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  1. Anzani Machinery Srl

    Anzani Machinery produces machinery for footwear, apparel and leather industries. The core business is the production of lasting conveyors, sewing conveyors and heat treatment machines: conditioning, ironing, stabilization of the shoes, glue drying and reactivation. Our production includes also a different type of machines, as like rotary warehouses, for storing lasts and components, robotic systems and special conveyors for the vulcanized shoes production. The new challenges, carried by the saturate markets with strong competition stimulate us to develop new solutions, in order to bring to the customer a stronger added value, going on with the production of high quality machines, with a specific attention to the digitalization and to the respect of the environment. The whole range of products is sold worldwide directly or through agents or local importers-distributors.

  2. Anzoic Energy Inc.

    Every company has a story. We started with making sure we knew our market, and the market had a need for our technology. We started the company, and set out with a rigorous and detailed start up program that defined the structure of how are to operate, and our R&D programs for the future. We apply this review process to every product and services feature we adopt.

  3. Aoba Technos Co.,Ltd.

    Aoba Technos is known as 1st close loop tank cleaning provider in Thailand for cleaning various kind of Media Tank such as Chemical Tanks (Acid, Alkali, Ammonia etc.), Light Oil Tanks (Naphtha, Benzene, Xylene, Diesel etc.), Heavy Oil Tanks and Crude oil Tanks. We determine to guarantee that our Standard, Safety, Economic and Environmental friendly style not only maintained of tank cleaning and other services but also improving our solution together with our clients. In recognition of our quality and service towards our customers, we have won various awards & certifications: Some of the prestigious awards won by us: 1. ISO 9001-2008 from SGS United Kingdom Ltd Systems & Services Certification 2. Superior mechanical Award from Parliament of Thailand year 2013 3. Best of the Best Machine Award Year 2012 from Ministry of Science & Technology Thailand 4. Environmental Friendly Machine Award Year 2012 from Ministry of Science & Technology Thailand

  4. AOC Environmental, Inc.

    A.O.C. Environmental, Incorporated is a woman owned, minority owned small business that conducts work in the lead and asbestos removal industry. We have obtained HUB and 8A certifications.The firm has conducted asbestos, lead paint related removal and maintenance services for hospitals, school districts, industrial facilities, military bases, county and city municipalities, as well as the general public.

  5. AOC, LLC

    AOC`s products are manufactured in facilities strategically located in North America, Europe and Asia. Our comprehensive product offering is supported by our global logistic network, which provides customers worldwide with efficient service, customized solutions and complete supply chain management. Our comprehensive offering of specialty resins, colorants, and gel coats has transformed our industry with exceptional quality, flexibility and efficiency. We continue to customize our technologies for emerging economies and identify new applications for them in frontier markets.

  6. AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Inc.

    AOE Accumulated Ocean Energy Incorporated is a Canadian company incorporated in February 2013. The company was founded by Marine Engineer and Naval Architect, Jim Matei along with a team of talented other founding members. AOE operates primarily out of Sooke, British Columbia, Canada with offices in Victoria. AOE is the parent company to Accumulated Ocean Energy LLC USA with offices in ‎Boulder, CO and Corvalis, OR.


    AOKMAN is a professional standard & customized reduction gearboxes manufacturer in China which was founded in 1982. Our Main Products: Shaft Mounted Gearbox, Worm Gearbox, Planetary Gearbox, Industrial Gearbox, Cycloidal Reducer, Micro Planetary Reducer, Parallel Shaft Gearbox, Right Angle Gearbox, Helical Gearbox, Spiral Bevel Gearbox, Cylindrical Gearbox, AC Motor, Gear Motor, Gear Reducer. What AOKMAN provides is not only the best gearboxes, but also the proven customized solutions.

  8. AOML

    AOML, a federal research laboratory,NOAA`s Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, AOML`s research spans hurricanes, coastal ecosystems, oceans and human health, climate studies, global carbon systems, and ocean observations. AOML’s organizational structure consists of an Office of the Director and three scientific research divisions. The Office of the Director oversees the Laboratory’s scientific programs, as well as its financial, administrative, computer, outreach/education, and facility management services. Research programs are augmented by the Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS), a joint enterprise with the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. CIMAS enables AOML and university scientists to collaborate on research areas of mutual interest and facilitates the participation of students and visiting scientists.

  9. AOMS Technologies Inc.

    AOMS Technologies was founded by a multidisciplinary team of experts with more than 22 years of combined experience in product development, engineering, sales, and marketing. Located at the Canada’s Technology Triangle, AOMS patented technology is based on the amalgamation of scientific concepts encompassing mechanical, electronic, and optical systems. AOMS proprietary technology stems from more than a decade of R&D experience in the area of opto-mechanics and optical fiber sensors.

  10. AOP International

    AOP was created in 1993 and its registered offices are located in Izernore, in the department of Ain, in France. We specialise in the manufacture of pulverizer discs, granulator blades and screens that can be adapted to any type of machine. Additional to the manufacturing service, we provide a sharpening service for your discs and blades. We have more than 20 years experience in this sector. Pulverizer discs, and granulator blades manufacturer. A.O.P sharpens your knives within a two week time scale. Additional to the sharpening service of your blades, we can also refill (recondition) and rectificate them. We use CN machines (numerical control).

  11. AOT Consulting (EA) Limited

    AOT CONSULTING LIMITED is an independent engineering consultancy firm offering consultancy services in sustainable energy development practices, including climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the East African region and beyond. Our talented and award winning experts specialize in Energy Access, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Climate Change Mitigation, and sustainable practices, in conjunction with the pertinent policies and regulatory frameworks, and are well known for their vast experience in the electric power industry, in addition to their specific knowledge of environmental and development aspects concerning various industries, manufacturers of products, and service providers.

  12. AP Business & Technology Consultancy (APBTC)

    AP Business & Technology Consultancy (APBTC) is an independent Australian engineering and consulting company, which was formed in 2002 by its owner Andreas Pichler. Providing innovative and reliable technological solutions AP Business & Technology Consultancy have built a strong reputation for facilitating and assisting the development of sustainable infrastructure and waste treatment technologies throughout the Australasian Region. With the formation, co-ordination and management of an experienced multidisciplinary project team during construction, installation and start-up, we ensure project delivery on time and within budget.

