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  1. ASL Holdings Ltd

    ASL Holdings Ltd (ASLH) maintains its central role in the data communications industry by being at the forefront of technology and strengthening its reputation amongst clients within the Utility, Logistics and Retail Finance sector. We offer unique products and turnkey solutions to our clients within the UK, Europe, The Americas and Australiasia. Today thw business continues to develop with key suppliers such as Telit Communications offering leading edge technology and reliability. The ASLH R&D Team constantly improve and upgrade our range of equipment and are constantly engaged on new, exciting, products.

  2. Aslan Technologies

    Aslan Technologies manufactures Waste Water Treatment Equipment and Filtration systems. Aslan Technologies is a design and manufacturing company serving the chemical, water and wastewater treatment industries. Aslan has grown its Engineering, Project Management and Manufacturing capabilities to find the right solution to a problem and deliver that solution on time and on budget. Aslan has developed these capabilities by serving the world`s largest specialty chemical manufacturer`s as an OEM manufacturer. In this demanding role, Aslan has gained experience in providing both standard and custom equipment to a wide variety of market sectors - worldwide.

  3. Aslanlı Tel Sanayi

    Aslanli Tel Sanayi, established by Ali Pesen in 1992, is located over a 23.000 m2 production area in Kurtkoy, one of Istanbul’s fastest growing districts. Aslanli has a long history dating back to the republic’s foundation in 1923. Being an entrepreneurial, reliable, quality focused and environment friendly establishment, each passing day we are taking solid steps to increase its market share in the international markets. We are constantly motivated for new investment opportunities as the market for our products expand and the requirements and needs of our customers rise. With our recently purchased hot dip galvanized line from world renowned Belgian firm F.I.B., we have access to the latest technology. Our goal is to provide the support and service that our customers deserve and increasing our market share through our high quality products, well executed strategies and our highly experienced team.

  4. ASLI(China) Test Equipment Co.,Ltd

    ASLi (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd is authenticated by competent testing centers, including the National Measurement andTestingCenterand South China Center of Metrology. Famous for precision and reliability, these products have been extensively used within the industry, by research institutions, quality inspection agencies, and colleges and universities both at home and abroad, serving a worldwide customer base.

  5. ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG

    ASM has made it its business to break down the Industry 4.0 concept to the specific requirements and processes of its customers in the electronics manufacturing industry. , ASM Pacific Technology acquired the placement machine business of Siemens AG, thus setting the foundation for its third and latest business segment: SMT Solutions. The successul integration continues the success story of ASM PT as the world`s leading supplier and partner for the electronics manufacturing industry. ASM PT is traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, operates many plants in China and has locations all over the world. In 2002, the company became the world`s largest supplier of solutions for so-called backend technologies in electronics production, which include chip assembly, bonding, packaging and other process steps.

  6. ASM Auto Recycling

    ASM Auto Recycling has over 20 years of experience in scrapping cars environmentally, efficiently and safely.

  7. ASM DIMATEC Deutschland GmbH

    Our quality standards have been shaped byover 80 years of experience in pump manufacturing and engine and plant engineering. High durability, solid and innovative construction and quality control are the outstanding traits of our pumps. All components of the pumps are manufactured in Germany. Third party components are manufactured by major Germanfirms. Besides,we guarantee a quick and efficient service. Service plans can be adapted to the customers’ requirements at any time.

  8. ASM Group

    ASM is an innovative and modern Biotechnology company that specialises in Organic Recyclates. Our business, right from the outset, has been to offer affordable technology for solving escalating organic waste disposal problems, with our focus on cost reduction for our clients and environmental benefits for us all. To do that, we offer a closed loop solution, where nothing is wasted – everything is recycled into a useful form. This has only been possible with the breakthrough of ASM’s fully patented Accelerated Thermophilic Aerobic Digester (ATAD), with its ability to process mixed organic food and green waste to produce a high nutrient, stable, non-toxic fertiliser pellet in typically three days. We call this revolutionary technology, the `ecoHERO`.

  9. ASM Metal Recycling

    ASM Metal Recycling, part of the ASM brand that has been established for over 40 years, are widely regarded as one of the most professional and modern recycling operations in London and surrounding areas. From scrap metal recycling and fridge recycling to grab services and recycled car parts - ASM Metal Recycling are here to help.

  10. Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE)

    The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) is the voice of the wind sector in Spain. It promotes the use of wind energy in Spain, Europe and worldwide. It represents and defends the interests of the sector. With over 200 member companies, it represents 95% of the sector in Spain which includes promoters, wind generator and component manufacturers, national and regional associations, organizations connected with the sector, consultants, lawyers and financial entities, among others.

  11. Asociación Latinoamericana de Hidrología Subterránea para el Desarrollo

    ALHSUD has its origin in the Latin American hydrogeologists meeting held in Cochabamba (Bolivia) in 1987, specified after the Second Latin American Conference on Urban Hydrology (Buenos Aires, November 1989). Its first president (reelected) was Prof. Dr. Aldo Reboucas (Brazil), who served until 1999, going to perform it after the Assembly election in Montevideo (November 1998) Prof. Dr. Mario A. Hernandez (Argentina) until September 2006, when he assumes the current president Dr. Jorge Montaño (Uruguay).

  12. Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc.

