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  1. AmeriFlow Recycling Inc.

    AmeriFlow Recycling Inc provides Worldwide distribution of Recovered Materials. We export waste paper, plastic and aluminum products. AmeriFlow Recycling can meet all of your shipping and storage requirements and manage both loose and baled materials through our Worldwide subcontractors. Their warehouses can manage the baling of loose materials or receive your fiber or plastic pre-baled. AmeriFlow`s brokerage services will ensure stability for your secondary fibers through its long term relationships with large brokers, mills and end users throughout the world. Our reputation for providing the highest quality product translates into strong partnerships with both our suppliers and customers and creates a ready market for your recyclable material


    AMERIGO introduces as one of the leading exporters of pumping equipments, Spares & Accessories. We supply various pumping equipments such as Dosing Metering Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Dosing Skids(Packages), Safety Valves, Hydraulic Regulators, Flow Meters, Flanges, Pipes & fittings, Dampners & many more industrial products. Our products are generally used in applications such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Chemical Industries, Power Generations, Food Industries, Water Treatment Plants & in many more industries. Our equipments are exported to many countries such as U.A.E., Egypt, Bangladesh, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kuwait & across the globe.We, deliver various pumping equipments of well-known brands such as LEWA, Milton Roy, Swagelok, Krohne, Flowguard & many more. We supply products as per API675, API610 & other international standards.

  3. Ameri-Kan (AmeriKan)

    Since its founding in the mid 1970’s the company has continued with the same determination to provide quality products and service. Manufacturing has been consolidated at our modern plant in Warsaw, Indiana serving our customers across North America. Corporate offices and other successful manufacturing facilities are located in Bristol, Indiana. As active members in Wastec and EIA, AMERI-KAN leadership personnel have been directly involved in the creation of industry safety and compatibility standards since 1975. We have been nationally recognized for our voluntary leadership service to the waste industry. Our on-going commitment is assurance to you of container safety, compatibility and dependability.

  4. Ameri-Kart Waste Handling

    Ameri-Kart Waste Handling is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of carts and other containers for residential and commercial waste collection, as well as industrial waste and material handling. Our injection, rotational and blow-molded carts meet the needs of waste handling and industrial applications throughout the U.S., and are manufactured to strict quality standards in ISO 9001:2008 and QS 9000 certified facilities.

  5. Ameri-Kart, a Myers Industries company

    Ameri-Kart – A Leading Rotational and Thermoformed Molded Products Manufacturer For over 25 years, Ameri-Kart has specialized as a molded product manufacturer. Ameri-Kart was founded in 1989 by current president Eric Gottuso, First Sterling Ventures and Kansas Public Retirement System (KPRS). In 1995, Ameri-Kart was acquired by Myers Industries, Inc., a diversified polymer manufacturer and distributor of tire repair and retread products. Over the last 20 years, Ameri-Kart has expanded to become one of the leading rotational molders serving the RV, Marine and Custom Products markets in the United States.

  6. AmeriMex Motor & Controls LLC.

    AmeriMex Motor & Controls, LLC. is located in Houston, Texas, and specializes in new and remanufactured AC and DC motors and controls for drilling, dredging, petrochemical, cement, plastic, steel and general industry. Our equipment is designed to meet the power needs of any industry. We also maintain a large stock of replacement parts and accessories to keep your existing electric equipment running. The combination of motors and controls supplied by AmeriMex provides total system responsibility for our customers. If a problem should occur, one phone call will get instant response 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our 140,000 square-foot facility houses a complete machine shop, welding shop, and sheet metal shop. AmeriMex also has the largest load test facility in the U.S., capable of full-load testing vertically and horizontally mounted motors up to 6000 horsepower and no load testing capabilities up to 10,000 horsepower.

  7. Ameripumps Manufacturing

    AmeriPumps offers a wide range of portable industrial grade water pumps available in the Americas. With pumps ranging from 4 inches to 16 inches and powered by CAT engines, AmeriPumps has the pump set to fit your needs. AmeriPumps became the manufacturing arm of Sykes water pumps for the Western Hemisphere in 2001. Sykes has provided people around the world with reliable and powerful portable pumps since 1857. From continent to continent, Sykes’ pumps have proven to be the industry standard in the field, moving clean water, sewage, sludge, and slurry – in short whatever the site demands. Sykes is able to achieve such results because the Sykes pump is the only pump that operates equally well on sewer bypass, well point and straight dewatering applications. Sykes patented vacuum pressure seal, Univac priming system, and back flush systems make the Sykes pump the most versatile unit in the world. It is truly one pump for all needs.

  8. Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services (ACSS)

    Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services (ACSS) has built a reputation over the years for providing quality safety consulting services for clients in almost every industry. Our clients know that whatever their safety needs may be, Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services is the resource that can provide them with the knowledge and expertise to support safety improvements. Our capabilities are unique because of our versatility and industry experience that has become a trademark of Amerisafe Consulting and Safety Services.

  9. AmeriSci Group

    The AmeriSci Group provides full-service environmental and industrial hygiene testing for asbestos, lead, mold and other chemical and biological contaminants of interest. AmeriSci is a group of service-oriented laboratories specializing in asbestos, microbial, and environmental testing. Our founding principle was to provide the best customer service to the laboratory industry while emphasizing quality, responsiveness, and competitive pricing. Maintaining this principle, we now operate four locations nationwide that support each other by providing an internal support network for various inter-company needs including production, technical insight, and quality assurance programs.

  10. Ameri-Shred Corp.

    For twenty five year, Ameri-Shred has been a leading manufacturer of rugged, high quality shredders and auxiliary equipment. Industries served include document destruction, e-destruction, wood, plastics, product destruction as well as waste reduction and separation. Ameri-Shred also offers extensive engineering capabilities, and a service department second to none.

  11. Amerisolar

    Amerisolar, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Co., Ltd, is a professional solar module manufacturer with a 16-year experience in production and quality control, and we are also a provider of technical services for solar power plant (on-grid and off-grid), including design, installation and maintenance, for customers all over the world.

