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  1. A.P. van den Berg

    Cone Penetration Testing is a Dutch soil investigation expertise. For more than 45 years A.P. van den Berg designs and supplies advanced equipment for this expertise. The company in Heerenveen provides the complete package including the CPT equipment, tools and a digital CPT data acquisition/measuring system for onshore, offshore and near shore in situ soil investigation. Besides the Cone Penetration Testing equipment, A.P. van den Berg develops and supplies hydraulic and electromechanical drive systems for in particular bridges and locks. A.P. van den Berg supplies proven technology and is well-known for it’s innovative strength. A.P van den Berg supplies proven technology and is well-known for its innovative strength. To today A.P. van den Berg has delivered more than 200 Track-Trucks, wheel drive and track drive vehicles and numerous of ROSON and WISON-APB soil investigation systems worldwide.

  2. A.R. Thomson Group

    The A.R. Thomson Group was established in 1967 as a regional manufacturer & distributor of gaskets and other fluid containment products. With the rapid growth of oil and gas production, petrochemical, oil refining and pulp and paper industries, our manufacturing facilities expanded to meet increased demand for these products. Since 1967, we have developed our expertise and know-how to become the leader in solving fluid containment and control problems. No matter what your control or containment needs, we can help.

  3. A.R.D.E. Barinco, Inc.

    ARDE Barinco, Inc., is an American manufacturer of specialty mixing, grinding, dispersion, emulsification and size reduction equipment that is supplied to a variety of industries including specialty chemical, polymers, cosmetics, processed foods, environmental, paper, pharmaceutical, adhesives, coatings, and textile industries. ARDE Barinco is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARDE, Inc., which stands for Aerospace Research Development Engineering. ARDE, Inc., is an American manufacturer of pressure vessels and propellent management systems for the aerospace industries.

  4. A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories

    A.R.I. is a leading manufacturer and provider of solutions for the protection of liquid transmission systems worldwide. The company manufactures and markets a complete line of air valves, check valves, and unmeasured flow reducers (UFR) as well as providing software system analyses for surge and air valve sizing and placement.A.R.I. system solutions protect the pipeline from destructive forces such as surge, pressure transients and entrapped air. These are the leading causes of pipeline bursts, fractures and cracks which cause irreparable environmental damages such as water losses from leaks, pathogen and contaminant intrusion through pipe cracks and energy losses from inefficient flows. A.R.I. is committed to solving these problems by providing a system analyses that helps reduce surge related phenomena and select the most efficient A.R.I. air valves and size and locate them on the liquid transmission system.

  5. A.S. Clean Energy Technology PLC

    A.S. Clean Energy Technology PLC was founded on January 2013 by a team of professional Mechanical Engineers, Energy Technologists, Electrical Engineers and Electronics Technologists who are passionate about keeping the environment clean and contribute to green economic development of Ethiopia. A.S. Clean Energy Technology PLC is established to provide Renewable Energy resources harnessing products and supply services like consultancy, construction, erection and installation as contractor for renewable energy technologies.

  6. A.S.P. Enterprises

    For more than three decades, A.S.P. Enterprises has served the erosion control industry with integrity and expertise. Founded in 1976 to provide engineers and landscape contractors the best value for their money, we have grown to become the Midwest’s full-line distributor of erosion-control, geosynthetics, storm water management products, wall block, landscape pavers, and drainage products. Today, we’re an award winning company that shares its expertise with those in the field. Our professional staff are certified experts who gladly work with our customers to earn A.S.P.’s reputation as “Your GeoSource Distributor.” At A.S.P. Enterprises, we have four Certified Professionals in Erosion & Sediment Control Specialists and a degreed Horticulturist to provide on-site evaluations and recommendations.

  7. A.S.T. Inspection

    A.S.T Inspection, Inc. has over 40 years of combined experience This vast knowledge will give you the confidence to know you are getting the best inspection for your money. Aboveground Storage Tank Inspection: Providing Aboveground Storage Tank Inspections, Pressure testing, NDE and containment systems for Farmers, Fuel Stations, Storage Facilities, and More.

  8. A.T.P. s.r.l.

    A.T.P. s.r.l. is a leading Italian industry, which has been working in the field of plastics transformation for over fifty years. Founded by the Filannino family, which is still nowadays managing the company, ATP is considered by its customers a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our products are distributed in more than 30 countries all over the world. ATP is proud to have contributed over the years to the development of the Italian industrial market through the constant comparison with all national and international organizations.


    ATWM (Ali Traders Waste Management) is a business services company specializing in protecting people and reducing risk. We work with companies in a wide array of industries -- such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail to improve employee and customer safety, ensure regulatory compliance, safely dispose of regulated materials, and manage corporate and personal risk. Our company is an EPA approved Incineration company (NOC reference DD/EIA (EPA) F-76(EIA)/1806/2010/460), strictly following EPA rules & regulations 2005. Our services include medical waste disposal and sharps disposal management, hazardous waste disposal, healthcare pharmaceutical waste disposal, transportation and equipment for collection of infectious / non infectious waste. We have a

  10. A.U.ESSE S.r.l.

    A.U.ESSE S.r.l. is a ‘design oriented’ company which produces road bins for refuse and urban furnishings. We were set up 2004, taking over the branch Carrozzeria Moderna S.p.A. which focused on the creation of products for the décor of the urban environment. In continuity with the previous business experience, which lasted more than 40 years, we promote the development of new planning aimed at an eco-sustainable future. Our industrial path enables us to provide our customers consolidated constructions ability, with attention to technological research targeting continuous improvement. Customer satisfaction is the common objective of all our company processes and that’s why we supply public bodies, service companies and institutions needing equipment of a high standard. Our constantly expanding distribution network ranges from the domestic market to the European one and finally to the new markets outside Europe.

