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  1. Arikon – agro

    Arikon – agro company has existed on the Polish market since 1983. We specialize in production new machines and devices for agricultural branch. We deal new and used agricultural machines and devices from abroad f.ex. from France, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, etc. We also operate in metal branch. Our company offers welding and lock-smith’s services f.ex. metal construction, fences, gates. Our products and services are adapted to individual needs of our customers. We offer warranty and after guarantee service. We propose easy terms of payment and short term of realization the order.

  2. Aril Technologies Limited

    A providing a world class industrial products and technical services to our numerous clients in Nigeria and West Africa. Functional branches are in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria. The company has a strong technical alliance with top leading international companies in USA, UK and some parts of Europe. Our technical partners are world class companies with impeccable records which indubitably give us smooth ride into the height of excellence that we pursue. ARIL Technologies Limited benefit from the plethora of hands-on experience garnered by the founders during their past years of industrial services, having many excellently delivered projects to their credits, it is certain that ARIL Technologies Limited cannot but give the best of services. Our core strengths are: Instrumentation & Electrical Systems Automation& Control Systems Measurement, Flow Meter Proving & Prover loop Calibration. Safety & Security Systems. Power Plant & Power Systems Engineering Cathodic Prote

  3. Arili Plastik Sanayii A.S.

    PIPELIFE is Europe`s leading producer of plastic ppe systems in water, energy and industrial applications fo the improvement of scocitey world-wide. With its headquarters in Austria, Pipelife is a common enterprise of SOLVAY SA (Belgium) and WIENERBERGER AG (Austria). Pipelife`s business activities are focused on the innovation, development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic pipe systems. We provide solutions for the complete water cycle, energy and power distribution, telecommunication networks and industrial applications. Pipelife`s network is spread over more than 32 countries to serve markets around the globe.

  4. Arinzol Environmental and Maintenance Services (AEMS)

    AEMS was founded with the aim at developing new technologies in the field of water and waste water through extensive research. Arinzol Treatment Process System (ATPS), AEMFLOC, AEMCHEM and AEMair are products that AEMS have developed. The said products have undergone series of tests under extreme conditions and delivered outstanding results. Arinzol Environmental and Maintenance Services ( AEMS) is a wholly owned Canadian company. We are engaged in consulting, operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and Building General Maintenance. Arinzol Treatment Process Systems (ATPS) is a biochemical process that can be customized to current and/or future plant setup.

  5. Arion Global, Inc.

    Arion Global, Inc. is engaged in offering a number of enriched and effective asset management and recycling services for both large and small-sized companies. Our goal is to provide customized designs and solutions to make the management of your IT Asset Disposition as efficient and cost effective as possible; our global solutions address every phase of a product lifecycle. Our services are well-recognized for cost-effectiveness, timeliness and reliability.

  6. Ariq Consulting Ltd

    POWER ENGINEERING: All our power engineering services are comparable to OEMs’ Procedures and QC Standards. TURNKEY Turbine & Generator maintenance and support services. Installation and relocation of new and used equipment. Generator replacement services. Testing & Diagnostic Services Expert Field Assistance Parts Supply Test capabilities of ARIQ include ELCID- Electro Magnetic Core Imperfection Detection(ELCID Evolution) RSO-Recurrent Surge Oscillograph Wedge mappingTesting & Diagnostics 1 IR, PI & PDCA Tan Delta/PF & Capacitance Test Corona Probe Test Partial Discharge Analysis DC HV Leakage Current Test RTD Checking Harmonic Analysis Measurement Winding Resistance and Impedance Measurements SFRA Test on Transformers Turns Ratio, Excitation Current, SC Impedance on Transformer Vibration Measurement Boroscopic AnalysisTesting & Diagnostics 2 De Magnetization of Generator rotors Natural Frequency Test Infrared Thermo image sensing Earth Resistance

  7. ARISE Inc

    ARISE Inc. is one of the largest providers of unbundled jurisdictional and shop inspection services in North America and a global provider of ASME and National Board Post Construction inspection services. Our work is 100% compliance driven and focused on helping you prevent loss.

  8. A-Rise Pipe Support

    A-Rise is one of the leading roof top pipe support distributors in the world, particularly in Japan where we control approximately 90 percent of the current market share. We have been distributing our blocks since 1994. We have consistently distributed over 1 million blocks every year since 2003. Mortar blocks have always been the best choice forestablishments that require heavy and durable blocks, especially in commercial settings. Our secret formula in the cement mixture makes the blocks extremely durable and impervious to freeze-thawing, water, wind, and sunlight. Our newly developed ABS/AES blocks are light enough to carry to the roof top where they are easily cut to desired lengths. They are 100% recyclable, environmentally safe, and extremely durable due to their unique composition. A-Rise continually makes efforts to improve our technology and to develop new products for the market.

  9. AristaTek, Inc.

    Aristatek, Inc, a leading provider of hazardous materials planning and response solutions, is offering a complimentary service for communities interested in analyzing the self-reported data of fixed facilities storing hazardous materials. The company will offer this service at no cost to EPCRA administrators, Hazmat teams, fire departments/fire marshals, or any other public safety/health professionals to determine the completeness and accuracy of their submitted Tier II forms from facilities. PEAC is the acknowledged `gold standard` for this type of solution and is used by hundreds of municipal fire departments, and many Department of Defense agencies. Recent DOD fieldings include all the NGB�s CSTs, the NGB TAGs in the 54 states and territories, and the Fire and Emergency Services for the USAF bases worldwide.