  12. Ameritrol Inc.

    Ameritrol Inc. manufactures highly reliable electronic flow switches, level switches and temperature switches for the industrial process control industry. These flow sensors can be used in virtually all liquids, gases, and slurries. The liquid level switch can be used to detect wet/dry conditions as well as liquid to liquid interfaces. The temperature switches offer an extremely accurate and repeatable device by using a platinum RTD for temperature sensing. These all electronic devices offer reliable operation even at extremely high temperatures and pressures. They are used in critical applications and hazardous locations. Sensor options include exotic alloys, remote mounting, retractable probes, flanged process connections, 10,000 PSIG service, and temperatures to 900F. A very large inventory allows us to offer same day shipping on hundreds of different configurations. Ameritrol manufactures its products in Vista CA and we sell our products direct throughout the world.

  13. Ameriwaste Environmental Services Inc.

    Offering customized environmental management services, Ameriwaste Environmental and our affiliate AWE Environmental Transport, LLC are uniquely qualified to completely handle all of your waste disposal requirements in the safest, most economical and expedient manner.

  14. Ameron Protective Lining Products - National Oilwell Varco

    In 1947 Ameron introduced T-Lock, a T-ribbed poly-vinyl chloride sheet lining material designed specifically to protect new concrete sewer pipe, structures and monolithic tunnels against the ravages of hydrogen sulfide gas/ sulfuric acid attack and other forms of corrosion. Now, more than fifty years later with millions of square feet of the material installed, we are proud to report that T-Lock has never failed because of corrosion. That`s why we measure T-Lock service and savings in decades, not just years!

  15. AmerTech, Inc.

    AmerTech, Inc. was established in 1979 by Anthony G. Gaeta after sixteen successful years at Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation. AmerTech, Inc.’s primary focus at the time was on servicing the New York territory. Since then, ATI has grown and progressed from a one-man company, to a multi-person multi-talented representative firm with offices near major cities New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Akron, Columbus.

  16. Ames Construction

    Ames Construction has delivered quality construction services to our customers. Working primarily as an earthwork contractor at the time of our founding, Ames Construction was incorporated in Minnesota in 1963. Since that time, the company has grown to a full-service, heavy civil and industrial general contractor. While maintaining corporate offices in Minnesota, Ames Construction now services many areas of the country from regional offices in several Western and Midwestern states.

  17. Ames d.o.o.

    AMES is an associated member of the Ljubljana Technology Park (former technology park of the Jožef Stefan Institute). Until 1993, the group that now forms AMES was a laboratory and later a department of the Jožef Stefan Institute. AMES produces meteorological sensors (digital wind sensors, ombrometers, temperature sensors), instruments (several types of anemometers), microprocessor controlled measuring stations and complex computerized environmental monitoring networks. AMES also develops and produces radiological measuring probes, instruments and early warning systems. There are currently over a hundred automatic measuring stations operating in Slovenia and abroad, as well as 5 airport meteorological systems and a number of environmental measuring networks.

  18. Ames Fire & Waterworks

    Since 1910 Ames Fire & Waterworks has been a leader in the manufacture of valves and fittings for all types of pipeline systems. Ames products serve the fire protection, irrigation and waterworks markets and have a reputation of excellence in the industry. Ames production process promotes consistent quality control and prompt customer service. If excellence matters to you, then specify Ames.

  19. AMETEK

    AMETEK is a leading global manufacturer of electric motors and electronic instruments. Pressure transducers and transmitters. Level measurement instruments and systems.

  20. AMETEK- Drexelbrook

    AMETEK Drexelbrook is known throughout the world as a leader in level measurement technology. We`ve earned our reputation for excellence from over five decades of experience in providing level solutions to virtually every industry including chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, water and wastewater, food, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining, automotive, and many others. Our prestigious position stems from a unique combination of application expertise, innovative product design, and breadth of technology offerings. Drexelbrook pioneered, and continues to advance, RF admittance level instrumentation. Today, we also offer superior ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, hydrostatic, radar, and TDR instrumentation. This comprehensive product offering enables us to provide our customers with the best level or open channel flow measurement solution for any application...from the most basic to the most complex.

  21. AMETEK Land

    AMETEK Land (Land Instruments International) - Supporting the global industrial community for over 60 years with innovative and reliable products and solutions. AMETEK LAND are specialists in the design and manufacture of monitors and analysers for industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions. AMETEK Land (Land Instruments International) is the world leader in the design and application of infrared temperature measurement for industry. AMETEK Land is known as both innovators and manufacturers of high quality precision radiation thermometers and thermometer systems; AMETEK Land`s position is unrivalled with over 60 years experience in temperature measurement. Land products are used extensively in applications as diverse as steel, glass, electronics, mineral processing, power generation, utility and aircraft gas turbines, and a wide range of other industries.

  22. Ametek Process Instruments - THERMOX

    AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation. A Business Unit of the Process & Analytical Instruments division of AMETEK, Inc., we are part of a global corporation with over $3.5 billion (USD) in annual revenue. Our engineering and manufacturing activities take place in several North American facilities. We have direct sales and service offices scattered around the globe, as well as a wide network of factory-trained manufacturer’s representatives, distributors, and service technicians.

  23. AMETEK Scientific Instruments / Solartron Analytical

    AMETEK Scientific Instruments is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and support of instrumentation for both the electrochemical and materials communities. Comprised of Princeton Applied Research, Solartron Analyitcal, and Signal Recovery, AMETEK Scientific Instruments delivers solutions to meet performance and price requirements. Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical continue to innovate in both DC and AC measurements to the benefit of users studying energy devices, physical electrochemistry, corrosion, and solid-state materials. Fueled by 110 years of instrumentation development, our product portfolio proudly generates the most-cited research in the world.

  24. AMETEK Solidstate Controls

    The purpose of our business is to provide continuity of electrical power to keep businesses in business. We do this by helping clients solve their power problems and by creating the most economical long term results. Industrial Process and Power Generation Market Focus AMETEK Solidstate Controls (Solidstate ) was established in 1962. We are focused on serving only industrial process and power generating clients and have more than 35,000 systems installed throughout the world, including more than 85 Nuclear Power plants worldwide.

  25. A-Metrics LLC

    A-Metrics was created to make this patented, platform technology available worldwide to companies and institutions interested in licensing, purchasing or entering joint ventures. The technology began when five well-respected scientists constructed a number of prototypes for an electro-mechanical device that detects minute changes of pressure in sealed objects in space. An extensive testing program proved their theories in 2001, which led to the original patent filing. In February of 2005 A-Metrics, LLC was formally established in the United States of America. In August of the same year, a US patent for this technology was granted. Further patents in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim have been granted, with others pending.

