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  1. Amphi-Bac

    Amphi-Bac is an innovative company specializing in bathing water and drinking water. The company was started in 2008 in connection with implementing any of the Bathing Water Directive, and has since advised and executed source tracking tasks for municipalities and supplies in Denmark, both drinking and bathing. As the query on services and products has increased over the years, the Amphi-Bac developed new products and methods that have contributed to that today we offer a wide range of solutions for all types of challenges in both bathing and drinking.

  2. Amphitec B.V.

    Amphitec continues to innovate creating a complete set of advanced products. Products that offer a ready-made installations for pneumatic transport problems by modern vacuum/pressure technique. These installations are built on trucks, trailers, semi-trailers or in containers. Amphitec continues to innovate creating a complete set of advanced products. Products that offer a ready-made installations for pneumatic transport problems by modern vacuum/pressure technique. These installations are built on trucks, trailers, semi-trailers or in containers. For both suction, transport and blowing dry products and liquids Amphitec is at your service. You may think of products such as gravel, sand, various powders, blasting grid, catalyst, sludges, oil and various other dry products and liquids. This is supported by a professional European sales network. The open pricing policy for both installations and spares guarantees usage of the most optimal solution worldwide.

  3. Amphitech AB

    Amphitech AB is a civil engineering consulting company. For more than thirty years we have specialised in inspecting, analysing and planning projects in underwater environments. We sell technical equipment designed for underwater operations and also provide consulting services. We not only provide our customers with underwater robots but also technical expertise related to using the robots and in the quality control of drinking water reservoirs and tanks.


    Amphos 21 is a group of companies that offers scientific, technical and strategic consulting services in five main market sectors: -Nuclear -Mining -Water -Sustainability -CCS & Climate Change We started our activity in 1994 and it was in 2007 when we adopted our current denomination: Amphos 21. Since its inception, Amphos 21 has developed its activity at an international level, with a special focus on R&D projects. Amphos 21 counts on a multidisciplinary team of 100 highly qualified professionals in the fields of chemistry, geology, engineering, environmental science, hydrogeology, physics, biology, environmental communication, economics, information and communication technologies.

  5. Ample Scientific L.L.C

    Ample Scientific L.L.C. is a scientific equipment manufacturer and wholesaler concentrating in biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, centrifuges, and other lab equipments. Established in 2009 in the state of Georgia, Ample Scientific was founded by graduating students of Georgia Institute of Technology. With manufacturing facilities in Ningbo and Shanghai, China, as well as Taiwan, Ample Scientific is able deliver unique products to our customers at great prices. All products of Ample Scientific were handpicked to offer quality at very competitive pricing, offering distributors and customers the benefits of big profit margins and great savings.

  6. Amplex Emirates LLC

    Amplex-Emirates is a multi-disciplinary full service design engineering, technology consulting and construction management company specialized in remote control and management of energy saving solutions headquarter in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  7. Amplified Geochemical Imaging LLC (AGI)

    Amplified Geochemical Imaging LLC (AGI) has provided expert detection and mapping survey services for the oil & gas, environmental, and mineral industries. Our technology has been proven in more than 70 countries, used in all terrains, geographies and climates. Our passive gas sampling technology was first developed by Dr. Ronald W. Klusman at the Colorado School of Mines and purchased by W.L. GORE & Associates, Inc. W.L. GORE invested the time and money necessary to take the surface detection system to ultrasensitive levels. In 2013 Amplified Geochemical Imaging purchased the technology rights from W.L. GORE & Associates, Inc. and used their exploration and environmental experience to expand the technology applications to include Downhole Geochemical Logging.

  8. Ampo

    AMPO is an international leader in stainless steel and high alloy castings as well as in highly engineered valves for the most severe applications and industries. Through our AMPO SERVICE team we guarantee a prompt response to customer needs wherever they are throughout the world: technical support in start-up stages, equipment selection, predictive and preventive maintenance, training, etc.


    Amproma is specialist in innovative, customized and optimized solutions in process plant construction - from prototype to production plant.

  10. Amptek Inc.

    Amptek is a high technology company and a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation for the satellite, x-ray and gamma ray detection, laboratory, analytical, and portable instrumentation industries.

  11. Ampure Capital

    Ampure Capital LLC is a small business financial consulting and boutique investment banking firm deeply committed to unleashing entrepreneurial drive and free market capitalism to surmount environmental and social problems in the world today. Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs, especially socially and environmentally proactive entrepreneurs, to succeed at all stages of business growth from conception to maturity to exit. We work with companies in all industries, but love clients that are trying to make our world a better place.

  12. AMR

    As Alsatians, we like toughness and quality, promises kept, commitments met; and the machines we offer are the same: sturdy, reliable, and designed to last for a long time. France is of course our first market with our 450 dealers, loyal customers for some of them over 15 years. But we are as well represented in central Europe, first geographically, but also because our machines are sold from Norway to Spain, and from Ireland to Romania. Over the years, our log splitters program, that we fully manufacture in our factory of 9200 m2 in France, has been completed by additional machines, needed in the processing firewood cycle: forestry winches, circular saws, band saws, buckets, radio control, log tongs, bundles, etc. ... equipment for which we are exclusive importer in France.

  13. AMR International Marketing, LLC

    Exporters & Importers of Scrap Recycle Tires , M.S, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Paper and Board Scrap Suppliers. Amr International Marketing, LLC is owned by Rashid Jaleel (CEO) and situated in New York, USA. Our company caters to national as well as international markets namely India, China, Canada and Mostly Countries Europe and Middle East. Since inception we have established ourselves as one of the best in the market.

  14. Amrep, Inc.

    Amrep was incorporated in 1976 and over the last 40 years has become a premier refuse body company. During the past four decades Amrep has introduced numerous innovations to the waste-hauling industry, each of which has become, or is currently becoming, an industry standard. The company is constantly striving to be on the leading edge of technology. Amrep, Inc. is a family owned business, with a workforce of more than 210 people. Each of the company`s employees always places quality and customer service first and foremost. This employee attitude blends perfectly with Amrep`s overall philosophy...always provide the best product at the lowest possible price.