  10. Aristo Catalyst

    For nearly two decades, Aristo has designed and developed cost effective catalysts to reduce emissions from mobile sources of air pollution. Aristo’s proprietary BON-X® method of creating catalytic slurries is unique, precise and at the same time, a cost effective means of managing use of precious metals. Through sourcing the best materials for the proprietary BON-X® process while developing cutting edge coating technology registered as MISO®, we are able to provide our customers with emissions solutions that meet or exceed every challenging expectation. Aristo`s state-of-the-art “intelligent catalyst” formulation process can be applied to a range of substrates including ceramic and metallic monoliths; low (25cpsi) to high (900cpsi) cell densities; standard and thin wall substates; diesel flow through and diesel particulate filters. Sizes range from small volume lawn and garden equipment to industrial power plants.

  11. Ariterm

    We have been warming Scandinavians since 1904. At Ariterm, we are used to the chilly North, a part of the world where stringent requirements are placed on heating systems. For more than 100 years, we have manufactured boilers for heating and hot water production suited to our hard climate. We mix the knowledge and experience that we have gathered through the years with hungry innovation and exible innovative solutions.For this reason, Ariterm is today Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of heating systems using bioenergy. Our history is a 100-year story about heating with biomass, based on a vision of 100% renewable energy. A history that is also a journey in time. From the time when the Scandinavian people stood in the cold of winter burning wood, to heat their huts and boil their water, to today’s modern burners and boilers for pellets. This is the foundation for today’s Ariterm, which is being expert on the environment, quality, design and your heating comfort.

  12. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

    The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality`s mission is to protect and enhance public health, welfare and the environment in Arizona. Established by the Arizona Legislature in 1986 in response to growing concerns about groundwater quality, ADEQ today administers a variety of programs to improve the health and welfare of our citizens and ensure the quality of Arizona`s air, land and water resources meets healthful, regulatory standards.

  13. Arizona Instrument LLC

    Arizona Instrument LLC was founded in 1981 by a group of engineers. Arizona Instrument, then known as Quintel Corporation, was dedicated to providing precision moisture analysis instruments that were accurate, reliable, and easy to use. Over the years the company expanded its Computrac moisture analysis line and became an accepted leader in moisture analysis, setting a standard that has been adopted by many Fortune 500 companies. The Computrac line is comprised of two technologies: a rapid loss-on-drying and a moisture specific, GREEN alternative to Karl Fischer. Arizona Instrument pursued an upgrade from ISO 9001:1994 to ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008. Though the company is located in Chandler, Arizona, its distributors and service centers located around the world provide consistent, dependable service to its many customers worldwide.

  14. Arizona Solar Energy Association

    The Arizona Solar Center (AZSC) is a place designed to provide some basic understanding of solar energy, especially as it pertains to Arizona. It is a non-profit organization administered by a Board of Directors, made up of individuals with wide experience and training in solar energy and other renewable energy resources. It is the goal of the center to provide you not only with core information about solar energy in Arizona, to keep you up to date on what is happening in the Arizona solar energy community, steer you to published resources and equipment, and to also to link you to solar energy sources outside the state as well.

  15. Arizona State University

    Arizona State University is a creating a new model for American higher education, an unprecedented combination of academic excellence, entrepreneurial energy and broad access. This New American University is a single, unified institution comprising four differentiated campuses positively impacting the economic, social, cultural and environmental health of the communities it serves. Its research is inspired by real world application, blurring the boundaries that traditionally separate academic disciplines. ASU serves more than 64,000 students in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, the nation`s fifth largest city. ASU champions intellectual and cultural diversity, and welcomes students from all fifty states and more than one hundred nations across the globe.

  16. Arjay Engineering Ltd.

    Arjay Engineering has been designing and manufacturing process and environmental controls for over 20 years. Our main facilities are located in Oakville (Toronto), Canada. Support facilities are also located in Vancouver, Canada and Beijing, China. Arjay is also supported by a network of product representatives throughout North America and in various regions of the world.

  17. ARJES GmbH

    Arjes shredders, screens and recycling plants. ARJES is an innovative and competent partner when it comes to shredding offering individual shredder solutions for the processing of various recycling materials.

  18. Arjun Energy Corporation

    Arjun Energy Corporation are one of the leading service providers engaged in the offering technical consultancy and installation services in the field of harnessing bio energy especially the Biogas. We offer all inclusive solutions for the installation of Biogas plants, agricultural greenhouse sheets, domestic biogas digesters, poultry waste based bio gas plants, gas storage balloons, solar drying systems and mini domestic bio gas digester.

  19. Ark Engineering Services Inc.

    Ark is a full-service environmental consulting and engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis providing practical, cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges. We are a multi-disciplined, cost-conscious consulting firm that provides waste management, engineering, scientific and project management services. Our motto is `your objective is our objective`

  20. Ark Envirotech Inc.

    Ark Envirotech Inc. is a private Canadian company specializing in environmental health and safety services to the oil and gas industry. Ark was responding to the need for efficient and responsible solutions to environmental problems. Serving the upstream industry ever since, we have established a leading position in the assessment of oil and gas properties and facilities for contaminants and the resulting costs of reclamation.

  21. ARK Recycling

    A Total Waste Recycling Process, ending up with Zero Waste and a sustainable alternative to Landfill, Incineration or Dumping at Sea. We are available to work with Governments, City Councils and Local Authorities, Private Enterprises on contract or joint venture basis. Introductory fees honored. Our process turns Unsorted Mixed Garbage into clean, useful and saleable products and Generates Energy plus Sustainable Employment and Profits instead of having the expenses normally associated with disposing of waste in the traditional ways. The process, is Environmentally Friendly as well as being totally pollution and emission free.

  22. Ark Scientific Pte Ltd.

    We specialise in sampling accessories for spectroscopy, chromatography and tablet dissolution systems, life science instruments and consumables. We take pride in what we do and are committed to provide top quality products and services to the science community.

  23. Ark Workplace Risk

    Since 1989, Ark has provided health and safety and fire safety services to the commercial property sector throughout the UK. Since 2000 Ark has expanded its service offering to include the risks associated with legionella bacteria. In order to develop this service Ark has employed a number of staff with the appropriate knowledge and expertise. Occasionally we undertake training for our clients on their obligations with reference to the management of risks from legionella bacteria.