  26. AMEX GmbH

    For more than 30 years, Amex develops rehabilitation and sealing systems for pipelines, globally accepted, proven and reliable. We renovate pipe connections and repair defects in accessible pipes for all possible media, such as potable water, raw water, gas, sewage, industrial media and cooling water.

  27. Amey plc

    Amey is one of the largest and most diverse companies working for the public and regulated sectors in the UK, with the ultimate aim of creating better places for people to live, work and travel. Amey is owned by Ferrovial. They are one of the world’s leading infrastructure management and investment companies. Ferrovial employs approximately 65,000 employees and operates in over 25 countries. Ferrovial’s activities focus on four business sectors construction, airports, toll roads and services. Amey is part of the Services division.

  28. AMG Bioenergy Group

    AMG Bioenergy Resources Group is a global player in the production of bioenergy resources which are clean, renewable and sustainable. AMG Bioenergy Resources Group intends to become the largest private producer of biodiesel in People’s Republic of China within the next 3 years.

  29. AMG S.r.l.

    Filters for liquids Filters for swimming pools Pressure filters Water filters Water treatment Water treatment by electrostatic field

  30. Ami Adini & Associates, Inc.

    Ami Adini & Associates has provided the top environmental consulting and underground/above ground storage tank services in California since 1987. We specialize in environmental site assessments and remediation and the design and construction of petroleum and chemical UST facilities. Since our inception, we have completed thousands of Phase I and II ESA’s and performed extensive remediation on industrial, commercial and residential properties in the public and private sectors. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled service and results in the most time and cost effective means possible. We understand the need to keep your company operational at all times, and as such our workflow is designed to work around your business. AA&A’s core team of engineers, licensed contractors, and expansive affiliation with a large number of veteran environmental professionals allows us to perform our duties efficiently with minimal impact on your facilities.

  31. AMI Attachments Inc

    AMI Attachments is an industry leading North American manufacturer of quality, reliable attachments for excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders and other heavy construction equipment. With a head office and manufacturing facility in Ontario, west of Toronto in the Region of Waterloo, AMI Attachments serves the heavy equipment attachment market across Canada and the United States.

  32. AMI Corporation

    Thanks from my heart to all you customers for visiting the website of AMI Corporation, a front runner enterprise in Fisheries/Aquaculture Equipment industry. AMI Corporation is doing our best to keep the highest level in this industry with its heartful endeavor to ensure the best product quality and to provide our customers the most convenience. We promise you with our best effort to lead a new culture of Fisheries/Aquaculture Equipments in the 21st Century so may we ask many of your advice advise and admonishment as well as encouragement for improvement as necessary from our customers ? We also promise not to disappoint your expectations as a professional manufacturer of Fisheries/Aquaculture Equipments, ensuring you that we will pursuit the best level of our customer`s satisfaction as the front runner in this industry.

  33. AMi Designs

    AMi Designs design, supply and install bespoke light weight GRP covers to address odour and health and safety issues associated with open tanks. AMi Designs stand as the the UK`s leading GRP cover designer and hold a number of prestigious titles under our belt including some of Europes largest rotating GRP covers at 34m dia. We are based in Bristol, England, but have capabilities to offer GRP cover solutions across most of Europe.

  34. AMI Environmental Inc.

    Offering a wide range of environmental and compliance services for asbestos, lead and other facility-based environmental issues. We also offer industrial hygiene consulting sevrices for process hazard analysis and negative exposure assessments. AMI provides the services and solutions needed to make your environmental problems go away.

  35. Amiad Filtration Systems Ltd.

    For over 50 years Amiad has devoted its passion and commitment to developing a comprehensive line of water filtration systems for protecting water applications in the industrial, municipal, irrigation, ballast water, Oil & Gas and domestic use segments. Every Amiad water filtration system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability and is backed by our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service. Our innovative technologies - screen, disc and microfiber - meet the challenges presented by different water sources, outlet requirements and extreme working conditions. Our solutions process millions of cubic meters of water every month, delivering clean water all year round and all over the world.

  36. Amiad Water Systems UK Ltd

    For over 30 years our Industrial Purification Systems have provided premier filtration expertise in the field of industrial and commercial water filtration. Our broad product range of filters, including sand filters and media filters enables us to offer equipment solutions that are not only the best technically, but also commercially and environmentally acceptable. Our success can be seen by the many industries represented in our client list, and the varied premier filtration solutions that have been applied world-wide across all business sectors including commercial, industrial, manufacturing and municipal water systems.

  37. Amiantit Europe

    Amiantit Europe is the European division of the Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company SAAC and it coordinates all manufacturing and sales activities of Amiantit in Europe. A multicultural management team with a shared vision guarantees best support and customers are serviced by many local sales and manufacturing organisations within Europe. Based on extended expertise, Amiantit Europe offers optimized GRP pipe systems for many different applications. Depending on customers` requirements, three European manufacturing sites in Germany, Poland and Spain supply Flowtite GRP (Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester) pipes up to 4,000 mm and also other GRP piping solutions to many industries and countries.

  38. Amianto

    We are providers of quality software for the asbestos industry. With years of experience in both the software and asbestos industries we offer solutions for asbestos removal companies, surveying companies and those involved with asbestos management (including building managers who have the responsibility to manage asbestos in their buildings).

  39. Amiantus Environmental Consultants

    Amiantus (ASBESTOS) and its team of independent, specialist surveyors are the perfect solution to assist you with your ‘ Duty to Manage Asbestos in the Building’.<br><br>With offices based in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Yorkshire and Kent, Amiantus can provide accredited surveyors for all asbestos survey types. All our Surveys and sampling techniques for suspect Asbestos Containing Materials are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive guidance document ‘MDHS 100’. All samples obtained are sent to an independent, UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.<br><br>On completion, your survey will include a bound, full colour report which, can be used as a site register for Asbestos Containing Materials and will form the basis for your ‘duty to manage asbestos’ in compliance with the new regulations.<br><br>We can assist you with your Risk Assessment and Management of Asbestos Containing Materials found throughout your site.