  11. A.U.G. Signals Ltd.

    Founded in 1986, A.U.G. Signals Ltd. (AUG) has been dedicated to excellence in signal, image and data processing for over two decades. A leader in its field, AUG is at the forefront of research and development in registration, detection, recognition, classification and identification, tracking, data mining techniques, intelligent systems and online distributed processing, situation assessment for decision support, and multi-sensor information fusion.

  12. A.V.C. Specialists, Inc. - a CECO Environmental Company

    A.V.C. Specialists, Inc. has been providing equipment for electrostatic precipitators since 1977. We have developed a reputation for delivering solid technical solutions at a competitive price. Our specialized equipment and systems are designed and manufactured in our Moorpark, California facility. Our field crews are highly productive, experienced and can work on precipitators from all manufacturers, both dry and wet.

  13. A.V.F. Astore Valves and Fittings s.r.l

    ASTORE has developed, since 1970, advanced technologies on injection moulding of valves and fittings in thermoplastic material. The flexibility and the production elasticity are the characteristics that render Astore an efficient and dynamic company on the market segment of water adduction, irrigation and industrial pipelines. Italian Institute of Plastics (IIP) has attested the conformity of Astore production system to norm UNI EN ISO 9001 (certificate N° 354). This acknowledgment identifies the company business policy turned to integrate organisational structure, resources, responsibilities, processes and controls for the maintenance of a general suitable quality standard and satisfy the demands of the market . The range, the reliability and the service of Astore are recognized all over the world.

  14. A.W.Chesterton Company

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​Chesterton is a world leader in helping process industry companies and manufacturers improve the reliability and efficiency of their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment platforms. We are known across a wide range of industries for our award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions, applications expertise, equipment maintenance and wear-prevention products, and knowledgeable hands-on local service. Chesterton has grown ​from a manufacturer of sealing devices to a comprehensive solutions provider for plant equipment reliability and efficiency, improved plant maintenance, and reduced use of natural resources. Our extensive experience and knowledge across the energy and process industries​ makes us the go-to company for solving the most difficult sealing and equipment reliability challenges. Chesterton now offers 500 sales/service locations around the world and has over 1,250 employees in 32 countries.

  15. A.W.N. (Air Water Noise) Consultants

    A.W.N. (Air Water Noise) Consultants specialises in assisting industry to meet their environmental obligations, through the conduct of environmental monitoring and modelling programmes and through the provision of consulting services such as negotiation with environmental authorities.

  16. A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

    A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. is a leading manufacturer of water works brass, plumbing valves, pumps and water systems, and high pressure gas valves and meter bars. The company has distinguished itself with a proud tradition of quality and reliability since the year 1856. Our corporate headquarters, brass foundry, and main manufacturing plant are located in Dubuque, IA. We also have locations in Albia, IA, Elizabethton, TN, and Sparks, NV.

  17. A.YITE Technology

    A.YITE Company is a big group in electric and chemical field, including 2 factory and 1 big laboratory for Electronic Products and Chemistry Products. AYT company start his business from 1973, have a long history, so Rich Experience to supply better products and service. In the Environmental Protect field, we design many type of water analyzer products, most of them is industry grade water online monitor, e.g. PH & OPR Analyzer, Conductivity Analyzer, Dissolve

  18. A/S Cimbria

    Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed and foodstuffs and other bulk products. We offer project design and engineering and process control – as well as the development, manufacturing and service of individual machines, customised systems and turnkey installations. Our innovation and expertise is based on many years of hands-on experience and in-depth material knowledge which enable us to provide solutions that take the requirements and problems of the individual client into account. The core competency of the company is precise project design and engineering in proportion to the required capacity. In this way, we manage to achieve maximum machine utilisation with minimum environmental impact.

  19. A+ Sun Systems

    A+ Sun Systems is focused on design, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative high quality tensile structures for photovoltaic plants.

  20. A+R - Armaturen GmbH

    A+R Armaturen GmbH has a long reputation of manufacturing ball valves with zero leakage and longevity. For this reason we closely check every ball valve before it leaves A+R. We use both high presussure and pneumatic testing stations. Furthermore our customers can take advantage of our high temperature and helium leakage tests. Our manufacturing consists of a diverse range of state of the art CNC manufacturing technology. All of our ball valves are manufactured exclusively on 5 axes milling machines and CNC drilling machines all of which are the latest generation and deliver the precise engineering required. Metal seated A+R ball valves are produced on high precision, ultra-modern CNC machines. Automatic or semi automatic mate lapping is used to achieve the best possible effect attaining to seat ring to ball contact. Only 100% contact of seating area on the ball surface guarantees a leakage free metal seated valve product.

  21. A1 Organics

    A1 Organics, with Corporate Offices in the beautiful state of Colorado, has been in the organic recycling business. As Colorado`s leader in organic recycling, A1 has successfully diverted over 8,000,000 cubic yards of waste from Colorado landfills. The end result of our recycling efforts? High quality composts, mulches, and other recycled materials, which are available to the landscape industry and Colorado citizens for landscaping and soil amendment purposes.

  22. A1 Pressure Washing, Inc.

    Commercial hot water pressure washing with waste water reclamation, filtration and disposal.

  23. A1 PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    A1 Pressurejet is a leading manufacturer of High Pressure Plunger Pump ranging from 2 H.P. to 500 H.P. These High Pressure Plunger Pumps are capable to develop Ultra High Pressure (UHP) up to 2800 bar and flow up to 800 LPM. A1 Pressurejet has designed pressure washers for pressure up to 500 bar which are either Electric Pressure Washer or Engine Driven Pressure Washer. These Pressure Washers are widely known as Pressure Cleaners. A1 Pressurejet`s High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps are capable to develop very high pressure & ultra high pressure as well. PressureJet also offer complete jetting system. These hydro jetting systems are suitable for Sewer jetting, Rust removal, Paint removal, very high pressure jetting pump for ship cleaning , high pressure jetting washer for rail way track cleaning on railway station , very high pressure jetting pump for fire fighting application.

