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  1. Arcadia Filter Ltd.

    Arcadia Filter focuses on precision liquid filters developing and manufacturing. To satisfy all the industries and environment protection required. Products widely use in all the industries, like waste water treatment, petrochemical, food, pulp & paper, steel and all general application.

  2. Arcadis

    Arcadis is the leading global Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Applying our deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. We are 27,000 people active in over 70 countries that generate €3.4 billion in revenues. Arcadis. Improving quality of life.

  3. ArcelorMittal

    ArcelorMittal is the world`s number one steel company, with over 326,000 employees in more than 60 countries. It has led the consolidation of the world steel industry and today ranks as the only truly global steelmaker.


    ARCENVIRO is an environmental consulting firm based in Athens. The company covers a broad spectrum of activities in different environmental issues. ARCENVIRO aims in pioneering in the environmental protection and management sector, through the continual observation of international developments and implementation of innovative activities in this sector.

  5. Arceo

    ARCEO, a subsidiary company of ArcelorMittal, is located in Liège (Belgium) and has an industrial production line totally dedicated to PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) technology. The principle of PVD consists of accelerating ions under a vacuum and colliding them with a coating material. This removes atoms away from the material and deposits them evenly across the surface of the sheet to be coated.This technology enables many different types of new development that can be applied to every market in which the Arcelor-Mittal Group is active: energy management (solar and lighting), automotive, construction, industry etc.

  6. Arch Aerial LLC

    Arch Aerial LLC is a commercial UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) operator and engineering service provider authorized by the FAA for aerial services in the United States. Founded in 2012, Arch Aerial LLC has worked on projects around the world on a wide variety of applications and deliverables. We specialize in delivering accurate raw topographic data that be imported into AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and a variety of other programs.

  7. Arch Enterprises, Inc

    Precious metals refining services for gold, silver, platinum and copper and nickel as well. Serving the medical, dental, industrial, manufacturing, aerospace, research and academic markets. Large scale refining and custom refining projects of high value materials. Consumer purchases as well of gold and silver.

  8. ArchaeaSolutions, Inc.

    ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. is a technically driven company that provides new, improved, integrated solutions for wastewater processing problems. ArchaeaSolutions, Inc. produces bio-systems containing Archaea domain microbes. Only Archaea can perform the last steps in waste breakdown. They accelerate metabolism, plus carry the process all the way to water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.

  9. Archbold Equipment Company

    Archbold Equipment Company`s mission is to provide products, service and support that exceeds customer expectations. Archbold Equipment Company is a full service agricultural dealer that offers a range of quality products and services including Lawn and Garden, Turf Management and Outdoor Power Equipment. Archbold Equipment Company is headquartered in Archbold, OH and has six locations in the Tri-State area: Topeka, IN; Adrian, MI; Ottawa, Portage, Sherwood and Archbold, OH.

  10. arche noVa - Initiative-für Menschen in Not e.V

    arche noVa is a non-profit- and non-governmental organisation working primarily on the field of humanitarian aid, development cooperation and education.Regardless of the victims` ethnicity and ideology we support all those who suffer from war, suppression and natural disasters.To survive the human needs water - but not alone clean water. Only those who have a proper sanitation on his disposal can be sure that his drinking water will remain in perfect condition. In addition, the hygiene plays an important part, because only the correct use of drinking water and wastewater make an efficient health care possible. All three components together make WASH to a comprehensive aid package - and to our core competence.

  11. ARCHEA New Energy GmbH

    ARCHEA Gesellschaft für umweltschonende Technologien mbH was founded. The first self-financed biogas plant with concrete horizontal digester was also constructed and commissioned in this year. The first steel horizontal digester was manufactured only two years after. This technology still distinguishes the plants of the ARCHEA Group from the rest. In the following years, 12 biogas plants were built in cooperation and licensing with BABCOCK BORSIG AG in Oberhausen. BABCOCK BORSIG AG went insolvent in 2012. ARCHEA had already prepared the engineering documents for 40 biogas plants at the time and had to search again for a capable partner in the construction of plants. ARCHEA competence centre for renewable energy. All of the activities of the ARCHEA Group will be concentrated here in order to be able to arrange future big assignments and challenges worldwide.

  12. Archean Group

    Archean Group is a Large Conglomerate of Businesses Spanning Various Interests as Ores and Minerals, Industrial Salt, Industrial Chemicals, Shipping and Ship Building and Alternate Energy Resources.

  13. ArcheoRes - Archaeological Research Group

    ArcheoRes – Archaeological Research Group is a team of professional and experienced archaeologists. We deliver the full range of innovative and highly specialized archaeological services including geophysical surveys, digital surveys by Total Station Theodolites (TST) and Geographic Positioning System (GPS), multi-image 2D and 3D photogrammetry, archaeological assessments for Planning Act approvals, GIS and Geodatabase management. In the field of geophysical surveys, ArcheoRes provides the full range of non-invasive techniques to draw a comprehensive and in-depth interpretive framework on buried archaeological structures not visible on the surface (ground penetrating radar, magnetometer, multi-electrode electric tomography ERT, electrical resistivity, thermal imager). In the field of topography and architectural relief, ArcheoRes supplies 2D and 3D high density digital models of any type of archaeological feature.

  14. Archer & Stone Ltd

    Archer & Stone are a small (4 Staff) independent consultancy, specializing in legionella control. Services provided include: Risk Assessment, Auditing, Training, and Consultancy & Sampling. Clients cover a wide range of sectors, industries and geographical areas. Archer + Stone was borne out of the need for clients to reduce the risk and manage the risk from legionella for the benefit of the customer. Also it is important to do so cost effectively. The principal legionella control consultants average over 15 years experience in the areas of legionella risk assessment, engineering, chemistry, training and customer service.

  15. Archer, Cathro & Associates (1981) Limited

    Archer Cathro specializes in management of grassroots exploration to resource definition projects. Independent consulting services for geological engineering and geoscience. Experts in Yukon and Northern British Columbia. Capacity for turnkey project management or selective project contracting including: target research, property acquisition, project design, permitting, camp construction, logistical support, geological mapping, geochemical sampling, drilling and trenching supervision, data management, report preparation and assessment filing. Proficient, dedicated full-time staff.

