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  1. P & H Senesac Inc.

    P & H Senesac Inc. leads specialize in removal and cleaning of waste water, sludge dewatering. mobile dewatering. Setting the standard for mobile dewatering. Nationwide services: temporary dewatering, digester and lagoon cleaning.

  2. P & I Design Ltd

    P & I Design has gained proven experience in offering a Consultancy, Design and Software Support service to the Process Industries worldwide. Our multi-disciplined team has specialist expertise in Process Simulation and Optimisation, Batch Processing, Control System Technologies, Environmental Engineering and the supply of Internationally Recognised Engineering Software Products.

  3. P & P Dosiertechnik GmbH

    P&P Dosiertechnik GmbH was founded in Voerde by the partners and present-day managing directors of the company Ralf Peters and Markus Peters. At present, P&P employs a team of 17 people on an office and production surface of approximately 1500 m². The company has been experiencing a continuous and sound growth for many years now, while manufacturing and distributing highly-innovative technology. P&P offers modern engineering and manufacturing workplaces. Our highly qualified employees ensure the planning and manufacture of reliable, customised and market-orientated products and system. Our own quality requirements ensure reproducible and high standards.

  4. P J Hirons Ltd

    P J Hirons Ltd is owned and operated by Pete Hirons from his base near Bromsgrove in North Worcestershire. Pete has the better part of 20 years experience in his trade, and is always very willing to discuss your individual project, and provide a quote without obligation. All work is undertaken with due regard for relevant legislation and with due regard for health and safety issues. Water Borehole work is carried out in accordance with the Well Drillers Association Guidance Notes for the Construction of Boreholes for Water Supply, together with Environment Agency Guidelines.

  5. P M Generator

    Leading Manufacturer of Permanent Magnet Generator Alternator: 300 watt to 500 KW RPM : 50 to 500 RPM Permanent Magnet Generator are used in a large number of applications such as wind turbines, hydro turbines, diesel generators and others. Direct Drive Direct drive gearless technology delivers real energy solutions directly to your distributed, utility, or specific application through our technologically advanced wind turbine, hydro turbine and others.


    We are leading manufacturer of MBBR Media and FAB Media. Our Bio Pac Media is widely used in Biological Treatment Systems, Waste Water Treatment Plants, and Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plant. P.N.Industries Bio Pac Media having * Clog Free Operations * High Resistance to Chemical Attack * Effective Surface Area for Biological Growth * Excellent Gas-Liquid Distribution * Enhance Treatment Efficiency.

  7. P S Analytical Limited

    P S Analytical is a leading company in the manufacture and supply of instrumentation for the analysis of Mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se), Antimony (Sb), Bismuth (Bi) and Tellurium (Te) in all matrices. Systems generally utilize Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy which offers many advantages over other techniques (such as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy) for the determination of mercury and the hydride forming elements including better sensitivity, selectivity and linearity. Where regulations demand however systems for Mercury analysis based on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy are still available. The PSA systems are utilised for many diverse applications, and cover all sample types from gases to liquids and solids. For the analysis of total mercury and/or its speciation, the PSA systems offer unrivalled performance and reliability within the marketplace. In addition, this flexibility extends to the hydride forming elements mentioned above.


    P System Automazione S.r.l. was founded in 1 995 by a staff with a long experience in the supply of hydro-dynamic industrial automation. The main areas of application are the iron and steel heavy industry, die-casting foundry, wood presses, etc. After developing the dynamics of the hydraulic briquette presses in the Nineties, the company P System Automazione S.R.L. started to design a new production line for pellets aiming to supply “TURN KEY” installations through the “PLUG AND PLAY” system.

  9. P&J Milieuservices B.V.

    P&J Milieuservices B.V. is an independent consulting company specialized in soil research an groundwater purification. We stands for a sustainable and social way of enterprise. The company stands for the three P’s (People, Profit, Planet). P&J Milieuservices B.V. wants more than making profits in an economical system based on unpriced shortage. Also the ethical and the social aspects are important for the employees as well as the customers.