  13. AP Electric & Generators

    No company cares more about delivering affordable and reliable backup power solutions than AP Electric & Generators LLC. As a company, we know that getting the generator to your door is not the only step. Beyond the price of a generator, we have to have the tools in place to get the correct options in front of you. Our Generator Sizing Calculator is the most in depth, accurate and detailed generator sizing tool you will find. In order to provide you with the best service and technical support we have pushed ourselves to have highly trained and knowledgeable representatives. This is what allows us to offer life time technical support for our customers. All of AP Electric`s customer support representatives are manufacturer trained and certified. In order to maintain that certification they attend factory sponsored training annually. This is the only way for you to determine your optimal back-up power solution.

  14. AP Generator Parts

    No matter the make of your AC , we have a plethora of spare parts available for it . However we specialize in the Kohler and Generac brands. You can also shop for a number of different accessories for your preferred brand. In more ways than one our new site is the one stop shop for all of your AC needs, and you can find almost anything that you need for your AC. No matter the make of your AC , we have a plethora of spare parts available for it . However we specialize in the Kohler and Generac brands. You can also shop for a number of different accessories for your preferred brand. In more ways than one our new site is the one stop shop for all of your AC needs, and you can find almost anything that you need for your AC. Visit us today and make sure to use the promo code NEW5 to avail some amazing discounts and to ensure that your AC keeps on running for the unforgiving summer ahead.

  15. AP Machinebouw B.V.

    AP Machinebouw is specialized in the development and production of machines for the agricultural sector and civil engineering. The range of products is various. Through years of experience and intensive contact with dealers and users we continuesly try to improve the machines and to meet the wishes of our customers. Besides that AP is an innovative company at which products at customer`s request can be developed. AP constantly aims to improve her products and therefore appreciates suggestions and remarks of the user which can lead to an improvement of our range.

  16. AP Medical

    APmedical makes a wide range of containers for the disposal of special hospital waste. With more than 40 years of experience in the plastic injection moulding industry, the company is one of Europe`s leaders in the sector. A wide product range, customized service, top quality materials and numerous product certifications are just some of APmedical`s strong points.

  17. AP Scientific Pty Ltd

    AP Scientific provides instrument and equipment sales, and services, to the scientific, educational, and industrial communities.

  18. AP Sensing GmbH

    AP Sensing offers distributed optical sensing technology (DTS, distributed temperature sensing, DAS, distributed acoustic sensing, DVS, distributed vibration sensing) for a wide range of applications. Based on our HP/Agilent heritage, with over 25 years of optical measurement expertise, we stand for top quality and well-designed solutions. If you would like to talk to experts about Raman OTDR / OFDR (DTS), Brillouin OTDR / OTDA (DTSS), Coherent OTDR (DAS), Interferometric Vibration Sensing (DVS) or other fiber optic sensing technologies, get in touch with us. We understand the needs of fire detection in special hazard areas such as tunnels, conveyor belts, metros, factories, carparks and airports, as well as the needs in high voltage power cable monitoring for buried cables, subsea cables and interconnects.

  19. AP/M Permaform

    Action Products Marketing Corp. (AP/M) began rehabilitating manholes in 1975 with our patented PERMAFORM system for replacement of manholes without digging and without interrupting flows. Our own crews were sent throughout the US to perform this unique solution. Since 1975, AP/M has been the industry leader in manhole renewal. It remains committed to developing the best products for the manhole renewal industry applied consistently through the best regional contractors available. AP/M and its network of licensed applicators believe “consistently high quality is the best guarantee for customer satisfaction.” AP/M believes that successful rehabilitation requires quality products and quality workmanship. AP/M set about to train and to certify more than forty regional applicators throughout the US and the World.

  20. AP2E

    AP2E is a designer and a manufacturer of industrial gas analyzers. We produce instruments for online gas analysis. AP2E solutions are divided in 2 product ranges: LaserCEM and ProCeas. Example of gas applications: ProCeas H2S, NH3, H2O, HCL, SOx, NOx, biogas, etc. Industrial sectors concerned: process optimization, environment, work safety, industrial safety, quality control. AP2E operates in the following contexts: regulatory constraints, process monitoring (chemical, combustion, manufacturing, etc.), room monitoring (formaldehyde, CO), emission monitoring, deNOx catalytic reduction, gas purity (H2, methane), trace gases. AP2E is a global player in gas analysis solutions with more than 400 multigas analyzers installed worldwide.

  21. APAC International Corporation

    The line of products that APAC merchandises was first introduced by Dan-Dee in the late 1940`s. Since then several companies have owned the product line, expanding and refining it to meet the needs of the waterworks and irrigation markets. In 1983, Standard Brass Foundry acquired the product line and established the Apac Products Division. The focus was on manufacturing and fabricating various accessory products for fluid distribution systems at the facility in Livermore, California, located about 35 miles east of San Francisco.

  22. Apache Manufacturing, Inc.

    Apache Pressure Products is one of the leading players in oilfield and industrial equipment. We operate globally through our representatives and distributors. With over fifteen years of experience, we are extremely detail oriented and quality conscious. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you attain the best parts and equipment from our extensive line of quality products at surprisingly competitive prices. We always strive to provide our customers with superior support and maintaining large inventories. Apache Pressure Products is a `one stop shop` that allows our customers to save time and money. It also places our customers in a competitive and superior market position, enabling them to go head to head with the competition and coming out on top. Our goal at Apache Pressure Products is to exceed our customer`s needs, no matter what it takes.

  23. Apache Technologies, Inc.

    Apache Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes construction and agricultural laser products for leveling and alignment. Established in 1991, the company`s founders and key employees are industry professionals each having more than 20 years experience with lasers and laser detection. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, USA, Apache distributes products worldwide through more than 200 dealers. Apache not only manufactures these products for its own dealer network, but also manufactures for other leading manufacturers in both North America and Europe. Chances are that you have already owned an Apache manufactured product. Apache is one of the world`s fastest growing laser companies. Specializing in laser detection, Apache is the world`s largest manufacturer of laser detectors for construction and agriculture. This position of leadership has been earned by developing leading edge, proprietary and patented laser detection technologies.

