industrial zone.Through continuous research and development, improvement of technique, we have become one of leading companies in this field.Biopla products factory`s products have been exporting to Southeast Asia and European countries and got high praise from foreign customers.Biopla products factory develops products with superior quality and technology. Its purpose is to strengthen your business, support your products and build your presence in the marketplace.

  76. 2XPO Exhibitions

    2XPO BV is a modern full-service organizer of trade and consumer fairs. The number 2 stands for `together`. Our relationships, both visitors and exhibitors, are central to our thinking and acting. Increasingly we are looking for new and exciting opportunities to supply and demand together.

  77. 2ZK - Tuzetka SA

    Tuzetka (2ZK) supplies equipment and know how to process large quantities of biomass such as wood, agro waste and herbaceous biofuels. After processing, the biomass is sold for various bio-based purposes: energy, biopolymers, animal bedding, etc. The production can be exported or used locally. Tuzetka provides communities and local district authorities with the logistics and technical infrastructure to move away from the use of fossil fuels for their energy needs, initially concentrating on communal district heating i.e. by implementing a “biomass trade centre”. Tuzetka is targeting to agglomerate, process and distribute large quantities of already available biomass from wood and agro waste to customers such as utilities, district heating operators, building material producers and CHP operators.

  78. 3 Core Pumping Systems Ltd

    We are a Dorset based company of Pump and Electrical Engineers.   We design and fabricate all types of clean and dirty water systems for agricultural/commercial and domestic use.

  79. 3 Phase Energy Systems, Inc.

    3 Phase Energy Systems develops, manufactures and markets innovative solutions that capture potential energy from overlooked, undiscovered, underutilized or wasteful processes in businesses and factories today. Our focus is on harvesting potential energy created as a by-product of using energy in commercial and industrial markets.

  80. 3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc. (3RWW)

    3 Rivers Wet Weather Inc. (3RWW) orks with 83 communities in the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority service area. No other region in the U.S, outside of Allegheny County, has as many individual sewage collection systems directed to one sewage treatment facility. 3 Rivers Wet Weather is committed to improving the quality of Allegheny County`s water resources by helping communities address the issue of untreated sewage and stormwater overflowing into the region`s waterways. To promote the most cost-effective, long-term, sustainable solutions, the nonprofit organization benchmarks sewer technology, provides financial grants, educates the public and advocates inter-municipal partnerships.

  81. 300 Recycling Ltd

    Global experts in recycling of plastics containing metal. Prime example would be coat hanger recycling of all types without segregation. Used by many leadin retailers as a green solution. No charge option plus hangers can be baled as shredded and granulated using unique systems and in significant volume.

  82. 308 Systems Inc

    308 SYSTEMS provides forward thinking Mobile Command and Communication solutions to a broad spectrum of commercial, government, and military customers. For over 14 years we have provided custom engineered, state-of-the-art, Mobile Command, Communication, and Operations solutions to over 315 U.S. and International commercial, government, and military customers. Our high reliability systems are durable and custom configured to your unique agency specifications. These Mobile Command, Logistics Tracking, and Mobile Networking systems have been deployed at nearly every major disaster from Katrina to the Indonesian Tsunami and the Chilean Earthquake. Serving the needs of all echelons - from the individual military squad and platoon, to the State Emergency Management Agency we develop reliable, field-tested products tailored to the needs of our worldwide clients.


    350 is the red line for human beings, the most important number on the planet. The most recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause huge and irreversible damage to the earth.But solutions exist. All around the world, a movement is building to take on the climate crisis, to get humanity out of the danger zone and below 350. This movement is massive, it is diverse, and it is visionary. We are activists, scholars, and scientists. We are leaders in our businesses, our churches, our governments, and our schools. We are clean energy advocates, forward-thinking politicians, and fearless revolutionaries. And we are united around the world, driven to make our planet livable for all who come after us.

  84. 360 Compliance LLC

    Protecting our clients from environmental compliance issues is our core business. And we have the knowledge and experience to provide any level of service, from Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, to regular inspections, to resolution of current regulatory issues. You can count on efficient and effective response from our team of qualified professionals. Our employees have an equity stake in the business, and this profit sharing ensures that we all do our best to serve our clients. All of our inspectors are trained not only in the EPA and TCEQ requirements for storm water management, but they also have many years of practical experience in the installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment control systems.

  85. 360 Environemental LLC

    360 Environmental is dedicated to helping you manage all of your environmental compliance issues. Whether you`re looking for help with storm water or pond inspections, resolution of current enforcement issues, or planning for upcoming projects, we specialize in finding the best compliance solutions for our clients. 360 Environmental works with many local consultants, engineers, and regulators to develop and implement reasonable and cost effective means for managing environmental issues.

  86. 360 Environmental Pty Ltd.

    360 Environmental is a leading Western Australian environmental management consultancy, providing a wide range of environmental services to our clients, including impact, site and contamination assessments, construction management, flora and fauna surveys, compliance reporting, stakeholder management and environmental monitoring and training.Excellent environmental outcomes are central to our day-to-day work. We strive to achieve practical environmental solutions that deliver a competitive edge for our clients.

  87. 360Factors, Inc.