  15. Amresist, Inc.

    Amresist, Inc. manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and accessories for many markets, including chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water and semi-conductor. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of fully PFA Teflon® lined and elastomer lined butterfly valves and ball valves, providing tight shut-off and zero stem leakage, for all types of process applications. Amresist, Inc. focuses on the highly engineered portion of the valve and actuator market.

  16. Amroc Bremse Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd.

    We the Amroc Bremse are a leading as per API, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001, 18001, 9001 certified manufacturers of wide array of cementing equipments Like Centralizers, Stop Collars, Reamer Shoes, Float Shoes, Float Collar, Stage Cementing Collar, Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers. We currently enjoy the unrivalled and a formidable reputation of being the largest producers and suppliers of offshore and onshore cementing and float apparatus worldwide and in fact the only source of original and quality equipment. Amroc Bremse is a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for customers. Our pursuit for perfection and building up a sizeable global presence has enabled us to penetrate distant and diverse markets and we have been able to create a niche, for us in this highly competitive business. What started as a single equipment manufacturing unit has developed and progressed into an experienced organization and aims to undertake assembling and fabrication of comp

  17. AMS - Merlo

    On February 29 of 2012, Applied Machinery Sales, located in Pineville, N.C., was named the official distributor for Merlo Telehandlers in the U.S. In August of last year, the units began arriving and were distributed in the Southeast. Operating under AMS-Merlo, the full line of telehandlers are now available, ranging in capacity from 5,500 to 26,500 pounds and with lift heights from 19 to 96 feet.

  18. AMS Alliance

    AMS Alliance is a leading global group who develops, manufactures and markets automated analytical instruments and diagnostic systems addressed to three major markets: Diagnostics - Environment - Agri-Food. AMS Alliance has manufacturing facilities in Europe and U.S.A. and markets its products via subsidiaries and a network of established distributors in 45 countries. From the inception AMS Alliance (formerly AMS) has been focused on R&D and new products development delivering system platforms for market leaders, via O.E.M. and private label agreements worldwide.

  19. AMS Analitica

    AMS Analitica deals with device production and distribution to monitor air and workplace parameters, environment and chimney emission control. Our constant pursuit developing optimal solutions it is our business focus. This process makes more and more reliable sampling and ultimate analysis phases. We are distributing prestigious brands over Italian area for more than a decade, up to compensate any kind of sampling strategy with clear and efficient answers.

  20. AMS Equipment Ltd.

    AMS Equipment Limited has been in operation for more than 25 years and has been a regular supplier of market leading equipment and services to a large number of the world’s biggest and best oil and gas companies. Our aim is to provide excellent equipment, excellent customer service and excellent after-sales backup to our customers. We provide a wide range of equipment to the offshore and other industries including gas detection equipment, oil in water monitors, however, as we have so much experience in going outwith our normal range of supply to satisfy our customers’ needs, if you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, we probably know where to source it from – so please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to supply what you require.

  21. AMS Haden Instrument

    AMS HADEN Instrument & Mining Services is the product of a merger between R.Haden Instrument Services (Pty) Ltd and Agrimine Services CC. This merger took place on the 1st0ctober 2000. The company Haden Instrument Services has been in existence since 1973 and Agrimine Services since 1991. Haden Instrument Services (Pty) Ltd was founded by Harry Bisschoffwho has since retired. His interests in the company were passed on to his son Steven who is currently occupies the position of Operations Director. Agrimine Services CC was founded by John Wernick who is currently the Managing Director. The company occupies a purpose built facility on the Westrand at Bergzicht Office Park which is situated in Allen’s Nek. The core business of the company is the Importation and Distribution of Instrumentation for Environmental Monitoring and Control, Mine Ventilation, Occupational Hygiene and Process Control.

  22. AMS Spa

    Our mission is to design, develop and build the best refuse collector vehicles. Best for specifications, reliability, affordability and environmental sustainability. To achieve this we use the most advanced technologies, the most reliable partners and tight controls in the production process, where the customer is at the center. So together we build the right vehicle to improve the environment and our surroundings. Introducing the new AMS below-ground waste management system. Nowadays city planners are looking to inter their waste for greater urban aesthetic, improved public health and overall quality of life. AMS offers the possibility to introduce below-ground collection through a cost-effective and hassle-free solution. Additionally, with AMS you can keep your fleet of CL-1 and simply retrofit them with the below-ground option.

  23. AMSA, Inc. / Antimicrobial Specialists & Associates, Inc.

    AMSA, Inc. is engaged in the discovery, development, and manufacture of cleaning products for industrial water treatment. We serve industrial customers around the world. AMSA, Inc. sells DTEA II™ for deposit and corrosion control and is a distributor of DBNPA biocide.

  24. AMSCO Wear Products Inc.

    Founded in 1906, AMSCO Wear Products, Inc. has grown to become America’s leading manufacturer of wear-resistant steel castings and replacement parts and has produced a greater volume of wear-resistant castings than any other organization in the world. Our undying commitment to superior service, the highest quality wear-resistant parts you can find, the perfect combination of quality and cost effectiveness of the castings we produce, and over a century of know-how results in a valuable experience for our customers.

  25. Amscorp Scientific

    At Amscorp, we believe, that in order for your organisation to function properly, you need the most accurate data from your analysers and testing equipment. We believe, that analysers need to be reliable, low maintenance, efficient and backed by outstanding service - afterall, that is what Amscorp expects from it`s suppliers! To acheive this end, Amscorp Scientific has partnered with outstanding global manufacturers to supply the most innovative and reliable technology available. Since 1989, we have been supplying and supporting our Australian & New Zealand customers with only superior testing equipment and aftersales service and support.

  26. AMSEnergy Corp

    AMSEnergy designs and markets Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers featuring thermosyphon technology for all of your heat exchanger needs for hot and dirty thermal energy streams. Application-optimised designs.

  27. amsindia

    We provide all types of Servo Drive Repairs, AC Drive Repairs, PLC Repairs, Spindle Drive Repairs, Servo Amplifier Repairs, Siemens, Fanuc Controller Repair, Infonar, KEB, Mitsubishi, ABB and Robotic Card Repair in Bangalore India.