    AMIDA CO LTD, is a distributor for international market of new patented technology and equipment KUNISTAR for Eco Friendly Treatment Process of any organic wastes. Using water under high pressure/temperature conditions as a solvent,hydrolysis treatment of organic substances does not generate dioxin or NOX , compared with incineration,dehydration, etc. Low Running Cost / Produce Organic Fertilizers in very short time / Treated Feedstock: Livestock manure / Food waste / Agricultural waste / Fish processing waste / Wood processing waste / Industrial waste (sewage cakes and sludge) / Medical Waste

  41. Amigo Truck & Equipment LLC

    Amigo Truck builds and refurbishes the strongest Roll off Trucks you can buy. Every truck is custom streteched, double framed with precise drivetrain overhauls, using only the most reliable Galbreath Hoists. Categories: leasing, rental vehicles, used equipment, refuse and recycling equipment, general/multiple/miscellaneous, truck chassis, truck equipment.

  42. AMIS Maschinen Vertriebs GmbH

    AMIS has constantly more than 200 used machines of all current manufacturers as for example Condux, Dreher, Herbold, Pallmann, Rapid, Weima as well as new machines of ZERMA on stock. AMIS is specialized in offering technical solutions for the size reduction of plastics and other materials. Whether new or used machine: To us it is important that you have the choice. Therefore, our assortment encloses machine models of all current manufacturers. With highly competitive machines, detailed consultation, to individual draughts and a quick spare part and servicing service our employees invest all strength to fulfill the respective requirements every day. Enterprises of the plastic-processing industry, count to the established clientele of the AMIS wooden processing, the chemical ones and the food industry. With our wide net of sales partners, an internationally experienced inside service and a quick system of delivery we deliver to distributors within short time, worldwide.

  43. AMISCO S.p.a.

    Amisco is a family company specializing in the design, development and production of encapsulated electric coils and complete solenoids for solenoid operated valves,and pneumatic pilot valves for industrial pneumatics. Amisco currently employs about 120 workers at the Paderno Dugnano headquarters, along with another 280 at the subsidiaries Sali Abele srl, Amisco China, Sacem srl, and Amisco Est sro. Amisco has been one of the first to be certified ISO 9000 in Italy in the early 90`s and it is still focused on Quality and a continuous improvement through a serious, long-term training program in the areas of Total Quality and Lean Production,which involves all Amisco personnel, at every level. Amisco is an in Italian manufacturer, but it has always decisively targeted international markets, achieving excellent performances. Today Amisco sells its products in more than 30 countries in the world.

  44. Amisy Fish Feed Machinery

    Amisy is one of the well known manufacturers and exporters of Fish Feed Machines and Turnkey Fish Food Production Lines. We have kept the leading position in feed pelletizing industry with. unremitting innovation and improvement, striving for unfailing reliability in all aspects of our business in product, delivery, service and support.

  45. Amisy Machinery

    Amisy Machinery Co., Ltd has been specialized in manufacturing various of fruit vegetable processing machinery for over 10 years. Occupying the obvious superiority of cheap labor and gathering 150 members of experienced R&D elites ensure that we always provide the high quality products with best prices. Leading by core enterprise spirit of quality superiority, service perfection and ever-resting innovation, Amisy Machinery is reputed to be the most reliable vegetable fruit processing machinery supplier and exporter in the world market. Quality We believe high quality means increased sustainability and reduced materials waste. To be a responsible manufacturer is part of our version. Delivery Well supported by a spacious warehouse of machines and ancillary equipment, Amisy Machinery ensure timely delivery of every order to wherever you point.

  46. Amisy Metal Recycling Machinery

    Amisy metal recycling machines -- will be the pride and profit for your business! At affordable price, you will soon make remarkable profits from your plastic and wire recyclables. Our machines are easy to operate and safe to work at your yard for a long time. They are easy to maintain and if you should ever experience problems within the first year of your purchase, feel free to contact us! We provide one year warranty ! AMS Metal Recycling Machines Outstanding Features ★ Heavy-duty and streamline design; ★ High automation and energy saving; ★ The granulators can not only process copper wire but also aluminum wire; ★ The strippers can not only strip off plastics, rubber but also steel and aluminum. Metal Recycling Machines We have We provide you six different series of metal recycling machines, including wire granulator, AC radiator recycling machine, scrap baling press, metal crusher, wire striping machine, alligator shearing machine,etc.

  47. Amisy Pellet Machinery

    Amisy Pellet Machinery is specialized in the production of wood pellet machines and feed pellet machines up to Certified European (CE) specifications. It integrates technology, manufacturing and sales together. Owning a professional team with specialized theoretical and practical background, we can offer full scale service to our customers by developing projects from blueprint, customized solution, machinery production to installation and commission of complete biomass or feed pellet plants.

  48. Amitec Ltd.

    Amitec Ltd. is one of the leading firms in the Israeli information systems market. The company has developed an advanced monitoring and control system for agriculture , industry , security and renewable energy applications.

  49. Amitek Manufacturing and Distribution

    AMITEK was established in 1994 with the specific objective of treating water and waste water to internationally accepted standards. Amitek has supplied and installed more than 100 treatment plants in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Amitek designs, manufactures, installs, commissions and maintains modular water treatment and sewage treatment plants for projects that do not have a formal municipal service connections. Amitek is not bound by any single technology and uses technologies selected to suit the specific requirements of the project.

  50. Amity Technology

    Amity Technology was founded in 1996 by Howard and Brian Dahl. Previous to Amity, they had led Concord, Inc. for many years. Case Corporation acquired Concord in 1996, they kept the WIC Sugar Beet Equipment line and formed Amity Technology. Amity Technology provides products on the leading edge of agricultural technology - all to help producers cut costs and increase yields. Besides its long history in developing proven air seeding equipment, Amity also manufactures a superior line of sugar beet equipment. The company also manufactures and distributes soil sampling equipment, plus provides crop management tools to boost farmers` fertility, soil management, seeding and other practices. Amity products are distributed throughout the world, with the company`s research, development, manufacturing and headquarters in Fargo, N.D.

  51. Amix Salvage & Sales Ltd.

    Amix Recycling has been in the salvage industry for over 30 years and is the largest scrap metal recycler in British Columbia. Amix owns and operates barges, tugs (through related companies) and an inventory of specialized scrap handling equipment. This allows us to manipulate and move thousands of tons of material quickly and efficiently by truck, rail and sea. Amix`s salvaging expertise and resources provide a valuable service to communities throughout British Columbia. The Surrey facility collects, sorts, and processes scrap metal for recycling and resale as well as provides other services for the salvage industry.