  24. Arka Behbood Farayand

    gas analyzer system integrator according to more than 10 years experience. Process & Emission& Environment Data Collecting Service & Support Renew & Development Cement , Power plant , Steel , Oil & Gas Using High quality Brands in Analytic field , Custom design specific systems based on the customer needs and cost effective , transfer know how and site training that reduced operation costs pushed us to make a package and offer this best to industry for best solution with high quality products and best after sales services by Arka Behbood Farayand team .

  25. Arkal Filtration Systems

    Arkal has been providing filtration solutions for over 30 years. Our vast experience comprises innovative product development and design. We utilize our international marketing and distribution network to provide service and support to our customers worldwide. As a result, process efficiency is optimized, product quality is ensured; waste reduction occurs and crop yields are enhanced. By introducing disc filtration technology to the filtration world, Arkal became and remains a recognized world leader in filtration technologies. Our broad experience, service orientation and wide product range enable us to tailor solutions according to customer requirements.

  26. arkanmachine

    bartering construction and urban service machines . we provide all kinds off the machines from all over the world to our costumers. the main sector which we cooperate with is government sector . we are the biggest barterer company in IRAN. we think globally....

  27. Arkaya Limited

    Arkaya is a market leader in high-performance Solar Thermodynamic System & Hot water storage solutions in both Glass Lined and Stainless steel materials throughout the UK and Ireland. The Product can offer open vented, unvented and thermal store solutions for domestic hot water as well as provide stainless steel, and glass lined mild steel for commercial, industrial and marine calorifiers whether in standard, bespoke or one-off format. We offer total package solutions for domestic and commercial solar and air source heat pumps thermal hot water systems. Specifies, architects and house builders throughout the UK can enjoy a comprehensive total renewable package solution from initial site survey, system design, and training and supply of the whole solar package offering.

  28. Arkema Group

    Arkema is a world-class producer in most of its product lines, including PMMA, fluorochemicals, hydrogen peroxide, organic peroxides and molecular sieves, and a regional leader in others, including chlorochemicals in Europe.

  29. Arkema Inc.

    Arkema is a world-class producer of industrial chemicals including acrylic monomers, emulsion systems, fluorochemicals, fluoropolymers, functional additives, hydrogen peroxide, PMMA, specialty polyamides and thiochemicals. In North America, Arkema Inc., a subsidiary of Arkema, is headquartered in King of Prussia, PA. Arkema Inc. employs 5,800 people and operates 48 sites in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Arkema Inc. delivers chemical solutions worldwide.

  30. ARKEN Generator, Inc.

    ARKEN Generator with its 20 years of experience, aims to be the best in quality and follows the latest technological developments throughout the world. ARKEN produces diesel, gen-sets form 10 kVAto 2500 kVA in its modern production facilities.Our sales and after sales activities are centrally operated from our headquarters in Istanbul. In respect to our `Quality First` philosophy, we use remote displays, 20 dB(A) sound reduction exhaust systems as our standard features for our product groups.

  31. Arkil inpipe GmbH

    In 1989 as a subsidiary of TEERBAU GmbH, our company has since established itself as a leader among pipe renovation providers in Germany. In 2001, our company was acquired by Arkil, a northern europe corporate group with company headquarters in Denmark. The corporate philosophy of ARKIL INPIPE GMBH is based on systematic development and implementation of solutions to problems in pipes and peripheral systems. We strive to synergize our expertise as a technological leader with those of other qualified partners to provide you complete solutions. We work continuously with leading system providers and licensers to improve the quality of our products and installation processes.

  32. Arkit

    Arkit is transforming fieldwork industries by setting new practice standards. Our software helps companies engaged in complex fieldwork visualize data, manage processes and collaborate with stakeholders. Arkit adapts to the needs of individuals at every level of an organization to provide tailored insights from anywhere, at any time.

  33. ARKOIL Technologies

    ARKOIL Technologies Nederland is one of the largest professional oil service companies, which developed and provides exclusive and unique systems to clean crude tanks and recover oil, and cure heavily oil-contaminated land plots all over the world. ARKOIL Technologies is focused on best results for its clients. We achieve this by paying close attention to clients’ needs, responding to them with current experience and resources of the company. Our main goal is to deliver efficient solutions that exceed expectations and requirements settled by local governments and Super Mayors. For many years of professional application of technologies in different challenging regions we have never refused or failed even a single project of any technical complexity, deadlines or weather conditions.

  34. Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o

    Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o. is a Czech based company established in 2000 with a previous history from UK (Arkon Instruments Ltd, RTM Group Ltd.) Following the move of Arkon Flow Systems Ltd, in 2003, from the United Kingdom to the Czech Republic.In 2007 the company invested heavily in a development department, through which, the company offered the MAGX1, an innovative modular design flowmeter now evoluted to the new type MAGX2 – keeping modular design and offering newest communication technology features, such as GPRS or GSM-SMS.Following customers requirements new battery powered flowmeter was launched in 2010. MAGB1 offer solution for application where it is difficult or expensive to bring the power lines…The product range also includes Flumes, Ultrasonic Level and Open Channel Flowmeters and flowindicators. Other products are planned for the future.Arkon Flow Systems sold its products via a worldwide distributor network.

  35. Arkray healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

    Arkray Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., (India) comprises of former IVD business undertaking of Span Diagnostics Ltd, who is a pioneer and leading diagnostic company in India for four decades involved in Manufacturing a wide range of diagnostics products. We have nearly four decades of market standing. We continuously strive to attain international quality standard in our products, manufacturing system and quality management practices. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at via Mobile : 0091-9879043958 or email :

  36. Arlat Technology Inc. - a division of Price-Schonstrom

    Arlat screening systems are available in a variety of models, manufactured to meet the varying requirements for screenings removal. Systems are engineered for a wide range of removal capacities, channel dimensions, environments and control requirements. Applications include: municipal water and wastewater treatment; industrial process and wastewater treatment; food processing waste treatment; pumping stations; storm water collection and drainage facilities; pulp and paper screening and recovery.