    AMSOLAR is a leading solar energy developer with headquarters in San Diego, California. Founded in early 2009, AMSOLAR focuses on bringing clean, renewable solar energy to educational institutions. AMSOLAR’s partner schools are able to power their campuses with affordable, reliable solar power with no up-front investment by entering into a long-term solar power purchase agreement. Through AMSOLAR GIVING, the Company gives back to the communities it serves by promoting renewable energy awareness, education and exploration with a range of programs for students and teachers. Learn more at

  29. AmSolv

    Amsolv manufactures a comprehensive line of Industrial Supply, Process, Boiler, Cooling and Waste Water Treatment technologies. These products are supplied to commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial users by Water Treatment Sales and Service companies. The AmSolv line is designed to deliver the technology required to maximize equipment life and efficiency at the greatest total value available. AmSolv provides a complete international brand named package of products. These products provide user facilities with a ready-made high quality program available only through the resources of a substantial technology, manufacturing and marketing organization. AmSolv is unique in the Water Treatment Industry as a high quality brand name technology, sales and service program distributed globally through this network of locally owned and operated Dealers.

  30. Amstandard Ltd.

    AmStandard is considered as one of the leading supplier of Laboratory equipment and products in Baltic States. Since 2000, AmStandard has helped dozens of Laboratories and Industry Companies save money while obtaining high-quality equipment and services necessary to get their projects expeditiously approved and built. Our Purpose is to be a leader in this field by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability. Our Vision is to provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. Our Mission statement is to build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

  31. Amsterdam RAI

    As the facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place in and strong ties to develop in. As the organising party, RAI Exhibitions connects context, content and communities utilising national and international consumer and professional exhibitions.

  32. Amsum Industries

    AMSUM INDUSTRIES is a privately owned company dedicated to innovation and excellence in the Manufacturing of sports gloves, Safety Gloves & Sports. The company started as a specialist in reconstructive SportsWear & Gloves and based on its success and innovative drive gradually expanded to cover a vast range of Gloves & Sportswear Line. Since its inception. AMSUM INDUSTRIES has continually expanded throughout Canada, Europe & rest of the world to provide a wide range of Sports Gloves & Sportswear. All our products are professionally supported by qualified Product Managers and specialists, trained to work Sportswear. At our manufacturing Unit, qualified technicians have been producing a wide range of Sportswear. Our innovative approach combined with years of experience has resulted in an expansion of scope encompassing new technical advancements within the Sports industry. As we manufacture everything in-house we are able to accommodate unusual requests, and can produce bespoke

  33. AMT Industrial Solutions

    AMT Industrial Solutions is the maker and supplier of rapid, easy to use field tests for the detection of Bacteria such as Iron-Related Bacteria and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria that cause Microbial Induced Corrosion in industrial water systems, oil and gas systems along with waste water systems. We also provide Biological test kits for total aerobic bacteria, E. coli and coliform bacteria along with chemical tests for Ca/Mg Hardness, copper, zinc and Ammonia. All tests are self contained, have a long shelf life and do not need refrigeration. These tests are currently used by major water treatment companies world wide and manufactured in the USA. AMT Industrial also offers custom biological and chemical tests designed to the customers needs along with laboratory support and technical support for customers. AMT Industrial Solutions Staff has a combined 25 years in the industrial water treatment industry and has supplied these tests to a wide range of industrial applications

  34. amtec Analysenmesstechnik GmbH

    amtec was founded in 1991 by employees who had formerly worked in the business area of manufacturing scientific devices. They had the idea to use their expertise in the field of X-ray fluorescence for building instruments for different applications.

  35. Amtec Industries Inc

    AMtec Industries Inc., and its subsidiary AMtec Solar Products, is located in a brand new, state of the art facility in Pleasanton, CA. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience as a UL508a panel shop, AMtec has the equipment, qualified personnel, and capacity to handle all of your custom controls, power distribution, and photovoltaic balance of system (BOS) product needs. AMtec Industries has produced products for a plethora of industries including: the semiconductor, HVAC, pharmaceutical, alternative energy, and industrial control markets. With an emphasis on quality, AMtec uses only the highest quality components and the latest design technologies; while incorporating innovative manufacturing and design processes. Our expansive and close network of manufacturers, distributors, vendors, and customers ensures and contributes to AMtec Industries’ continued success. AMtec is UL508A and UL1741 registered and is also ISO9001:2000 compliant.

  36. Amtech Systems, Inc.

    Amtech Systems was incorporated in October 1981 under the name Quartz Engineering and Materials, Inc., and had its initial public offering listed on NASDAQ in August 1983. In 1984 Amtech acquired ATMOSCAN® patent from Intel, leading to development of its worldwide marketing channel and leading-edge semiconductor fabricators as customers. In 1992 the Company developed and sold its first IBAL Automation product and in 1994 started its European operations with the founding of Tempress Systems, known for its quality diffusion furnaces.Amtech acquired PR Hoffman in 1997, an industry leader in double-sided lapping and polishing machines, carriers and waxless mount templates for single-side polishing of semiconductor silicon wafers. In 2004, Amtech acquired Bruce Technologies, a manufacturer of horizontal diffusion furnaces and for the semiconductor industry.

  37. Amtech UK

    Wholesale distributor of carpet cleaning machines and hard floor buffers and burnishers. The UK supplier of Powr-Flite backpack vacuum cleaners. A wide range of floor polishes and cleaning chemicals in stock.

  38. Amtek Scrap Metal

    Amtek Scrap Metals has been processing, And recycling all types of scrap metals. We are always buying Copper and Brass, Aluminum, Insulated Wires, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Cobalt Alloys, Titanium, Molybdenum, IF IT’S METAL, WE BUY IT!


    Amtele is an agency operating in four business areas. RF & Microwave, Water & Environment, Sensors & Instrumentation and Calibration Services. Our suppliers are distinguished by being the technology leader in its field and is represented worldwide. We are a supplier to the most prominent companies in the industry. Primarily in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical and automotive industries as well as aerospace, defense and telecommunications industry. Let us prove our expertise in systems, instruments, components and support services.

  40. AmTest - Air Quality, LLC

    AmTest-Air Quality, LLC is an independent company providing comprehensive air pollution testing services to industrial clients. AmTest-Air Quality has been performing source testing services since 1982. We take pride in the quality and breadth of our services. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers, chemists and scientists deliver quality services unsurpassed by other testing firms. We keep current with the latest test methods by attending training courses and accessing real-time information from the EPA web site.