  16. ARCHIBUS, Inc.

    ARCHIBUS is the #1 provider of real estate, infrastructure & facilities management solutions in the world, with expenditures for ARCHIBUS-related products and services exceeding $2.7 billion (US). Organizations of all sizes – spanning sectors such as finance, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing, and many others – use ARCHIBUS to deliver timely, relevant facilities and infrastructure information as part of their strategic business plans. With ARCHIBUS, organizations can use a single, comprehensive, integrated solution to make informed strategic decisions that optimize return on investment, lower asset life-cycle costs, and increase enterprise-wide productivity – reducing their infrastructure- and facilities-related costs by as much as 34%.

  17. Arcimoto, LLC

    Arcimoto`s mission is sustainable transportation: we believe we shouldn`t have to sacrifice the livability of our planet just for the convenience of getting from A to B. We`re developing the SRK, a vehicle based on a unique new electric vehicle platform and designed for the needs of everyday drivers. The SRK`s environmentally efficient three-wheeled footprint is easy to maneuver and park, it has the capacity to carry two people and plenty of groceries, and its grin-inducing ride experience ushers in a new era of responsible driving - free from compromise and the gas pump. Develop ultra efficient mobility solutions: vehicles, electronics, software, to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. Our philosophy of continuous improvement drives us forward each day. We strive not only to continuously improve the end product, but also the process and the people involved in creating the product. By always reflecting, evaluating and learning

  18. Arcon Environmental

    The Arcon Group of Companies was established in 1974 to supply the Central and Eastern European markets with high quality industrial equipment for the manufacturing and process industries. Arcon has gained a wealth of international experience over the years and the group has expanded to include a network of companies and offices in Russia, the CIS, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia. Arcon is an established supplier of recycling equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to equipment supply, Arcon offers design and project management, after sales service and spare parts supply. Since the opening of Arcon's Moscow office, Arcon has continued to deliver a wide range of high quality equipment to its customers in the Russian market.


    ARCOS LLC (ARCOS) addresses accountability, transparency, and results for crew callout in industries with staffing qualification requirements, diverse regulations, and urgent response times. Founded in 1993 as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) consulting and custom application development company, ARCOS has grown to become the premier provider of callout and resource scheduling solutions in the country.

  20. ARCTECH, Inc.

    ARCTECH, Inc. is a diverse American Corporation which provides cost-effective solutions for the agriculture, energy, and environmental market sectors. Founded as a spin-off company from the Atlantic Research Corporation`s Environmental Science and Technology division, the ARCTECH group through 25 years of experience in energy, energetics, environment and agriculture, has created unified solutions in these interrelated market sectors. The entrepreneurial scientists and engineers at ARCTECH have pioneered the use of our vast resources of coal for economical clean energy, clean water and environment, safer foods, recycle military and industrial wastes, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  21. Arctic Boilers & Fabricating, Ltd.

    Arctic Boilers is a customer-focused, service-based company our goal is to provide and maintain a safe product for the oilfield industry. Arctic Boilers & Fabricating Ltd . has a customer service-based team with over 20 years experience in the boiler I business. Our team takes the initiative and contributes ideas to find i lew, innovative ways to provide the best possibl e service. Product knowledge and our customer relationships are always our priorities.

  22. Arctic Controls, Inc.

    Arctic Controls, Inc. is Alaska`s leading expert in valves, flow meters, actuators, instrumentation, and process controls for commercial oil, gas, and water management. We provide professional expertise for all commercial applications and can assist you with estimates and recommendations for your project.

  23. Arctic Fox LLC

    Arctic Fox, LLC is a leading supplier of high quality components to the heavy-duty trucking and off-highway equipment markets. We make productivity possible under extreme cold weather conditions. Our products warm fuel and fluids and transfer that heat efficiently to your equipment when you need it most. Our fuel warmers reduce fuel gelling and eliminate plugged fuel filters, keeping trucks and other equipment moving in the coldest weather. Our products get people working sooner, reduce engine idling and fuel consumption, and help meet engine manufacturer warranty requirements. Warm fluid flows free thanks to heat from Arctic Fox!

  24. Arctic Protection AS

    Arctic Protection AS is a group of companies from northern Norway supplying an integrated concept in preparedness services for all maritime operations. The company is a merger of the former Maritime Preparedness Operations AS (MAPO), with its headquarters in Honningsvåg, and the former Arctic Protection AS from Harstad. MAPO has supplied oil spill preparedness for all ship-to-ship operations (STS) performed in northern Norway since 2005. MAPO has also supplied courses in the use of oil spill response equipment as well as maritime training. Norwegian Petro Services specialises in oil spill preparedness and supply contingency plans for any maritime operation. Arctic Protection has focus on development of new technology. Together with leading manufacturers of oil spill response equipment,as NOFI, NorLense and Markleen, we work to optimize the equipment for use in the Arctic waters.

  25. Arctic Snowplow

    Since 1969, the roar of an orange Arctic snowplow has often meant the difference between shutting things down and keeping things moving. Confronted with some of the harshest conditions on the planet, Arctic has been there to put winter where it belongs – on the side of the road. With decades of manufacturing experience, Arctic has earned a reputation for performance and durability that is as much a product of brains, as it is of brawn. Exceeding design and manufacturing requirements is essential when you are building equipment to fight winter in the True North. Beyond tremendous durability, all of our plows also employ advanced blade design mechanics to initiate a rolling motion that moves more of even the stickiest snow. This means less resistance, less wear on power trains, and greater fuel economy.

  26. Arctik Blast Dry Ice Blasting LLC

    Arctik Blast Dry Ice Blasting has been providing environmentally friendly surface cleaning since 2008. We offer onsite dry ice cleaning for our customers. Many times the machines or components can be cleaned online completely eliminating downtime. Arctik Blast has served companies such as Dupont, PPG, Solar Power Industries, Alkab Manufacturing , and many more.