  24. AP-Alternatives (APA)

    AP Alternatives was founded in 2008 with the mission to design, engineer, and manufacture an innovative new solar racking system. With over 25 years of experience in the automated manufacturing industry, we set out to design a system that could utilize automated equipment to manufacture our components as well as assemble them. We didn’t want to offer just another racking system; our mission was to reinvent the entire concept of solar installations. Our designs led us to a fully pre-panelized modular racking system that would allow for factory quality control and rapid field installation. After years of conceptual design, prototype work, and pilot projects, we took our product to market in 2010. Project after project, our solution showcased the immeasurable benefits of utilizing a preassembled modular racking system. As larger project opportunities presented themselves, our ease of installation and scalability allowed us to emerge as a front-runner in the solar racking industry.

  25. APANA

    As corporate water use and wastewater treatment specialists, our journey began when helping a client solve an urgent compliance problem. They were overwhelmed by excessive water flow and contamination. Our initial task was to expand their wastewater treatment plant. Almost immediately we realized problems were not outside in the treatment plant; they were inside the building. If we could eliminate our client’s unnecessary water use and contamination at the source, their compliance issues would disappear. Not only would this be better for the environment, our client would avoid spending millions on building and running new treatment plants. A big idea was born. Tests at several locations proved the idea could work. Our client reduced their water use by more than 20%. Savings exceeded the cost of keeping waste in check. APANA has been on a mission to eliminate water waste in the built environment ever since.

  26. Apator S.A.

    Apator Group is a dynamic Polish capital group, it currently includes 15 companies - 9 Polish and 6 foreign. Apator Group is a pioneer in the implementation of innovative technical solutions and its sales income grows every year. Thanks to the application of modern technologies our products have the highest quality and win the recognition of our Clients. Apator Group focuses its activity in two segments of the electromechanical industry: metering and switchgear. Offer of the companies of group includes metering equipment for all utilities (prepayment and post-payment electrical energy meters, heat meters, gas meters, water meters, temperature sensors). The above offer is a base for the development of systems enabling energy usage metering, remote reading, teletransmission and visualisation of data. Apator Group has a strong position and years of experience concerning safe making and breaking of electrical circuits.


    Over three decades of experience in all aspects of Air Pollution Control systems.

  28. APC Solutions

    We introduce ourselves as Mechanical Engineering Professionals involved in Application Engineering, Supply of best Equipments and spares and Trouble Shooting for your Air Pollution Control needs. In brief, you can avail our services for Study, Retrofitting, Application Engineering, Annual Maintenance Contract, Erection & Commissioning etc. Apart from above We can supply you best Bag Filter system, ESP,ID Fans/ FD Fans, Rotary Air Valve Lock (RAV) , Filter Bags, Cages etc.

  29. APC Technologies, Inc.

    APC offers proven, highly efficient and low-cost air pollution control systems to over 30 industries. Our complete dedication to customer satisfaction and our comprehensive list of air pollution control technologies have made us a leader in air emissions control.

  30. APC Techsafe

    APC Techsafe is the market leader in gas detection equipment in New Zealand. With over 30 years of experience bringing the latest technologies from the world’s leading suppliers to market, offering supply, service, calibration, training and support nationwide.

  31. APC Trailers and Equipment

    APC Trailers and Equipment in Tucson, Arizona - You won`t find any other company that is more knowledgeable in the industry than APC. APC stocks more than 400 trailers between both its locations to meet your needs. If you still can`t find the right trailer in our inventory, we will design and custom build your very own APC trailer. APC is also one of the most knowledgeable companies in the industry and can repair and modify your existing trailer to meet your satisfaction. APC only carries the very best product lines and knows these products inside and out because we have proudly sold them for over twenty years. APC Equipment & Manufacturing is one of the largest Load-Trail dealers in the United States, specializing in utility, landscape, pintle hook, equipment, car hauler, dump, tilt, and gooseneck trailers.

  32. APD Technology srl

    APD Technology, established in 2001, is investing its promoters` long experience in electro mechanic factories. Know-how that has been acquired in producing asynchronous induction motors as well as continuous research for new materials and construction technologies, developing products thought for different sectors (automation, motion, submerged pump motors, food processing equipments), make up a fund of concrete experience and guarantee staff qualification for selecting materials and production systems, in order to fulfil customers` expectations and needs with custom-made products. Production bay includes devices for motor component manufacturing, together with a modern production line for stainless steel motors. Surface pump motors and submerged 4` motors (series S4) are assembled and tested in two different lines.

  33. APEC, Advanced Purification Engineering Corp.

    APEC, Advanced Purification Engineering Corp. APEC is the leading manufacturer of residential reverse-osmosis drinking water filtration systems in the United States. We are based out of the City of Industry, California where we custom design and build our famous Reverse Osmosis Systems. With more than 17 years of industry experience and a loyal customer base that spans the globe, we are proud of our unbeatable reputation in delivering the highest quality water filtration systems. Our products are shipped worldwide to treat all types of water problems and have been employed successfully for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications.



  35. Apercu Consultants, Inc.

    We are a Filipino firm providing a wide range of international quality environmental services to the following industry sectors in the Philippines and Southeast Asia: Power and Energy, Petrochemical and Petroleum, Mining and Tourism.

  36. Apex Companies, LLC.

    Apex offers comprehensive professional and field services to assess, prevent and cure environmental issues related to water, ground, facilities and air quality. Blending superb technical skills with creativity and business savvy, we focus on how to reduce or eliminate environmental risks and liabilities economically and expediently.

  37. Apex Emission Testing

    Apex Emission Testing, provides environmental consulting services to industry. Clients using Apex Emision Testing`s services include those involved in the oil, chemical, sugar, paper, printing, automobile, manufacturing, transport and engineering industries. Apex Emission Testings Services include: Isokinetic Sampling Services (Combustion & Process) Non-isokinetic sampling of gaseous or vapourous components including O2, NOx, SOx, CO, VOC`s, H2S etc. Screen Modelling of emissions and assement of these on the ambient environment. Ambient sampling i.e. dust deposition, medium to long term passive sampling of gasses and vapours. Diesel vehicle (Opacity) emissions tests conducted onsite......and much more.