  37. Arletta Environmental Consulting Inc.

    Arletta Environmental Consulting Inc. provides environmental management and assessment solutions to oil and gas, commercial, industrial, public and private sector clientele throughout Western Canada. Our mission is to provide superior, informed & effective, competitively priced environmental consulting advice and services to our clients.

  38. Arlington Environmental Services Inc.

    Arlington Environmental Services test teams and office staff have served the needs of South Florida industries. We fulfill the air compliance needs of industry - from permitting to air compliance testing. Arlington Environmental Services, Inc. provides experienced professionals specializing in the following areas: Stack Tests Compliance testing using EPA Methods for particulate, metals, HAPAS, performance and control efficiency tests for various pollutants. Visible Emission Tests. Visible emission testing using EPA Method 9 by certified readers. Permitting Permitting for minor and major air emission sources. Annual Operation Reports.

  39. Arlington Packaging Rental Limited

    With 25 years experience in the movement of hygeine and environmentally sensitive liquids, at Arlington Packaging we have established ourselves as a leading provider of innovative, sterile liquid logistics and storage solutions. Over the past 12 years we have been working closely with UK water undertakers to bring that same expertise to the the supply of Emergency and alternative water supplies

  40. ARM Group Inc.

    ARM Group Inc. (ARM) is an earth resource engineering and consulting firm, specializing in environmental consulting, waste management engineering, geotechnical engineering, water resource planning and management, renewable energy development, geophysical surveys, and support to the oil & gas industry.

  41. ARM Ltd.

    ARM Group Limited is a privately owned company based in Rugeley, Staffordshire. Established in 1947 as agricultural engineers, since the 1980s, we have specialised in the development and application of natural wastewater treatment systems using constructed wetland technology. We are the market leaders in reed bed design and construction, employing the latest treatment technologies to provide you with bespoke natural wastewater solutions for any and all of your effluent needs.

  42. ARMAŞ A.Ş.

    ARMAŞ A.Ş. was founded in 1998 to produce valves for potable water and agricultural irrigation systems. It has become one of the leader establishments of its sector in a short time thanks to ARMAŞ makes valves. ARMAŞ A.Ş. has given high quality services with economical prices to his costumers in industry, potable water networks and agricultural irrigation systems by means of Hydraulic Control Valves, Automatic Filtration Systems, Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Strainers, Check Valves, Air Valves and Hydrants he produced. Our company who does not sacrifice quality in production has used ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System since 2000. In the scope of importance we gave for both human and environment, we have developed our institutional structure day by day with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and TS 18001 Occupational Healthy and Safety Certificate since 2007.

  43. Armada International Limited

    Armada International Limited is the expert in providing reliable, innovative technologies, excellent services and products of security, surveillance and signaling peripherals. The principal business of Armada includes importation, distribution, marketing, customer servicing and system consulting of world-renowned products to system integrators, installer and security experts in Hong Kong, Macau and South China regions.

  44. Armada Technologies, LLC

    Armada Technologies is an independently owned and operated manufacturer of underground electrical testing tools. Based in Caledonia, Michigan (just south of metropolitan Grand Rapids), Armada Technologies has been the irrigation industry`s leading supplier of location and test tools since 2004. Thanks to the loyalty of our customers and a dedication to value, Armada has evolved to serve not only the irrigation industry, but also landscape lighting, cable TV, telecommunications, rental, campground, invisible pet fencing and many other industries.

  45. Armada-Vingida Structures

    Subsidiary of Armada-ITS Group and specialized in design & manufacturing diversified sorts of temporary buildings and portable structures such as portable warehouses, mining structures, oil rig shelters, environmental structures and various custom structures. Capable to offer flexible accommodation solutions for any industry and event.

  46. Arman Afarin Azma Co.

    Over 30 years of experience in support and consulting services for laboratory equipment of industry, research, and training etc. A record of cooperation with many universities' laboratory, research centers, petroleum and industrial centers, water and sewage, pharmaceutical companies etc. Arman Afarin Azma Company and its credible representatives in the field of general and professional laboratory equipment can support a wide range of the clients demand. All our sales and services staff have passed some training courses at the AnalytikJena (Germany) and Buchi (Swiss) companies, earn certificates, and sufficient experience in advice and helping clients choose the equipment types based on its applications they desire. Also all after sales services of laboratory equipment will be fully supported by our well-trained professional team along with the support of the reputable companies mentioned above.


    Arman Sanat Vira Engineering Company renders wide variety of engineering services including equipments procurement, consultation and design, installation and commissioning of industrial systems. Generally speaking, the main services being rendered by this company in the field of Electrical and Instrumentation are as below: Consultation and Design: Design and execution of projects such as power and control, automation of production lines and conversion of manual and old systems of factories into full-automatic systems, programming of control and monitoring systems, design of HMI and design and execution of telemetry projects. Installation and commissioning of control equipments and instruments and calibration of them including: transmitters, gauges, indicators, controllers, control valves, all kinds of level, flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and analyzers like turbidity, remaining chlorine, electrical conductivity, oxygen, BOD, TOC, MLSS, Sludge, PH, …

  48. Arman Sepehr Iranian Engineering Co. (ASICO)

    Potable and Industrial Water Treatment Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Cooling Towers and Related Epuipment

  49. Armar Infra LLC

    Armar Infra LLC specializes in providing HDPE Geomembrane, Waterproofing and its applications based on our client demands, whether it's medium or large scale projects, we are able to provide the solutions. We are providing qualified installers to provide the most economical and practical project solutions. Our experience and flexible crews are available all around UAE to meet your installation requirements. Each installer is equipped with state of the art welding and testing equipment to ensure a successful project.