    360Factors is wholly owned subsidiary of and is home to ground breaking enterprise regulatory change management cloud based software solutions which empowers organizations to take control of regulatory changes through integration of compliance tools, content, expert advisory and training to achieve continuous compliance. Our full-service regulatory change management platform includes the unique risk based approach to audit management, incident management, case management, policy and procedures management, competency management tools, risk management tools, industry specific regulatory expert advice with our time-tested learning management system and extensive library of more than 6,000 regulatory compliance courses to deliver an unparalleled solution for handling Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) issues.

  88., Inc. is a leading provider of regulated and non-regulated online training courses. Our integrated strategy provides organizations with the most fiscally responsible, flexible, access-anywhere regulatory compliance and risk management solutions. We partner with our clients to reduce, manage, and mitigate the operational and compliance risks within their organizations. As the world’s leading provider of online training courses, provides a convenient alternative to traditional classroom-based instruction without compromising the quality of training. is a privately-held company with headquarters in Austin, Texas and several remote offices to cater to the needs of our global learners.

  89. 360water, Inc.

    360water provides online continuing education and Customized Operation and Maintenance Training to the water and wastewater industry. 360water is considered the industry standard for online education. We offer public utilities a cost effective comprehensive training solution. Partnering with industry leaders and utilizing the most current technologies, we create and deliver standardized, uniform, and consistent online training. 360water currently provides training to over 15,000 utility staff nationwide.

  90. 365 Environmental Services Ltd

    With comprehensive country-wide coverage, 365 is one of the UK’s leading drainage maintenance contractors. Drawing on specialist equipment and highly trained and qualified personnel, 365 has a proven track record in the successful delivery of projects and contracts across a broad spectrum of market sectors including the most demanding industrial environments. Our drainage maintenance services include: Surveying, Cleaning and Repair.

  91. 3BL Media

    3BL`s mission is to help organizations communicate their commitment and dedication to CSR, Sustainability and Cause Marketing initiatives. 3BL`s reach includes a targeted nexus of websites that carry 3BL`s signature news feed: theCSRfeed, which delivers the latest multimedia campaigns, videos, podcasts, tweets, and news releases to more than 20,000 proprietary opt-in journalists and subscribers, top CSR bloggers from around the world; 3BL`s own active online communities including Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter; more than one hundred social networking, bookmarking and sharing sites; and Reuters Insider, Thomson Reuters` multimedia information service which reaches financial service subscribers world-wide.

  92. 3C Environmental Technology

    3C environmental technology Ltd has over 25 years experience of delivering high quality services to both the public and commercial sectors. The company specialises in water hygiene works and the control of legionellosis. We offer ‘the complete managed service’ from providing suitably qualified staff to undertake legionella risk assessments, to creating and undertaking ongoing monitoring and maintenance regimes. Corrective remedial measures to water systems (including both new installation and refurbishment works) and disinfection works are also undertaken by our skilled labour.

  93. 3D Digital Design & Development Ltd

    We are the leading company for the design and manufacture of temperature monitoring, logging and alarm systems. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and the quality of our products, with over 30 years of experience and ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance. Our products help you to ensure that all your equipment, warehouses, stock etc. are operated at the correct temperatures to meet the MHRA, FDA, CPA, FSA and the EU regulatory guidelines.

  94. 3D Marine

    3D Marine is a premier full service consulting group experienced in all aspects of marine transportation.<br><br> The principal interests and expertise of our personnel focuses on, but is not limited to, Marine Consulting and Surveying, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and Pollution Control. The quality services offered by 3D Marine are in constant demand in the marine industry.

  95. 3DI Equipment Ltd

    3Di Equipment is one of the world`s leading suppliers of used, unused and reconditioned process equipment and plants. We are industry specialists in the purchasing and selling of used process equipment and plants around the globe. This can range from individual items of equipment to complete process lines & plants. Over the years we have established a reputation for supplying high quality used process equipment and plants at affordable prices.

  96. 3D-Micromac AG

    3D-Micromac AG has become one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient laser micromachining systems as well as innovative coating and printing technologies on the international market since its foundation in 2002. Stand-alone systems as well as entire production lines can be offered and are used, for example, in semiconductor industry, medical device technology, photovoltaics or in the production of flexible electronic components. Besides, 3D-Micromac is your competent partner for the development of new technologies and processes or customized systems.

  97. 3E

    We are technical advisors and consultants in renewables and energy performance optimization, focusing on the cost-effective implementation of a fully renewable powered energy system. We work worldwide, serving investors, project developers, product developers and public authorities with unique expertise in strategic guidance, resource modeling, system design, technology assessments, performance monitoring, and financial and contractual reviewing.

  98. 3E Company

    3E Company�s comprehensive suite of data products and information services enable improved compliance with global Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) requirements related to the safe manufacturing, distribution, transportation, usage and disposal of chemicals and hazardous products. This full chemical lifecycle approach enables in-house EH&S staff to reduce cost, risk and liability while improving process. Whether you are a manufacturer or distributor; or a company whose employees handle hazardous materials, 3E can tailor a program specific to the EH&S compliance information and management needs of your organization.

  99. 3e Technology Ltd.

    3e Technology Ltd. is a professional manufacture of making flexible tanks in China. The main products including water pillow tanks and transportation flexible tanks. The capacity of tanks we can offer from 1000litrs to 100000litrs for storage water & wastewater.

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