  38. Apex Engineering Products Corporation

    Apex Engineering Products has been formulating and manufacturing safe and biodegradable specialty cleaning chemicals for a diverse range of applications around the world. From our RYDLYME biodegradable descaler to our versatile RYDALL line of degreasers and cleaners, our products will decrease downtime and increase efficiency. Apex is a specialty chemical manufacturer of biodegradable descalers, degreasers, odor control agents and wastewater treatment additives.


    We are a specialist power and metering company providing electricity meters, power meters, substation test equipment, corona cameras and partial discharge products, SCITS and protection relay test sets, energy systems, aM&T software, transformer test units, gas meters, water meters, AMR systems and installation. We provide and help specify products and solutions for panel builders, energy managers, facility managers, building service engineers and electrical engineers in energy management, HV faults and diagnostics, AMR (automated meter reading) systems, substation testing, Step and Touch testing, aM&T (automatic Monitoring and Targeting) systems and CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) solutions. This website is designed to provide product specifications, system solutions, application data and a webshop to purchase products.

  40. Apex enrg.

    We offer a wide variety of services that can suit small and medium sized businesses all the way up to large enterprises. Our expertise consists in finding, implementing and benefiting from the implementation of environmental solutions. We find the envionmental solution for you. Our team of environmental experts have a great deal of experience in the quantification of Green House Gas emissions. We are able to quantify your environmental projects, write GHG emission reduction reports and effectuate the subsequent sale of these credits to benefit you.

  41. Apex EnviroCare

    Apex EnviroCare is a wholly owned Western Australian company specialising in innovative solutions to a variety of environmental and geotechnical problems. Our solutions offer cost-effective and environmentally sensitive alternatives to more expensive, traditional systems that often form a barrier to nature and inhibit growth of vegetation.

  42. Apex Environmental

    APEX ENVIRONMENTAL is a SANAS 17020 Accredited and Department of Labour Approved Inspection Body, offering specialist services in the field of occupational and environmental monitoring. We work closely with our clients to help them prioritize and manage their occupational hygiene and environmental concerns and responsibilities in a sustainable manner. We demonstrate that it is possible to reduce environmental and occupational impacts over time, whilst retaining profitability. In so doing we have created diverse partnerships ranging from industry, government (local and international), manufacturers, professional bodies and academic institutions.With over 30 experts in various fields, we are consistently the first choice for Air, Ground, Water and Occupational Hygiene Monitoring in the Manufacturing sector in South Africa.

  43. Apex Environmental Consulting

    Apex Environmental Consulting specializes in creating a safe environment for living and working. Our services include consulting, testing, and training regarding a wide range of toxic and hazardous materials. Our clients include construction firms, school districts, government municipalities, and corporations interested in creating a safe and productive workplace. Apex has been involved in enforcing regulatory requirements, while still applying safety principles to some of the largest and most respected corporations in the state. As the environmental conditions continue to change, Apex is taking an active step and is dedicated to continuing education and staying updated with the latest industry information to provide our clients with the most current standards and state of the art services.

  44. Apex Environmental Limited

    Apex Environmental Limited is an environmental engineering company based in Timaru that specialises in the design, build, installation and commissioning of water and waste treatment systems. Founding directors Drs Matt Savage and Steve Kroening both have extensive international experience in the industry, from the research and development phase through the building of pilot plants to the installation of full treatment systems. Apex staff have completed projects for both private companies and government organisations in countries including the UK, Portugal, the Czech Republic, China and Hong Kong, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

  45. Apex Envirotech, Inc.

    Apex Envirotech, Inc (Apex), is a privately owned corporation of professionals with diverse backgrounds in all areas of environmental management, remediation technologies, geologic and engineering consulting, and computer modeling. Apex has established offices in California, Arizona, Missouri, and Kansas. Each office offers a wide range of geographic coverage to service the needs of Apex’s clients.

  46. Apex Erosion Control Supply Inc.

    APEX provides the Four Corners Area as a complete supply house carrying Erosion Control Supplies and Construction Materials, including but not limited to: Bird Netting, Gabions/Reno Mattress, Geotextile/Paving Fabric, Erosion Control Blankets, Excelsior Logs & Wattles, Fuel Resistant Liner, Gabions/Reno Mattress, Geotextile/Paving Fabric, Geogrids, Geocomposite Drain, High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats, NAUE Biaxial Geogrids, Nonwoven Geotextiles, Paving Products, Pond Liner, Safety Fence, Silt Fence Fabrics, Soil Reinforcement Geotextiles, Straw Bales, Turf Reinforcement Blanket, Woven Geotextiles

  47. Apex Geoservices Ltd

    APEX Geoservices Limited is a leading geophysical consultancy providing expert services to the Engineering, Environmental and Natural Resource Industries since 2001.With over 25 years of industry experience and in excess of 1000 projects completed we offer a comprehensive approach to understanding the subsurface environment. Utilising the latest technologies we provide a range of applications from overburden thickness to cavity detection, groundwater vulnerability to rippability estimates and aggregate exploration to archaeological assessments.

  48. Apex Holdings (A) Ltd

    We are an established company with 3 years of excellent track record in providing Procurement Solutions for the NGOs, Mining, Exploration, Construction, Manufacturing and Agricultural Industries in Tanzania, DRC and Zambia. Our core business is to strategically source and supply materials and equipment of all kinds within the pan African region. We have the most comprehensive and unrivaled inventory of supplies from the world’s leading brands at competitive prices, with distribution hubs strategically located in Dar Es Salaam and a 30,000 sqm. facility in Mwanza.


    APEX is involved in design and manufacturing of Waste storage M.S.bins in capacities from 1 cubic meter to 7 cubic meter for storage of garbage in towns and Municipal Corporations. <br><br> We also design and manufacture vehicles for transportation of garbage bins from collection points to garbage land fill sites,which include four wheelers,three wheelers,and tractors.<br><br> We also supply garbage bins in 1 cubic meter capacity especially designed to unload garbage in transportation trucks,by lifting and unloading and then keeping the same at the same location.<br><br> Also available are wheel barrows in M.S.steel and plastic in different capacities,for door to door collection of garbage.