  10. P&K Consulting

    Consulting on vehicle emissions, biofuels, engine technology, emisisons laboratory constructions.

  11. P&P Optica Inc.

    P&P Optica is your partner for optimized spectral imaging systems. We take pride in developing systems with our customers, and bridge the gap between “custom” and “turn-key” solutions. Our spectrometers provide a more sensitive, faster, and more accurate tool for use across a variety of industries and applications. Through innovative design and components P&P Optica spectrometers provide sensitivity unprecedented for optical spectrometers, so that less time or illumination is required to reach the same levels of sensitivity as other systems on the market. The flexibility of our design allows for an application optimized system while considering your project’s specific needs.

  12. P&R Installation Co Ltd

    Founded in 1977 by Phil Copolo, our Managing Director, P&R have been providing London, Kent & the South East of England with the highest standard of installation,workmanship and service for all manner of home maintenance and building work ever since. We cater for all domestic and commercial heating systems, gas service customers, local government organisations and housing associations. As a result we are able to help 1000`s of people throughout the South East to keep their utilities working. We help to fix your problem, whenever you need.

  13. P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG

    For decades, the name Schall has represented Germany’s most successful private trade fair organiser in the domain of specialist technical trade fairs as well as first class public exhibitions. Under the direction of company founder Paul Eberhard Schall, the Schall group gradually came into being from 1962. Today, it includes private trade fair company P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG based in the Baden-Württemberg town of Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen, Messe Sinsheim GmbH in Sinsheim and Pescha Media-Agentur

  14. P. Energy s.p.a.

    We are sure that the clean energy is the right path to becoming responsible for a sensitive approach to the health of our planet. The Photovoltaic (PV) represents one of the key solution in the development of the renewable energy in order to create a new concept of production of energy based on green and sustainable sources. For this reason P.Energy focuses all his efforts in the Photovoltaic Field since 2002 with the aim to promote the worldwide diffusion of the photovoltaic technology and to boost the growth of the PV global Industry and R&D. Our core business is the manufacturing of photovoltaic equipments for modules assembly lines and we believe that the global trend is the creation of the national PV Industry. Establishing new factories permits to expand the local economies and to focus the production for the specific market demand, reducing costs and pollution due to transportation.

  15. P. Henkel GmbH

    We are a medium-sized family-owned company that produces and sells innovative waste bins and garbage bins for the disposal industry and a large range of sewer items for road construction. Our products meet highest quality requirements and are subject to continuous further development. Some of our solutions have been constructed specifically to customer wishes. The customer benefit takes top priority for us. We support our customers in their application areas by developing innovative products for many different industry areas and then providing them for use on the target market. The range also includes hazardous waste bins for collecting used fats and food wastes and liquid slops. Additionally, P. HENKEL GmbH offers certified hazardous materials bins. The company now works around the world and is supported by branch offices in many countries.

  16. P.A.S. Technologies, Inc.

    P.A.S. Technologies, Inc. will provide Products and Services that along with our commitment to satisfy our customers needs; allow us, our customers and our principals to maintain a solid relationship based on mutual support, respect and business growth.

  17. P.E. LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. (PELA)

    P.E. LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. Environmental Consultants For over four decades, PELA`s integration of qualified personnel, up-to-date technology, and sound management has established PELA as an international leader in the environmental consulting field. PELA`s expertise in hydrogeology, geotechnical analysis, design and construction management, remediation, computer graphics and models, and permitting can get your project on two feet quicker than you might think.

  18. P.E.S, Industrial and Productive Company

    P.E.S is a leading producer of Polyethylene pipes and fittings in the Middle East. We are the exclusive producer of large diameter solid-wall HDPE pipes in our region (up to 2400 mm). We utilize the best HDPE resins for manufacturing pipes and fittings

  19. P.F.G. S.r.l.

    P.F.G. rises with the aim of desegning and building machines for the beach cleaning e sand cleaning. Thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years, today P.F.G.designs and bulds, with innovative systems, professional beach cleaners with high performances and easy to use ( beachcleaner, sandcleaner). The goal is to treat the best design and quality with the best components, and also the life period. Having attained a very high reliability, P.F.G. is always looking for innovative and not common solutions, in order to continuously improve the production, now enlarged to 10 beachcleaner models, in order to meet the different needs of customers.