  52. amixon GmbH

    Today amixon sets the trend in the development and construction of processing equipment for the processing industry. The construction of sterile equipment which fulfils high, even the highest, requirements in terms of hygiene is a key area. In this context there are innovative mixing devices and discharge processes for complete discharge available.The product range includes powder mixers, paste mixers, vacuum dryers, reactors, cone mixers, single-shaft mixers, twin-shaft mixers, vacuum mixers and container mixers. In recent years continual innovation has enabled amixon® to make marked improvements in productivity and the standard of hygiene of this processing equipment. Many detailed solutions are protected by patent.In order to market our products worldwide, the amixon brand was launched and legally protected worldwide in 2003. The reason for choosing this name were the difficulties that many East Asian customers had with pronounce the name Ruberg.

  53. AMJ Engineered Solutions

    We are a manufacturer`s representative with 25 years of experience providing reliable, cost-effective solutions for all your instrumentation requirements.

  54. Amkodor

    Today Amkodor holding is one of the leading companies for the production of special type of machinery in the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries. The company annually produces more than 5000 units of a high technical level. The Amkodor holding constantly expanding the range of its manufacturing equipment. It comprises of more than 80 models and modifications of various purpose. In the production line of the company are effective road construction, utility, snow removal, agricultural, timber, airfield cleaning, peat industry and other types of machinery and equipment. They are distinguished by high level of technical perfomance and the production is certified to international standards - STB ISO 9001-2009 and DIN EN ISO 9001-2008. Our machines are operated in over 30 countries worldwide.

  55. AMK-SOLAC Systems AG

    We are a swiss company, using quality, innovation and sustainable thinking to develop solutions which save our energy resources and a long lasting positive effect on our environment. As pioneers in vacuum tube technology we distinguish ourselves by more than 20 years experience in research, development and distribution. AMK SOLAC Systems AG distributes the brand internationally. In Switzerland AMK SOLAC Systems AG is market leader with a share of 70% in vacuum tube collectors. In more than 20 countries we have distribution partners. The product range starts from the economic universal collectors up to the well known premium collectors of the OPC series. Start of the OPC series. This serie has been constantly improved in the following years and nowadays is one of the most powerfull collectors worldwide.

  56. AML Oceanographic Ltd

    AML Oceanographic (formerly Applied Microsystems) is an innovative manufacturer of Sound Velocity, CTD and Environmental sensors, probes and instruments. Our customers are located in more than 100 countries and include organizations in the fields of hydrography, science and research, and environmental monitoring. Our tagline - Xchange your old ideas - brings to life our commitment to generate fresh, innovative ideas for our industry.


    AMLOK engineering and consultancy pvt. Ltd. Is committed for the existing power companies to expand their possibilities and upgrade to the latest technology for their all round development and growth. We undertake Pre Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Tender preparation works, Bid Analysis, Consultancy - Design & Engineering, Project Management, Inspections etc, Erection - Testing - Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance We are regularly utilizing our strength of world´s leading German based automation technology to Enhance the advancement of nation based power houses

  58. Amlon Resources Group LLC

    Today`s responsible Generator has refocused efforts on the disposition of their industrial byproducts. Although economic factors remain important, the proper and sound environmental handling of byproducts has become the driving force behind a Generator's selection of a Reclamation Partner. Amlon satisfies all criteria. Amlon offers solutions. Our Group has been in existence over 30 years. Headquartered in New York, Amlon maintains other offices and/or agents in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Central Africa, China, Dubai, South Africa, Trinidad, Arkansas USA, Kentucky USA, New Jersey USA, Maryland USA, and Pennsylvania USA. ARG engages in spent catalyst and environmental management, mining, metals, chemicals, processing, production, trading and raw material supply. All materials managed, whether a metal-bearing spent catalyst, scrap, residue or concentrate, are utilized as raw materials for the production of primary products.

  59. Ammatech

    Provides room bio-decontamination service to laboratories and hospitals that requires up to 6-log reduction. Able to provide training and maintenance services on Bioquell HPV generators. Distributors of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour-related consumables.

  60. AMMEX Corp.

    Welcome! AMMEX, headquartered in Kent, Washington is one of North America's leading industrial products wholesalers. We distribute metal cabinets, gloves, ancillary products and auto parts to over 10,000 businesses in the United States from a network of three Distribution Centers. AMMEX provides a wide range of services, from sourcing products in China, to our innovative marketing program. AMMEX is here to support our customers' sales and marketing, we'll help you find it, buy it, and sell it. AMMEX provides both emerging and established companies the ability to outsource production, item assembly, importation and distribution nationwide. AMMEX takes care of all the challenges associated with overseas transactions so you can focus on growing your business. The AMMEX family of companies has been growing for over 20 years, importing and distributing our own product lines. We provide a range of AMMEX merchandise to thousands of customers, including the U.S. Government and Fort

  61. Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd.

    Ammini Solar Pvt. Ltd. began functioning in the year 2002 with the intention of bringing renewable and non-polluting power to homes, businesses and industries all over India and around the world. Today, when the technology is advancing at a fast pace with path-breaking innovations such as photon enhanced thermionic emission (PETE) Ammini is at its forefront with indigenous technology and innovative products. Get to know more on Ammini and its range of hi-end products engineered with futuristic attributes, compatible for a wide range of solar energy applications – domestic, industrial & outdoor. Harnessing and expressing solar energy with optimum efficiency has never been so convenient, varied and state-of-the-art.

  62. Ammongas A/S

    Ammongas has also further developed the acquired skills in air purification and solvent recovery, among others based on Knud Væde Hansen’s lic. Studies on decomposition of hydrogen sulphide and other odoriferous substances in contaminated air. This CO2 separation, “biogas upgrading”, has also shown to combine the industry’s highest efficiency and associated minimal methane losses, together with a very low power consumption. We offer a range of environmental solutions for air/gas purification, odour removal, biogas upgrade and ammonia separation and distillation. If you have an extraordinary purification problem we are happy to provide solutions and consultation.