  50. Apex Instruments, Inc.

    Apex Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes emission measurement sampling equipment. Founded in 1988 and managed by William H. Howe, an experienced source tester, Apex Instruments has evolved and grown from manufacturing testing equipment for residential wood heaters to being a worldwide market leader in the source sampling equipment industry. Apex Instruments, Inc. is located at 204 Technology Park Lane, Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina approximately 20 miles from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Center located in the Research Triangle Park.

  51. APEX Laboratory Equipment Company

    Apex is the leading provider of lab equipment in the Midwest. Combined we bring you 100 years of experience, knowledge and service in the lab equipment industry. At Apex, we understand that service begins with an understanding of your facilities unique needs, and ends with your unconditional satisfaction.

  52. Apex Management Group, LLC (AMG)

    Apex Management Group, LLC (AMG) is an oil field services management company. Through our exclusive turbine generator system AMG has the unique ability to provide electrical energy to the oil industry at below market costs by utilizing stranded gas. AMG also has the exclusive technology to `treat` and recycle frac water flow back in an environmentally friendly way, thus eliminating the need to dispose of or dump contaminated water.

  53. Apex Marine Consultants Ltd

    Apex Marine Consultants Ltd. is a well-established, respected and cost effective oil loss control / cargo assurance company. Our main office is based on the Wirral, U.K. The company was founded in 2002. We are field and office audit approved by both Shell and B.P. and we are ISO 9001 (2008) certified. We have several new locations which complement our oil loss control operations and are particularly active in the A.R.A., Mediterranean, Black Sea, Singapore, Basrah and W.A. regions and can be mobilised at short notice. Apex’s Proven Loss Control Approach We represent oil majors, trading organisations, ship owners, bunker and cargo operators during their loadings and or discharges of crude, refined products and bunkers. Our Expeditors act solely on our client’s behalf to ensure that their commercial interests are not compromised and that delays are kept to a minimum thereby negating costly berth occupancy and or demurrage. We at Apex understand the importance to have the correct

  54. Apex Marketing International

    Spectroscopy Solution Supplier /Laboratory, At-Line, On-Line, Remote / XRF, UV, Vis, NIR, IR / Modeling and Chemometrics Expertise / Sample Prep for all Products / Systems Integration Expertise / Commercial standards, reference materials, as well as custom standards

  55. Apex Nanotek Corporation

    Apex Nanotek Corporation was founded in 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan and is the first manufacturer to be awarded an official registration as a nanotechnology manufacturer in Taipei . The company has developed and incorporated significant key nanotechnologies in the fields of biotech, material enhancements and nano-scale measurements. The company has filed nine pending patent applications in five categories with the U.S. , China and Taiwan patent offices. Apex has considerable experiences in dealing with difficulties commonly seen in the nano-material manufacturing process.

  56. Apex Oilfield Products Corp

    Apex Oilfield Product Corp. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mud pump fluid end expendables, mud pumps and handling tools. From Texas to Alberta, from South America to Middle East, our clients around the world rely on us for the daily mud pump operations. The extensive product lines of mud pump expendables we manufacture and supply include liners, modules and accessories, rods and clamps, pistons and hubs, valves and seats. All our products are fully exchangeable with OEM parts.

  57. Apex Pumps

    Apex Pumps design and manufacture a wide range of centrifugal pumps for industry, building services, petrochemical plant and similar demanding applications. Several thousand Apex pumps are operating both within the UK and worldwide on installations where efficiency and reliability are of prime importance, and we have earned an enviable reputation for the quality and endurance of our products. Our experienced sales team takes special care to ensure that the right pump is chosen for the specific application. We would be pleased to receive details of your pump requirements, and provide a competitive quotation by return.

  58. Apex Wind Energy Inc.

    Apex Wind Energy Inc. is a national developer of wind energy facilities that deliver clean, renewable energy. Apex Wind Energy Inc. is one of the most experienced independent developers in the industry. Our management team has built a reputation in the industry for responsible development and quality facilities.

  59. APEXS, INC

    The Company, APEXS, Inc. was formed to bring hi-tech state-of-the art products and services to the Philippine market. The company was incorporated in 1995 in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. Mr. Shel Shannon is the president, CEO and founder. The last thirteen years of his employment was as a senior staff employee with Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the company from which he is an early retiree as of September 1994. After many years of overseas employment (including several years in the Philippines), in a number of countries, Mr. Shannon, (a U.S. citizen) and his wife Sophie (a native Cebuana) applied for and were granted a special retiree visa by the Philippine government as investors. In the Philippines, APEXS, Inc. is the exclusive distributor/manufacturer of the following products: 1. DriveRight (Davis Instruments USA) - a microcomputer device that automatically monitors, records and sets limits to driver and vehicle performance. This type of microproces

  60. APG Solutions

    APG Solutions Ltd is proud to represent the world's leading Acoustic Solution, Simulation & Measurement providers. Such as IAC Acoustics. Norsonic, SoundPLAN & ProFound. APG Solutions was formed in 2011 to represent & distribute Acoustic Products and services in the Asia Pacific region. Representing some of the world's premier brands in Acoustic / Environmental and Geotechnical services, APG Solutions has quickly become one of the premier suppliers of Acoustic Products in Asia. We have strong links to both Consultants and Contractors as well as end users and supply premium products a variety of industries in The Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

  61. APG-Neuros Inc.

    APG-Neuros holds a strong foundation both in aeronautic technology and engineering. APG-Neuros was founded in 2006 to distribute, manufacture, provide aftermarket support and continued development of the high efficiency Turbo Blowers and complete Aeration Systems for the municipal and industrial markets in North America and Europe. APG-Neuros remains the market leader in the High Speed Turbo Blower category, now reaching over 900 units sold in North America and Europe and over 120 on order. It all started with just one person, Omar Hammoud, in 2006 and has grown to a present total of 69 employees in the US and Canada combined.