    ASOE was incorporated by top hoses engineers and sales service guy in China in 2013, whose total hose manufacturing and sales experience of management team is more than 50 years. The background of the shareholders in hose industries results in excellent services and top quality hoses. With rich knowledge on products and application, ASOE offers hose solution package to its distributors for the specific fields. 1. For frac water transfer and mining water transfer, ASOE supplies the following products package, Nitrile Rubber (NBR)Covered Hoses or Polyurethane (PU) covered hoses Couplings solutions Hose retrieval system Other accessories 2. For manure transfer, ASOE supplies the following products package, Supply Hoses and drag hoses Couplings solutions Hose retrieval system 3. For water well rising, ASOE supplies the following products package, Potable water transfer hoses Couplings solutions 4. For potable water hoses, ASOE supplies the following products package

  13. asola Technologies GmbH

    asola is a global operating developer and manufacturer of standard solar modules, roof integrated systems and `automotive` solar systems. The company is based in Erfurt in the German state of Thuringia. Our company was founded as ASS Automotive Solar Systems GmbH in 2001. At this time the company founder Reinhard Wecker has already 15 years’ experience in manufacturing of spherically curved solar panels for automobiles. Asola is focusing on the sun as an inexhaustible, free and, above all, environmentally-friendly energy source.

  14. ASORA – Wood-working Machinery, Equipment and Tools Manufacturers and Representatives Association

    Organisers of FITECMA –Wood & Technology International Fair.


    The enterprises is somposed of two separate divisions: Foundry located In Rajsko, near Town of Oświęcim and Division of Equipment for Environment Protection settled in Mazańcowice, close to City of Bielsko-Biała. The distance between these two plants is equal to approximately 30 km. Both of our factories are located in the South of Poland, amid beautiful, scenic landscape of Beskidy Mountains.Our employees are our strength, the majority of our team is composed of people with vast, over 20 years experience concerning designing and manufacturing of submersible mixers.


    ASPAPEL (Spanish Association of Pulp and Paper Manufacturers) is a nationwide professional organization that brings together companies in the pulp and paper sector. Associated member companies (about 60) account for over 90% of the sector’s total output.

  17. Aspatec

    Aspatec produces different types of filter media. Considering the gases that need to be filtered from the air, we determine which filter medium or combination of filter media is needed. In addition, regular checks of the status of the filter medium and air quality, and the remaining lifetime, are of great importance to the functioning of the filter. Our specialists are happy to visit you to perform measurements or give you their advice! Our extensive knowledge and experience have resulted in our own research and development department with optimum quality checks and high service in terms of odour filtration systems for industry, hospitals, clean rooms, museums, paper mills, waste and organic waste-processing plants, etc.

  18. AspecMS Ltd

    AspecMS staff are extremely experienced in the introduction of process MS, as a technique into new application areas. Based in the UK AspecMS Ltd have installed MS systems into many diverse application areas throughout the world and are able to offer sound advice and support based on this experience. Our customer base includes BP Conoco, Samsung, Shell Research, MOD, Novartis, GSK Eli Lilly and many international universities.

  19. Aspect Land & Hydrographic Surveys

    An established ISO PAS99 accredited independent survey company, offering a full range of topographic, hydrographic, oceanographic & marine environmental surveys anywhere in the UK & mainland Europe. Our expertise is derived from considerable experience across the full range of survey disciplines, offering fully integrated survey solutions to a wide range of industries.

  20. Aspects International Limited

    To provide our clients with enhanced profitability together with improved environmental performance is the corporate mission of Aspects International Limited. Summarized by the phrase `profitability through resource control`, the services provided by Aspects International can be utilized piecemeal or as part of a total strategy for achieving growth into the next millennium which is truly sustainable.

  21. Aspectus Engineering Services Pte Ltd

    Aspectus is a company specializing in the procurement and maintenance of high voltage equipment, testing and diagnostic equipment and accessories for customers in Singapore and the Asia/Pacific region. Since our incorporation, Aspectus has built her expertise and strength in the industry by clinching territorial representation rights with leading manufacturers of cutting edge high voltage products and complementing accessories, making us fully licensed and qualified to provide reliable products and support services to customers. We help our customers operate their plants at maximum capacity and efficiency with highest reliability with holistic approach by Condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance.

  22. Aspen Consulting and Testing

    Aspen Consulting and Testing, Inc. is a privately owned company offering environmental and testing services facilitating the needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients. Aspen is a full service emissions testing company providing exceptional testing services. Aspen’s diverse client base includes an array of industrial companies, manufacturers, commercial businesses and public institutions.

  23. Aspen Environmental

    Aspen`s multidisciplinary staff has provided environmental compliance, impact assessment, and mitigation services for energy and infrastructure projects of all sizes, including significant on-call task order programs. Consulting from four locations with a cadre of experienced professionals, Aspen has grown to be the premier integrated, interdisciplinary environmental compliance, planning, and engineering services provider for energy, natural resource, and infrastructure projects in the western United States, particularly for services associated with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).<br><br> Aspen Environmental Group is dedicated to continuous improvement in the understanding of the relationships between human activities and the environment. We are committed to providing practical solutions in support of a strong economy and industrial progress, based on the principles of sustainable use of Earth`s resources and mainte

  24. Aspen Environmental Consulting, LLC

    Aspen Environmental Consulting, LLC is a full-service environmental, health and safety consulting firm. We are a woman-owned business that offers a variety of services to assist our clients with achieving their environmental, health and safety goals and maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies. Our staff has many years of environmental consulting experience in both the public and private sectors, which allows us to provide our clients with cost-effective, innovative and forward-looking solutions. Please visit our website for more information on our services.

  25. Aspen Environmental Ltd.

    Aspen Environmental Ltd. is a small, flexible and responsive Environmental Consultancy firm, specialising in Air Quality and Noise, and their impacts on the Environment. The company is accredited by UKAS to the Environment Agency`s MCerts scheme and to EN 17025 for a range of emissions sampling and analysis methods.

  26. Aspen Group Real Estate

    Aspen Group Real Estate is North Dakota’s first commercial real estate firm to advertise nationally through Costar and Loopnet internet listing services. Aspen Group Real Estate is to provide our clients with professional expertise through integrity, innovation, opportunity and service. We actively study our market, national trends and technology changes in the real estate areas of office, land, retail, warehouse and business sales. We offer many customized services such as construction management, property management, and more.