  63. Ammonit Measurement GmbH

    Ammonit offers high quality measurement equipment for wind and solar resource assessment, wind and solar power plant monitoring (SCADA), power curve measurement, soiling measurement of solar modules and climate research. As a wind energy pioneer, Ammonit has been playing a leading role in the global wind measurement sector since 1989. Our sophisticated data loggers, accurate meteorological sensors, SoDAR and LiDAR devices as well as reliable communication and power supply systems are applied by consultants, power plant operators and research institutes in over 100 countries. In order to monitor measurement campaigns, met mast operators and users of LiDAR and SoDAR devices rely on our efficient online platform AmmonitOR. With 25 years of expertise in the international wind industry, we offer top level measurement systems as well as standard ready to use measurement systems, suitable even for extreme weather conditions and remote areas.

  64. AMMtech srl.

    AMMtech designs and manufactures Damper Valves for the Energy, Petrochemical Depollution, Renewable, Steel and Cement industry. Our company is well esteemed both in Italy and abroad for its competence, quality, service and customized product design. We are reference partners for engineering companies and worldwide plant builders. ISO 9001 certified since 2011, AMMtech offers turnkey solutions in compliance with applicable regulations. Passion is our strength, it gives us a strong impulse to face each situation as a mission. We approach every project as a challenge, abiding by a code of ethics and moral conduct. Our dedicated staff is committed to serving and satisfying our customers needs.

  65. AMNIR

    Amnir is a pioneer and leader in the collection and recycling industry in Israel, handling paper, cardboard, plastic and other materials, and is well placed at the forefront of Israel`s recycling sector. Amnir`s activities help save on the import of raw materials for industry in Israel and reduce the consumption of costly natural resources, reducing the need for the landfilling of waste, while also preventing pollution. Amnir is working to increase the volume of material recycled in Israel and does so by providing a variety of services and solutions for collecting paper, plastic and other materials. Amnir also collects paper for shredding and provides data security services.

  66. AMOCO Group Chengdu Company

    AMOCO was founded in 1982 in Singapore. In 1992, AMOO came into China, with the establishment of Branch Company in Chengdu, Suzhou, Xuzhou, Kunming, and Guangzhou., the company started to design, manufacture & sell the membrane products and engineering. We are the member of IFAI and industry standard organization commission of “cable & membrane building structure products” authorized by the Ministry of Construction of China, we own diplomatic, skilled and unique experiences for membrane products, certificated by ISO9000. Our technology of membrane biogas holder has reached and exceeded international industry level.

  67. Amoeba

    AMOEBA develops a biological biocide capable of eliminating waterborne bacterial risk (legionella, pseudomonas, listeria, etc.). This entirely natural solution appears to be an alternative to the chemical treatments traditionally used in industry. AMOEBA continues with its regulatory procedures so as to launch a request for provisional MA in the first half of 2016 for all European countries as soon as ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) has validated AMOEBA`s solution for application in air-cooled towers. In a worldwide market of chemical biocides estimated to be worth 21 bn€, AMOEBA is today concentrating on the segment of industrial air-cooled towers (ACT) estimated at 1.7 bn€. Its disruptive technology complies with new regulations in terms of environmental chemical emissions.

  68. Amordad Holdings S.L

    Amordad Holdings is a Spanish company of Danish origin that specializes in the manufacture of Renewable energy products. In 2006, the founders decided to register Amordad Holdings S.L. Madrid and since that date, Amordad Solar has had a rapid and constant growth throughout Spain and Portugal. The mission was (and still is) to focus the company’s activities in the field of renewable energies, in particular of the solar- thermal energy since Amordad Solar had a strong base in this sector and was more likely to penetrate the market in this way. Also bearing in mind that the company already had a stable contact with a wide range of clients who had a necessity for said products.

  69. Amos Pumps (UK) Ltd

    Amos Pumps for water pumps. We have specialised in all types of water pumps and sewage pumps for almost 40 years and have a wealth of experience in this field, we supply pumps for the home, industry, agriculture & horticulture and many more. We can offer control systems to make your system fully automatic that is tailored to your personal requirements.

  70. AMOSCA Limited

    Specialising in Oracle’s Hyperion EPM product suite, AMOSCA is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consultancy providing Financial and Management Reporting solutions to help businesses worldwide manage and achieve their strategic and business performance goals. Our mission is to provide our customers with pragmatic and reliable advice, services and solutions to enable them to maximise their investment in Oracle Hyperion EPM systems. By working in close collaboration with our clients, partners and Oracle, AMOSCA has built an impressive reputation for excellent service and outstanding results. Voted top Hyperion Partner of the Year by the user community for the past four years running, AMOSCA provides a range of Services, Support, Software and Solutions to help clients maximise their investment in the Oracle Hyperion EPM solutions.

  71. Amot

    In 1948 AMOT began operating in Richmond, California USA with the invention of the industrial thermostatic valve developed for the marine industry. Today the AMOT thermostatic valve family is the accepted standard in various industrial applications around the world. Our products and solutions are still breaking new ground in temperature and pressure sensing and control as well as in new areas such as diesel engine safety and condition monitoring technologies. Our team of highly skilled engineers and manufacturing experts are highly focused and directed towards developing highly specialized controls solutions across a wide variety of applications and industries. We continue to partner with the technical teams of our customers to ensure the solutions we provide meet or exceed their expectations.

  72. AMOTECH Srl - renewable energy installations

    AMOTECH - renewable energy installations -plants for the production of hot water with solar panels - plants for the production of electricity with photovoltaic panels

  73. AMP Sprayers

    We are a family business that was founded in 1993 dedicated to agriculture, machinery specialized in crop protection, and application of liquid fertilizers both low crops also as trees and vines. Our offer ranges from small sprayers for vehicles ATV (Quads), until big trailed sprayers of 6000 litres and mounted sprayers, equipment for Land-Rover, Unimog, small vehicles for golf courses, equipment machines gatherers forage , atomizers, cannons, etc.. Bars of treatment up to 28 m. width, constructed with special steel and / or stainless steel. We manufacture components (bars, chassis and other accessories for other machines). We are also manufacturers of vertical axis to brush cutter. Our machines comply with CE. The company reserves the right to modify characteristics and machines without prior notice.

  74. AMP Water Recycling Limited

    AMP Water Recycling limited specialise in a sophisticated range of rain water harvesting, grey water recycling and water treatment systems. Our residential rain and grey water recycling systems are compact, easy to install and will suit a range of applications within the household. Waste water treatment systems are also available.