  24. A1 Solar

    A1 Solar is an innovative company, planning, assembling and installing PV Power Plants in Australia and the South Pacific region. Our qualified and experienced engineering team shall assist you during the whole implementation of your photovoltaic project. We have extensive experience in installing and construction of Solar PV Projects.

  25. a1-cbiss

    a1-cbiss are an ISO accredited, environmental monitoring systems supplier with expertise in the design, manufacture and integration of fixed and portable environmental monitoring solutions: MCERTS accredited Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems; Gas Detection & Analysis Instrumentation; and Sequential Sampling Systems. a1-cbiss offer complete turnkey solutions including data acquisition software, a comprehensive nationwide service offering with full service, repair & calibration capabilities.

  26. a1-envirosciences GmbH

    a1-envirosciences GmbH sells exclusively in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Ireland systems for sum parameters (AOX, TOC, TNb), elemental and trace analysis (S, CI, N, F, Br, J, Hg), Karl-Fischer Moisture meters from Mitsubishi, TOC from OI and Automated titration system for Multiparameter Measurement and BOD from ManTech as well as automated system for pH, Conductivity ect. Under our brand a1-safetech we offer personal protection system like safety weighing cabinets and local exhaust systems.

  27. a1-envirotech

    a1-envirotech offer a unique range of high precision analytical instrumentation for efficient, reliable chemical analysis to the Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Petrochemical, Chemical and Electricity industries. The wide portfolio of high quality products provides both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for specialised applications including Karl Fischer, Elemental Analysis, TOC Analysis, Automation and Titration and Sample Preparation.

  28. a1-safetech

    a1-safetech specializes in consulting, training and the design of containment systems. We produce self contained and flexible enclosures, that are characterized by their ergonomics. We are happy to pass on to you the wealth of knowledge we have accumulated, especially with enclosures of weighing processes. In cooperation with our users in the pharmaceutical industry, we were able to develop targeted open containments which have huge benefits with personal protection. OEL <100ng/m3 can be easily maintained. Our containment solutions possess controlled turbulence and monitored air currents. Our extensive training during installation and setup will assist you with safe operation. Our service is supported by an innovative maintenance, qualification and requalification concept. We have the expertise that you can rely on.


    Established 1964, sales and service,Embossing Machines,Custom Tag Embossing Service,Environmental, LDAR Tags,Conduit,Hose Tags, Data Plates. Stainless steel tags-Aluminum & Anodized tags-Steel alloy tags-Brass tags. Tie wires. We are a full service organization, we will go the extra mile to meet or exceed you needs. Visit our web, or call 1-800-256-3400. On time done right,time after time!.... A1Tags 48 years of respected service!

  30. A2BE Carbon Capture, LLC

    A2BE`s mission has been to generate a sustainable algae industry serving high value markets in food, fuel, agriculture and nutraceutical production. Progress has been made, and the work of the industry continues. Jim serves as the Chairman of the Technical Standards Committee for the Algae Biomass Organization and he continues to develop new ventures, markets and technologies within the algae industry.

  31. A2WH.COM

    Air to Water Harvest (A2WH) system uses a desiccant to absorb moisture from the air. The higher the humidity the more water our desiccant can absorb per pass which increases production. We use solar heat to drive both the airflow for the absorption process and to provide heat during the regeneration process which extracts the moisture from the desiccant and allows us to capture the water in liquid form. A sophisticated micro controller based sensor system determines when to switch between absorption and regeneration modes. We use different types and amounts of desiccants depending on the local conditions to optimize the performance of the system. A small Photo Voltaic solar panel provides power for the micro controller, sensors, various valves, etc.

  32. a2Z Filtration Specialities

    A2Z Filtration Specialities Pvt. Ltd. is possibly the only company in the world that can offer the range of services for filter manufacture and production under one roof. A to Z service for filter manufacturing activity.

  33. A2Z Waste Recycling PTY

    Collection & recycling cardboard, green waste and other waste types, fully insured & licenced according to regulations, personal service.

  34. A3 Ambiental SL

    waste batteries recycling and precious metal recovery -Lithium ion Batteries -Ni Mh Batteries -Ni Cd Batteries -Lead acid Batteries -Silver Oxide cells recycling -Catalytc converters -Electronic waste -tungsten scrap - precious metal recovery from industrial waste, electronic waste, WEEE, and catalytic converters

  35. A3 Environmental, LLC

    A3 Environmental is a full service environmental due diligence provider (Phase I, Phase II, etc...) specializing in discovery and remediation of environmental issues, usually found during property transactions nationwide. We are a woman owned business competing in the consulting industry for 15 years. Our goal is to be your fastest turnaround provider.

  36. A3 Water Solutions GmbH

    A3 Water Solutions GmbH, an international manufacturing and consulting company in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, offers solutions to customers for water and wastewater treatment processes. A3 supports clients from the private, public and governmental sector to overcome environmental challenges.Our success is based on an interdisciplinary team applying our comprehensive service program using state-of-the-art technology. Continuous commitment to innovation is an essential element of our corporate culture.A3 Water Solutions GmbH offers customized plant design and operational procedures for individual clients to meet environmental regulations and deliver the best possible economics. We have accumulated extensive experience over the years through the design of many plant concepts.

  37. A3-USA, Inc.

    In the 21st century, declining fresh water resources and tightening municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant effluent regulations require improved water and wastewater treatment methods. A significant portion of the United States has adopted stricter wastewater effluent regulations and the remaining areas are soon to follow.In many cases the effluent quality leaving wastewater treatment plants influences the quality of local ground water and drinking water. Today almost 90% of Americans have some concerns about the quality of their household drinking water. Consequently, authorities, industries, and developers seek alternatives to treat water, wastewater, and process water.At A3-USA we understand these issues and offer a broad spectrum of cost effective water and wastewater membranes to minimize the risk to aquatic ecosystems and to the public.