  62. APH Group

    APH Group delivers and services machines and equipment to increase the efficiency of professionals in potato, vegetable and irrigation business. We deliver integral and innovative solutions. We do this by means of skilled specialists, operating out of 4 knowledge centers, namely: APH Field Equipment, APH Irrigation, APH In-store Solutions and APH Engineering.

  63. APi Group Inc.

    APi Group Inc. is a multi-billion-dollar parent company for over 40 independently managed construction companies located in more than 200 locations worldwide. APi Group builds leaders that combine the personal attention of small-to-medium sized construction companies with the strength of an industry leader to bring innovation to the construction industry. Since 1926, APi Group has grown by acquisition to become the stellar multi-billion-dollar company it is today. The secret? Our subsidiaries maintain who they are. They keep the identity, reputation, customer relationships and culture they’ve worked hard to establish. We value and invest in the relationships of each company leader and his or her business.

  64. API Heat Transfer Inc

    Everything about API Heat Transfer is focused on performance. It’s a part of our 130-year heritage designing and delivering world-class heat transfer products for nearly every industry. It’s bolstered by our worldwide network of manufacturing facilities and more than 1,800 employees who provide sales, service, and support. And it’s ingrained in a process that has served customers around the world well for nearly a century and a half. Upon working with us, you’ll find it’s our performance that sets us apart. There’s heat transfer. Then there’s API Heat Transfer.

  65. API S.p.a

    Since 1945, API S.p.a has designed, manufactured, and installed worldwide special equipment for the screening, filtration and regulation of water in hydroelectric power plants, in land reclamation works, and in systems for the collection, management, and treatment of water. Grounded on almost 5,000 installations worldwide and on nearly 70 years of experience, API S.p.a. is a global partner and collaborator to build integrated systems needed to treat, screen, and filter water; its range of services spans consulting, design, environmental impact assessment, construction, installation, and maintenance. API S.p.a. is active in design and production and utilises a quality assurance system that complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. In addition, it possesses the SOA&#8200; certification to fulfil contracts for the public administration.

  66. API Schmidt-Bretten GmbH & Co. KG

    API Heat Transfer is a global leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of heat transfer technologies that service virtually every industrial market including food and beverage, dairy, compressors, air separation, chemical processing, mobile vehicles, power generation, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, and a wide variety of general industrial applications. Our Airtech, Basco, and Schmidt brands are well-known for their innovative designs and exceptional quality. API Heat Transfer markets both standard units and custom designs to meet the individual requirements of our customers. We have a proud tradition of outstanding service to both OEM’s and End-Users. With manufacturing locations in New York, Germany and China and sales support located around the world,

  67. API Services

    API Services are a qualified and insured service contractor specializing in dimensional measurement and high-value metrology solutions. API Services also provides equipment rental, tracker and software training, onsite tracker calibrations, machine tool inspections and customized maintenance and support services. A recent emphasis on corporate growth has allowed us to extend our infrastructure for service and support into the central and southern United States. This geographical diversity will allow API Services to provide the fast and on-site service that you deserve.

  68. APICOM

    The Association of Petroleum Industry Cooperative Managers (APICOM) was founded in 1972 and is an association of unaffiliated petroleum industry oil spill cooperative managers. APICOM exists for the purpose of exchanging information related to the management of an oil spill response cooperative. It also serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas related to oil spill response technologies, operations, regulations and other issues of common interest to its members.


    Ethically Collected: The bees are not killed to collect the venom. In other words we specialize in Cruelty Free Bee Venom. We never kill the bees and take their venom sacks. Instead we use a collecting device that is very safe for the bees. This keeps the population of the bee hive intact, and it does not affect the life span of the colony either. Pesticide and GMO-Free Bee Venom: No synthetic pesticides in the beehives, or anywhere around them. That means pure honey, pure & healthy bees, and pure bee venom. Sweden is at the forefront of organic and ecological products. As a country we aim to reduce pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, toxins and other dangerous chemicals to a minimum in our environment and products. Our bees harvest nectar and pollen from GMO-free fields. Reliable Lab Tests: Third party laboratories perform all of the testing and we provide full contact details to them.

  70. APIX Analytics

    APIX Analytics (SA), a startup incorporated in June 2014, is the commercial emanation of 8 years of collaborative research between CEA (France) and California Institute of Technology (Caltech, USA). APIX is focused on the development of highly miniaturized multigas analyzers systems based on integration on silicon of traditional analytical chains: sampling, injection of gases, separation of complex gas mixtures to enhance specificity and then detection, identification and quantification of each mixture compound.

  71. APJ-SLG Carbon Credits & Environment

    APJ-SLG Carbon Credits & Environment is a one of the carbon leading consulting company, and is an established leader in the energy, engineering, environmental policy consulting, and environmental markets arena. We provide our project developers, investors, and lenders with technical consulting and financial advisory services specializing in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and co-develop CDM projects in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and China. Founded by a team of dynamic entrepreneurs and engineers, our global team includes engineers, scientists, economists and business experts with many years of experience in emissions trading and climate change policy. Our internationally network consists of technical and financial partners located in every major geographic location around the globe.

  72. APL ASIA CO., LTD.

    APL ASIA Authorized distributor in ASIA for Bacharach USA, Redtek USA, Calgaz USA, Telstar Spain APL has selected high quality products at a reasonable price to suit our customers. Bacharach Supply of instruments that detect, measure and record combustion, refrigerant and environmental gases, temperature, humidity and other air quality and safety parameters, A full-line of refrigerant recovery equipment for residential, industrial and automotive applications.

  73. Aplast d.o.o.

    The company Aplast d.o.o. develops and manufactures products from plastic masses. All of our activities are directed towards the manufacture and sale of quality, safe, efficient and affordable products, manufactured with rotomoulding technology. The main part of our production consists of products intended for underground infrastructure. A company with tradition, present on the market for over 40 years. We have manufactured over 5000 unique products, for which we offer you all the necessary spare parts. We also develop products according to our costumers’ wishes; we are at your service in all five phases of the manufacture: from the initial idea to the final product, or its distribution and sale.