  75. Ampac USA

    Founded in 1993, Ampac USA innovates, designs and manufactures the most reliable and robust reverse osmosis systems with a complete line of the most advanced pre-treatment, and multimedia mixed bed formulations for residential, commercial and industrial scale implementation. Product lines include Brackish Water BWRO, Military ROWPU, Seawater Desalination SWRO, Fresh Watermakers / Desalinators for Marine, Offshore and Land-Based Desalination Projects, Ion Exchange Water Softeners, Manganese Greensand Iron Removal Filters, oil separation and oil absorption systems, waste water treatment systems, instrumentation, bio-pharmaceutical filtration at the lowest tolerances, highest precision and the finest build quality.

  76. Ampacimon s.a.

    Ampacimon develops innovative Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) systems for transmission/distribution systems operators. Dynamic Line Rating is a new technology belonging to the « smart grid » world of innovations to actively manage electricity grids. It is made of stand-alone sensors installed on high-voltage lines, coupled to software interfacing with dispatching centers SCADAs. The system consists of sensors installed on high-voltage lines that measure key parameters influencing the maximum thermal capacity of a line (vibrations, temperature, sag, wind speed). It measures the so-called « ampacity » of a line, i.e its true, real-time maximum capacity (which is usually significantly higher than its design capacity). This system also allows to reliably forecast this capacity up to two days in advance.

  77. Amparos - GPS Tracking Solutions

    Having been founded in 2007, Amparos - GPS Tracking Solutions is one of the most enduring companies in our industry and is also one of the most efficient. We focus heavily on automating processes to make our customers experience pleasant and non-disruptive.

  78. AMP-Cherokee

    AMP-Cherokee is a total CEM system and services provider for electric utilities and industrial sources. Direct and dilution extractive are ideally suited for process control, process heaters, incinerators, gas turbines, boilers, furnaces, SCR NOx control and FGD performance monitoring. FTIR CEMS and temporary CEMS are available for rapid deployment. AMP-Cherokee maintains service locations for CEM maintenance, quarterly service, CGA`s, RATA`s and stack testing. AMP-Cherokee’s nationwide QuickShip rentals for testing and performance rental equipment include Factory Authorized Warranty Service Center coverage for API/Teledyne and CAI analyzers. All popular brands of ambient analyzers are available for sale or repair.

  79. Ampco Pumps Company

    Ampco Pumps Company has been providing quality centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps to the sanitary, marine and industrial markets worldwide for nearly 70 years. Based on our commitment to deliver quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing to our customers, we have become the preferred pump provider for some of the most recognized companies across the globe. Ampco Pumps is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company. By redefining engineered excellence, Ampco offers the most complete line of pumps, blenders and mixers in the industry. We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art facility in person and allow Ampco to show you how we engineer, innovate, and manufacture the best pumps, blenders, and mixers in the world!

  80. Ampco Safety Tools

    In 1914, inventor August Littman made an exciting discovery: a new bronze metal, hard enough to cut steel. The inventor and a small group of entrepreneurs formed the American Metal Products Company, and achieved recognized leadership in the production of aluminum bronze alloys. The American Metal Products Company (later called “Ampco”) produced the first-ever line of aluminum bronze safety hand tools in 1922. This marked the beginning of Ampco Safety Tools. The unmatched strength and durability of the aluminum bronze tools won quick acceptance in industrial markets. Today, most of our safety tools are manufactured in Garland, Texas. Ampco Safety Tools continues our commitment to you with the highest quality safety tools and services.

  81. Ampelmann Operations

    Accessing any offshore structure can be problematic due to the movement of a vessel compared to the structure. Ampelmann has developed the solution for this challenge. Similar to a flight simulator, the Ampelmann eliminates any relative motion by taking instant measurements of the ship’s motions and then compensates them by using 6 hydraulic cylinders. The result: the top of the Ampelmann remains completely stationary compared to the structure. The offshore gangway can then be extended towards the structure so all personnel can walk to work offshore safely, even in high wave conditions.

  82. Amphi-Bac

    Amphi-Bac is an innovative company specializing in bathing water and drinking water. The company was started in 2008 in connection with implementing any of the Bathing Water Directive, and has since advised and executed source tracking tasks for municipalities and supplies in Denmark, both drinking and bathing. As the query on services and products has increased over the years, the Amphi-Bac developed new products and methods that have contributed to that today we offer a wide range of solutions for all types of challenges in both bathing and drinking.

  83. Amphitec B.V.

    Amphitec continues to innovate creating a complete set of advanced products. Products that offer a ready-made installations for pneumatic transport problems by modern vacuum/pressure technique. These installations are built on trucks, trailers, semi-trailers or in containers. Amphitec continues to innovate creating a complete set of advanced products. Products that offer a ready-made installations for pneumatic transport problems by modern vacuum/pressure technique. These installations are built on trucks, trailers, semi-trailers or in containers. For both suction, transport and blowing dry products and liquids Amphitec is at your service. You may think of products such as gravel, sand, various powders, blasting grid, catalyst, sludges, oil and various other dry products and liquids. This is supported by a professional European sales network. The open pricing policy for both installations and spares guarantees usage of the most optimal solution worldwide.

  84. Amphitech AB

    Amphitech AB is a civil engineering consulting company. For more than thirty years we have specialised in inspecting, analysing and planning projects in underwater environments. We sell technical equipment designed for underwater operations and also provide consulting services. We not only provide our customers with underwater robots but also technical expertise related to using the robots and in the quality control of drinking water reservoirs and tanks.


    Amphos 21 is a group of companies that offers scientific, technical and strategic consulting services in five main market sectors: -Nuclear -Mining -Water -Sustainability -CCS & Climate Change We started our activity in 1994 and it was in 2007 when we adopted our current denomination: Amphos 21. Since its inception, Amphos 21 has developed its activity at an international level, with a special focus on R&D projects. Amphos 21 counts on a multidisciplinary team of 100 highly qualified professionals in the fields of chemistry, geology, engineering, environmental science, hydrogeology, physics, biology, environmental communication, economics, information and communication technologies.

  86. Ample Scientific L.L.C

    Ample Scientific L.L.C. is a scientific equipment manufacturer and wholesaler concentrating in biological microscopes, stereo microscopes, centrifuges, and other lab equipments. Established in 2009 in the state of Georgia, Ample Scientific was founded by graduating students of Georgia Institute of Technology. With manufacturing facilities in Ningbo and Shanghai, China, as well as Taiwan, Ample Scientific is able deliver unique products to our customers at great prices. All products of Ample Scientific were handpicked to offer quality at very competitive pricing, offering distributors and customers the benefits of big profit margins and great savings.