  38. AA Chemical Cleaning Company Limited

    AA Chemical Cleaning Company Limited is committed to providing cleaning & disinfection of domestic water systems, cooling systems and monitoring and testing of domestic water and cooling systems, in accordance with the current legislation and guidelines. All works are carried out using fully trained in-house personnel only. Services supplied include: clean & disinfection. clean & disinfection of domestic hot & cold water systems, clean & disinfection of process cooling systems, including cooling towers; AHUs and vehicle spray booths; hot & cold water monitoring, domestic water temperature monitoring, and inspection services, microbiological monitoring; water sampling for independent laboratory analysis.

  39. AAA Carting and Rubbish Removal, Inc.

    AAA Carting and Rubbish Removal, Inc. is your solution to all of your residential, commercial and industrial trash removal, dumpster and roll-off rental needs. Serving to the communities of Westchester County & Putnam County, NY.

  40. AAA Drafting Services

    AAA Drafting Services is a mechanical drafting and firm which provides cad design and cad drafting services to architects, engineers and manufacturing firms. AAA Drafting specializes in the design and drafting of dust collectors and baghouses and associated ductwork.

  41. AAA Environmental

    AAA Environmental offers a wide range of asbestos, lead, indoor air quality, and environmental consulting services. AAA Environmental is headquartered in Spartanburg, SC. The firm was incorporated in 1987 and currently has 16 employees.


    We Pump Grease Traps and Septic Tanks. Fast 24 Hr Service Line Jetting ,Field line jetting Septic Repairs we are a family owned Business if you have problems call us for fast service same day service no waiting list for all your Grease trap problems or septic problems call up .

  43. AAA Land Farm

    The mission at Triple A Land Farms, located just South of Boise Idaho is to give the Generator of non-hazardous petroleum impacted soil an alternative disposal method other than solid waste landfilling. We offer an environmentally sound and economically viable solution by using aeration and microbes in bioremediation to clean up the soil.

  44. AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections

    AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections is a California based company formed in December of 1992. We are recoginized as one of the pioneers in the lead inspection indusrty. AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections was established to offer quality consulting, inspections and monitoring for lead based paint. The operations manager, Michael Cohn, was an Advisor to the Committee of the State Health Department regarding Lead Hazard Reduction Regulations and is presently on the Los Angeles County Health Department Advisory Council. AAA Lead Consultants and Inspections provides one of the most comprehensive `lead based paint` reports in the industry. Our reports include photos and floor plans for easy indentification of lead laden components and their respective location. Inspections are conducted using non destructive `state of the art` XRF technology. TEST RESULTS ARE AVAILABLE THE SAME DAY. Project Design.

  45. AAA Technologie GmbH

    Since more than 10 years AAA Technologie has provided automated analytical solutions for trace analyses to significant market niches as the air pollution & waste water monitoring market as well to the energy & gas industry market and the process automation market. Our success has been based on the right balance between professional sales of innovative analysers and customized after sales support from installation to maintenance by a skilled team and short term supply of consumables and spare parts. In addition AAA designs and assembles “all-inclusive” turn-key systems both respecting specific hardware and software requirements of our customers.

  46. AAA Training Co Ltd

    We are the Asbestos Awareness & Abatement Training Co. Ltd trading as AAA Training Co Ltd. The company was formed in 1999 and we specialise in the delivery of asbestos management, asbestos surveying and asbestos removal training (incorporating safety and risk management instruction), for all levels of personnel. To meet the environmental challenges of a changing world we know that the personnel we train must be competent to work safely and undertake their workplace responsibilities, whether this is at manual or management level. We work with our clients to achieve the training aims and objectives they have for their workforce and improve the safety culture within the whole organization, effectively managing the risks involved in this hazardous work.

  47. Aabaco Industries

    Aabaco Environmental provides a range of high quality products to a broad range of industries nationwide. Our more than twenty years in the business speaks to the high level of quality and customer satisfaction necessary to achieve this milestone. This success is achieved by providing particular products to our customers that satisfies their requirements on a case by case basis. Many of these customers have unique requirements in terms of product or price which Aabaco Environmental is able to satisfy for them.

  48. Aable Johns Tree Service

    Aable John`s Tree Service has been serving the tree service needs of North Fulton, Cobb, & Cherokee counties, including Alpharetta and Roswell homeowners for over the last 22 years. We deliver the highest tree care services and offer the best customer service along the way. Our Company is BIG enough to handle the largest tree job and small enough to provide you with the service and attention that you deserve. We provide professional tree services to residential, commercial, municipal, and government customers in Atlanta for years. Aable Johns is one of the larger tree service companies in Philadelphia with several full time tree service crews, and many staffed employees including Contract Certified Arborists.

  49. AABSyS IT Pvt. Ltd.

    AABSyS Information Technology (P) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified GIS/CAD data conversion and a Web based software Development Company, located in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. AABSyS is a 100% Export Oriented Software Company from India and is providing IT services to Customers in US and Europe since 1998. GIS/CAD services: At AABSyS, we specialize in precision conversion services in areas such as architectural plans, ground cadastre and topographic maps, distribution networks for utilities such as electricity, gas & water networks, facility management plans, site survey plans, mining plans, environment plans and civil & mechanical engineering drawings. Our services include re-drafting, digitization, database development and programming.

  50. AAC Centro de Acústica Aplicada SL

    AAC Centro de Acústica Aplicada SL is a private and independent engineering company specialised on acoustics and vibration. Created in 1993 by Spanish experts specialised in this field. AAC is a Spanish leader on the assistance to national, regional and local authorities and also to the industry on the assessment and management of the noise and vibration. AAC is a Testing Laboratory accredited by ENAC (Spanish representative of EAL), with the wider range in the acoustics in Spain. Covering `in situ` acoustical standards on environmental, building and industry subjects. Types of work: Research & Development projects, Assessment studies and Design of solutions,Management Plans, Testing, Training courses, Measurement procedures, Standards.