  74. Aplicaciones de Energías Sustitutivas S.L. (ADES)

    Developing the latest technological solutions in the energy sector means the commitment to research, innovate, patent and implement increasingly advanced features. We are a Spanish research and development engineering firm, which aims at developing solutions that encourage the rational and efficient use of renewable energy in the world, providing innovative solutions to specific problems. Aplicaciones de Energías Sustitutivas S.L. – ADES - was created in 1992 as a result of Manuel Lahuerta’s initiative. Today, over 60 persons are working in ADES team.

  75. Aplicaciones Topograficas

    Office of Engineering, born in 1996, dedicated to the Surveying, Construction Services, Construction and Mining and Land Management. Our purpose is to provide our customers (individuals, professionals, businesses and government) the best solution as efficiently and quickly adapted to every need.

  76. Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd.

    Aplin & Martin Consultants Ltd. are a full-service civil engineering, planning and survey company with offices in Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Kelowna and Calgary. We provide cost-effective and innovative design and project management solutions for land development and capital works civil projects throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

  77. Aplisens S.A.

    Aplisens is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality process instrumentation. The company was founded in 1992. Main factory and headquarters are located in Warsaw. From the beginning it has concentrated on electronic pressure and differential pressure measurement technology. The basic rules have always been: high quality, high flexibility and competent support to customers.

  78. Aplitec

    Laboratory filtration systems, water purification systems

  79. A-Plus Consulting

    A-Plus Consulting is an independent consultancy providing expert advice and guidance to all parties involved in the continuous monitoring of gaseous and particulate emissions to air from stationary sources of combustion. The services of A-Plus Consulting are primarily aimed to be of assistance to process operators, equipment suppliers, test houses and regulators. They essentially relate to issues with CEMS, MCERTS, OMA, EN14181, LCPD, WID and other related matters. Compliance monitoring requirements are constantly developing and can no longer be considered a part time occupation. A-Plus Consulting was formed to assist the above groups meet the ever increasing demands of environmental compliance monitoring. Thus allowing individuals to focus on the specific demands of their core business, assured in the knowledge that their compliance issues receive the professional attention that they require.

  80. APM Technik Gmbh

    APM Technik designs and supplies single components as well as complete industrial solutions for gas analysis. We offer: custom-engineered complete industrial solutions, innovative process measuring technology, expert advice, comprehensive technical support.

  81. APM Technologies (DongGuan) Co. Ltd

    APM Technologies (DongGuan) Co., Ltd. is located in the Gosun Science Park at the Nancheng district of Dongguan city. Our company guided by state of the art technologies is committed to the R&D, production and marketing of automatic manufacturing facilities and special-purpose power areas. With concerted efforts of a group of more than 180 passionate, progressive technical and management talents (more than 65% for R&D), our company has successfully built its own intellectual properties and product brands.

  82. APNA Global Industries Pvt. Ltd

    APNA is a Global growing Origination with Own manufacturing, R&D Rich, multi-faceted product & Well Procure team based Company. We are the manufacturers, Exporters & EPC Based Company. We Serve in Electrical, Electronics & Energy, Equipment & machinery. APNA is geared up with technically bonded professionals that are headed to customize projects.... Engineered to Perfection. APNA Provide you the Product and Solution which is 100 % make in India. WE Believe that today Across the world Indian Quality, Technology, Product and India Name have own Place and market size. WE welcome you to join us as a Channel partner in Global world.

  83. Apogee Instruments, Inc.

    Apogee Instruments has become a respected leader in the manufacture of innovative, durable, and accurate environmental instruments. Our instruments have been trusted for thousands of applications around the globe. Our passion for research and attention to detail in manufacturing, has made our products renowned for cost effective measurement technology. Apogee Instruments was started in 1996 by Dr. Bruce Bugbee, a professor of crop physiology at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. As a researcher, Dr. Bugbee often had a need for instrumentation that did not exist or that was too costly for his department`s budget. As an eager scientist and avid inventor, Bruce began creating and manufacturing his own research-quality instruments in his garage for a fraction of the price. Word spread among the academic community, and requests for Dr. Bugbee`s instruments began coming in from around the world.

  84. Apolimansis Solutions

    Apolimansis Solutions is a dynamically developing enterprise, long existing and leading in the field of pest control. The flexible construction of the company guarantees direct and efficient performance, providing reliable and safe solutions by means of integrated pest management ( IPM ) and up to date technology and application methods for pest control, in harmony with the environment.

  85. Apollo A/S

    Apollo A/S is a manufacturer of fish graders that have a strong reputation worldwide. The APOLLO fish grading machine was developed in 1981 and it is a top-quality product within the area of fish farming. One of the basic advantages of the APOLLO grading machine is that it has proven its usefulness in the production, as it has been well-tried and tested thoroughly. Standard editions of the APOLLO grading machine have 4,5,7 or 10 tracks. The grader is made in AISI 316 acid-resisting stainless steel, which makes it prefect to use in working situations involving seawater. Trout graders and eel graders.

  86. Apollo BV

    The roots of Apollo were established in 1847, when Mr. G. van den Pol started his blacksmith shop in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. Since then, the local one-man shop has developed itself into the current company with various markets. It is still the Van den Pol family who owns and manages the company. The core business of the Apollo Group is the design, manufacturing, sales and installation of components as well as complete integral solutions for mechanical handling and transport installations for the bulk and the packed goods industry.

  87. Apollo Energy

    Apollo Energy are leading commercial energy brokers based in the Chorley, Lancashire. Since 2001, Apollo Energy have helped countless organisations rationalise their approach towards utility management and become more energy efficient. The company offer a range of bespoke utility management solutions, designed to increase efficiency and deliver cost benefit.

  88. Apollo Enviro

    Environmental consultancy Apollo Enviro Ltd has been in operation since 2009 and is the sister company of energy brokers Apollo Energy. The company was established to provide services designed to complement those already provided by its partner business. With global warming an ever-present issue and threat, there is an increasing need for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint; Apollo Enviro can facilitate this reduction in a number of ways.