  27. Arcus Absorbents Inc.

    Arcus Absorbents Inc. is your source for a complete line of absorbent and spill control products. We provide simple solutions to reduce cleanup costs. Arcus Absorbents Inc. offers Universal Absorbents, Oil-Only Absorbents, General Purpose Absorbents, Spill Kits, Granular Products, and Solidifiers for the encapsulation of water and oil based liquids

  28. Arcusin S.A

    Arcusin S.A. is a company that is part of a family business group closely related to the farm. At Arcusin we research, develop and manufacture specialized agricultural machinery. Our objective is to offer the industry practical solutions that reduce the costs of non-productive manipulations and increase the efficiency of producers. More than forty years in the manufacture of specialized agricultural machinery and more than a century of family tradition in the world of agriculture endorse us. Our human team, the great value of our company, allows us to guarantee the proper functioning of our teams, offering after sales service, technical assistance, personalized telephone service and shipment of spare parts. All our services are available wherever they are needed. We export our machines to more than 40 countries, weaving a network of distributors that cover the five continents.

  29. Ard Geographics

    Land and Hydrographic Surveys .... Ard Geographics has set its sights on a single goal, to be the best surveying and mapping firm in the Middle East. The company remains true to its focus as geomatics professionals, committed to integrity, timeliness and cost effective solutions for the clients.

  30. ARDA Power INC

    ARDA Power uses patented technology to provide the core functionality for a range of power electronics solutions targeted at the emerging and now rapidly growing market for distributed power generation. ARDA foresees a continued and rapid shift to more distributed generation, with more energy produced closer to where it is consumed, and greater reliance on renewable energy sources. Many of these sources including solar energy and fuel cells, as well as storage, generate DC power and require dedicated DC power grids to operate efficiently. At the same time, there is a growing trend towards incorporating DC powered loads like LED lighting and EV chargers. ARDA’s solutions make the design and installation of these DC power grids safer, more efficient, less complex, and less expensive, providing ARDA with a tremendous opportunity to participate in and lead the ongoing revolution in distributed power generation.

  31. ARDCO

    Our story isn’t really about us…It’s about you getting to the jobsite, getting work done, and getting out of there. It’s a story that started back in 1955, when a man from Addicks, Texas, started building off-road equipment under the company name Applied Research and Development Company, or ARDCO, for short. His 4x4 buggies became so popular in the oil and gas industry that he set up shop in Lafayette, Louisiana, and expanded his operation. Eventually, ARDCO was purchased in 1989 by Pettibone Corporation, a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, pipe and tire handling machines, railroad construction and maintenance machines, and rough-terrain forklifts. ARDCO’s headquarters remain in Lafayette, but production has been moved to Pettibone’s facility in Baraga, Michigan.

  32. Ardea Consulting

    Ardea Consulting was established in 1997 to provide science-based consulting services. We specialize in ecological risk assessments, avian or wildlife toxicology and ecotoxicology. We work with clients to provide technical solutions to address regulatory and other ecological or environmental toxicology issues. Since its founding, Ardea Consulting has worked principally on evaluating pesticide effects on birds and other wildlife. The experience gained is readily transferable to other contaminant groups. Projects have included field evaluation of potential exposure of wildlife to pesticides.

  33. Ardebil Industrial Valves (AIV)

    Ardebil Industrial Valves (AIV) is professional manufacturer of Ball Valves, Shut-off Valves and Gas Over Oil Actuators which founded at 2005 in a land with area of 11800 m² in industrial zone of Ardebil city with the aim of design, production & supply of all kind of valves in oil, gas & petrochemical industry. AIV with educated and expert staff and with taking advantage of modern technology and advanced machinery is capable to produce & supply high quality valves & Actuators with various size & pressure, in accordance with IGS & IPS standards. AIV can provide products according to customer’s designs and requirements. We believe that with adhering to principles of good quality and client’s satisfaction, can offer the best service to our customers.

  34. Arden Equipment UK

    Situated in the Northeast of France, in the heart of a region in which metal processing has got a long tradition, Arden Equipment is the only French manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for excavators and other carriers.At one central location conception, production and sales of the complete range of Arden Equipment products takes place. Due to the efficient cooperation of the different departments attachments can be designed, implemented and produced according to customers` requests without problems.Founded in 1956 the company originally was specialized in production of excavator buckets. Over the years the product range was extended to demolition and recycling products, clamshell and re-handling grabs, multi-tine grabs and other dedicated hydraulic equipment.Due to the sustainable sales politic in export ARDEN EQUIPMENT is world-wide representated.

  35. Ardesia s.r.l

    ARDESIA s.r.l. a company specializing in the design and construction of ecological solutions for painting. ARDESIA s.r.l. is born with a decade long experience of its young technicians. Offers a wide range of products studied in depth for maximum quality and environmental protection. Our modular products are made from high quality material and designed to optimize its dimensions for transport, a fast and easy setup for installation and maintenance. Ardesia srl consists of specialists continually updated with new regulations and technologies required and is always available for the study and development of customized solutions

  36. Area Diesel Service, Inc.

    Area Diesel Service, Inc. has provided powerful diesel solutions since 1973. Our diesel specialists have earned their expertise through first-hand experience—from repairing diesel engines on agricultural and heavy equipment applications to increasing fuel efficiency and turbo performance on diesel pickups. Countless hours spent under the hoods of diesel rigs or enhancing yet another AG diesel engine has come with plenty of sweat and grease stains. Every knick and scar picked up along the way represents a notch of hard-earned insight.

  37. AREAL

    AREAL is a publisher of automation software. We are the developers of TOPKAPI, a state of the art SCADA software package. AREAL is committed to the benefits and quality of service our software offers to our clients, focused more particularly on : Investments in innovation, R&D. Product reliability. Easy implementation. Ascending compatibility, providing our users with long-term upgrading paths for their tools and ensuring sustainability. High quality technical support, offering prompt and effective responses to users. AREAL works with many controllers and RTU manufacturers to improve product interoperability, and is a member of the OPC Foundation, which aims at supporting this interoperability by creating and publicizing open standards.