  27. Aspen Multi-system Corp.

    Manufacturing Laboratory Furniture and Speech Laboratory. Importer/distributor of Laboratory Supplies, Equipment, Instruments and Educational Models. Sole Distributor of Health Care Teaching Aids, Moisture Balance and others.

  28. Aspen Technology, Inc.

    AspenTech is the world’s leading supplier of software that optimizes process manufacturing. We’re obsessed with innovation and continuous improvement - from our MIT roots to our scores of product industry firsts to our extraordinarily talented employees who ask “what if” every day… stretching the boundaries of what’s possible is part of our DNA. Our software tackles the most complex process manufacturing challenges, creating value and improving profitability for our customers. The industries that drive our economies and touch our lives are optimized by aspenONE software every day. The world’s leading oil & gas, chemical, engineering & construction, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods companies all rely on AspenTech to run their business.

  29. Aspermont Ltd

    Aspermont delivers subscription based content through digital, print, conferencing and events channels. We aim to deliver high quality and objective Business to Business (B2B) information services across the sectors that we serve and these are supplemented with additional online resources. Over the last 15 years, the company has been at the forefront of development in new media technologies to enable an enhanced delivery of its content services. The company’s current digital transformation project is part of this process.

  30. Asphalt Zipper, Inc.

    Asphalt Zipper, Inc. is the world wide leader in portable reclamation machines. They manufacture and sell an asphalt grinding machine called, the Asphalt Zipper. This machine is an attachment engineered to fit on wheel loaders, backhoes and skid steers. It has its own power plant and is not a hydraulic grinder. It features a turbo diesel engine that powers a rotating cutter head festooned with carbide cutting teeth. The Asphalt Zipper differs from larger grinding machines in that it has a proprietary bucket slot in it where the bucket of the host machine fits and is tightly secured by hydraulic clamps. This configuration literally transforms the loader or backhoe into a powerful asphalt pulverizing machine capable of grinding asphalt up to 12 inches thick in one pass.Asphalt Zipper produces the most powerful, yet affordable, asphalt reclamation attachments in the world.

  31. Aspire Centre For Leadership & Management

    The aspire centre for leadership & management will work in partnership with you - as a local, regional, national or international employer - to design, develop and deliver practical and innovative people development programmes that support and address your business objectives. We provide bespoke & tailored people development programmes in all aspects of leadership & management development includingn coaching, mentoring and team development. Typically delivered on your own premises, we welcome any opportunity to incorporate contributions from your own specialists and experts.

  32. Aspire Technology Pte Ltd

    Aspire Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in July 2000, based in Singapore. We are in the distribution of products & services in Semiconductor, Chemical, Environmental and all other related industries. We have extend our business into total engineering services solutions for Chemical Dispensing Systems, Ultrapure Water Dispensing Systems,& other Fluid Processing Systems.

  33. Aspol Química Internacional

    Aspol Química Internacional is a multinational chemical company specialised in the fabrication, supply and application of vegetable coagulants for the treatment of waste water, process water and drinking water, in both the industrial sector and urban. We are exclusively dedicated to the field of water, so therefore, we are able to provide with chemical solutions of the highest quality and of an ecological nature, allowing our clients to meet legal requirements, to respect the environment as well as to minimize the costs of the treatment.

  34. ASQ, American Society for Quality

    ASQ (American Society for Quality) is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. With individual and organizational members around the world, ASQ has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.

  35. asQus

    asQus provides consultancy and project management for the oil&gas sector focussed on environmentally sustainable BAT approaches to soil and groundwater remediation, process and fracking back-flow water treatment, process air treatment. asQus equally has significant experience in planning and managing the safe decommissioning of petrochemical plants, plant relocation or demolition and process technology transfer. Recently the company has been focussing on enhanced microbiologically remediation technologies combined with Groundwater Circulation Wells (GCW) for the remediation of sites contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons.

  36. Asrifiks Engineering

    Asrifiks Engineering is dedicated to provide the modernization in the production processes required the high technological standarts for wide fields of industry. We submit full range of systems and tangible ,competitive solutions in required quality by adhering the target costs with our qualified engineers and technical staff in the Bursa Industrial Zone. We aim to build up long-term solution partnership with our clients in both local and international market ,by our point of view of total engineering management. With wide technical knowledge and experience in industry, successfull projects are committed and customers satisfaction are supplied. We are in dealership and solution partnership with 3NİNE and ORTLİEB that are both leader and pioneer companies in their areas. All operating activities of sales,issuing projects, implementation and maintenance service etc.are executed by Asrifiks Engineering.

  37. Assabet Environmental Services, LLC

    Assabet Environmental Services (AES) offers industrial hygiene, occupation safety, indoor air quality, and asbestos related services to the Boston area. Depending on the scope of services, your project will be overseen or conducted by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Certified Hazard Materials Manager (CHMM), and/or a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC). AES is a Massachusetts-based, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). AES leverages over 13 years of EHS experience serving the federal government, U.S. military, and defense industry, while maintaining competitive rates, attention to detail, and client focus that can only be accomplished by a SDVOSB.


    ASSAINISSEMENT TECHNIQUE INTERNATIONAL, S.L. (ATI-IN, S.L.) is part of group of 4 small companies, works in design and construction of water treatment plants (both residual and drinking) for municipal and industrial sectors, equipments for water treatment plants, commercializes the MICROCAT products for a better optimization of the wastewater and sludges treatment and on soil bioremediation programs, the construction and repair of tanks glass-fused-to-steel, laboratory equipments and products for water analysis, etc. It is located in Terrassa, 30 Km. Northeast from Barcelona (Spain).