  41. Amthor International

    Amthor International, a fourth generation family-owned company, is the nation’s largest and most diverse manufacturer of tanker trucks. Amthor International products include tanks and accessories for the refined fuel, propane, vacuum and septic, portable restroom, water, well drilling, and construction industries. Amthor International is known as the tanker truck industry leader not only for sales volume, but also for product design and innovation and quality. 100% of Amthor tanks are made in the USA and manufactured in their 86,000 square foot facility in Gretna, Virginia. We take pride in every tanker truck we make because our products bear our family name. With a worldwide distribution and sales network, you can go anywhere in the world and see and Amthor tanker truck.

  42. AMTOM Limited

    AMTOM Limited was incorporated to provide full turnkey solutions for its clients. There are two areas of operations - Services and Products. There are three specific divisions to AMTOM Limited: Management Consulting; Engineering Consulting; Environmental Solutions. In these areas, AMTOM Limited, offer solutions based on experience and expertise gained in most industrial sectors/markets.

  43. Amtrol Inc

    Across America and around the world, Amtrol Inc. has a long tradition of innovative product design, uncompromisingly high quality and outstanding customer service. From pre-pressurized well tanks to indirect fired water heaters and from gas cylinders to expansion tanks, Amtrol is the most trusted brand in the industry. Amtrol serves the needs of residential, commercial and industrial markets. Virtually everything we sell is manufactured in our state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2008 facilities located across the United States.


    Amul Engineering is engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying a wide range of S.S. G.I. Nipple, GI BP Bend, Submersible S.S. Jotta, and Agricultural Commercial Pipe Fittings Products. With our wide-ranging experience in various SS, GI, & Casting forged and fabricated products we will select the most appropriate manufacturer based on your As you will agree, selecting the most appropriate manufacturer is of prime importance. Since each manufacturer has their own niche, they are setup to deliver the most competitive solution for your specific requirements. Our fundamental goal is to create a seamless process where our expertise selects the most suitable manufacturing unit for your business. We specialize in procuring custom manufactured top quality castings, forgings and fabrications from our established and reputed manufacturers in India. These are world class manufacturers have been carefully selected to supply consistent quality products each and every time.

  45. Amulet Manufacturing Company

    Since 1984, Amulet Manufacturing Company has been the leader in the design and manufacture of excavator and backhoe attachments. The introduction of the patented HoeClamp paved the way for an entire range of bucket thumbs, clamps, and grapples that have increased contractors` productivity. Amulet offers a wide variety of attachments fitting machines from 1800 lbs. to over 100,000 lbs. All of our thumbs are proudly designed, engineered and built in the USA.

  46. AMUT SpA

    AMUT is based on over 50 years of experience, an unchanged enthusiasm for its job and the professionalism of a production staff which consists of the most highly skilled engineers, technicians, and workers. Well established in the market as manufacturer of extruders, AMUT has constantly carried on its business and technological development up to become supplier of complete lines in six sectors – Extrusion, Thermoforming, Packaging Film, Recycling, Flexo Printing and Converting – delivering products intended to different applications. AMUT is involved in the construction of lines to process plastic materials, reaching a leading position in the national and international scenario. AMUT is so well known and present worldwide.

  47. AMW Machine Control, Inc

    AMW Machine Control, Inc., offers the most accurate machine control available for nearly anything that digs, grades, or paves. AMW has been developing 3D machine control systems since 1987, leading the way with total station technology, GPS, and, RTK GPS. Our technology is affordable because it uses GPS data from many systems, rather than requiring a proprietary source, and it relies only on GPS, rather than requiring supplemental data sources. Our built-in calculations mean you can depend on AMW results to be accurate, unmatched by competitors’ software. And only AMW software uses Vertical Control calculations to provide actual curved grades rather than a series of planes, making it easier than ever to design and execute plans. AMW Machine Control software is available through direct sales, dealers and distributors around the world.

  48. AMWEI Thermistor

    AMWEI Thermistor, professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistors (THERMally sensitive resistors) and thermistor temperature sensors probe. PTC thermistors application cover over-current & overload protection, motor starting, temperature sensing & protection, self-regulation heating, linear silicon PTC thermistor temperature sensor, AMWEI Thermistor make Linear Silicon PTC Thermistors Temperature Sensors, Alternative to Philips NXP KTY84, KTY83, KTY81. NTC thermistors application cover power thermistor for inrush current suppressing limiting, NTC thermistor for temperature measurement, indicator, temperature compensation, temperature control, in either radial leaded, axial leaded. Can also make custom made thermistor temperature sensor probe assembly, in ring terminal, copper, ABS, Al, stainless steel tube or threaded,to suit screw-in-place, surface, screw thread, chassis, Pipe clip, water liquid immersion temperature measurement application.

  49. AMWELL - A Division of McNish Corporation

    Amwell is dedicated to providing a clean water environment by specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of water and wastewater treatment equipment. For over 140 years, we have made additions and changes to our product line to keep pace with technological, environmental and economic developments that affect our clients. Amwell manufactures the following water and wastewater treatment equipment: Bar Screens, Clarifiers, Gear Drives, Grit Removal, Paddle Flocculators, Rectangular Collectors, Rotary Distributors, DuraMax Stainless Steel Chains, Scum Skimmers and Telescoping Valves.

  50. AmWINS Group

    AmWINS Group leverages its established program insurance platform and internet delivery capabilities to the advantage of independent agents, brokers and affinity groups. They provide a broad array of Property and Casualty programs, from environmental industry and waste industry pollution programs. Americana Program Underwriters is able to meet the needs of individuals, businesses and groups-and, it does it quickly, professionally and efficiently.

  51. AMX Companies - AMX Environmental

    AMX has quickly become a leading participant in the environmental and specialty contracting industry, as well as providing expert construction services to the wireless telecommunications market. In addition, AMX offers a variety of corporate services catering to the needs of small businesses.