  20. P.H.A. SAS

    With extensive experience dating back to 1978, P.H.A. is specialized in design and sales of pumping equipment and spare parts for industrial pumps. The company supplies a lot of companies in industrial, chemical, petrochemical, health, pharmaceutical, nuclear and food sectors. P.H.A. company addresses to the majority of pump implementations. In addition, it has shown itself to be particularly fast and efficient in supplying spare parts for pump maintenance and repairs. P.H.A. also distributes the following accessories related to pump applications: pulsation dampeners, pressure gauge separators, manometers, level regulators, spray nozzles and washing heads, mufflers.

  21. P.Intertrade Equipments Co.,Ltd.

    P.Intertrade Equipments Co.,Ltd. is the leading distributor for scientific equipment, reagents and consumables for laboratory throughout Thailand Since 1985, we consistently expand our product ranges to support our customer demand. We are proud to offer our products to Academic Research Laboratory, Life Science Research Laboratory, Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory, Industrial Research Laboratory., etc. At P.Intertrade, we bring innovation and offer solutions to your laboratory

  22. P.Marom - Construction & Projects Services Ltd.

    P.Marom is an Israeli based company, specializing in tailor made agricultural structures, providing our clients with high quality and cost effective solutions suitable to their needs. Our services are designed to meet the needs of any agrarian entrepreneurs, from individuals and all the way to large scale companies looking for an optimize construction solution and professional guidance in theirs, or their client's agricultural project.

  23. P.N. Daly Ltd.

    P.N. Daly Ltd. is an expert supplier of utility design, engineering, construction, installation and technical services with 40 years experience working for the leading utility companies and developers in the UK. P.N. Daly Ltd. are also fully qualified to perform Gas Service Cut offs and Alters and are one of a few independent companies to offer these services. We are reliable, guaranteeing turnaround in just four to six weeks from order and offer Gas Service Disconnections and service alterations faster and cheaper than anyone else in the industry. We have integrated the best features of a delivery oriented traditional contractor with a highly experienced design and management team to ensure that our clients are provided with a quality installation designed and delivered on time and on budget.

  24. P.P. Aquatech

    PP Aquatech is a leading dealer of water treatment, water handling, wastewater treatment and recycling systems. The company manufactures these systems for both domestic and commercial establishments. With numerous successful installations nationwide, you can rely on us to provide the technology, experience, and vision needed for total water solutions that work together flawlessly.

  25. P.P.E. srl

    P.P.E. producing tanks and containers of Linear Polyethylene medium and high density, using raw materials for the production high quality products with additives with UV by means of the rotational system, this technology allows the creation of manufactures in a single monolithic piece without joints which, due to the absence of pressure in the molding, gives to the containers exempt from tensioning a high elasticity and shock resistance. Other advantage derived from this process, in addition to the high thickness of the walls is also in the corners, which are of much greater thickness of the same, especially very important for the tanks and for products highly stressed.. The products P.P.E. are distributed by our sales network throughout the Italian and European, with supplies in other continents.

  26. P.P.H. Mandam Sp. z o.o

    Mandam is a polish agricultural machinery manufacturer since 1991. Located in South Poland, in city of Gliwice - the heart of industrial region Silesia. With two production facilities and over 150 qualified employees, we are able to deliver over 3500 machines per year. Advenced research and testing procedures, run by own technical R&D department, provide continous development. Mandam owns several patents and innovations in agriculture. Our products are sold to over 24 countires worldwide, with 70/30% (export to domestic) market split. We are able to custom modify our stock machinery to unique local requirements. There are five main product ranges available, such as: grassland cultivation, pre-seeding, stubble cultivation, ploughing, and implements.