  50. Armatec

    Armatec develops concepts for flow technology within water, heating, cooling and process. All of our technical solutions are based on our customer’s specific challenges and possibilities. Our aim is to simplify our customer’s efforts by presenting complete systems, functional solutions and products. We offer a range of concepts within Valves & Automation, Regulators & Control valves, Instrumentation & Flow metering, Pump technology, Heat exchange and Energy efficiency.

  51. Armatec FTS GmbH & Co. KG

    ARMATEC FTS GmbH & Co. KG is located in the Allgäu – in the south of Germany – and was founded in 1965. We are a leading company in the section of pumps, agitators and additional systems like separators and cutters for the Agriculture, Biogas plants, Waste Water Treatment and Industry. In our mechanical department we have CNC turning and milling machines as well as welding cabins. We currently employ 30 people at our location. Our products are in use all over the world.

  52. Armaturen Vertrieb Alms GmbH (AVA)

    For more than 40 years, our family-run company has been established in the German market as a major wholesaler of industrial DIN and ASME standard valves. We are located at Ratingen near Düsseldorf , with a service plant at Gelsenkirchen (Ruhr Area) for the modification and maintenance of industrial valves, as well as a branch office at Monza (Italy) for supplier and deadline monitoring. With our companies Alms Valve Agency in the Netherlands, UK and Hungary we provide additional local sales teams and stock capacity . In most of the other european countries we are represented through our local sales representatives.

  53. Armaturenfabrik Franz Schneider GmbH + Co. KG

    AS-Schneider is a modern, internationally established family company and relies on close contact to customers and on technological progress with over 140 years of tradition and experience. Today, AS-Schneider is among the world`s leading manufacturers of Instrumentation and Pipeline Valves with approximately 350 employees. In the niche Industrial Valves for Large-Bore Diesel Engines, such as those used in ship engines and for power generation, AS-Schneider is the market leader worldwide.

  54. ARMBRUSTER Kelterei-Technologie GmbH

    ARMBRUSTER, we have a passion for grapes, now spanning four generations. We know that grapes must be de-stemmed with the utmost care to preserve their essence; the promise of becoming a fine wine. The grape is the essence of a fine wine. Delicate grapes promise to please the connoisseur’s palate: grapes can be crafted into fascinating, great wines. Grapes are crafted into fine wines by people. The ROTOVIB is the latest development in quality wine grape processing equipment. Its goal is to provide the gentlest handling of fruit, yielding the maximum number of whole berries and a minimum of stems. That is why we value close and trusting relationships with our customers, as this is the basis for thoroughly understanding and quickly responding to their needs; from the prompt submission of a quotation to the delivery of the perfect product solution - a product solution that embodies the proven experience and expertise of Hermann Armbruster.

  55. Armcon Limited

    Armcon Environmental is the specialist division of Armcon Limited. Having dominated the market for over a decade with our range of products, we have worked with many companies on various environmental projects. We have experience in the following areas - Soil remediation. Soil stabilisation. Using recycled aggregates to manufacture concrete. Recycled aggregates to manufacture concrete products. Cement bound materials. Cement bound excavated materials.

  56. ARMES Wastewater Technologies Ltd.

    Armes started its operations for the production of wastewater equipments. By the growing expertise and technology of Armes widened its services and product portfolio and became one of the most important player in this sector.Our living environment provides us water and air for living natures. On the other hand industries consumes these natural resources and brings out wastewater and waste chemicals.

  57. Armgate Ltd.

    Armgate Ltd. is a distributor of a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment brands in Latvia.

  58. ArmoniaEventos

    Armonía, gestión integral de eventos, is a company located in Badajoz that Works in the Iberian and European market. Our company has a special focus in the needs of our customers and has a big range of services related to print, communication, business image and organizing events. Armonía carries out all necessary tasks for the success of your events and has also professionals specialized in the creation or renovation of the image of your company or your event. We believe that our customers are the most important and that’s why all the services offered are key-in-hand, which gives them an important benefit of time and money.

  59. Armored Textiles, Inc.

    Armored Textiles Incorporated offers state-of-the-art municipal, industrial and agricultural hoses ranging in size from 1` to 12` to meet your needs. Our more than 40 years of experience in extruded nitrile hose technology allows us to provide you with superior products. Our hoses are made from premium grade materials and assembled with the utmost attention to detail.

  60. ARMSTRONG and Associates

    We assist our clients in explaining the projects they are doing in the communities in which they work. We help them build rapport, trust and credibility and working with the affected stakeholders, we create shared visions that result in successful relationships and projects. Environmental Communications - Public and Community Relations - Public Involvement Planning. Accredited by the Public Relations Society of America - Life Member International Association Public Participation. Member of National Association of Environmental Professionals. International and national award winning projects.

  61. Armstrong Flow Control (AFC)

    Armstrong Flow Control (AFC) is a privately owned Australian company that has been servicing the valve and steam market since 1972. At Armstrong we are passionate about adding value to our customers businesses by providing cost effective technically correct solutions that will increase productivity, save energy whilst ensuring safety as the highest priority. With stocking facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney carrying large amounts of stock of both valve and steam related products and a fully equipped engineering / fabrication facility, we have built a strong reputation for supporting our customers on the smallest enquiries to the largest projects From Concept to Conclusion.

  62. Armstrong Fluid Technology

    With over 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known around the world as a leader and innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid-flow equipment. On the foundation of our core competencies in fluid flow, variable speed, demand-based control, and heat transfer we are uniquely positioned to combine high-quality hardware, controls intelligence, and related services into fully integrated building energy solutions. These solutions offer you optimum lifetime building performance through maximum design-, build- and operating flexibility, lowest project and operating risks, and lowest installed and life cost. At Armstrong, we’re Making Energy Make Sense.