  52. Amyris Biotechnologies, Inc.

    Amyris is a renewable products company devoted to creating a more sustainable world. We provide solutions to the world`s transportation energy and climate crises by applying a unique science platform that enables us to create truly No Compromise™ renewable fuels, including diesel and jet fuels. We have established the partnerships and capabilities needed to bring our renewable diesel fuel to market as early as 2010, and to distribute this fuel directly to customers. We have also applied our technology to provide a second source of artemisinin, an anti-malarial therapy, which will be comercialized by sanofi-aventis.


    AN AXON was established in 1996 for the professional manufacturing of Reverse Osmosis unit and its components, starting from the production of Brassware of drinking faucet, diverter valve and the other relative accessory. We use Lead Free Brass, which Lead is less than 0.10% (Pb≦0.10%) for our drinking faucet. Therefore our products can meet with NSF Standard 58, for Reverse Osmosis potable water usage. Currently we have extended our production line to the Commercial and Residential faucet, where new facility locates in LinYi, Shandong P.R.C. Our facility includes, brass sand, gravity casting; polishing; Machining; Chrome plating; faucet assembly and on line a 100% of water leakage inspection before ship out.

  54. ANA Prozesstechnik GmbH

    ANA Prozesstechnik GmbH – Your partner for plant engineering, environmental and power plant technology. ANA Prozesstechnik GmbH is your partner for planning, engineering and production of apparatus and plants for the chemical industry, oleochemistry as well as environmental and power plant technology. Bank on our know-how and decades of experience. Paul Wiegand assumed leadership of the company in 1951. Rudolf Jahn and Karl Stief became general partners. The company secured good markets worldwide through patented technical solutions. From 1961 the company had to be continued under state control.

  55. ANAB

    ANAB provides leading accreditation services to testing and calibration laboratories, inspection and certifications bodies, reference material producers, and proficiency test providers. Jointly owned by the American National Standards Institute and the American Society for Quality, ANAB is dedicated to being a leader in guiding the international development of accreditation processes that build confidence and value for stakeholders while continually improving customer satisfaction. ANAB is the single source for all your accreditation needs. Whether you need ISO 17025 accreditation, ISO 17020 accreditation, ISO 17025 training, or other programs, ANAB is committed to being a value-added, cost-effect provider with the highest integrity.

  56. Anachem Ltd

    Anachem is the UK & Ireland’s leading laboratory liquid handling specialist with over 40 years experience in this field. We have built up many years of expertise in pipetting technical support, service and calibration, customer service, distribution and e-commerce to supply scientists with the best support for all their pipetting needs. We supply scientific labs across many industries and support scientists in major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, technology, clinical, food processing and consumer product companies, universities and research institutes, governmental agencies and environmental testing organizations.

  57. Anachemia Ltee

    Hazardous / Non-Hazardous Recycling Services. Anachem offers a full range of environmental services, including recycling, treatment and transport of hazardous waste. We also sell recycled and virgin solvents.

  58. Anacon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

    Anacon as a analytical testing laboratory and now a leading Environmental Consultancy firm in Central India region. The lab is well equipped with basic infrastructural facilities and man power. We are group of experienced former Scientists from the various Government Institutions and our Laboratory is empanelled by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Orissa Pollution Control Board & recognized by Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment & Forests, New Delhi for carrying out environmental Studies.

  59. Anadis Instruments Benelux B.V.

    Anadis delivers and is servicing spectroscopy systems. Helping to create innovative spectroscopy measurement solutions for more then 15 years. Our products and spectroscopy solutions can be found in laboratory and process applications. Due to our excellent cooperation with instruments, accessories and software manufacturers we are delivering more then just a product. Advise about accessories, training and validation support are part of our competences.

  60. Anadolu Fleks Company

    Anadolu Fleks Company has founded in 2005 with its versed staff for the aim of producing flexible metal hose and its connection parts in Istanbul, Turkey. Our firm maintains its sales and marketing activities in the domestic and in the international market with our high capacity of production and sensibility of advanced quality.

  61. AnaeCo Limited

    AnaeCo is committed to providing environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable solutions for the recycling of solid waste, including organic materials. AnaeCo is the owner of the patented DiCOM bioconversion process. DiCOM combines the benefits of anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting in a concurrent sequencing batch in-vessel process. The system incorporates advanced sorting, recycling, anaerobic digestion and aerobic composting to recycle municipal solid waste (MSW) into renewable energy from biogas, agricultural grade compost and recyclables such as steel, aluminum, glass and plastics, thus ensuring maximum diversion from landfill and ensuring social, economic and environmentally sustainable management of MSW.

  62. Anaergia Inc.

    Anaergia Inc. is a global leader in offering sustainable solutions for the generation of renewable energy and the conversion of waste to resources. Through a proven portfolio of proprietary technological solutions, Anaergia maximizes the generation of renewable energy, diversion of waste from landfill and reduction of greenhouse gases for customers across the municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Through its subsidiaries, including Anaergia Services and UTS Biogastechnick GmbH, Anaergia is trusted at more than 1,600 operational renewable energy projects globally.

  63. Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

    Anaerobic Digestion ( AD) is a natural process where plant and animal materials (biomass) are broken down by micro-organisms in the absence of air. The AD process begins when biomass is put inside a sealed tank or digester. Naturally occurring micro-organisms digest the biomass, which releases a methane-rich gas ( biogas) that can be used to generate renewable heat and power; this helps cut fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The remaining material ( digestate) is rich in nutrients, so it can be used as a fertiliser.

  64. Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network

    Anaerobic digestion of solid organic waste such as bio-waste, sludge, cattle manure, energy crops and other biomasses, for bio-energy production is a widely applied technology used by a variety of Decision Makers. BMP Lab Tests are a key parameter for assessing design, economic and managing issues for the full scale implementation of anaerobic digestion processes.

  65. Anafa

    Anafa is a leading company in the field of environmental quality including: radiation checkups, radon gas detection, water quality tests and filter solutions, air pollution, smell and noises detection and GIS services. Our staff is well equipped and licensed in Israel.