  38. Aregas

    AREGAS UAB was registered in 2015. Despite being in the market for only a couple of years, our staff has 25 years of experience in this type of business, making it our greatest asset. AREGAS's specialists, who are known for their flexibility, mobility, safety, determination and ambition, work in a large variety of fields, including finance, metal trading, economics, marketing and law. As a result, we react and adjust to the market accordingly and swiftly and are fully capable of competing with other companies

  39. Arena Comet NV

    Arena Comet Group was founded in 2001. Arena Comet specializes in developing economical and environmentally friendly solutions for removing all types of organic coatings from metals by means of thermal technologies. Our primary acitvity is the design, production and sales of fluidized beds and pyrolysis ovens, which are mostly used for paint stripping and plastic and rubber contamination removal from various tools and machine parts. Our technology can also be efficiently employed for waste and sludge treatment.

  40. Arena International Events Group

    We have a large portfolio of established, annual events - many of them the flagship events within their respective industries. We also continually launch new events in order to react swiftly to the research findings, and to provide of-the-moment business gatherings which address head-on the challenges of an ever changing global environment.

  41. Arends Hogan Walker LLC (AHW)

    AHW LLC (Arends Hogan Walker) is a John Deere dealership with locations in east central Illinois and western Indiana. We combine The Strength of Tradition and A Vision for the Future in order to deliver Tomorrow’s Solutions Today. AHW provides the best parts inventory, master trained service technicians and industry leading knowledgeable people. We sell quality agricultural, residential, turf and commercial equipment. AHW provides value to our customers through superior customer service, integrated solutions and value added support.


    A Saudi company with a blend of Saudi and International consultants Accredited by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) Accredited as an approved contractor by major companies. Arensco provides five main environmental services 1. Consultancy 2. Monitoring 3. Environmental health inspection 4. Environmental and health & safety training (NEBOSH, CIEH and bespoke courses) 5. Asbestos and hazardous material surveys, monitoring and assessments, asbestos removal project management

  43. Arent Fox LLP

    The five founders of Arent Fox—Henry J. Fox, Albert E. Arent, Edwin L. Kahn, Harry M. Plotkin and Earl W. Kintner—brought impressive credentials to the firm. Previous high-level positions and extensive ties to the Washington, DC business community laid the groundwork for Arent Fox’s reputation as one of the city’s premier firms. The founders also had a commitment to community involvement, pro bono work and diversity. These commitments remain strong today. Founded in 1942 and now with approximately 400 attorneys in offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, Arent Fox is a dynamic, diversified firm with 31 practice groups and an emphasis on litigation, intellectual property, life sciences and real estate/finance.

  44. AREVA

    AREVA is a world leader in nuclear power. The group’s offer to utilities covers every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, reactor design and construction, and operating services. Its expertise and uncompromising dedication to safety make it a leading industry player. AREVA also invests in renewable energies to develop, via partnerships, high technology solutions.

  45. Arflu

    Arflu is heir to the entrepreneurial spirit of the pioneers in the metallurgical industry of the great Bilbao. A style in business relationships and a commitment to a quality product in current nowadays. There are more than 28 years since Fernando Arana in 1988 founded Arflu SA. The roots are, however, much deeper. We have to overcome almost a century of family tradition in the world of valves and fittings. Arflu is a company that looks to the future, and who knows how important it is to be present on the planet, and therefore we have offices and representatives in key countries.

  46. ARG - Advanced Reservoir Geomechanics

    Advanced Reservoir Geomechanics (ARG) provides premium engineering, management and consulting services at the interface of geomechanics and oil and gas industry. We are passionate about the science and applications of reservoir geomechanics and committed to provide cutting edge solutions to our clients. Our service is based on technical fundamentals and we emphasize a scientific approach to address geomechanical problems in Oil and Gas. Our mission is to employ grounded knowledge of geomechanics, physics, and production data to generate unbiased, advanced, practical, and useful solutions.

  47. ARG Precision Group

    ARG Precision Corp. and the European company Lancea have established a partnership to bring cogeneration solutions and energy efficiency technologies for industry in Puerto Rico. The main goal is to bring the best solution for our customers with high profitability and return periods of low investment, reducing energy consumption and increasing the income derived from the operation of the facility.

  48. ARG Translations

    ARG Translations is a translation agency based in Argentina. Our database is composed of carefully selected, certified translators, natives in the target language, with proven experience in several fields of expertise.Besides translations, there are other services within our professional capabilities, such as proofreading, localization and desktop publishing. We are constantly seeking to improve and expand our work, by adding further assistance and resources. We have cultivated a reputation for hard work, transparency and a value-added benefit for our customers, which is reflected in our curricular and professional achievements.

  49. Argal Chemical Pumps South Africa

    ARGAL has been manufacturing and supplying chemical transfer pumps made from thermo-plastics for the engineering field for over 30 years. ARGAL South Africa is a marketing and distribution agent for the Italian based company. ARGAL offers a large range of pump constructions to address all industrial applications where temperatures range form -40°C to 120°C with flow rates up to 1200m3/hr.

  50. ARGAL s.r.l.

    Argal® boasts forty years of activity in the invention and production of pumps made of thermoplastic material, compounds and corrosion-resistant metal alloys. During the past decade, significant efforts were directed to research and development on the entire production and such an effort resulted in pump ranges entirely new or renovated both regarding mechanics and hydraulics systems. Today the company has an extensive range of pumps in various constructions for industrial applications with temperatures from -40°c to +130°c with load capacity up to 1600 mc/h and over 100 meters. Argal® also offers a complete Italian range of AODD pumps (from 1/4" to 4") with metallic or plastic solutions to satisfy the most different market demand. All is certified ISO 9001:2000 according to Vision ISO 9001:2000 rule. We strongly want to offer a wide production program with high-quality pumps at real competitive prices.

  51. ARGE-Kompost & Biogas Österreich

    Austrian Compost & Biogas Association (AG Kompost & Biogas, Austria) providing information in relation to composting and biogas solutions for the Autrian market. The Working compost and biogas Austria is the umbrella organization for currently five national organizations. In the states of Tyrol, Styria, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Carinthia our state associations coordinate for up to 20 years is happening to stand the plant operators with expert advice on planning, operation and communication with authorities on the page. ARGE Compost & Biogas represents Austria more than 490 plants from the compost and biogas sector. The service radius extends beyond the borders of individual states.