  63. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc.

    Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc., is a full service multi-disciplinary analytical laboratory located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Armstrong provides comprehensive analytical laboratory services that center on accurate results that are cost effective. Armstrong`s staff of highly qualified scientists is fully equipped to perform a wide range of analyses and specialty services on a time-sensitive basis.

  64. Armstrong International Inc.

    Founded in 1900, Armstrong International is a private, fifth-generation family-owned company. Throughout The Great Depression, two world wars, multiple recessions, and so much more, we have continued to evolve, expand and thrive. Today, our global enterprise has more than 3,000 employees and representatives serving the world. The Armstrong heritage of knowledge and expertise reaches back more than a century, giving us a keen ability to think and plan for the future. We have a uniquely clear, long-term perspective that enables us to serve our customers in ways no other company can. We are proud to put the Armstrong and Bloss family name and reputation on every solution, product and service we offer, and we stand firmly and confidently behind them all.

  65. Armstrong Machine Company, Inc.

    Armstrong Machine Company has been a leading manufacturer of high quality mud pump expendables since 1974. Our product offering is extensive, including: Hydraulic Driven Grout Pumps, Gardner Denver Duplex and Triplex Pumps, slush pump valves, liners, pistons, gaskets, centrifugal pumps and their parts, and so much more. Every AMCI product is manufactured to high standards for long lasting performance under tough conditions. When you specify AMCI products, you purchase quality with time proven experience.

  66. Armstrong Monitoring Corporation (AMC)

    As a leading manufacturer of gas detection and hazardous gas monitoring equipment, our commitment to ensuring safer environments, healthier air, and reduced environmental impact has helped forge our reputation as a trusted gas monitoring and detection solution provider with global reach. For over 30 years we have proudly helped our clients adapt to the growing demands of both the gas detection and monitoring industry and the environment.

  67. Armstrong Waste Management Ltd

    Based in Dumfries, AWM has built its reputation on providing customers with flexible waste solutions to suit individual needs. Our experienced management, supported by highly skilled operators, aim to provide unrivalled levels of customer service to a wide range of business and domestic clients. Our aim is to offer a cost effective quality service, minimise the impact of waste on the local community and to promote waste minimisation, reuse and recycling wherever possible.

  68. Armstrong World Industries

    Since 1949, TECTUM Roof Deck and Interior Solutions have earned the trust of commercial, industrial, and institutional designers with a full range of durable, acoustical, and structural solutions. Toughness is at the heart of all TECTUM Products. TECTUM Roof Deck and Interior Solutions have been trusted to deliver durability and acoustics in high-traffic, high-impact spaces for over 65 years. Durability comes in many shapes and sizes. TECTUM Products offer design flexibility with a range of options to help architects and designers realize their design vision. Acoustics are a key element of good building design, and occupants and buildings owners have much to gain. Good acoustics enhance speech intelligibility, making it easier to understand sounds. Perceived quality of a space is also increased, making it a space where people want to be.

  69. Armstrong York Asbestos Environmental

    Asbestos detection, asbestos demolition, asbestos monitoring and safe asbestos disposal are specialised activities. They are highly regulated processes only undertaken by expert contractors. Armstrong York are recognised as one of the country’s leading experts in all sectors of Asbestos management and removal and was established to meet with the growing demands for testing, inspection, training and consultancy services affecting all aspects of asbestos and health & safety issues. The company has developed an outstanding reputation based on the professional and high quality service offered to clients in both the private and public sector. Tel: Emergency (24hr) Number: 07920 452 899 Email:

  70. Armtec

    Armtec is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a comprehensive range of infrastructure products and engineered construction solutions for customers in a diverse cross-section of industries that are located in every region of Canada, as well as in selected markets globally. Every day, our proven products, engineered solutions and dedicated people are counted on to support construction and infrastructure projects in communities everywhere. With a national presence and a local focus on exceptional customer service, we are dedicated to building excellence.


    To provide world-class activated carbon products and solutions to enable “Purification for Life.” We will continue to develop and improve technologies which purify the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

  72. Arnika

    Arnika was established at the end of September 2001 by a part of activists working formerly with Children of the Earth. Arnika is an environmental NGO - a civic association in accordance with the Czech law.

  73. Arning Companies Inc.

    1983, Arning has a history of more than 33 years of providing quality products with home town customer service and has established itself as one of the leaders in its industry. Focusing on the company`s manufacturing strengths, Arning has diversified its product lines, expanding over the years from canopies to include structural steel packages, ACM panel systems, and pressure equalized rain screen systems.

  74. ARNOLD GmbH

    Establishment of the Eugen ARNOLD GmbH as classical insulation company. Beginning with manufacturing of textile insulation blankets. We are your competent partner for innovative insulation systems and mechanical service solutions for industrial production plants. At ARNOLD, you receive turbine insulation, industrial insulation and systems for the automotive industry, as well as support from our mobile on-site machining and the mechanical field service especially for Siemens gas turbines. Flexible and customized tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industries are our strength. Thanks to our in-house development and production in Germany, we are able to meet your needs precisely and meet your company so optimally.

  75. Arnold Hahn Peikert (AHP) GmbH & Co. KG

    AHP has been founded in May of 2006 by Uwe Arnold, Michael Hahn and Stefan Peikert. The new company took over and integrated all commercial activities of Peikert Consult, Münster (consulting firm, international management & marketing, since 1992), ECOPOL CONSULT, Berlin (consulting firm, international marketing for Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, since 1999) as well as the public management and infrastructure related consulting activities of Uwe Arnold and Michael Hahn (since 1991). AHP offer waste management services.