  51. AAC Environmental Consulting, LLC

    AAC Environmental Consulting, LLC objective is to provide high quality environmental consulting services in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, using a personal approach to client consultation, while helping to improve the natural environment of developed areas.

  52. Aachener Misch- und Knetmaschinenabrik Peter Küpper GmbH & Co. KG (AMK)

    The one man business established in 1892 by the master baker Peter Küpper has during the subsequent 120 years developed into an efficient industrial company. Today the company is run in the 4th generation of the great-grandsons from the company founder. Following the initial years when bakeries were virtually the exclusive customers of Peter Küpper, the machines were very soon used worldwide in all fields of the chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramic and food industry. The constant further development of the ideas of the company`s founder has resulted in today`s Aachener Misch- und Knetmaschinenfabrik Peter Küpper GmbH & Co. KG becoming one of the leading worldwide manufacturer of mixing and kneading machines.

  53. AADCO (Advanced Analytical Device Company) - Tisch International

    Aadco products have gained universal acceptance as the instrument of choice where there is a requirement for a reliable, absolute source of hydrogen, pure air, or nitrogen. Hundreds of these units are now distributed throughout the world relieving users from the tedious problems associated with stored gas cylinders. Users include most federal and state gas monitoring boards, foreign gas monitoring networks, many federal analytical laboratories and a considerable number of industrial laboratories.


    PRODUCTS FOR THE HAPPINESS OF THE WORLD. We are internationally known company producing the following machinery. I am V K DESAI, founder of TINYTECH PLANTS and also AADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGY. We have 3 factories and so far we have exported our products in 110 countries. RENEWABLE ENERGY EQUIPMENTS (Under Aadhunik Global Energy). SOLAR WATER PUMPING SYSTEMS. 1kw to 10 kw solar panels, can draw water from 200 mt also. Works for 20 years without any maintenance. No manpower required at all. Live demonstration already working in our factory. You will be fully convinced as soon as you look it. These solar pumps are key to prosperity of small farmers. Huge scope of 20 million solar pumps in India. Huge scope of almost 80 millions solar pumps in the world. SOLAR POWER PLANTS up to 50kw capacity. Grid connected or off grid. Most suitable for factory owners as roof top project. No batteries. SOLAR IS FOR DAY ONLY.

  55. Aaditya Energy Foundation, Chennai, India

    Aaditya Energy Foundation is a Chennai, India based non-governmental and not-for-profit, purely academic Research and Development Organization. It is destinated to lead a Global Movement for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy in 21st century.

  56. AAF Envirotec GmbH

    AAF Envirotec GmbH is engaged in the design, manufacture and erection of water & wastewater treatment plants. We offer a complete range of mechanical and biological treatment solutions according to the latest international standards. All of the components are manufactured in our own workshop in Essen / Germany. Operators as well as contractors appreciate the reliability of our equipment. Maintenance is seldom required.

  57. AAF International

    AAF International traces its roots to Bill Reed, a skilled engineer and clever entrepreneur who recognized in 1921 that cleaning the air was critical to the growth of society, the development of technology, and the protection of human health. He developed the Reed Air Filter which represented the initial step in building an international company that globally dominates the air filtration industry – AAF International. Today, selling under the AAF and AmericanAirFilter® brand names, AAF clean air products and systems offer the most comprehensive clean air solutions available in the world. Our products are the industry benchmarks for quality and performance, from simple roughing filters, to air pollution control, to gas containment removal, to the highest efficiency filters used in the most stringent clean environments.

  58. AAF International Ltd.

    AAF International traces its roots to Bill Reed, a skilled engineer and clever entrepreneur who recognized in 1921 that cleaning the air was critical to the growth of society, the development of technology, and the protection of human health. He developed the Reed Air Filter which represented the initial step in building an international company that globally dominates the air filtration industry – AAF International. Today, selling under the AAF and AmericanAirFilter brand names, AAF clean air products and systems offer the most comprehensive clean air solutions available in the world. Our products are the industry benchmarks for quality and performance, from simple roughing filters, to air pollution control, to gas containment removal, to the highest efficiency filters used in the most stringent clean environments

  59. AAF Traders

    AAF Traders (Supplier of Shredded Tires and Alternative Fuels) is a Canadian based company with warehouses located in Australia, Singapore, USA and UAE to ease distribution within US and Asian markets. Main products include Shredded Tires and Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF).

  60. AAH Apparatebau Arnold Hofheinz

    AAH A. Hofheinz GmbH was founded by Mr. Arnold Hofheinz in May 2000. The company manufactures centrifugal and submersible pumps, high-speed rotors and gear blenders as well as containers and lifting systems for the chemical, process engineering and electroplating industry. Arnold Hofheinz, the company owner, looks back at more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing pumps and agitators, especially regarding the chemical and electroplating industry as well as with aggressive media. His area of expertise is the production of small custom batches. Not least due to this expert knowledge, the company is able to offer tailor-made solutions according to the requirements of the customer.

  61. AAI Environmental Corporation

    All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) Environmental Corporation is a state-of-the-art environmental consulting firm with vast experience in conducting environmental site assessments throughout the United States. Our reports are compliant with the EPA regulation 40 CFR Part 312 and the industry standard, ASTM E-1527-13. AAI reports adhere to these regulations in order to provide the client with environmental liability protection and to assure that if there is a significant liability present, it is found and the issue is resolved in the least expensive and most expedited way possible. This can only be accomplished by persons with extensive experience in the field who have encountered every conceivable type of issue that can be found during a real estate transaction or proposed construction project.