  52. Argellit

    Argellit is a water specialist company. Our main areas of business are — manufacturing filter media for water deironing, softening, and conditioning — engineering water treatment systems for residential and commercial use — engineering IT solutions for water industry

  53. Argent & Schuster, Inc.

    Argent Communications Group is a multi-channel information provider covering environmental, water, land use, and climate change legal and policy issues through monthly, practice-oriented legal journals; a website with searchable, archived articles for subscribers; email alerts; and Minimum Continuing Legal Education conferences. With a contributing and advisory editorial base of over 50 in-the-trenches practicing attorneys and law professors, we provide not only information but also insight into these complex areas of law and policy. Our Contributing Editors assemble the most useful updates, reporting from the experience of their own practices—insight that only those who practice daily in these areas can truly provide.

  54. Argent Consulting Services, Inc.

    ACS Engineering Group is a premier provider of environmental consulting services, corporate sustainability solutions, and regulation management with 20 years of compliance industry experience.

  55. ARGENTINA CosmoBio srl

    CosmoBio is a new player in the chemical analysis and biosciences market and is strongly backed up by the solid and proven experience, reputation and professional career of its staff members. The focus is placed in the supplying of analytical solutions for chemical analysis and biosciences. Our commitment is to provide reliable solutions, valuable services and honesty, and our ambition is to have the opportunity to become your supplier.

  56. Arges Treatment Machinery Company

    ARGES is a company that inclusively specializes in the sphere of water and wastewater treatment. Diversely involved with sustainable human progress and the survival of species, our products protect and enrich natural resources. ARGES utilizes environmentally friendly industrial development. ARGES presents economic, rational and effective solutions to its’ customers as a consultant, manufacturer, contractor, constructor and engineering firm. Our company is always ready and disposed for reliable service at any level and scale. We also provide inclusive turn-key basis installment and post delivery assistance.

  57. Argnani & Monti S.r.l.

    Company Argnani & Monti is born in January 1965 from the entrepreneurial spirit of Argnani Quirico and Monti Vincenzino, who in that moment, recognized the strong and crescent need of development that the agricultural field matured. At the beginning the prevalence of the job was concentrated on earth-movement blots, but with passing of the years it increasingly dedicated to equipments suitable for the land reclamation (open-tracks, ripper) and to the movement (loading shovels) until widening the range with clear-snow blades and excavators.


    As a components and system supplier ARGO-HYTOS is an essential part in the supply chain of the world market leaders when it comes to mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering. ARGO-HYTOS has established an international network of production and distribution companies to provide the full support our successful global customers are accustomed to. We offer customer-oriented added value and expertise at the customers’ location. With modern technical challenges becoming more complex as time goes on, it is vital to find system partners who can offer an integrated approach supported by outstanding experience, which they can contribute to projects and offer solutions for fluid power technology.

  59. Argon Electronics

    Argon Electronics was established in 1987 and has since become a world leader in the development and manufacture of hazardous material detector simulators, most notably in the fields of military Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defence. Our simulators have applications from civil response to unconventional terrorism and accidental release, and international treaty verification, with a growing presence in the nuclear energy generation and education markets. Argon simulation systems are designed and developed using a proprietary common technology platform, and recognition of the validity of this integrated approach to instrumented training has been evidenced by supply to many of the foremost organisations in this arena, and the need to double the size of our premises in 2006.

  60. Argonaut Ecological Consulting Inc

    Argonaut Ecological Consulting, Inc. is a certified DBE (woman-owned business) that has helped a broad spectrum of clients solve complex environmental and regulatory issues. Since 1997, we have been an integral part of our client's project teams and provide our clients with with environmental reviews, planning, regulatory compliance, storm water management, public involvement, and construction compliance services. Through our teaming partners, Argonaut is able to offer additional services including AutoCAD mapping, surveying, and engineering services.

  61. Argonide Corporation

    Argonide is a manufacturer of water purification technologies, ultrafilters, nano metals and nano oxide powders. NanoCeram Electropositive Water Filters offer extraordinary filtration efficiency and dirt holding capability. These pleated filter cartridges have 20 times greater capacity than conventional cartridges with performance comparable to ultrafilters. As compared to microglass, meltblown and membrane media, the new nanofilter has superior performance for filtering particles from microns down to a few nanometers.

  62. Argonne National Laboratory

    Argonne National Laboratory, one of the U.S. Department of Energy`s oldest and largest national laboratories for science and engineering research, employs roughly 2,900 employees, including about 1,000 scientists and engineers, three-quarters of whom hold doctoral degrees. Argonne`s annual operating budget of around $630 million supports upwards of 200 research projects, which are broadly described below. Since 1990, Argonne has worked with more than 600 companies and numerous federal agencies and other organizations.

  63. Argos (Agri Projects) Ltd.

    Argos (Agri Project) LTD is an agricultural technology company which specializes in supplying full kit agricultural complexes & tailor-made projects. A professional team with years of worldwide practical experience and record accompanies the projects from the concept stage, through the project’s realization to its full operation.

  64. Argos Software

    From our start in 1979, Argos Software has focused on developing specialized business software for the agri-business, supply chain and logistics industries. In addition, we offer a variety of services that help you succeed in your planning, implementation, and on-going training activities. The ABECAS Insight System provides a comprehensive and user friendly system that can be configured to your needs. It will grow as your business grows, including managing production, purchasing, sales, shipping and deliveries, receivables and collections, EDI, royalties, payroll, and automation. The system is built on an accounting base and allows you to track costs by activity … or, it can integrate with your existing accounting system.

  65. Argus Control Systems Ltd.

    Argus provides automated control systems for horticulture, aquaculture, and related biotechnology industries. Our capabilities include facilities automation and specialty monitoring and control applications to support the needs of our customers. Argus is an automated control systems pioneer with over thirty years of leadership and innovation in control technology. We were among the first to use computers for integrating the control of greenhouse environments and irrigation systems. Today our systems are used in horticulture and biotechnology research facilities, universities, aquaculture and aquaponics, and many other custom control applications at sites throughout the world.