  76. Arnold Plant Hire Ltd

    Arnold Plant Hire Ltd is able to offer a Nationwide hire of Loading Shovels. Our unique approach enables us to offer anything from a week to week hire, rolling 6 or 12 month hire periods or fixed contract loading shovels hire agreements up to 7 years We offer a range of loading shovels with bucket capacities from 1.0m3 to 4.0m3. The machines are equipped to work within most applications with options of standard general, side tipping, high tipping or grapple buckets. Most loading shovels have hydraulic quick hitches to allow quick exchange of attachments including pallet forks, sweepers and bowsers. Solid or foam fill tyres options are also available. Whether it is an aggregate job or the hardest waste application we are ready and have loading shovels packages to suit.

  77. Arntjen Germany GmbH

    Arntjen established his first company in manufacturing stable equipment. It all started very small in a car garage on his home farm in Oldenburg. His very first Lighting Ridge was designed and manufactured. As a company doing business in the agricultural sector, we can look back on a successful company history spanning 30 years. Thanks to locations in Canada, Poland, Russia as well as our partners in other European countries, we have become a global supplier and service partner to the agricultural sector. Since the end of the 1990s, we have managed to expand our range of services to the solar energy sector. Our website contains our current catalog and provides information on anything that has to do with Arntjen Germany.

  78. ARO S.A.

    ARO S.A. has the mission to offer advanced solutions to the different needs that emerge in the field of Science, Technique and Cuality Assurance, by providing equipments and systems applied to Dimensional Metroligy, Analytic Measurement, Acquisition and Processing of Data, Physical Testing and Chemicals for Material Control and Research. We support on highly qualified people and an Organization oriented towards its clients, conceiving its offer as a global service, by means of its different bussiness units.

  79. Aroma High Tech Ltd.

    We are one of the leading Manufacturers of Borehole submersible pumps and motors in India. From 100 mm to 300 mm Bore hole dia 0.37 KW to 185 KW We are an ISO 9000 certified organization, and supply CE certified products. The products are manufactured with latest manufacturing techniques and under stringent quality control. We have more than 800 Distributors/Dealers across India and are supplying our products in Asia as well as Africa and also few in Australia. We also are in manufacturing of PVC pipes for casing/column pipes and irrigation pipes. Our network is also well equipped with state of art after sales service. We are interested in appointing good agents all over the globe . We are also ready to have a Joint Venture with like minded manufacturers. We are situated in Gujarat State , in western part of India. Interested parties may contact us and we shall be glad to serve them. Best Regards P G Shah Vice President Marketing Aroma High Tech Ltd. INDIA

  80. Aron S.r.l.

    ARON was founded in 1989. It is based on the Administrator`s forty years experience in piping design and plastic materials manufacturing. As to plants, filters, skimmers we are able to supply a range of ideas and customized solutions, as well as to satisfy our customers requirements, from the design to the plant production. Our aim is to keep promises in providing quality and on time delivery in order to be chosen from customers in planning, developing and producing industry solutions, for a better cleaner environment.

  81. ARONAB

    ARONAB,using specially designed technical software and hardware, works in the fields of designing & manufacturing fuel tanks, fire extinguishing & fuel handling systems, designing, installing, implementing & providing support for water and waste water treatment systems, designing & manufacturing desalination systems, manufacturing & installation industrial equipments in the form of EPC, and participating in industrial projects as management consultant (MC). ARONAB with great efforts in improving the quality of its products and satisfying its clients, has been able to successfully accomplish a wide range of MC and EPC projects.

  82. Arosa Energy

    Arosa Energy Systems, Inc. is a solar energy installation company providing photovoltaic (PV), thermal hot water, solar lights and pool heating equipment. Serving New Jersey & New York we provide energy solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

  83. ARP GmbH & Co.KG

    Alpirsbach-Peterzell in the heart of the beautiful Black Forest and the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in 1984, when Wolfgang and Klaus Riegert once manufactured vendor parts for regional industry. Today the family-owned company has 65 employees and has successfully built up a worldwide sales network for recycling and processing plants. Click through the ARP success story here and look back on the positive steady development. ARP is your experienced international system supplier of disposal and recycling plants. Our experts plan and construct environmentally compatible and cost-effective solutions for systematic chip disposal and processing. Profit from our expert advice and our unbeatable all-round service! Our worldwide sales network is available to you at a moment’s notice.

  84. ARPA Arpalazio (Environmental Protection Agency in Italy for the region Arpalazio)

    Environmental Protection Agency in Italy for the region `Arpalazio`.

  85. ARPA Emilia Romagna (Environmental Protection Agency in Italy for the region Emilia Romagna)

    Environmental Protection Agency in Italy for the region `Emilia Romagna`.

  86. Arpi Solar

    Arpi Solar is a leader in providing solar water heaters for residential and commercial applications. We specialize in solar vacuum tube heating solutions which provide superior winter heat performance for colder climates. The same vacuum tube technologies are also used in our solar pool heating systems to provide reliable pool heating.

  87. Arpiusa

    Manufacturing products for the recycling industry since 2003. Our commitment is to continually establish and maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance in our products. These goals have proven to be beneficial for our integrity and our customer satisfaction world wide. With the dangers of burning plastics becoming more and more evident along with the continual increase in value of copper, aluminum, and recycled plastic, there has never been a better time to purchase your own Power Wire Stripper.

  88. ARR Industrial Services P. Ltd.

    We manufacture all types of Cooling Tower (RCC, Timber, FRP). We also provide services in installed towers as on demand maintenance, annual maintenance, Repairing, Capacity increasing, spares supply etc. We can provide services to almost all industries including Power, Textile, Food, Pharma etc.