  62. AAI Sales

    AAI Sales specializes in the application of electro-mechanical rotary and linear drive applications. Products include AC and DC motors, worm, helical, hypoid, and bevel gear reducers and gearmotors, plus screw jacks and linear actuators. As a professional manufacturer’s representative, we are well positioned to provide timely and accurate application assistance as well as world class products to fit your application. We offer reliable products from top suppliers such as SMC North America, Expander, Joyce and Fuji Electric.


    A reputed ISO 9001:2008 concern offering high grade steel 316 series of gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, pipe fittings, wafer type check valves, etc....specialist in steel ss solid bar stock body gate valves, globe valves-mirror finished body in steel bar stock valves,

  64. Aairex Environmental

    Aairex specialises in the production and supply of many different products designed to handle air in an industrial environment. These include ducting, fans, filters, dust separators and spray booths. The firm has over 40 years experience and is well established, having contacts throughout Europe. We strive to produce and supply top quality products at competitive prices ensuring that our customers are always satisfied.

  65. AAK Service Srl

    AAK SERVICE S.r.l. is a dynamic company, the result of modern technology applied to over 10 years of experience in the brick industry. AAK is specialized in designing and realizing automation, handling systems and turn-key installations for the brick industry .

  66. Aakorn Management

    Online ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. Aakorn Management has been developing user-friendly management systems for organizations throughout the world for more than ten years. The key to Aakorn`s success has been keeping its systems simple and providing easy-to-follow implementation instructions for users. This approach results in a sustainable user-friendly management system that has a positive impact on the operations of an organization.

  67. AaLadin Cleaning Systems

    AaLadin Industries Incorporated`s Mission is to be a customer driven company, providing a world class product for industrial and commercial cleaning applications. A company with the courage to build partnerships with our distribution network that ultimately serves the customer in distinctive and important ways. All of which reflect the Christian values of the entire AaLadin family.

  68. Aalborg Energie Technik a/s (AET)

    AET is a leading independent engineering and contracting company supplying biomass fired boiler plants, power plants, and CHP plants within Europe. As one of the technological leaders in solving socially-created environmental problems through thermal utilisation of agro-industrial biomass waste, the company strives to continuously improve its technology and make the best biomass-fired power and CHP plants in the world. The business comprises the design, engineering, delivery and service of biomass plants fired with all forms of biomass, primarily wood chips, wood waste, sander dust and bark, but also other biomass fuels such as draff/distillers grain, poultry litter, and meat and bone meal, as well as straw and other agricultural residue. The fuels are used separately or in combination, and the Company supplies plants in the size range 25 to 170 MWth.

  69. Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc.

    Aalborg Instruments & Controls, Inc. is well known throughout the world as a primary manufacturer of precision instrumentation for flow measurement and control. We operate two divisions. The Variable Area Division manufactures a diversified line of flowmeters and needle valves. Constructed of aluminum, brass, stainless steel or PTFE, variable area flowmeters range from microflow to industrial size flowmeters. The Electronics Division produces state of the art thermal mass flowmeters and mass flow controllers for gases and electromagnetic flow controllers for liquids and gases. AALBORG maintains stock of a wide range of flow meters and needle valves. Whether seeking a micro flow meter or an industrial sized flowmeter, AALBORG can meet your requirements. The recently acquired line of Vortex Flow Meters is perfect for measuring steam, liquids, or gases. The Vortex Shedding Flow Meter creates vortices as fluid goes around a bluff body and is alternately shed on each side of the body.

  70. AAMS Salvarani BVBA | Advanced Agricultural Measurement Systems NV (AAMS)

    A.A.M.S. (Advanced Agricultural Measurement Systems) is a recently founded company that started in 2002 with the development and production of test equipment for agricultural machines. A team with many years of experience in the field of agricultural technology, developed for the time being mostly products for controlling, calibrating and adjustment of the sprayers for the agriculture and horticulture.

  71. Aanal Magnetic Industries

    Conveyor magnetic separator,Permanent magnetic equipmentIndustrial magnetic equipments,Drum type magnetic separator,Roller Magnetic Separator,Hopper magnet manufacturerFunnel Magnet,Funnel magnet manufacturer,Rare earth magnetic equipments,Magnet,Magnetic equipments.

  72. Aanderaa Data Instruments - a Xylem brand

    Aanderaa Data Instruments develops, manufactures and markets oceanographic and meteorological instruments and special systems for collecting environmental data. Data can be stored internally in a highly protected memory or transferred in real-time via cable, VHF/UHF radio, satellite, modem or GSM. vast area of applications including ocean research and coastal research, vessel traffic systems in ports and harbours, offshore surveying, fish farming, Hydrography as well as fresh water monitoring (including waste water) and weather monitoring including monitoring road conditions.

  73. AAPPTec, LLC

    AAPPTec LLC, located in Louisville, KY, USA, is the only company that provides a complete line of peptide products ranging from automated peptide synthesizers to related laboratory equipment and high quality reagents designed to assist chemists in preparing and analyzing high quality peptides on research to semi-preparative and preparative scale. In addition, AAPPTec provides all the technical information and instructions for each step of peptide synthesis and purification. For those who prefer not to synthesize their own peptides, AAPPTec offers custom peptides in quantities from mg to kg, in purities from crude to 98% pure, all at an affordable price. AAPPTec continually strives to provide the latest technology at the most competitive prices and the highest level of customer support to peptide chemists worldwide.

  74. AAQUA N.V.

    AAQUA NV is specialised in the engineering and construction of industrial waste water treatment plants. As a dynamic company, we can tailor together an efficient and affordable solution for the construction or renovation of your industrial water treatment. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we distinguish ourselves in tweaking and optimizing your water treatment plant which is crucial to guarantee a constant water quality while minimizing energy consumption. The complete process automation allows for easy administration. Through remote monitoring, we can continuously monitor and control your water treatment so that the operation remains optimal. Additionally, we also offer service and support during operation. Our solutions for heat recovery and water re-use turn your waste water treatment into a profitable investment!