  39. Assay Technology, Inc

    Assay Technology is a stable, private, employee-owned company that manufactures personal air samplers for employers who desire to monitor exposures to chemicals in workers` personal breathing zones. The Company also provides the service of analyzing the contents of personal samplers, and preparation of lab reports that indicate the employer`s compliance with OSHA worker exposure rules. In addition to its core business, Assay Technology also performs lab evaluation of chemical gas masks and manufactures instruments used in gas mask evaluation.

  40. AssayNet Canada Inc.

    AssayNet offers total data management for mine operations, making data available in real time from around the world to corporate offices. AssayNet is an IT company specializing in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) for mine-site and environmental labs.

  41. ASSEAU SA.

    Preserving the environment has since many years been an important target for anyone concerned about the future of our planet. In this context, Claude Asseau, with his broad experience in the treatment of air and water by activated carbon, decided to start his own company some thirty years ago. A new company, named ASSEAU S.A., was born. Mr. Claude Asseau is currently one of the most experienced specialists in the world of activated carbon and recognized as such by business people active in this sector. He devotes all his knowledge to his customers and the rise of the company. Most of the problems related to activated carbon have no more secrets for him. The broad technological knowledge and the implementation of activated carbon in all application fields result in putting ASSEAU S.A. at the top of companies active in this sector.

  42. Assembly Supplies

    Assembly Supplies, Co. is authorized by LEISTER to sell and service their equipment. What does this mean to you? It means that the staff and service technicians at Assembly Supplies, Co. have been trained, tested and approved by LEISTER to sell, service and support you with all of your LEISTER equipment needs. Assembly Supplies Co. stocks LEISTER tools, parts and accessories. As a service center, we stock a broad range of replacement elements and parts for repairs and sale. Our service center offers FREE repair inspections on all LEISTER equipment and 24-hour service turn-around in most cases. As a sales center, you can be assured that the professional staff that serves you will be knowledgeable, courteous and will work with you to be sure you get what you need. When you purchase your Leister product from Assembly Supplies Co., we offer FREE product training at our office in Escondido, California.

  43. Assent Compliance Inc.

    Assent Compliance Inc. specialize in IT solutions that help organizations with their compliance strategies. These solutions are developed and executed through an open dialog between our clients, environmental consultants, our IT developers and our operations department. Our solutions are comprehensive, customizable and affordable with customer service being a core focus. Our clients range from mid size to fortune 500 with offices in Canada, the United States and the UK. Assent currently has over 150 employees based primarily in USA, Canada, EU and Kenya with satellite offices in Bangalore and Taiwan. Our company is made up of several divisions which all interconnect to deliver the best in class compliance solutions to our clients.

  44. Assentoft Silo A/S

    ASSENTOFT SILO manufacturer of silos and tanks for agricultural and industrial purposes. Our primary skills within the agricultural markets Sales and erection of sealed, moist grain silos and transport equipment with accessories for livestock producers. The silos are either galvanized or galvanized and painted and within the industrial markets Sales and erection of bolted, sectional silos and tanks - as turn-key projects or as sub-supplier. Including transport systems for storage and handling of various bulk products.

  45. Assessors Global Energy Trading Est. (AGET)

    Assessors Global Energy Trading Est. (AGET) commit our self to provide Science and Engineering services for Educational Units for Universities, Colleges, Hospitals and Management consultancy Services – of petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation and other industrial sectors in accordance with the International Standard. Our services as follows for Science and Engineering  Laboratory Consumables  Lab Equipment’s  Laboratory Furniture  Material testing equipment’s  Analytical Instruments  Chemical Engineering Supplies  Mechanical Engineering Supplies  Electrical Engineering Supplies AGET is an subsidiary of Inspection Contracting Est, the organization holding a team energetic, highly-experienced, trained and technical Professionals from various fields. We take all the challenges with our experts to give a total solution and resolve all obligations.

  46. Asset Recovery Corporation (ARC)

    Asset Recovery Corporation (ARC) provides End-of-Life Solutions for Computer and Electronic Equipment. ARC offers comprehensive value recovery programs in addition to managing the environmental, security and legal risks associated with technology disposal. With facilities in St. Paul, MN and Durham, NC, we provide national asset recovery services for many of the country`s largest organizations while also serving local electronics recycling efforts.

  47. Asset Recycling and Recovery

    We are an electronic scrap recycling specialist that offers solutions for your obsolete equipment, surplus inventory, and electronic recycling needs. We buy your end-of-life scrap in bulk recycling computers, monitors, and telecommunication equipment achieving the highest level of asset recovery. We also believe that it is our responsibility to protect our environment for future generations. This is why we are registered with and strictly adhere to all EPA guidelines.

  48. AssetPoint

    AssetPoint, makers of TabWare, is the leading provider of Computerized Maintenance Management Software / Enterprise Asset Management software (CMMS / EAM) solutions for companies whose success depends on the performance of their assets. TabWare is a proven CMMS / EAM solution for managing assets, work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory and purchasing. For over 30 years, AssetPoint has led the market in expertise and innovation, helping customers control their operations, reduce maintenance costs, optimize spare parts inventory, streamline procurement and provide greater visibility for improved management, command, and control. AssetPoint is headquartered in Greenville, SC. Our customers include leading Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining & Metals, Industrial Manufacturing and a variety of other companies throughout the world.

  49. Assif-Strategies Ltd

    Assif-Strategies Ltd. focuses on developing environmentally-sound, sustainable initiatives for businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. The company offers its clients strategic services that include: policy development & leadership training, tailored environmental management systems, product & service design, socially responsible investment and technology analysis, and project development. Most recently, the company has been focusing its efforts on sustainability reporting as a leading tool for stakeholder dialogue and engagement. Assif-Strategies takes on challenges that have no standard, textbook solution. Therefore, we assemble, employ or join project-based teams with multidisciplinary expertise in environmental science & management, architecture & engineering, molecular biology & crop protection, human resource management & sociology, economics, communication, marketing & business development.