  89. Ar-Rahman Technical Services Nigeria Limited

    Ar-Rahman is a Technical and Financial Services Consultant with a vested interest in Oil and Gas, Road Construction, Financial Investment and International Consultancy Services with an asset base of over fifty billion Dollars”. Ar-Rahman also deal on procurement and sales of the following commodities; Petroleum Products, Crude Oil, New and refurbished Oil Refineries and Power Plants. We have established strategic partnership with experts and owners of integrated refineries such as Hemla Vantage AS Norway and PT Pertamina Indonesia to undertake crude oil and petroleum product marketing.

  90. ArrayGen Technologies

    ArrayGen specializes in Genomics data analysis and research, as we believe in the level of precision, predictability, benchmark-ability, and data analysis capability of genomics data over other forms of biological data. ArrayGen constantly strives to develop new solutions, and plug the existing gaps in the technological advancement of the field. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a key technological tool that has emerged in the past decades. NGS is known to provide a cost-effective and time-saving technological advancement in nucleotide sequencing activities, and has found its application in several sectors of the life-sciences domain at large. At ArrayGen, we focus on developing niche NGS data analysis tools, protocols, and custom workflows, which can expedite your research. We also provide data analysis services where we draw meaningful insights from standard or custom raw nucleotide sequence data.

  91. Arreon Carbon Ltd

    Arreon is a leading company originating Clean Development Mechanism projects under the Kyoto Protocol in China. Arreon is building a portfolio of projects with the potential to generate carbon credits. <br /><br /> Arreon is the only company exclusively focused on the Chinese market with the full range of competencies required to bring a CDM project from start to finish.

  92. Arrigoni S.p.A.

    ARRIGONI group has been in the technical textile sector since 1936. In 1959 it started production of nets in polyethylene. It has 50 years of experience in the field of protection nets. The AGROTEXTILES division offers high tenacity and long lasting nets for the climatic and biological control of the crops and useful nets: protection from birds, hail, wind, sun, frost, insects, weeds, nets for support of climbing plants and non-woven fleece. Gardening range (city garden) joins to the professional sector. ARRIGONI is represented in 50 countries throughout the world, thanks to its distributors.

  93. arrow asset alliance

    We are a South Florida based e-waste recycling service provider also offering secure data destruction and remarketing services for telecom, computers, network hardware and medical devices. Free e-waste recycling service makes recycling affordable and convenient to our local businesses and adheres to a zero landfill policy. Downstream audits are also performed to ensure the best means available for disposal or reuse are being utilized. Data Destruction services are offered at competitive rates, follow a strict chain of custody and give our customers the proper documentation needed to provide peace of mind, compliance and reduce risk. With a combined 25+ years repairing, refurbishing and reselling used computers, telecom equipment, medical devices and networking hardware our refurbish and remarket team is second to none and guarantees the highest return for your companies used equipment while leaving your IT staff free to focus on their essential functions wihtin your organization.

  94. Arrow Ecology Ltd

    Arrow Ecology is a professional environmental services and contracting/implementation company that is distinctive in its comprehensive full service & turnkey approach to environmental compliance. This approach provides cost savings, continuity, and accountability. Having one entity responsible for all phases of the project is a distinct advantage from a liability and `get-the-job-done-right` perspective. We specialize in assisting our clients meet the requirements of a myriad of local and state regulations. Arrow Ecology’s goal is to achieve environmental compliance in a highly responsive cost efficient manner.

  95. Arrow Electronics

    Arrow Electronics is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, with 2011 sales of $21.4 billion. Arrow serves as a supply channel partner for over 120,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers and commercial customers through a global network of more than 390 locations in 53 countries. A Fortune 200 company with 15,700 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets, including telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. Arrow provides specialized services and expertise across the product lifecycle. Arrow does this by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place at the right time and at the right price.

  96. Arrow Environmental Services Ltd

    Arrow Environmental Services has gained an enviable reputation based on many years of experience in wastes management. In 1984 Arrow Waste Oil Services was established to collect waste oil for recycling. The company soon developed other services, such as collecting and disposing of effluents, tank & industrial cleaning and jetting. Through our TWM (total waste management) Division we can offer companies a single point of contact for all waste streams.

  97. Arrow Gypsum Recycling Limted

    Arrow Gypsum Recycling Limted providing plasterboard recycling services to waste management companies, constructions companies, agricultural and plasterboard manufactures nationwide. Our State of the art plant will help illeviate the problem of the lack of re-processing facilites with the central region, our plant can help further reduce the impact of plasterboard on the enviroment by reducing the amount of transport required to get waste to existing plants around the country.

  98. Arrow Industries

    Founded in 1931, Arrow Industries is a master distributor of more than 5,000 items serving the plumbing, water treatment, appliance install, and hydronics markets. With eight decades of pioneering service to these industries. As a privately owned and complete solutions provider, we strive to offer only industry relevant product, timely delivery, and flexible packaging options--all attractively priced. We have more than 200 years of cumulative industry expertise in the hands of our support team professionals.

  99. Arrow Recycling Ltd

    Arrow Recycling provides all type of recycled plastic material such as PP Regrind, LDPE Natural, LDPE Film 98/2, LDPE Jazz, LD Lump Regrind etc. We buy and sell a range of post-industrial commodity plastics in various forms including Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene and PET, as well as engineering plastics such as Nylons, Polycarbonate, Acrylic and many more. More details can be found at

  100. Arrow Speed Controls

    Arrow Speed Controls Limited (est. 1980) is the leading Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Integrator in North America. With over 20,000 successful applications to date, we are a trusted partner across the heavy industries. We engineer and assemble speed control equipment for a wide range of electric motor applications. In addition to VFD`s, we also do DC drives, soft starts, servo controls and PLC systems. No matter what your requirement in speed control, we can find a timely and cost-effective solution that delivers results. Specializing in forestry, pulp and paper, mining, automotive and petrochemical, Arrow Speed Controls is a VFD systems integrator complete with electrical control design, manufacturing, service, site commissioning, and startup.

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