  66. argus electronic gmbh

    Since 1998 argus electronics have been developing tree inspection instruments. These are the mile-stones of that development. argus electronic gmbh – Development and Manufacturing of electronic instruments. Since more than 20 years we have been developing, manufacturing and selling solutions for our customers. The premises of argus electronic gmbh are located in Rostock. Our work is focused in tree inspection technologies, measuring instruments for atmospheric research, dosing control system for agriculture and renewable energies. Our partners who work with our products and distribute these also can be found in 18 countries around the world.

  67. Argus Environmental Ltd

    Client Services You will receive a service of the highest quality, providing both field services, qualified data and sophisticated, intelligent, reporting from monitoring carried out at their landfill sites. Your data will usually be with you on the same day that your monitoring was carried out. Your specifications, and any changes you make during your contract, will be logged and programmed into an advanced monitoring system that never forgets what you have asked for. Like our other clients, you should be very pleased with the results. Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems Argus Environmental takes its commitment to quality, health & safety and environmental management very seriously. The business is registered to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 at all our office locations. We take an integrated approach to these systems which are central to our internal and client project management processes.

  68. Argus Industrial Co. LLC..

    Argus Industrial Co. is to produce the finest line-up of efficient, portable screeners – workhorse machines that out-engineer, out-perform, out-feature, out-last, and are out-and-out better values for the money than anything out in the market. From topsoil screens for smaller jobs to larger screeners that will handle topsoil, rock, mulch, sand, compost, loam or just about anything else that can be separated by size, EZ Screen has the machine for you. EZ Screen portable screening plants also make recycling materials efficient and affordable. All of our Screening Plants feature the EZ Kinetic Drive System. More horsepower isn’t always the answer. Not when more brains can do the job better.

  69. Argus Machine Co. Ltd

    Argus Machine Co. Ltd. are synonymous with oilfield threading in Western Canada. With more than seven premium threading licenses we offer complete threading solutions and aim to be your service provider of choice. We also excel in Pressure Control Products and Pigging solutions from basic pressure switches to completely automated pigging packages up to 16 inches in diameter. Our state-of-the-art facilities include over 100,000 square feet of engineering, manufacturing, threading, assembly and test space. Our 150 employees are dedicated to providing customers with precision CNC Machining, quick production manufacturing and competitive pricing. We are your one-stop shop for OCTG threading, including API threading and premium threading, CNC and conventional manufacturing, and more. We operate under the principles of continuous improvement, people, Health & Safety and Quality. We are proud to be licensed to API-Q1 and hold ISO 9001:2008.

  70. Argus Media Ltd.

    Argus is an independent media organisation with more than 600 full time staff. It is headquartered in London and has offices in each of the world’s principal commodity centres. Its main activities comprise publishing market reports containing price assessments, market commentary and news, and business intelligence reports that analyse market and industry trends. More than half of Argus employees are commodity journalists who specialise in reporting news and price information relating to physical energy and related commodity markets. They operate according to a rigorous Editorial Code of Conduct and a Compliance and Ethics Policy that align with best journalistic practice, including the avoidance of conflicts of interest.

  71. Argus Statistics and Information Systems

    Waste has become an indispensable source of raw material in our sustainable management of our environment. We sample, analyse and evaluate information and data relating to all issues in waste management. We take apart such material flows and draw attention to economic potential as well as environmental risks. This basis of information and knowledge is our excellence in counselling communal and private enterprise in addition to pivotal players in public administration. ARGUS is synonymous for a balanced economical and ecological as well as sustainable management of material flows. Keywords: Waste Management Concepts, Waste Characterization, Waste Analysis, Evaluation, Assessments, Statistics, Inventories, Drafting of Information Systems

  72. Argus-Hazco

    Argus-Hazco offers an extensive line of industrial health, safety and environmental monitoring equipment, supplies and services. North American coverage is supported by eight offices in the United States and Canada to ensure that your job has the equipment and supplies you need when and where you need them. Our technicians, our sales reps and top management can speak with authority on the capabilities of our equipment and match it to your specific application. And we are the champions of the one-of-a-kind solution, because we have the know-how and the right tools. Call 1-800-332-0435 today and find out why Argus-Hazco should be your one resource for all of your environmental, industrial health and safety monitoring equipment and supplies.

  73. ArguSoft GmbH & Co. KG

    The environmental meteorology (or industrial meteorology) is a part of the technical meteorology. It deals with the effects of operating technical installations, chemical works, waste water plants, refineries etc. on air quality because of pollutant emissions; gases, particles, water vapor and more. ArguSoft provides software tools, to help modelling the dispersion of air pollutants particularly in the context of permitting procedures and visualise the predicted results.

  74. Argyll Environmental Ltd - part of the EDR Landmark Group

    Argyll Environmental is an ISO9001 accredited specialist risk management consultancy and is part of the EDR Landmark Group and the Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT). We specialise in environmental due diligence and risk assessment for commercial property, high end residential properties, and agricultural land transactions. We deliver practical solutions to complex problems.


    We live in an age where the ever-increasing population, industrialisation and widespread agriculture put mounting pressure on limited natural resources, while limiting the adverse effects on water and air gains importance to a vital extent. In this sense, the kind of world we live in depends on what we can achieve in adopting and improving environmental technologies. ARI ARITIM currently operates in all types of operations for environmental technologies both in Turkey and other markets as well as for industrial and domestic water treatment and flue gas treatment in particular. The company offers services in a wide spectrum from manufacturing and supply of treatment equipment to turn-key plants for laboratory studies and feasibility operations. The specialised staff, technologically innovative structure, ability to develop technical solutions fitting for local conditions, procedural integrity pursued in any type of operation, and meticulous efforts to come up with optimal solutions have

  76. ARI Technologies, Inc - Part of the Windsor Integrated Services Group

    ARI Global Technologies provides a unique thermochemical conversion technology that destroys asbestos fibres and produces a non-hazardous product that can be recycled in many construction applications. This exciting patented technology will set a worldwide precedent for managing asbestos waste. Find out how you can benefit financially and environmentally with sublicensing, investment and feedstock opportunities with this clean technology.