  50. Assmann Corporation of America

    Since the rotational molding process uses no pressure it will yield stress free plastic tanks or parts, but only if basic processing rules are followed. We at Assmann Corporation are constantly finding ways to increase efficiency in our process but will not abandon successful methods for any cost-cutting measure that would compromise the quality of the polyethylene storage tanks for which we have become known. Our plant personnel are our `experts` in polyethylene and plastic storage tanks. They have pride in the plant and their workmanship. All of us extend a welcome to visit our plant in Garrett, Indiana.

  51. Associated British Ports

    The UK`s leading ports group, Associated British Ports (ABP) owns and operates 21 ports in England, Scotland, and Wales, and handles approximately a quarter of the country`s seaborne trade. ABP`s 21 ports, together with the other transport-related businesses that constitute the ABP group, form a UK-wide network capable of handling every conceivable type of cargo. ABP is backed by investment in modern facilities and equipment, and supported by experienced staff. The group`s other activities include rail terminal operations (Hams Hall), ship`s agency, dredging (UK Dredging Ltd), and marine consultancy (ABPmer). Each port also offers a well-established community of port service providers.

  52. Associated Consulting Engineers

    Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) is a global consulting and engineering firm established 50 years ago. Staffed and organized to provide `multi-disciplinary` architectural and engineering consulting we bring a `can do` policy to the table enabling us to provide quality services to our clients.

  53. Associated Drilling & Exploration Plc

    Deep Water Well Drilling Company in Ethiopia. Specialties: Drilling by Rotary and DTH Methods, Professional Pumping Test Unit: Having different Pumps which can yield 100 liters per second, Bore wells Rehabilitation Services Having sound knowledge about different formations of Ethiopia.

  54. Associated Engineering

    Associated Engineering has provided consulting engineering services for over 60 years. With over 500 staff, we specialize in the water, transportation, infrastructure, and environmental sectors. Our engineering services range from planning and feasibility studies to detailed design, construction, training, and operational assistance. We have participated in world-class projects in Canada and around the world, for both public and private sector clients. Recognized as an industry leader, we have received local, national, and international awards for engineering services.

  55. Associated Equipment Sales

    Associated Equipment Sales is a very unique company serving as a representative to over 30 North American manufacturers of heating, cooling, and hydronic equipment. The core business is providing boilers, chillers, pumps, cooling towers, heat pumps, and all accessories to support heating and cooling applications in the Power, Industrial and Commercial markets. The company serves engineers, contractors and owners with unique solutions for their buildings and processes. Established in 2004, Associated Equipment Sales focuses on heating, cooling and other equipment solutions that save energy and provide long lasting solutions to demanding requirements. This focus has grown the company quickly into one of the largest and most well respected firms for complete equipment solution with main offices in Kansas City, and branch offices in Wichita and Omaha.

  56. Associated Geosciences Ltd. (AGL)

    Associated Geosciences Ltd. (AGL) provides comprehensive consulting and engineering support to the minerals, energy, environmental and engineering sectors.

  57. Associated Laboratory Services Ltd

    Associated Laboratory Services Limited is a specialist technical group providing independent sampling and analysis services, and consultancy to industry, commerce and government. We employ a team of professionals, dedicated to trouble shooting and solving problems in reliable and cost effective ways. We respond promptly, and guarantee complete confidentiality. The hallmark of our reputation is quality of service, where our diverse skills are brought together to exactly meet individual client requirements. Our laboratories are equipped with a wide range of facilities and are accredited by UKAS.

  58. Associated Press

    The AP is one of the largest and most trusted sources of independent newsgathering, supplying a steady stream of news to its members, international subscribers and commercial customers. AP is neither privately owned nor government-funded; instead, as a not-for-profit news cooperative owned by its American newspaper and broadcast members, it can maintain its single-minded focus on newsgathering and its commitment to the highest standards of objective, accurate journalism. AP’s commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings.

  59. Associated Pump & Supply Co. Inc.

    Associated Pump & Supply is a manufacturer`s representative and industrial distributor for the municipal and private utilities market. The company was established in 1980 and has a continued goal to provide the highest standards of customer service, customer support, and quality products. Our diversified line includes pumps, motors, controls, component parts, gates, and many more. Field service and shop repair is performed by experienced service technicians, and an inventory of parts is maintained at our service center. Associated Pump & Supply Co., Inc. represents companies who are well known and preferred sources in the global market. These companies are privately held, many family-operated, and instill many of the values upon which manufacturers pride themselves: Generations of management have grown these companies to be the highly professional and profitable organizations of today...and ready for tomorrow.

  60. Associated Renewable

    Associated Renewable is a leading end-to-end full service energy consulting & carbon management company. We offer custom energy efficiency solutions, leveraging renewable energy technologies to help our clients deploy their projects, meet regulatory requirements, and cut energy costs while reducing their overall carbon footprint. Our efforts will help to mitigate heightened global energy concerns as well as guide businesses, government agencies, and other organizations towards a more energy efficient, sustainable and costs effective future. Our practice areas I. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Consulting II. Product Sales, Installation & Support Services III. Carbon Management IV. Training & Education Services V. Energy Supply Services

  61. Associated Research - EDC

    We have the largest fleet of mobile air filtration units in Canada, ranging in capacity from 20,000 cfm to 46,000 cfm. We are heavily involved in silica dust control during oilfield fracking operations as having equipment and crews for blasting operations.

  62. Associated Sciences Corporation

    ASC has provided a range of services to our client`s, including: Environmental and Hazardous Waste Compliance, Site Assessment and Remedial Action, Permitting and Project Management, and Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments. ASC provides professional services with focus on our client`s needs, realizing the need to get things done right the first time. If you are doing business today, chances are that you may have a need for environmental services. Environmental laws are constantly changing and expanding, and are an integral part of doing business in today`s market.