  89. APOLLO Environmental Strategies, Inc.

    APOLLO has offered a diverse assimilation of environmental and coastal construction expertise as well as a variety of state-of-the-art technologies for site assessment, remediation and dredging. Our staff is highly field-oriented so you can count on them being there to see to it that each phase of the project is completed properly and successfully. From simple, one-time site assessments to large multi-phase, highly complex remediation and development projects, APOLLO stands prepared and experienced to meet your needs.

  90. Apollo Equipment,.net, LLC

    Apollo has enjoyed bringing buyers and sellers of wood waste recycling equipment together worldwide for close to twenty years! The success of an international used heavy equipment sale requires the extensive skills of our Equipment Specialists and support team as there are many factors to be considered such as exchange rates, duties, transportation logistics, communication, servicing, wear parts availability, local conditions, and even political environment. With that being said, we have navigated these opportunities with buyers and sellers from many countries on all continents for many years.

  91. Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd - a Halma Company

    Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd is one of the world`s leading manufacturers of fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our products are designed to save lives and protect property from the risk of fire.Based in Portsmouth, in the south coast of the UK since 1980, Apollo has built a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. In early 2009 Apollo was awarded the Royal Warrant by Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of its official supplier status to the Royal Household. Apollo is no stranger to Royal approvals, having been the first company of its kind to hold three consecutive Queen`s Awards for Export Achievement.

  92. Apollo Flow Measurement Ltd.

    Apollo Flowmeters have been manufacturing flow measurement equipment in the UK for over 20 years. We have fully traceable calibration rigs to verify the accuracy of all our products. Using the latest CNC technology we produce high quality products at very competitive prices. Flexible manufacturing systems and skilled engineers allow our designs to be customised to meet specific needs. We have extensive experience in meeting the quality, inspection and documentation requirements for offshore, chemical and petrochemical applications. Our team have the wide variety of skills and experience required to specify, design, manufacture and test products for most applications from simple flow monitoring to hazardous duty in offshore systems.

  93. Apollo Goessnitz GmbH

    APOLLO is a worldwide operating manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and system equipment. With our strategy – provision of high-grade process pumps in connection with pump specific plant systems – we supply complete solutions of high reliability and low operational cost to our customers. The product range was specialized for power plant engineering, chemistry and process technology as well as for special cases.

  94. Apollo Industrial Products LLC

    Apollo Industrial Products LLC, one of the largest stockists/distributor/supplier of Valves and other Industrial products of reputed brands in the United Arab Emirates. We offer a wide range of Industrial Products, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Non Return Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Ball Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Control Valves, Air Release Valves, Strainers, Flange Adaptors, Dismantling Joints and Actuators, with a constantly growing portfolio to meet the requirements of an ever changing market place. Our reputation lies in building long lasting relationships with our customers and a focus on delivering value in all we do.

  95. Apollo Insulation Ltd.

    Apollo Insulation’s range of reflective foils are solutions to meet the increasingly stringent thermal insulation performance requirements for buildings. &#8203;The more radiant energy is reflected the less heat is transferred, our foil membranes reflect more than 95% of radiated heat. It is essential that insulation has a good thermal performance in summer and winter. When using Apollo`s Heat Reflecting Membranes other qualities such increased living space, durability, and ease of installation are also achieved. Highly Reflective, and Low Emmistivity, our foils have British Board of Agrément approval and have been designed and tested to last the lifetime of a house or structure.... in the UK that is 60 years.&#65279; Whether in roofs, walls, under floors or on HVAC ducts, correctly installed Apollo’s membranes have been tested and proven to enhance u-values and provide significant lifelong thermal insulation benefits.

  96. Apollo Mechanical Industries

    We are very glad to inform that DURGA FUEL injection internal gear pumps are prepared by graded cast iron. These gear and shafted Rotor give better performance with closed tolerance to give long life. Our Other product are Rotary Gear Pump Series `DR` for transfer of oils & viscous Liquids, Rotary Mini Pumps, mechanical Seals etc.

  97. Apollo Power Systems Pvt Ltd

    Apollo Power Systems has expertise in load study, Diesel Generators Sizing (DG Sizing), Mobile Generators sizing, Electrical Distribution along with proficiency in Generator Paralleling (DG Paralleling) / Synchronization, Designing Room Acoustics & Treatment for Diesel Generators (DGs) and Erection & Installation. Together, we offer the most optimized solution both in terms of technical and commercial without any compromises. Value Proposition: Over 28 Years of experience with Diesel Generators Represent leading Genset Brands Large team of trained service engineers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Vizag & Chennai Capability to execute large projects Load Study & Product Recommendation Design, System Integration, Manufacturing, Power Project Management, Installation - All in House Product Sales, Installation, Product Support, Parts Support, Service - All Under One Roof Satisfied Customer base across South India

  98. Apollo Safety Inc.

    Apollo Safety has been serving the safety industry since John and Tracy Carvalho started the business in February 1995. Apollo has grown to be the leading safety and technical services equipment provider in New England and serving by courier across the Untied States and Internationally. Apollo Safety understands that safety is much more than just a commodity. Our focus is to keep you safe. We provide recommendations for technical instrumentation, and we repair most major brands of gas monitoring instrumentation. Our gas detection service team provides complete product evaluation to help you choose the right instrument according to the hazards you face.

  99. Apollotech

    Apollotech, specialized in imporl/export of raw materials relating to semiconductor/ LCD/solar cell, has established a research center, while continuously expanding its business scope from silicon wafer/raw materials to ESC and solar energy. In particular, by dedicating itself to photovoltaic power generation business gainable for worldwide attention, it is on the cutting edge as an eco-friendly enterpnse settling down global warming and exhaustion of natural resources.

  100. Appalachian Energy and Environment Partnership (AEEP)

    We serve as a helping hand to those grassroots watershed groups that strive to solve environmental problems in Appalachian Coal Country. Recognizing that these groups often experience similar challenges, the Roundtable provides informational resources to watershed groups so they can more effectively deal with those challenges. Funding is normally at the top of the list of needs, so we regularly research grant opportunities and funding sources and disseminate relevant information to hundreds of groups over its 9 state service area. We also provideinformational resources on a variety of topics through this website and through regular email newsletters.

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