  77. Aria Enviro & Industrial Monitoring (Aria Payesh)

    Aria Enviro & Industrial Monitoring aim’s to deliver the best, industry-leading and cost effective, environmental monitoring and process monitoring solutions & capabilities in Iran. We view each & every project as a new opportunity for continuous improvement. This results in maximum cost effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity for our valued Clients. Proudly serving Iran, our capabilities and expertise extends to the fields of: Environmental Monitoring - Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems - Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (Online) - Stack Emission Monitoring (Portable) - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring - Noise Monitoring - Odor Monitoring Process Monitoring - Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Processes Services - Calibration Services of Environmental - Analyzers, Sensors & Monitors - Annual Maintenance Contracting Aria Enviro & Industrial Monitoring is back-boned by highly trained, well-versed, continuously learning & innovating staff supported by affiliate

  78. Aria s.r.l

    Since 2008 Aria is one of the main European manufacturers of small-medium wind turbines. Our wind turbines are 100 % Made in Italy, robust and simple. They have been designed and developed on the basis of a well-tested technology that has been implemented in hundreds of installations operating throughout northern Europe. Patented and certified, Libellula 55 kW and Libellula 60 kW will help to reduce your energy costs and to create income from your wind power.


    At ARIA Technologies we specialist in computation of pollutant dispersion, meteorological analysis, wind, emission, and air quality modeling. ARIA Technologies works with leading European laboratories to offer the most suitable solutions to industry, government, and engineering consultancies. ARIA Technologies has completed 15 years of activity focused on a single concern, the atmospheric environment. We specialise in numerical simulation of the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere.

  80. Arian khak Iranian geosynthetics group

    We are one of the largest manufacturers of Geomembrane with a width of 7 meters Application in agriculture, water and sewage, landfills, etc. With a monthly capacity of 500,000 square meters. Orders received at least 5000 square


    We are saler and biggest installer geomembrane , gcl , in Iran and Iraq in pond , foundation , tunnel we have lot of project in iran and other country please call us about installation your project about tunnel , pond, foundation , dam , lagoon


    The company is currently the only one of its kind in Indonesia and Southeast Asia that provides such a wide range of quality products, including custom made machinery, spare parts, lubricants, support chemicals, as well as providing post purchase services, that really meets the needs of customers. These winning qualities have Darmawan ready and able to penetrate the middle to upper market segments and become the market leader in Indonesia

  83. ARI-Armaturen GmbH & Co.KG

    ARI-Armaturen GmbH & Co.KG established by Albert Richter. The product range comprises cast iron straightway valves in PN 16 from DN 15 to DN 100 We are your valve partner for control - isolation - safety - steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. Worldwide. ARI services are founded on speed, expertise and dependability - as well as the high quality for which we are rightly renowned. Satisfied customers and long-term business relationships are our goal. Every day, we renew our commitment to optimise the benefits for you: Through continuously improved processes and products as well as regular further training and qualification opportunities for our dedicated team of employees. We motivate our staff to deliver peak performances by offering them individual development prospects combined with maximum design freedom. These are vital elements of our corporate strategy as we go from strength to strength in the global competitive arena - today and tomorrow.

  84. ARICON Kunststoffwerk GmbH

    ARICON Kunststoffwerk GmbH is specialist in Rotational-moulded plastic-Containers for industrial use until the volume of 30.500 litres. The protection of environment needs systems which delays chemical liquids from plants and containers by industrial processes. ARICON now offers 3 complete lines of spill-containment: Platform WRL, spill pallet WRP and spill sump WR. All lines are in pallet sizes from 600 x 400 mm up to 1200 x 1200 mm, from 15 up to 1200 litres volume, resistant against chemicals, absolute seamless, highly rugged with impact resistance and with accreditation of German Institute DIBt (Berlin). Put your drippy drums, containers and machines on a spill-containment platform to protect your environment.

  85. Arid Forest Research Institute

    It is a premier forestry research institute catering to forestry research needs of hot arid regions of India

  86. Aridea Solutions

    Aridea Solutions, we envision a time where environmental parameters are continuously monitored in real-time and can be communicated with each other, machines and people to help deliver better outcomes for our industries and the environment in which we live. This vision will be accomplished through a suite of hardware and software that will allow operators and executives to monitor and control their remote and mobile assets from any internet connection. This will provide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and usage data to their business systems such as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

  87. Ariens Company

    Ariens Company began when Henry Ariens and his three sons – Steve, Leon and Francis –developed the first American-made rotary tiller at a time when other manufacturers were experimenting with imported tillers. Ariens has the lawn equipment and snow removal equipment that you need to get the job done. Often passed down from one generation to the next, these all-steel machines are engineered with commercial-duty cast iron gear cases and large intake components that set the standard for reliability. Today, Ariens lawn mowers, snow blowers, and garden equipment have been the choice of discerning homeowners for more than 80 years. Built tough but easy to operate, Ariens delivers a heritage of reliable performance, year after year. It took many years of experimentation, education and perseverance before rotary tilling became accepted as a proven agricultural tool.

  88. Aries Chemical, Inc.

    Founded in 1985, Aries Chemical has a complete line of water treatment chemicals and water treatment equipment for industrial, municipal and institutional customers for wastewater management. We also manufactures and provide onsite support for process aids for pulp & paper and industrial cleaners and sanitizers for all industrial applications. Aries Chemical has chosen to provide our customers with best products at good prices with the application know-how that provides the lowest cost solution.

  89. ARIES Filter Works - A Division of Resintech, Inc

    Aries Filterworks, a Division of ResinTech, Inc., brings you the best technologies of water purification under one roof. ResinTech premium Ion Exchange Resins and Activated Carbon products are the foundation from which our filters are built.Aries Filterworks filters and water purification systems are manufactured in our state of the art facilities utilizing the latest technologies. Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed. Every product is individually lot numbered providing complete traceability through our extensive quality program.