  63. Associated Underwater Services (AUS)

    AUS Diving is a commercial dive company located in Washington, providing Diving Services, Underwater Construction, Sonar Services, Pipeline Inspection, Dams and Bridges Services. We have extended experience with Commercial Diving, Mixed Gas Diving, High Altitude Diving, Underwater Core Drilling, Hydroelectric Dams, Remote Operated Vehicles, Sonar Inspections, Pipeline Installation, Positioning Systems, Lake Taps, Eel Grass Mapping, Bridge, Bathymetric Survey, Multibeam, Single Beam Sonar Survey and Pier Repair Salvage.

  64. Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation Inc. (AEHS)

    The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, member-supported, professional organization. Our purpose is to facilitate communication and foster cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenge of soil, sediment and water assessment, cleanup and protection. With nearly two decades of relationship building and service, we know that resolutions for environmental contamination can be found only through the integration of scientific and technological discovery, social and political judgment, and hands-on practice. AEHS Foundation facilitates conferences, seminars, publications, collaborative partnerships and our members-only online community.

  65. Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

    The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization that empowers higher education faculty, administrators, staff and students to be effective change agents and drivers of sustainability innovation. AASHE enables its nearly 1,000 members to translate information into action by offering essential resources and professional development to a diverse, engaged community of sustainability leaders. We work with and for higher education to ensure that our world’s future leaders are motivated and equipped to solve sustainability challenges. AASHE defines sustainability in an inclusive way, encompassing human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods and a better world for all generations.

  66. Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE)

    The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the national organization that represents and serves all types of hospitals, health care networks, and their patients and communities. Nearly 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, other providers of care and 43,000 individual members come together to form the AHA. Through our representation and advocacy activities, AHA ensures that members` perspectives and needs are heard and addressed in national health policy development, legislative and regulatory debates, and judicial matters. Our advocacy efforts include the legislative and executive branches and include the legislative and regulatory arenas. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends.

  67. Association For The Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS)

    Association For The Protection of Rural Scotland (APRS) seeks to protect Scotland`s countryside and to promote ideas for its care and improvement by means of constructive proposals, careful research and active involvement in the maintenance of landscape features. This is achieved mainly through involvement with the Town & Country Planning system, research projects, restoration of historic masonry bridges, and events which are held throughout Scotland.

  68. Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO)

    For more than 60 years, ASLO has been the leading professional organization for researchers and educators in the field of aquatic science. The purpose of ASLO is to foster a diverse, international scientific community that creates, integrates and communicates knowledge across the full spectrum of aquatic sciences, advances public awareness and education about aquatic resources and research, and promotes scientific stewardship of aquatic resources for the public interest. Its products and activities are directed toward these ends.

  69. Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

    The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) is the world`s largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems community. AUVSI, with members from government organizations, industry and academia, is committed to fostering, developing, and promoting unmanned systems and related technologies.

  70. Association of 3 Co., Ltd.

    Association of Three Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of equipment for the “environmental industries” (the Three in the company name are earth, air and water, not people!). Thepthai Udomchanya started this company in 1993 and has built it into a very successful organisation supplying equipment for water and wastewater treatment throughout Asia and beyond. We have an excellent staff and workforce, many of whom have been with the company almost 20 years, and we make equipment which is technically superior, developed by the expert knowledge of our staff. We have a flexible and very capable manufacturing team, so we can make each unit as you need it, to match your exact requirements. From 2004 we have expanded our field of activity into the “earth” part of Association – Solid Waste. This will also benefit our third environmental discipline, “air”.

  71. Association of Chemistry and the Environment (ACE)

    The Association of Chemistry and the Environment (ACE) is a non-profit-making scientific association founded in October 2000 by a group of European scientists. We aim to promote global contact between scientists in academia and research institutes, the commercial sector and social representatives within governmental and regulatory bodies to address environmental problems and to promote education in this area. We strongly welcome scientists from diverse fields such as atmosphere science, biology, geology, industrial chemistry, medicine, sociology, soil science, toxicology and water science to play an active role within the organisation.

  72. Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO)

    The Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) is a new membership organization that will: Advance the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to managing and implementing response to challenges and opportunities relating to climate change and energy issues; Provide a forum for the exchange and enhancement of best practices, industry standards, and innovation in the area of corporate response to climate change; Educate the public and policymakers regarding such issues; and Assist in developing, promoting and implementing best practices and standards in the private and public sectors regarding climate change and energy issues.

  73. Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE)

    Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) represents the interests of professional consultancies and engineering companies, large and small, operating within the built and natural environment. ACE members are engaged at every stage with the development of social and economic infrastructure both in the UK and overseas.

  74. Association Of Consulting Engineers VBI

    The Association of Consulting Engineers VBI is the leading professional organization for independent consulting and planning engineers in Germany. In conversation with politics and administration, the VBI is consistently a framework for enabling a fair competition on the merits and the free profession. Consulting engineers are available for the solution of complex tasks in the technical, economic and environmental fields. Therefore, the VBI makes high demands on the professional qualifications of the independent consultant status and the integrity of its members. In addition to the regional and scientific activities in the regional associations and professional groups of the VBI also at the level of the Federation numerous activities.

  75. Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG)

    AEG is the acknowledged international leader in environmental and engineering geology, and is greatly respected for its stewardship of the profession. AEG offers information on environmental and engineering geology useful to practitioners, scientists, students, and the public. Other geosciences organizations recognize the value of using and sharing AEG`s outstanding resources. The membership of the Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists continues to grow, as the field of Engineering Geology and Environmental Geology gains greater recognition and the need for our organization becomes more apparent. Ever-increasing interest is being shown by geologists from countries around the world as the importance of applied geology, in both the development and restoration of the earth, gains international recognition.