  27. P.P.U.H. Gniotpol - Gniot Kazimierz

    P.P.U.H. Gniotpol - Gniot Kazimierz is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of truck bodies and trailers, containers, silos and steel structures of any dimensions chosen by the customer, in accordance with applicable legal regulations. We probably hold the largest number of official certificates of approval for truck trailers among all those operating in Poland. We collaborate with the leading Polish and European truck manufacturers, such as MAN-STAR, RENAULT Trucks, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, VOLVO, IVECO, and SCANIA.

  28. P.P.U.H. Horus-Energia Sp. z o.o.

    The Horus Energia company has been operating since 1984 and is now one of the largest and the most reputable companies on Polish power generation market. We offer complex support in everything regarding generator sets, starting from the selection phase through the preparation of necessary designs and approvals, delivery, complete and special installation, start-up, ending on warranty and after-warranty service. We pay great attention to top quality of our products, which is confirmed by an ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Our devices can work on a 24/7 basis, as an emergency, prime or continous Electrical Power or Combined Heat and Power source. Now you can have electric and heating power at any level,

  29. P.S.P Soilsearch Equipment (P) Ltd.

    P.S.P Soilsearch Equipment (P) Ltd. is formed with the objective of making available to the research community in India superior quality instruments and equipment from all over the world in the area of agricultural and environmental soil and water managements, hydrology, and civil engineering.

  30. P.T.M. s.r.l. s.u.

    The Company was established at the end of the 19th Century when technology was rudimentary. Physical labour and direct relationship with people are still at the core of our values. We are one of the leading ventilation components supplier because our strength lies in innovation, lifelong learning and safety. PTM team is a group of qualified and dedicated persons, with great passion and wish to work. PTM products are the result of great experience, of the long-lasting cooperation with their customers, of the recurring technical challenges and of the steady wish for changes and future. PTM is deeply convinced that only a precise perception of needs leads to the search of new solutions, and only the wish to surprise gives the possibility to reach the most innovating solutions. PTM works along with his customers everyday in order to find out the winning solutions. Nowadays PTM Technology is a leader supplier of chain conveyors, belt conveyors and much more.

  31. P.V. Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH

    The cradle of present P.V. Group is the company named P.V. Fertig-Schacht GmbH established by Gerhard Preisendörfer and Konstantinos Varvaroussis in Hanau in 1985. The key product of P.V. Group is the “bottom part of chamber”. Due to continuous development and innovations, the company is famous for its production in the area. For decades, P.V. Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH has been extended the portfolio of its products to meet the needs of its customers. Thus, the company is recognised as the comprehensive supplier of prefabricated concrete components used in construction of sewage systems. Products for building construction and for large size components of sewage systems are manufactured in our plant in Nordhausen. PRECO, which has been a part of P.V. Group since 1992, manufactures chamber inserts and bottoms from high quality plastics.

  32. P.W. Grosser Consulting, Inc

    PWGC is a multidisciplinary firm founded by Paul W. Grosser, PhD, PE in 1990 providing federal, state, municipal and private clients with quality environmental consulting and engineering services. The firm`s main office is located in Bohemia, NY with branch offices in Syracuse, NY, Seattle, WA and New York, NY. PWGC has over 20 years of experience specializing in a wide range of Environmental, Environmental Compliance and Engineering services and consists of 50+ diverse professionals including civil, chemical, and environmental engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, and environmental scientists.

  33. P+W Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG

    The international silo manufacturer P+W Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG offers tailor-made and efficient storage technology for more than 20 years. We produce silos, silo plants and silo special parts using state-of-the-art production technology on more than 24.000m² production area.

  34. P2 Energy Solutions

    P2 is the world’s largest software and data solutions company exclusively serving the oil and gas industry. We help our customers to increase their return on assets with proven applications of technology and expertise. In the land office providing accurate data and management tools, in drilling operations optimizing time to oil and well lifecycle management, in the back office supporting critical financial and operational accounting, and in Health, Safety and Environment increasing productivity through more effective compliance discovery, management and reporting.