  75. AAquatiPro a Division of Sentry Equipment Corp.

    AAquatiPro As a division of Sentry Equipment Corp, AquatiPro water chemistry services are built on steam and water sampling expertise dating back to 1924. We understand the importance your sample conditioning and chemical analysis investment means to your operations. And we take it seriously. Our team of factory-trained and certified technicians are setting the standard in delivering the quality of service and support expected throughout the power generation industry. By partnering with leading brands of sampling equipment and chemical analyzers to establish our factory authorized training program, we are uniquely positioned to offer unsurpassed multi-vendor services to power plants throughout the United States. Our experienced, certified AquatiPro technicians are the preferred service providers for power plants, saving them time and money regardless of size, scale and fuel source all across the country today.

  76. AaquaTools Incorporated

    AaquaTools Incorporated has been a manufacturer and distributor of high quality water driven products and high pressure washers to a select group of industries. Our success can be attributed by our ability to find a water cleaning need and fill it with a tool that we manufacturer ourselves or distribute for others.

  77. Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training LLC

    The Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training, LLC, was established in response to a need for reliable source of complete and practical environmental training presented by a team of instructors that are practicing experts in the field and dedicated to environmental training. Aarcher Institute courses address developing environmental management and regulatory challenges, while remaining centered on core environmental concepts and standards. Education and training is the sole mission of the Aarcher Institute.

  78. Aarcher, Inc.

    Environmental assessment, management, and planning specialty firm providing compliance auditing and assistance, facility environmental management plans, NEPA analysis and documentation, natural and cultural resource management support, and environmental site assessments nationwide.

  79. Aarding Thermal Acoustics

    Aarding Thermal Acoustics is the centre of competence of the gas division in the Ceco Environmental Group. Aarding Thermal Acoustics is providing customized solutions based on a proven track record in design, engineering and manufacturing of Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems, Acoustical Components, Dampers and Expansion Joints. Both new systems as well as upgrades, retrofits and spare part kits are provided.

  80. Aardvark Drilling Inc.

    Aardvark Drilling provides high quality drilling services throughout Bermuda, Southern Ontario and Eastern Canada and has done so since 2002. As a drilling contractor we provide equipment and expertise for mineral exploration, well abandonment, hydrogeological, geotechnical, and environmental drilling and many other projects and all terrain services.

  81. Aardvark EM Limited

    Aardvark EM Limited has developed a reputation for delivering innovative environmental projects for both the public and private sectors. Environmental and regulatory pressures have led to clients requiring our advice on increasingly larger and more complex projects in both the urban and the rural sectors. This has required a commercial approach and input from several of our in-house disciplines. We acknowledge that teamwork is crucial and consequently we work as both project managers and sub-contractors with some of the leading organisations in the environmental sector to ensure that projects are developed to specification, on time and within budget. Aadvark delivers solutions in water, waste, energy and the environment. Our experienced technical team has success across private and public sector clients - small and large, local and international.

  82. Aardvark Equipment Ltd.

    Aardvark Equipment Ltd. specialise in the design & build of bespoke articulated dump trucks & trenching machines and we parts supply for other types of plant & equipment.Since being founded in 1999, the company has been involved in several innovative plant & machinery development projects from initial design brief, through field testing & evaluation, to realisation of a commercial product.

  83. Aardvark Packers

    Aardvark Packers specializes in the supply and manufacturing of packers for the civil construction, environmental and mining industries. We offer many options, including inflatable packers, customized environmental packers, grout and grouting packers, well packers, wireline packers, mechanical packers, straddle packers, and borehole packers.

  84. Aargus

    Aargus provides an integrated environmental management and geotechnical engineering service at one contact point. Its total environmental management package can offer environmental assessments, trade waste, auditing, EMS, geotechnical engineering, laboratory analysis, remediation & clean up and all company`s environmental compliance issues. Aargus combines inputs from environmental and soil scientists, hydrogeologists and engineers, marketing professionals, business analysts, industrial hygienists, chemists, engineers, ecologists and toxicologists. From initial planning to complete project management, Aargus offers its clients complete technical expertise and reliable, insightful advice.

  85. A-Argus Better Book Publishers LLC.

    With the purchase of any book from A-Argus, you can choose a free ebook from any A-Argus author; any title. Send date and titled purchased as well as your choice of any book and receive a free ebook on your Kindle, Palm, Nook, Kobo or other reader. We appreciate your patronage Reading is a Joy! Dedicated to offering the best of the new and exciting authors as they begin to spread their literary wings and start to fly. Home of the newest and best of the authors this generation has to offer.

  86. Aarhus University

    Aarhus University offers unique, alternative opportunities for research and education cutting across many different subjects, for the benefit of both students and researchers, as well as the authorities and the business community. These interdisciplinary combinations provide exceptional opportunities. Aarhus University combines quality in its services with diversity – a diversity that also makes sure that the university is in wide-reaching contact with all the important sectors of society. Aarhus University has an international focus and makes targeted efforts to attract researchers and students from abroad.

  87. Aaron Equipment Company

    For more than 75 years, the Aaron Companies have been dedicated to one common goal: `To provide our customers with quality equipment, dependable service and competitive prices.` This customer satisfaction has earned Aaron an International reputation as one of the world`s leading dealers in the Process & Packaging Equipment Industry. Throughout the past half century, and into the next, this commitment to customer satisfaction will continue to be the foundation for our success.


    we are leading manufactruing of gas analysis & detector . we implement our embedded expertise & gas technology to make advance gas monitoring system,


    AARVEE ASSOCIATES is a 17 year old organisation offering consultancy services in planning and designing including EIA/EMP and construction supervision of Highway / Bridge Projects, Environmental, Water Supply and Sanitation Projects, Irrigation Projects, Hydraulic Engineering & Dams, Industrial townships and Infrastructure Projects, Multi-Storied Complexes, Sports Complexes, Hospitals, Highways, Bridges, Industrial Structures, Communication Towers etc.