  76. Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP)

    AEESP is made up of professors in academic programs throughout the world who provide education in the sciences and technologies of environmental protection. Founded in 1963 as a private nonprofit organization, AEESP has more than 800 members in universities throughout the world. The Association assists its members in improving education and research programs, encourages graduate education, and serves the profession by providing information to government agencies and the public, and provides direct benefits to its members.

  77. Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP)

    Welcome to the home of the Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP). As our name suggests, AEP is a non-profit organization of professionals working to improve our skills as environmental practitioners and natural resource managers. AEP is dedicated to the enhancement, maintenance and protection of the natural and human environment.

  78. Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM)

    Advancing equipment manufacturers in the global marketplace; our passion is to not only see your business succeed, but to create a community where we, as an industry, can make positive and lasting change. AEM is 900 members strong and growing, representing 200 product lines.

  79. Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA)

    The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) is an organization of the largest publicly owned drinking water systems in the United States. AMWA`s membership serves more than 130 million Americans with drinking water from Alaska to Puerto Rico. AMWA is a voice on critical national issues involving legislation, regulation and security, and provides resources for utility management and leadership. AMWA is the nation`s only policy-making organization solely for metropolitan drinking water suppliers. The association was formed in 1981 by a group of general managers of metropolitan water systems who wanted to ensure that the issues of large publicly owned water suppliers would be represented in Washington, D.C. Member.

  80. Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare (AOHP)

    AOHP, the Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare, is dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of healthcare workers. AOHP is the only national professional organization with the exclusive mission of addressing the needs and concerns of occupational health professionals in healthcare settings. Occupational health nurses/professionals take responsibility for employee care. They have a responsibility to advocate for organizational policies that help to recognize occupational hazards and advocate for new and safe technologies. Over 1,000 occupational health nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and physician assistants belong to AOHP, the single best resource for addressing the unique issues of occupational health.

  81. Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors

    Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) are a not-for-profit trade body for the plumbing and heating industry in England and Wales. APHC have been around since 1925 and represent large companies working on commercial projects. In addition to Licensed Membership, which is only open to plumbing & heating businesses that work to a minimum trading standard, we operate a number of Government developed and authorised plumbing and heating certification schemes including a Competent Persons Scheme, Green Deal Installer Scheme and Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

  82. Association of Portuguese Enterprises of Environmental Technologies (APEMETA)

    APEMETA – Portuguese Association of Environmental Technology Companies is a non-profit business association of environmental, private sector organizations that was created in 1989 with the goal of supporting entrepreneurship in the sector and which presently represents near to 130 member companies. APEMETA, in so far as members are concerned, is the leading association of national environmental companies and aims to promote actions that contribute to the development of member companies, providing consulting services, specialized technical information, training and dissemination of availability and specialized skills of members at a national and European level.

  83. Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers (APR)

    The Association of Plastic Recyclers is the national trade association representing companies who acquire, reprocess and sell the output of more than 90 percent of the post-consumer plastic processing capacity in North America. Its membership includes independent recycling companies of all sizes, processing numerous resins. APR strongly advocates the recycling of all post-consumer plastic packaging. APR promotes development of the plastics recycling industry by providing leadership for long-term industry growth and vitality.

  84. Association of Redevelopment Initiatives (ARI)

    The Association for Redevelopment Initiatives is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is vested with full authority to govern the Association and exercise discretion in the management of all business, affairs and concerns of the Association. The Board has full power to take any and all action necessary or desirable in performing its functions, within the limitations of applicable law and the Association`s By-Laws. The Executive Director manages the Association`s strategy and policy as approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director has exclusive authority over the staff of the Association. Specifically, the Executive Director: oversees the day-to-day business of the Association; implements organizational strategies and priorities as approved by the Board of Directors; and sees that the Board’s resolutions and directions are carried into effect.

  85. Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTS)

    The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) is an organization supporting the environmental agencies of the States and trust territories. ASTSWMO focuses on the needs of State hazardous waste programs, nonhazardous municipal solid waste and industrial waste programs, recycling, waste minimization, and reduction programs, Superfund and State cleanup programs, waste management and cleanup activities at federal facilities, and underground storage tank and leaking underground storage tank programs.

  86. Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO)

    The failure of dams and the great destruction and loss of life failures often cause, is a matter of deep concern to the members of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO). ASDSO is a national non-profit organization serving state dam safety programs and the broader dam safety community, which includes federal dam safety professionals, dam owners and operators, engineering consultants, emergency managers, manufacturers, suppliers, academia, contractors, and others interested in improving dam safety.

  87. Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA)

    INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, serves hundreds of member companies in the nonwovens / engineered fabrics industry doing business globally. Since 1968, INDA networking events have helped members connect, innovate and develop their businesses. INDA educational courses, market data, test methods, consultancy and issue advocacy help members succeed by providing them the information they need to better plan and execute their business strategies.

  88. Association of Water Technologies (AWT)

    The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) is the international water treatment association representing over 500 companies that specialize in applying water treatments for industrial and commercial cooling and heating systems. We work daily to support our members and provide them with the tools they need to succeed and grow — training, certification, networking, and regulatory and public awareness programs.

  89. Association of Water Treatment Professionals and Resource Center, LLC. (AWTP)

    AWTP is well positioned to work with the State’s Water and Wastewater professionals, Analyst, Maintenance personnel, and Distribution crews. We will bring you the most up- to- date training ranging from basic treatment to maintaining safe work environments. We strive to meet all desires no matter how immense or minor. AWTP is embraced by distinguished professionals of the water and wastewater profession. AWTP strives to provide relevant training for all professionals that may encounter our water resources including; water treatment training, wastewater treatment training, safety training and resources, study resources, helpful links, program development, consultations, and other resources to meet your organizations and operator needs. AWTP is dedicated to giving back. Through the participation of all our programs and memberships we will be donating a portion of all proceeds to help our communities and those in other parts of the world.