  90. Aries Industries, Inc.

    Aries Industries, Inc. is an innovative leader in the manufacturing of closed circuit TV inspection and rehabilitation equipment in underground infrastructure and environmental applications. Since 1985, customers have trusted Aries to service their sewer, oil & gas, water, and mining industries with our innovation and service. Aries is a U.S.-based company with its corporate office in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a sales/service center in Georgia, a service facility in California, and a manufacturing, parts and service facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

  91. Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas

    Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas is an independent, global, and diversified engineering company that develops efficient, high value added solutions that integrate the best qualified team of professionals with the most advanced technology. The company, with a presence in over 22 countries, applies a strategy directed towards specialized markets which allows for strong, stable, and profitable growth. With offices in Madrid (Spain), Miami (USA), and Shanghai (China), we offer engineering services that include feasibility studies, basic to detailed engineering, construction, start-up, and operation projects in the Energy, Test System, Instrumentation and Measurement, and Security and Defence/UAS sectors. Our highly qualified team is characterized by its strong desire for providing the best possible solutions and for having a collaborative and committed spirit.

  92. Arikon – agro

    Arikon – agro company has existed on the Polish market since 1983. We specialize in production new machines and devices for agricultural branch. We deal new and used agricultural machines and devices from abroad f.ex. from France, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, etc. We also operate in metal branch. Our company offers welding and lock-smith’s services f.ex. metal construction, fences, gates. Our products and services are adapted to individual needs of our customers. We offer warranty and after guarantee service. We propose easy terms of payment and short term of realization the order.

  93. Aril Technologies Limited

    A providing a world class industrial products and technical services to our numerous clients in Nigeria and West Africa. Functional branches are in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria. The company has a strong technical alliance with top leading international companies in USA, UK and some parts of Europe. Our technical partners are world class companies with impeccable records which indubitably give us smooth ride into the height of excellence that we pursue. ARIL Technologies Limited benefit from the plethora of hands-on experience garnered by the founders during their past years of industrial services, having many excellently delivered projects to their credits, it is certain that ARIL Technologies Limited cannot but give the best of services. Our core strengths are: Instrumentation & Electrical Systems Automation& Control Systems Measurement, Flow Meter Proving & Prover loop Calibration. Safety & Security Systems. Power Plant & Power Systems Engineering Cathodic Prote

  94. Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S.

    PIPELIFE is Europe`s leading producer of plastic ppe systems in water, energy and industrial applications fo the improvement of scocitey world-wide. With its headquarters in Austria, Pipelife is a common enterprise of SOLVAY SA (Belgium) and WIENERBERGER AG (Austria). Pipelife`s business activities are focused on the innovation, development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic pipe systems. We provide solutions for the complete water cycle, energy and power distribution, telecommunication networks and industrial applications. Pipelife`s network is spread over more than 32 countries to serve markets around the globe.

  95. Arinzol Environmental and Maintenance Services (AEMS)

    AEMS was founded with the aim at developing new technologies in the field of water and waste water through extensive research. Arinzol Treatment Process System (ATPS), AEMFLOC, AEMCHEM and AEMair are products that AEMS have developed. The said products have undergone series of tests under extreme conditions and delivered outstanding results. Arinzol Environmental and Maintenance Services ( AEMS) is a wholly owned Canadian company. We are engaged in consulting, operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and Building General Maintenance. Arinzol Treatment Process Systems (ATPS) is a biochemical process that can be customized to current and/or future plant setup.

  96. Arion Global, Inc.

    Arion Global, Inc. is engaged in offering a number of enriched and effective asset management and recycling services for both large and small-sized companies. Our goal is to provide customized designs and solutions to make the management of your IT Asset Disposition as efficient and cost effective as possible; our global solutions address every phase of a product lifecycle. Our services are well-recognized for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and reliability.

  97. Ariq Consulting Ltd

    POWER ENGINEERING: All our power engineering services are comparable to OEMs’ Procedures and QC Standards. TURNKEY Turbine & Generator maintenance and support services. Installation and relocation of new and used equipment. Generator replacement services. Testing & Diagnostic Services Expert Field Assistance Parts Supply Test capabilities of ARIQ include ELCID- Electro Magnetic Core Imperfection Detection(ELCID Evolution) RSO-Recurrent Surge Oscillograph Wedge mappingTesting & Diagnostics 1 IR, PI & PDCA Tan Delta/PF & Capacitance Test Corona Probe Test Partial Discharge Analysis DC HV Leakage Current Test RTD Checking Harmonic Analysis Measurement Winding Resistance and Impedance Measurements SFRA Test on Transformers Turns Ratio, Excitation Current, SC Impedance on Transformer Vibration Measurement Boroscopic AnalysisTesting & Diagnostics 2 De Magnetization of Generator rotors Natural Frequency Test Infrared Thermo image sensing Earth Resistance

  98. ARISE Inc

    ARISE Inc. is one of the largest providers of unbundled jurisdictional and shop inspection services in North America and a global provider of ASME and National Board Post Construction inspection services. Our work is 100% compliance driven and focused on helping you prevent loss.

  99. A-Rise Pipe Support

    A-Rise is one of the leading roof top pipe support distributors in the world, particularly in Japan where we control approximately 90 percent of the current market share. We have been distributing our blocks since 1994. We have consistently distributed over 1 million blocks every year since 2003. Mortar blocks have always been the best choice forestablishments that require heavy and durable blocks, especially in commercial settings. Our secret formula in the cement mixture makes the blocks extremely durable and impervious to freeze-thawing, water, wind, and sunlight. Our newly developed ABS/AES blocks are light enough to carry to the roof top where they are easily cut to desired lengths. They are 100% recyclable, environmentally safe, and extremely durable due to their unique composition. A-Rise continually makes efforts to improve our technology and to develop new products for the market.

  100. AristaTek, Inc.

    Aristatek, Inc, a leading provider of hazardous materials planning and response solutions, is offering a complimentary service for communities interested in analyzing the self-reported data of fixed facilities storing hazardous materials. The company will offer this service at no cost to EPCRA administrators, Hazmat teams, fire departments/fire marshals, or any other public safety/health professionals to determine the completeness and accuracy of their submitted Tier II forms from facilities. PEAC is the acknowledged `gold standard` for this type of solution and is used by hundreds of municipal fire departments, and many Department of Defense agencies. Recent DOD fieldings include all the NGB�s CSTs, the NGB TAGs in the 54 states and territories, and the Fire and Emergency Services for the USAF bases worldwide.

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