  87. Amplex Emirates LLC

    Amplex-Emirates is a multi-disciplinary full service design engineering, technology consulting and construction management company specialized in remote control and management of energy saving solutions headquarter in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  88. Amplified Geochemical Imaging LLC (AGI)

    Amplified Geochemical Imaging LLC (AGI) has provided expert detection and mapping survey services for the oil & gas, environmental, and mineral industries. Our technology has been proven in more than 70 countries, used in all terrains, geographies and climates. Our passive gas sampling technology was first developed by Dr. Ronald W. Klusman at the Colorado School of Mines and purchased by W.L. GORE & Associates, Inc. W.L. GORE invested the time and money necessary to take the surface detection system to ultrasensitive levels. In 2013 Amplified Geochemical Imaging purchased the technology rights from W.L. GORE & Associates, Inc. and used their exploration and environmental experience to expand the technology applications to include Downhole Geochemical Logging.

  89. Ampo Poyam Valves

    AMPO is an international leader in stainless steel and high alloy castings. Our valves are developed using the highest technology, and manufactured and designed to withhold the most severe applications and industries. Through our Field Engineering Service (FES) team we guarantee a prompt response to customer needs wherever they are throughout the world: technical support in start-up stages, equipment selection, preventive maintenance, training,…

  90. AMPROMA GmbH

    Amproma is specialist in innovative, customized and optimized solutions in process plant construction - from prototype to production plant.

  91. Amptek Inc.

    Amptek is a high technology company and a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art nuclear instrumentation for the satellite, x-ray and gamma ray detection, laboratory, analytical, and portable instrumentation industries.

  92. Ampure Capital

    Ampure Capital LLC is a small business financial consulting and boutique investment banking firm deeply committed to unleashing entrepreneurial drive and free market capitalism to surmount environmental and social problems in the world today. Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs, especially socially and environmentally proactive entrepreneurs, to succeed at all stages of business growth from conception to maturity to exit. We work with companies in all industries, but love clients that are trying to make our world a better place.

  93. AMR

    As Alsatians, we like toughness and quality, promises kept, commitments met; and the machines we offer are the same: sturdy, reliable, and designed to last for a long time. France is of course our first market with our 450 dealers, loyal customers for some of them over 15 years. But we are as well represented in central Europe, first geographically, but also because our machines are sold from Norway to Spain, and from Ireland to Romania. Over the years, our log splitters program, that we fully manufacture in our factory of 9200 m2 in France, has been completed by additional machines, needed in the processing firewood cycle: forestry winches, circular saws, band saws, buckets, radio control, log tongs, bundles, etc. ... equipment for which we are exclusive importer in France.

  94. AMR International Marketing, LLC

    Exporters & Importers of Scrap Recycle Tires , M.S, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Paper and Board Scrap Suppliers. Amr International Marketing, LLC is owned by Rashid Jaleel (CEO) and situated in New York, USA. Our company caters to national as well as international markets namely India, China, Canada and Mostly Countries Europe and Middle East. Since inception we have established ourselves as one of the best in the market.

  95. Amrep, Inc.

    Amrep was incorporated in 1976 and over the last 40 years has become a premier refuse body company. During the past four decades Amrep has introduced numerous innovations to the waste-hauling industry, each of which has become, or is currently becoming, an industry standard. The company is constantly striving to be on the leading edge of technology. Amrep, Inc. is a family owned business, with a workforce of more than 210 people. Each of the company`s employees always places quality and customer service first and foremost. This employee attitude blends perfectly with Amrep`s overall philosophy...always provide the best product at the lowest possible price.

  96. Amresist, Inc.

    Amresist, Inc. manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and accessories for many markets, including chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water and semi-conductor. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of fully PFA Teflon® lined and elastomer lined butterfly valves and ball valves, providing tight shut-off and zero stem leakage, for all types of process applications. Amresist, Inc. focuses on the highly engineered portion of the valve and actuator market.

  97. Amro Technology Private Limited

    Amro Technology Private Limited, a Bangalore based enterprise has been actively pursuing in-house Research & Development in the area of Solar Energy, and has now developed and productionised product lines to facilitate the reach of Sun power to the rural and under developed areas without power. Amro technology strongly believes in ‘Vasudeva Kutumba Kumb’ (this world as one family). Sunshine is available in abundance on this planet and Amro endeavour is to contribute towards harnessing the sun power.The Company has set up a state of the art facility for the manufacture of Solar Photo Voltaic Modules and systems meeting the international quality standards.

  98. Amroc Bremse Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd.

    We the Amroc Bremse are a leading as per API, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001, 18001, 9001 certified manufacturers of wide array of cementing equipments Like Centralizers, Stop Collars, Reamer Shoes, Float Shoes, Float Collar, Stage Cementing Collar, Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers. We currently enjoy the unrivalled and a formidable reputation of being the largest producers and suppliers of offshore and onshore cementing and float apparatus worldwide and in fact the only source of original and quality equipment. Amroc Bremse is a pioneer in the design, production and support of innovative solutions for customers. Our pursuit for perfection and building up a sizeable global presence has enabled us to penetrate distant and diverse markets and we have been able to create a niche, for us in this highly competitive business. What started as a single equipment manufacturing unit has developed and progressed into an experienced organization and aims to undertake assembling and fabrication of comp

  99. AMS - Merlo

    On February 29 of 2012, Applied Machinery Sales, located in Pineville, N.C., was named the official distributor for Merlo Telehandlers in the U.S. In August of last year, the units began arriving and were distributed in the Southeast. Operating under AMS-Merlo, the full line of telehandlers are now available, ranging in capacity from 5,500 to 26,500 pounds and with lift heights from 19 to 96 feet.

  100. AMS Alliance

    AMS Alliance is a leading global group who develops, manufactures and markets automated analytical instruments and diagnostic systems addressed to three major markets: Diagnostics - Environment - Agri-Food. AMS Alliance has manufacturing facilities in Europe and U.S.A. and markets its products via subsidiaries and a network of established distributors in 45 countries. From the inception AMS Alliance (formerly AMS) has been focused on R&D and new products development delivering system platforms for market leaders, via O.E.M. and private label agreements worldwide.

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