  90. Association Ukrvodokanalecology

    The Ukrainian Association of Water Supply and Wastewater Enterprises “Ukrvodokanalecology” (Association) was founded in 1995 as non-governmental, non-profitable organization. The mission of the Association is to form in Ukraine up to date socially responsible water supply and wastewater treatment market via legislation base improvement, accumulating of resources, supporting of innovative development of sector enterprises, forming the sector image in Ukraine and via the World as an active and responsible partner. For now Association has more then 100 members – enterprises of water supply and wastewater treatment sector. We are as well very effective strategic partner of The Ministry in issues of Municipal Economy and Utilities, Ministry of Power and Energy of Ukraine, The Association of Cities and Towns of Ukraine, other governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions of Ukraine.

  91. Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM)

    The first provisional statute of the Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (AIM), founded in January 1946, a non- profit, cultural society, that has as an objective the dissemination of science and technology related to metals and others materials for engineering. The evolution of the traditional materials and the development of their processes, production techniques and technologies demand a constant and valid updating on behalf of those who study and work with materials. Scope of the Association is to foster, through its activities, the exchange of ideas and experiences among those who are interested in the development and progress of the metallic material field, with particular emphasis in the promotion of meetings for producers, users and researchers.

  92. Associazione Italiana Economisti dell`Energia (AIEE)

    AIEE a non -profit professional organization an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences anong energy experts. It acts as an independent consulting organization for national and international organizations to whom it provides a broad contribution of energy economics, policymaking and theory. It also provides a means of professional communication and exchange with the institutions in charge of the definition of the Italian energy policy through meetings and joint initiatives.

  93. ASSOMA Inc.

    ASSOMA Inc. a World Class magnetic pump designing, manufacture and sales firm. Products include water and chemical pumps. Magnetic drive sealless pump, vertical chemical pump, cartridge/bag filter pump, overload and dry run protector, marketing and sales, R & D, manufacture and service.

  94. ASST Pty Ltd

    Applied Scientific Services & Technology Pty Ltd (ASST) is a global geoscientific service provider whose core services are built around the delivery of exploration, mining, environmental, hydrological and geotechnical solutions, using geophysics. Our vision is to be a preferred services and technology provider to our clients. We aim to create sustainable quality and reliable services and we are committed to conducting our business in a transparent, safe, environmentally responsible manner respectful of the laws and customs of the countries we work in. Have a look at our website which is currently undergoing a redesign!

  95. Assurance Brokers Ltd

    Assurance Brokers is a privately held Insurance and bonding agency located in the heart of the Midwest. With offices in both Illinois and Missouri, we find solutions for our clients throughout the United States. Founded in 1993, we strive to provide you with the best possible insurance coverage, the highest quality insurance carriers and the most competitive rates. Our knowledgeable staff combines for over 100 years of experience, all understanding the need for outstanding customer service. Assurance Brokers is an insurance and bonding agency specializing in Property and Casualty Insurance, Environmental Insurance, Construction Bonding, Employee Benefit and Personal Lines Insurance. Our desire is to help you prosper your business and know no one will work harder for you.

  96. Assure Controls, Inc.

    Assure Controls is a product development and marketing company with specialized measurement and reporting expertise for commercial, and maritime environmental applications. Our patented technologies provide fast and accurate toxicity assessments of freshwater, seawater and sediments. Our objective is to make complex processes more predictable and reliable through constant innovation and service. The professionals at Assure Controls focus on adding value or innovation to help our customers meet demanding measurement and reporting challenges. The applications we choose to explore are scientific endeavors with meaningful benefits. Our experience allows us to pursue gains or advances in terms of measurement or reporting technologies for higher accuracy, lower cost, better management decision making, or timeliness.

  97. Assured Automation

    Assured Automation is a leading provider of automated valves and flow components for industrial process control applications. For over 20 years we have been providing state of the art automation to a diverse clientele ranging from small equipment manufacturers to the Fortune 500 Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies.

  98. Assured Security Shredding Ltd

    At Assured Security Shredding we have been operating successfully in secure document shredding since 1995. All our staff undergo rigorous security screening, wear our trademark uniform at all times, and always carry a verifiable photo-ID card. We are Environment Agency licensed waste carriers, and hold a Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution amendment Act. Offering coverage throughout the UK, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, and we’re also members of our trade organisation NAID Europe. Unlike some other shredding companies, our focus is customer service, and we pride ourselves on meeting fully the evolving challenges of information management and security – now and into the future. As the volume of business information grows exponentially, and statutory security requirements become more rigorous, we are there to meet the challenge, head on.

  99. Assurity Consulting Ltd

    Assurity Consulting provides services designed to control risks associated with the Legionella bacteria, to include risk assessments, training and providing an onsite service supported by laboratory analytical services using our own in house UKAS accredited laboratory. Assurity Consulting holds UKAS accreditation for site sampling, transportation and analysis of air and water samples and for our legionella risk assessments. Founded in 1986, Assurity Consulting is a leading independent consultancy specialising in health, safety and environmental solutions. We can provide you with impartial advice to make sure that your organisation is compliant with workplace regulations. We can help you to achieve real cost savings by avoiding unnecessary remedial measures, helping you to secure the best value on your workplace compliance control.

  100. AssurX, Inc.

    AssurX, Inc. provides global companies with enterprise quality management systems and regulatory compliance software solutions. AssurX`s flexible, all-in-one system automates quality and compliance related processes so issues can be centrally managed—from detection to corrective action and trend analysis. It helps collect, organize, analyze and share information to better manage risk and improve quality and compliance performance everywhere in the enterprise.

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