  35. P2 Environmental, Inc.

    P2 Environmental, Inc. (P2) is an environmental consulting firm specializing in the assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum and hazardous chemicals. P2’s primary goal is to assist our Clients with proactive and cost-effective management of their environmental business liabilities and risks. Our services include: •Contamination Site Assessments •Soil and Groundwater Remediation •Project/Program Management •Environmental Due Diligence •Field/Sampling Services

  36. p2m berlin GmbH

    Technical know-how in water management and civil engineering a wealth of personal experience which project developers, designers and managers can draw upon and technical competence in the fields of engineering services and project management distinguish p2m berlin GmbH, the engineering service provider for public and private clients.The breadth of its service spectrum enables the realisation of customized offers which aim to meet the needs and requirements of clients. Know-how and quality awareness are the guarantee of reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly realisation of systems and projects. Innovative problem solutions and a well-attuned team of highly-motivated specialists have established the important market position occupied by the company.

  37. P2W Ltd.

    P2W is a leading water treatment company that specializes in treating industrial wastewater from various mining sectors. Our mission is to develop and implement the most cutting edge wastewater treatment technologies and help the industry to achieve sustainable solutions while improving production.

  38. P4C Global Inc

    P4C Global Inc., located in Los Angeles California has proudly been an industry leader in wireless technology recycling since 2003. P4C Global is the preferred asset recovery management and reverse logistics vendor to some of the largest entities in the wireless industry. In addition to handset and cellular battery recycling, we also have extensive experience in the manufacturing and refurbishing of handsets. P4C Global also maintains an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001 and R2 certifications along with our E-Waste Handlers license.

  39. P4Q USA Inc

    Largest Solar Tracking Controller Vendor in the World. Suntrack is a product line from P4Q that produces solar tracker controllers. P4Q is an electronics manufacturing services company specializing in renewable energy, trains and autos. Tracking the sun creates powerful renewable energy sources allowing as much as 40% of the solar light to be converted into green energy. Suntrack controls both photovoltaic and concentrated solar tracking mechanisms. Our product line is flexible as we can control both elevation and azimuth. We have software driven process that can configure any combination of DC motors, DC brushless motors and AC motors, sensors and encoders.

  40. PA Council of Professional Geologists

    PCPG, the Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists, is a non-profit corporation founded in 1989 by geologists seeking licensure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Today, having licensure, PCPG provides numerous services to its members, as related below. PCPG members include both individuals and companies representing the diverse professions which are developing, managing, and protecting Pennsylvania`s earth resources. Since 2006, when PCPG modified its membership structure, PCPG`s membership has grown to over 500, and membership continues to grow.

  41. PA Instruments, s.r.o

    Our focus is production and distribution of pressure and temperature measurement devices (mechanical and electrical). We are a company originating 2001 in Germany and moved our company in 2005 to Trencin/Slovakia. Our annual supply worldwide is more than 4 Million gauges per year.

  42. PA Service srl

    Established in 2002 from an idea of the founder and current CEO Patrick Santini, PA Service srl `Environment Division` in the spirit of perfect vision of Europe as a single state has confirmed the first Italian company to offer the service to export hazardous and non-member states of the European community. In a short time the spirit of the redistribution of resources on disposal plants showed Europeans and consolidated the success of the PA Service srl elevating it to the main reference for the Italian producers of waste.

  43. PAAL GmbH

    The PAALGROUP - Which started out as a printers in Osnabrück in 1854 and was founded in 2002 due to the amalgamation of PAAL, FAES, DICOM and COMDEC is now the longest-established and most innovative company in the world manufacturing baling presses for virtually all pressable materials. The Press - The approximately 200 staff members in the PAALGROUP concentrate on developing and manufacturing high-performance baling presses of the highest quality. The focus on quality and reliability within the PAALGROUP is plain at every stage of the production process from development to assembly. The high performance and long service lives of our products as well as their high levels of availability at low running costs help our customers to be extremely competitive on their markets.