  66. Anaheim University

    Anaheim University is one of the first online universities in the United States to offer graduate degree programs entirely online. The Nationally Accredited University is based in the City of Anaheim in Orange County, California and has branch offices in Irvine, California and Tokyo, Japan. The University is made up of three graduate schools: the Graduate School of Education‎, the ‎Akio Morita School of Business (named after Sony founder Akio Morita), and the Anaheim University Akira Kurosawa School of Film (named after Akira Kurosawa). The Institutes include the Anaheim University David Nunan Institute for Language Education (established to honor David Nunan), and the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute (conceived by architect Kisho Kurokawa). The Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute and the Akio Morita School of Business were jointly developed through the interdisciplinary program `Online MBA in Sustainable Management`, which is known as the world`s first `Onlin

  67. ANAHEM

    ANAHEM is an independent, innovative, and experienced analytical laboratory that provide clients in the environmental, food and various process industries with reliable high quality chemical analyses for a wide variety of sample media. Analytical laboratory equipped for routine and specialized analyses of inorganic and organic constituents, radioactivity and bacteria in environmental, food, and industrial materials. Instrumental techniques: ICP-OES, ICP-MS, XRF, AAS, GC, GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, IC, HPLC, HPLC-MS/MS, TOC, CHNS, UV/VIS, FTIR, Gamma Spectrometry, Dosimetry, Smoking Machine testing, Microbiological testing, Wet Chemistry ...

  68. Anakata Wind Power Resources Ltd

    Anakata Wind Power Resources was founded in 2010 in Britain by the aerodynamicist who was the brains behind the ‘double diffuser’ in Jenson Button’s Formula One championship-winning Brawn car in 2009. Combining his extensive aerodynamic knowledge with a group of highly experienced engineers and material specialists, the idea of creating and delivering world-leading wind power generation turned from concept to reality.

  69. Ana-Lab Corporation

    Ana-Lab Corp. provides quality environmental testing to federal, state, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients nationally through exceptional science, processes and people. With its analytical laboratory located in Kilgore, Texas, Ana-Lab Corp. has grown into one of the leading environmental testing laboratories in the country with eight regional offices and nearly 100 employees.

  70. Analab S.A.R.L.

    Since 1995, Analab, represented by its founder Michel GAERTNER, has been offering an exclusive complete range of consumables for different analytical techniques: O2-N2-H2, C/S, CHN-OS, ICP-ICP/MS,SAA, FX, gas analyzers, etc. To this day, whether for the trade or manufacturing of apparatus, Analab continues to select suppliers for their rigour, reliability and integrity, but above all for the quality of the products they offer. These same suppliers confide in us to represent them in France, some of them awarding us exclusivity over their products. They acknowledge our comprehensive knowledge of the methods of analysis and equipment, our know-how and our dedication. Thanks to our continuous exchange of information with users, Analab has earned itself a serious reputation, first in Alsace, then throughout France and now in many other countries.

  71. Analab sa

    Our equipment isn`t unique but our attitude is... Renting equipment for environmental research, Water Level Loggers & Meters you can trust.

  72. ANALIS

    As a distributor of laboratory instruments on the Benelux market, Analis is primarily oriented towards research activities, biotechnology applications, medical in vitro diagnostics and quality control. Analis has been involved in supplying and supporting laboratory equipment for the Life Science marketplace since more than 60 years. We are present in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies (from basic research to production), as well as in the agro- and food industry. Our mission is to provide genetic, proteomics or cellular analysis researchers with the adequate instruments and proper support tools. Furthermore, by offering a full range of flexible automation systems, we can help you to increase your lab productivity. Analis has a research unit : “Analis R&D Diag” which develops Electrophoresis and CE in vitro diagnostic kits (CEOfix™) ( – This unit offers training & support, and assistance including running customer samples

  73. ANALIT Ltd.

    ANALIT Ltd had been established in 1992 and celebrated its 20-th anniversary in 2012. At the present time ANALIT is the group of companies that has its representative offices in Saint-Petersburg (HQ), Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Ufa and is one of the largest Russian suppliers of analytical and testing equipment. ANALIT offers to its clients the complex lab solutions. We supply equipment, spare parts, consumables, reagents, furniture etc, provide methodical support and specialist training. ANALIT has its own accredited analytical lab that can perform the wide range of research works, develop different methods and train your specialists. In 1996 ANALIT began the collaboration with the Japanese company SHIMADZU – world`s leading manufacturer of analytical and testing equipment – and became its general distributor. Since 2004 SHIMADZU annually awards ANALIT as its best distributor.


    Environmental Company- ANALITIK LLC (briefly ANALITIK) was founded on 2002,Baku, Azerbaijan. The main goals were the following: - To develop the self-financed, self-managed and industrial oriented, analytical laboratory; - To support of industrial oriented scientific activities of researchers both from Universities and National Academy of Science and other national research centers. One of the main ANALITIK’s activities target the oil industry needs. Environmental baselines studies, environmental impact assessment, waste management and cleanup technology tasks for oil companies determine the strategy of the organization. This unique status also involves scientific projects with the cooperation of both local and foreign universities, companies and research centers.

  75. Analiz Analytical and Scientific Instruments,Marketing,Construction, Inc.

    Analiz Co. was founded in 1994 to supply scientific appliances and laboratory equipments by an advanced team in the field, and got edge in to the market by accomplishing to finalize important projects, improving infrastructure and technical crew and extending the scope of company’s activities to international scale. Analiz Co. is not only laboratory equipment supplier but also able to offer complete laboratory solutions to customers. Analiz Co., which combines dynamic and guiding approach in progressive science field with qualified infrastructure, aims satisfy customer’s demands by pre-consultancies, necessary financial organization for investments, providing the high techniques to the end user by completing feasibility, budgeting and credit issues, and also providing installation, training, application and technical service.

  76. Analog Technologies, Inc (ATI)

    Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI), specializes in the R&D and production of analog and digital electronic hardware modules, sub-systems, and systems. Our main product lines include: laser drivers, TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers), high precision and high stability thermistors, customized heat sinks, SMT (SMD) resistor kits, SMT (SMD) capacitor kits, SMT (SMD) inductor kits, LED drivers, LED lights, etc. During the past 20 years, we have accumulated over 10,000 customers worldwide, including ADI (Analog Devices), Black Decker, NASA, HP, Intel, US Army, Linear Tech, MIT, Maxim, National Semiconductor, US Air Force, TI (Texas Instruments), etc. Most of the major electronic companies are our customers. We are currently looking for distributors worldwide for selling and distributing our products, such as resistor kits, capacitor kits, inductor kits, laser drivers, TEC controllers, LED drivers, lighting systems, etc.