  90. Aastha Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd

    we are Design,Engineering ,Manufacturing,Supply, Installation ,Testing and Commissioning professionals in HVAC- Heating Ventilation ,Air Conditioning , Air Pollution Control Equipments and Tanks & Contaners.

  91. AAT Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik GmbH

    Reliable solutions for commercial success. Since 1992. If you want to treat organic waste or purify highly contaminated waste-water and gain energy at the same time, you need well-engineered solutions. AAT Offers such solutions for the industry, municipalities and farming. AAT handles over 150 different substrates. 130 large-scale facilities in 30 countries worldwide proves that. Documented 98&#37; availability makes a clear statement. About 1,000 clients use AAT components and profit from our quarter of a century Know-how.

  92. AATA International, Inc.

    AATA has evolved into a comprehensive environmental management and permitting firm offering logistics, coordination, and management of complex environmental programs, including international permitting and management of foreign specialists. In 1994, Advanced Aquatic Technology Associates, Inc. formally became AATA International, Inc. AATA serves a wide variety of clients throughout the world.

  93. AA-Tekno Oy

    AA-Tekno Oy supplies surface treatment equipment ranging from individual devices to complete production lines, on a turnkey basis, tailored to customer requirements. We have carried out hundreds of projects in Finland, the Baltic region, Romania, Slovakia and Russia. Our technical solutions offer indisputable advantages, including long useful lives and low maintenance and operating costs. Our solutions have been proven to be dependable and well-functioning, which means that as our customer, you will receive equipment with high operational reliability. Thanks to a network of partners, we are able to guarantee the best local providers of equipment maintenance and technical support for our customers.

  94. Aavishkar Machinery Pvt. Ltd

    Aavishkar Machinery Private Limited is a dynamic equipment manufacturing company with all R&D activities and designing, manufacturing and commissioning of projects under one roof. All our equipment designed is based on the key factor “ Low power consumption, better fuel efficiency and environment friendly.” Aavishkar is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing engineering equipments, actively associated with product development, utilization of wastes and recycled products for valued addition in various industries. It is a technology focused engineering & project execution company. We have been venturing into new technologies, innovations and high end process to meet global demand of: Cements Plants. Sugar Plants. Zinc Oxide Plants. Copper Extraction Plants. Refractory & Castable Units. Lime, Clay and Mineral Calcinations Plants. Iron Fines & Ferro Alloys Fines Pelletizing Units. Mineral Grinding and Processing Plants. Vertical Brick Plants. Fly Ash Block/ Brick Plants. Fertilizer Pla

  95. Aavos International bvba

    AAVOS International bvba is founded in 1993 and is a 100% private company. We have more than 20 years of experiance in industrial process instrumentation. AAVOS International bvba provide its customers with products and services that utilize state-of-the-art technology and are of the highest quality, usefulness and value. We are committed to providing our customers with unsurpassed products and technical support and continue to seek out products and manufacturer`s that meet the highest standards of performance, quality and value for its` customers.

  96. AAZ Business Solution

    AAZ BUSINESS SOLUTION (Private) Limited was established by Mr. Anwar Hussain based on strong Academic background (MBA-HRM, MA-English, Master in project Management etc) more than 15 years national, multinational and multi cultural diversified experience. Since inception, AAZ Business Solution (PVT) Limited have Membership of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Import & Export License, WeBoc, currently its Directors and executives are members of various professional organizations. Our Mission: Is to give our buyers the best services & products and exceed their expectations. Our goal is to achieve best results: production as per Buyer’s specifications, competitive prices and timely deliveries. Lab Equipment, Electrical Instruments, Security and Safety Equipment etc

  97. AB AKRON-maskiner

    AB AKRON-maskiner develops, manufactures and markets products within a number of fields. AKRON has over the years built a solid base of knowledge and is with all it’s experience market leader when it comes to quality, performance and reliability.Bio fuel handling - equipment for wood chips and pellets handling:Storage, wood chips dryers, wood chip furnaces, grinders, conveyors, etc.Fans – for industry, drying / cooling process, farms, mines, tunnels, etc.Axial / Radial / Dust separating and flue gas fans. Vehicle- and man doors for mines etc.Motors Three-phase motors for industrial applications. Also a range of coolant pumps

  98. Ab Alfaintek Oy

    Since 2005, ALFAINTEK has been providing the advanced air purification systems for the commercial, industrial, and residential markets worldwide. We offer our clean air purification systems to both the public and private sectors, including homes, offices, museums, airports, hospitals, schools and manufacturing facilities in the generation of electricity and heat, wastewater, aluminium smelters, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and many other sectors. Currently ALFAINTEK consolidates the team of fully qualified scientists, chemists and engineers who are able to design and produce high-quality durable and reliable air purification systems.

  99. AB Arex

    AB AREX - one of the country`s oldest manufacturer of industrial equipment in plastic. We supply air, energy, and other industrial engineering for different operating conditions in various plastic materials. The core business includes industrial fans, duct systems, heat exchanger and corrosion detector. In order to obtain safe safety for delivered fans, different types of material are subjected to extreme stresses. Our knowledge and resources in industrial plastics also means that we can offer different types of lottery manufacturing in thermoplastic / thermosetting plastics. This may apply to customized industrial products such as containers or other plastic equipment such as plants and fittings Both our standard products and special manufacturing and lego are manufactured at the Valdemarsvik factory.

  100. AB Combustion & Iridescence

    ABC&I is the expert company in the advanced discipline of NOx-reduction. ABC&I is supplying high technology deNOx-systems for the heavy, energy intensive industry. Successful deliveries of NOx-reduction projects have been carried out for the energy recovering industry, incineration plants, refineries, steel mills, the pulp- and paper industry, the cement industry etc.

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