  44. PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt. Ltd.

    PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt Ltd is a green technology company committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture. We are leading manufacturer a wide range of bio products, located in Gujarat, India. The company was initially founded by Shree Babubhai Patel as a Pramukh Agri Clinic in 2007. After a successful development in processing technology and products, firm has moved to Asia’s biggest high tech bio control laboratory. Founded in 2010, PAC Bio Fungbact Pvt Ltd has more than 300 employees and has grown to include activities in many states in India and abroad and has a strong management team led by its chairman, Mr. Devendra Patel. We are committed to research and development to maintain key position in a constantly changing market in 21st century

  45. PAC L.P. A Roper Company

    PAC is a leading global manufacturer of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications in industries such as petrochemical, refinery, upstream, biofuels, environmental, food & beverage, lubricants, automotive and pharmaceutical. With a product portfolio of over 200 testing instruments, PAC serves its customers with cutting-edge technology and significant research and development resources to support its core technologies: chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, fuels composition, and laboratory automation.

  46. Pacair

    PACAIR have a proven record in providing multi-disciplinary Air Conditioning solutions attained through years of excellence in the Design, Application and supply of Air Conditioning systems. As an Air Conditioning Supplier, PACAIR have successfully evolved its range of expertise. Through continual development and improvement we keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry, always striving to maintain our knowledge of Current regulations, new procurement routes and innovative products.

  47. Pac-Bloc

    The Pac-Bloc is the only roll-off compactor on the market. By compacting material in a roll-off container, the number of hauls to the landfill is reduced, thereby saving your company money each month. It is safe and easy to use.

  48. Pace Analytical

    Pace Analytical Services, Inc., is the second largest environmental testing laboratory company in the United States, operating a nationwide network of sixteen laboratories and nine service centers with a list of certifications and accreditations that cover the nation. For more than thirty years, Pace has provided analytical support to major oil, chemical, transportation, mining and manufacturing companies and prides itself in offering clients – both on a national and local level – with exceptional service, legally defensible data and convenient online data management.

  49. PACE Chemicals Ltd.

    PACE CHEMICALS Ltd. is a full service company specializing in Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved cleaners and sanitizers for the Horticulture, Agriculture, Livestock, and Turf Grass industries. PACE also provides a complete line of cleaning & treatment products for industrial cleaning including a water treatment division specializing in products for the maintenance and treatment of steam boiler systems, closed-loop systems, and cooling tower systems.

  50. Pace Dewatering Systems Ltd.

    Pace Dewatering Systems is a rental supplier of centrifuge technology. With a unique process and equipment design, as well as reliable state of the art dewatering technology, Pace consistently provides unparalleled results. Pace DS head office is in Edmonton, AB, however our equipment is strategically located across Canada and into the US. Our mobile fleet of centrifuges is never too far for any project.

  51. PACE Environmental

    PACE Environmental is your single best resource for turnkey CEMS Systems. Each CEMS is designed to conform to current EPA standards and is built to suit the monitoring requirements you need. All systems are built with the highest quality and designed for easy maintenance and serviceability. Gases such as SO2, NO, NOx, CO2, O2 and CO, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOC`s) and hydrocarbons, are the gases that can be monitored with a PACE system. Accurate and reliable data is possible thru PACE’s state of the art Data Acquisition System. PACE also manufacturers custom mobile laboratory testing trailers for stack testing companies. PACE also supports: ? Stack emissions testing; ? On-site emissions testing of stationary sources, ? Tuning & Performance Tests, ? Opacity Monitoring, ? RICE, NESHAPS, NSPS & MACT testing, and ? 24/7 CEMS support (equipment, rentals, repair, parts, CGA & RATA) services.