  77. Analox Sensor Technology

    Analox Sensor Technology was founded in 1981 and provides niche and custom gas detection solutions for several industries including beverage and hospitality, commercial diving, laboratories, medical environments and agriculture. Analox Sensor Technology is now recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers, with 350 years of collective, specialist mechanical, electronics and software engineering expertise. Focusing on air gases including carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen, as well as other gases including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and helium; we provide a wide range of fixed and portable gas monitors as well as OEM sensors and bespoke solutions. Analox Sensor Technology have offices in Stokesley, England, and Huntington Beach, California and also a strong worldwide network of distributors.


    Equipment for the measuring of gas (in the environment and at the emission) Continuously and intermittently at ground level (equipment for the measuring of gas) At source (equipment for the measuring of gas) Measurement of VOC Explosivity measurement

  79. Analyser Instrument Company Private Limited

    Welcome to AIC, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality and competitively priced, state of the art technology in Gas and Water Analysis systems. We bring to you the best and latest in analysis systems, collaborating with AGC Instruments, Ecotech, Fuji Electric Japan, IC Controls Canada & Bieler Lang Germany. We, hereby, welcome you to our website and encourage you to share with us your valuable feedback and product enquiries.

  80. Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd.

    Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd. (ASTL) was formed in 1998 as part of the Norsk Analyse AS group of companies. At inception, ASTL had three employees, one of which was the Managing Director, Mr. Indar Boodoo. At this time, a major project was obtained for the maintenance of process analysers at a prominent local chemical processing plant in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. Throughout the years, Analyser Services Trinidad Ltd. has expanded beyond process analysers into Gas Detection Systems, Sand Detection, Corrosion/Erosion Monitors, Calibration Gases, Environmental Monitoring, Instrumentation and Spare Parts. ASTL provides the industry with turn-key solutions, i.e. product acquisition, installation and commissioning, training, preventative maintenance and any other technical support that is required. Our qualified staff of eighteen employees is eager to assist you in finding solutions.

  81. Analytic Instruments

    We are an ISO 9001:2008 professionally managed organization, engaged in engineering activities. We have more than three decades of experience in design and manufacturing of water and wastewater treatment equipments. We have served almost all big organizations in India, including the WHO. We are passionately concerned about environmental issues and are committed to serve Mother Nature. Simple Controls has evolved expertise in the field of supplying chemical process equipments, water testing equipment, haze Meter, Manganese Photometer, Multi Parameter Meters, pH Tester and so on manufactured by Hanna Instruments (USA), who are the world leader in analytic instrumentation and has developed over 3000 high quality products.

  82. Analytic Systems Ware LTD

    Analytic Systems is an innovative Canadian manufacturer of power conversion products. We designed our first Switchmode DC-DC Voltage Converter in 1976 and today we design and build a complete range of products including Battery Chargers, Voltage Converters, Inverters, Power Supplies, Frequency Converters and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. All of our products are manufactured in our own ISO9001/AS9100 certified state of the art facilities located near Vancouver, BC, Canada that include the latest automated Surface Mount Technology, CNC conformal coating and transformer manufacturing. In a separate facility, we CNC machine billet enclosures, extruded enclosures and heat sinks from aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and titanium. All of our facilities are Controlled Goods Directorate certified for security.

  83. Analytical and Environmental Testing, Inc. (A & E Testing, Inc.)

    Analytical and Environmental Testing, Inc. (A & E Testing, Inc.) is an independent, full-service laboratory and consulting service which specializes in environmental and chemical analysis. The corporation was established in 1979 to offer to business and industry an opportunity for prompt, accurate, cost-effective solutions to analytical problems. The laboratories contain state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation to provide a wide spectrum of testing and analytical capabilities. A & E Testing maintains laboratories service centers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mobile, Alabama, and Bryan/College Station, Texas. Multiple facilities allow better customer service in the greater Gulf Coast area and throughout the entire United States.

  84. Analytical Consulting Group, Inc.

    Analytical Consulting Group, Inc. is a full service environmental consulting firm based in Ventura, California. We are a professional practice that provides environmental and occupational health problem-solving services to business and municipal clients. Michael Tiffany, President, has over 20 years of experience in industrial hygiene, environmental sampling, analysis, and remediation. Mr. Tiffany holds professional registrations including Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Professional Geologist (PG), and Registered Environmental Assessor (REA).Our multidisciplinary background and our close proximity to our Southern California clientele ensures personalized, prompt, and cost-effective service. Familiarity with local conditions is part of our competitive advantage over larger firms.

  85. Analytical Control Engineering

    Analytical Control Pty Ltd is a New South Wales Registered Company trading Australia wide. Founded in 1988 by former employees of a major Australian process instrumentation company, Analytical Control sought to specialise in analytical products and systems, primarily servicing the Oil and Gas markets. The ability to provide full after sales support in areas of start-up, field service and training has been a key factor in becoming a preferred supplier to many major companies in the oil and gas sector.

  86. Analytical Control Instruments GmbH (ACI)

    ACI GmbH works in the development and production of laboratory- and field-monitoring equipment for the analysis and monitoring of inorganic and organic air pollutants and water pollutants. The advanced innovation of our technologies relies on the introduction of new physical measurement principles and is also thanks to the use of other advanced technologies incorporated into our systems through international technology transfer.

  87. Analytical Environmental Services, Inc. (AES)

    Analytical Environmental Services, Inc. (AES) is to provide the highest quality NELAC accredited environmental testing services. As a independent woman owned company, AES is accredited and certified by several state and federal agencies. This allows AES to offer a wide range of environmental laboratory services which include: water, soil and hazardous waste, mold and asbestos.AES also provides services to client projects located in Puerto Rico, Asia and South America.

  88. Analytical Instrument GmbH

    AIG offers you robot/hardware/software solutions for complex laboratory automation systems. Customized systems, System integrations, Device development & design, Automation Software, Hardware adaptions, Implementation of different kinds of readers, Hard-/Software modifications in robot adapted systems, Software tools for secure robot operation.