  52. Pace Global Energy Services

    Pace Global blends extensive knowledge of all aspects of the global energy industry with over 30 years of commercial experience to provide unmatched insight, innovative strategies, risk management within acceptable levels, and measurable value creation for our clients. Our knowledge of all energy types including natural gas, oil, coal, electric power and renewable across the entire energy value chain is what makes Pace Global unique. Our breadth of experience enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive and effective solutions to their energy and environmental challenges.

  53. PACE Supply

    Pace is an employee-owned plumbing wholesale supply company covering Northern California. Providing Plumbing, HVAC, Sheetmetal, Water Well, Underground, Hydronic and Solar supplies to contractors and retailers, we are setting the pace for supply and service!

  54. PaceControls LLC

    PaceControls develops and manufactures industry-leading, easy-to-install smart grid HVACR solutions for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment.

  55. Pacer Pumps

    Pacer is the originator and is recognized as the leading manufacturer of high performance centrifugal pumps molded from tough modern thermoplastics for handling corrosive liquids. Successful adaptation of these products for industrial, agricultural, oilfield, marine and construction applications has resulted in worldwide market acceptance.

  56. Pacific Agricultural Laboratories

    Pacific Agricultural Laboratory is an analytical laboratory located in Portland, Oregon dedicated to the analysis of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides in a variety of matrices. From low level water monitoring to food and agricultural commodities screening, PAL is ready to help with any pesticides related analysis in a wide variety of sample matrices. We offer testing for individual compounds as well as mutiresidue screens in water, soil and plant tissue. We are a customer driven company, and strive to meet to meet the varied needs of our customers whatever they may be. Our goal is to provide excellent service, accurate and reliable analytical data and quick turn around times that satisfy customer requirements.

  57. Pacific Alloy Casting Inc.

    Pacific Alloy Casting Co. Inc. was established in 1937 by brothers George and Winfield Leach in what is now the City of Vernon, California. Originally, it was named Pacific Ball Manufacturing Co. In 1940, the foundry moved to its present, six-acre site in South Gate near Los Angeles. Pacific Ball produced abrasion-resistant grinding balls and ball mill liners for the mining industry. Pacific Ball partnered with International Nickel Co. in 1950 to become the first licensed producer in the west of Ni-Hard, a cast iron known for its abrasion-resistant properties. As the foundry grew, we expanded our production facility to provide an increasing assortment of alloys and products to fill our customer’s needs. Today, Pacific Alloy is a 46,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art foundry using the most advanced technology. We cast abrasion-, corrosion- and heat-resistant iron and steel castings, as well as gray and ductile irons used for common industrial castings.

  58. Pacific Aqua Technologies Inc. (PAT)

    Pacific Aqua Technologies (PAT) is involved in engineering, manufacturing and supply of water purification and treatment equipment. With over a century of experience in water purification and treatment, Pacific Aqua Technologies is one of the major suppliers of water purification and treatment equipment in Southern California. Pacific Aqua Technologies has been Designing and Building a Full Line of standard and custom water Purification and Treatment equipment. We provide a broad range of technical and maintenance service for our equipment. Our high trained engineering staff is ready to assist you in every step of the process.

  59. Pacific Biofert Limited

    Pacific Biofert products are manufacured at our factory in Pokeno. BioPhos, BioLime and BioMag are produced in carefully monitored conditions. Pacific Biofert bioactive fertilisers are manufactured through a process that enzymically “weathers” ground fertiliser rock. The process utilises the same microorganisms that compost organic matter naturally in the environment.

  60. Pacific BioSolve

    Providing a hydrocarbon mitigating agent to enhance bioremediation of contaminated land and water

  61. Pacific Character Products

    Character Products is a privately held Australian company and has been engaged in the marketing and selling of activated carbon since 1994. Industries serviced over this time have included water treatment, food/beverage, chemical processing, pollution control and oil/gas refineries. Character Products offers a full service relating to the supply of activated carbon including technical support/trouble shooting and sample analysis capabilities. We also have strong back up support from our principals, general carbon corporation who have been in the activated carbon business for over fifty years.