  89. Analytical Instruments (Pvt) Ltd.

    Established in 1989, Analytical Instruments (AI) has been in the forefront of supplying latest technologies and products to diverse markets in the Medical, Analytical and Agriculture sectors in Sri Lanka, reliably and efficiently. With over 20 years experience we have pioneered many innovative technology transfers to Sri Lanka. We supply quality branded products which include medical diagnostic products and reagents, high technology analytical equipment and instrumentation, animal husbandry products, general laboratory products, consumables and chemicals throughout Sri Lanka through our strong network of regional sales personnel. Our warehouse is stocked with many of the 2,000, items we offer the medical, scientific, agriculture and industrial markets.

  90. Analytical Laboratory Services, Inc.

    Analytical Laboratory Services, Inc. (ALSI) is principally located in Middletown, Pennsylvania with other office locations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Harleysville, Pennsylvania. ALSI has the capacity, facilities and instrumentation to analyze a variety of matrices including drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, sludge, solid waste, air and soil gas. Analytical services provided by ALSI are designed to meet the requirements of federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

  91. Analytical Measurement Calibration and Safety Ltd. (AMCS)

    AMCS are Total Analytical Specialists, helping your business monitor quality, processes and emissions at all times. As the sole UK distributors for a range of world-leading process analysis products, we can act as your one stop shop for all your analytical needs. Clients around the world count on us for a dedicated, onsite service to install, commission and maintain process analysis equipment. Our qualified engineers visit power stations, gas processing plants and oil refineries, both onshore and offshore, to supervise installation and commission new equipment.

  92. Analytical Reference Laboratory (WA) Pty Ltd

    Analytical Reference Laboratory, ARL (WA) is one of Western Australia’s leading specialist environmental laboratory analysis service providers. ARL offers a comprehensive portfolio of over 300 quality assured analytical methods for assessing the safety, identity, composition, level of contamination, product quality and purity of waters, wastewaters, soils and gases and other materials. ARL is an independent, wholly Western Australian privately owned and operated specialist laboratory that has been in operation since 1987. We perform over 40 000 individual tests each year, for clients located throughout Western Australia and Asia.

  93. Analytical Resources, Inc.

    Analytical Resources, Inc. (ARI), a Washington corporation, was founded in March, 1985 by four principals combining sixty years experience in environmental chemistry. The firm has grown to a total staff of 45 people, including 40 scientists with bachelors degrees or higher. ARI`s corporate vision is focused in three main areas: technological innovation, data quality, and client service. We currently provide analytical services for regional, national, and international clients. ARI holds long-term contracts to provide analyses for the EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP).

  94. Analytical Sales And Services Inc.

    Analytical Sales and Services was founded in March 1988 (PittCon is our anniversary). Over the years we’ve built our reputation as a caring, value-added, technical support company. At Analytical Sales and Services, we apply intelligence to helping you make your analysis more valuable. We invent, manufacture and supply a vast array of products tailored to chromatography applications. Therefore, our intellectual property can help yours. We know it’s important to you to be able to discuss new products, ideas, and ways to improve support after the sale.

  95. Analytical Sciences Laboratory (ASL)

    The University of Idaho Analytical Sciences Laboratory (ASL) is a full service laboratory that operates within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Our staff of scientists, technicians, and support personnel is committed to providing the highest quality analytical and research services. ASL directs its services and research support to universities, government agencies and contractors, non-profit organizations, the clinical veterinary community, and agricultural producers. As a supporter of private commercial laboratories, ASL encourages commercial clients to contact a local independent testing laboratory.

  96. Analytical Sensors & Instruments, Ltd. (ASI)

    Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd. provides innovative, high quality electrochemical sensors to users and OEM customers worldwide. The ASI team can provide you with unlimited designs for measurement in a wide variety of applications including medical, environmental monitoring, process monitoring and control, education, recreational water purity monitoring and others. For users, ASI stocks a variety of popular models of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ion selective electrodes. In addition, ASI engineers and sales professionals can design custom solutions to satisfy even the most complex and challenging projects.

  97. Analytical Services, Inc

    Analytical Services, Inc. (ASI) is a full service environmental microbiology laboratory located in Williston, VT. Incorporated in 1993, our primary business is serving the public water supply industry with testing, research and consulting services related to microbiology. ASI is engaged in water supply projects involving source water (LT2 compliance monitoring, watershed assessment/pathogen surveys, fecal contamination source tracking, groundwater monitoring, etc.) to distribution system issues (coliform positive investigations and biofilm/regrowth studies, nuisance organisms, Legionella detection / legionellosis risk assessment and microbial identification).

  98. Analytical Solutions and Provider, LLC - (ASAP)

    Analytical Solutions and Providers (ASAP) is a Manufacturer, Service Provider, and Distributor of analytical solutions. ASAP manufactures the Infrared Detector (IRD), which combines the separating power of the GC with the molecular identification of the FTIR. ASAP manufactures the Titan™, the next generation in GC inlet technology for split, splitless, and large volume injections in a single inlet. ASAP provides service and maintenance solutions to help you optimize instrument performance. ASAP Analytical provides GSA pricing, rentals & leasing on all ASAP products.

  99. Analytical Solutions Australia (ASA)

    Analytical Solutions Australia (ASA) supply and service scientific Instrumentation throughout the Oceanica area. Innovation : To provide unique instruments with performances that are leaders in their application. An essential part of this success has been suppliers that continually update their instruments to maintain their leading edge. Quality: All suppliers have a history of consistent high quality product with manufacturing facilities having rigorous final test procedures.

  100. Analytical Specialties, Inc.

    Analytical Specialties Inc. has been in the distribution business of supplying analytical laboratory supplies as the successor company to The Anspec Company, Inc. Saran Gas Sampling bags have been made for over 30 years as a cost effective alternative to the other sampling bag films. We added several other films to provide a complete sampling bag choice for our customers. In addition to manufacturing standard size bags we specialize in making custom designed bags for your specific needs. All of our sampling bags are made individually & tested to ensure leak free sampling bags. Analytical Specialties offers more fitting choices than other sampling bag suppliers. We offer specially developed patented on-off septum fitting manufactured in Kynar and Polypropylene, our stainless steel on-off zero headspace fitting and our flush mount 800 series fitting. In addition we offer any fitting readily purchased in the marketplace, such as, Halkey Roberts on-off, Jaco Union & Teflon septum fittings.

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