  62. Pacific Coast Analytical Services (PCAS)

    Pacific Coast Analytical Services (PCAS) has been providing analytical and consulting services for more than 15 years to the environmental, food and chemical industries. From the first enterprise as a chemical laboratory, PCAS has grown into a state of the art full service facility including not only chemistry but also food microbiology and product development capabilities. The company has evolved steadily delivering a proven record of outstanding service, accurate results and fast turnaround. PCAS` clients include from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, the government and the military.

  63. Pacific Compactor Corporation

    Since 1995 we are the premier provider of quality waste management equipment. Trash Compactors, Balers, PreCrushers, Containers, Shredders & more. There is tremendous competition within most organizations for capital funds. It is often hard to justify non-budgeted items or improvements like trash compactors, bins, balers and other waste equipment. Pacific Compactor can reduce and even eliminate the need to invest up front capital funds in waste handling equipment. Simply contract with us for a `Total Waste Management Package` that will supply all the equipment, delivery, installation, training, and maintenance for all your waste equipment needs.

  64. Pacific Concrete Protection Limited

    PCP was formed in 2004 to fill a gap in the range of products available in New Zealand to address corrosion issues in the water and wastewater industry. PCP developed an association with Sauereisen in the USA and introduced a range of their products to NZ. Over time PCP were asked more and more to address issues with inflow and infiltration, ground subsidence, potable water solutions, and general construction grouts and resins. PCP researched what was available and sourced the TAM International range of hydro-reactive urethane grout systems. To complete the product offering PCP also developed a relationship with ITW Polymers and Fluids to distribute the Epirez range of construction products including flooring and potable water solutions.

  65. Pacific Consolidated Industries LLC (PCI)

    Pacific Consolidated Industries LLC (PCI) manufactures ruggedized onsite liquid and gaseous oxygen and nitrogen generators for a variety of markets; including Military, Medical, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Industrial, and Oil and Gas markets.

  66. Pacific Controls

    Pacific Controls Systems is a company providing total automation solutions globally. Headquatered in Dubai, Pacific Controls has been involved in successfully implementing integrated automation solutions in the Government and Private sectors. Pacific Control Systems` core strength is in offering comprehensive, innovative solutions in Intelligent Automation and Control Systems.<br><br> Our domain knowledge coupled with technology expertise is continuously being updated and applied to create total automation solutions in Commercial, Industrial and Home infrastructure projects. Our team of highly qualified engineers has given us incredible achievements, and our commitment continues in offering our customers innovative products and quality services with a focus on energy savings.

  67. Pacific Crest

    Pacific Crest is a leading brand of wireless data communication solutions designed for positioning and remote sensing applications. The combination of world class communication and GNSS technology with Pacific Crest`s reputation for customizing solutions, results in an unrivaled offering in the marketplace. Pacific Crest provides a total customer solution that reduces the size, cost, and complexity of critical data communications and positioning systems. Remote Sensing applications include environmental monitoring, water management, and pipeline/transmission line management. These applications require the broadcast of digital information from remote sensing devices to central offices that process the data for decision making. Devices such as weather stations, pH meters and pressure sensors relay their measurements to radio links for broadcast back to the central stations which, in turn, send command/control instruction back to the remote sensors.

  68. Pacific Data Systems Pty Ltd

    Pacific Data Systems Pty Ltd (PDS) provides reliable, cost effective and timely solutions in the areas of environmental monitoring, data acquisition, scientific and industrial instrumentation remote computing and systems integration. In 1984, we began marketing the dataTaker range of data loggers and the Texas Instruments `Professional range of technical computers as data acquisition and data processing solutions for customers in the industrial, manufacturing, scientific, geophysical, engineering, mining and defence industries.

  69. Pacific EcoRisk

    Pacific EcoRisk is an environmental consulting firm conducting research and testing in the fields of environmental toxicology, aquatic biology, and environmental chemistry. Our staff is comprised of 30+ degreed scientists and technicians who are skilled in integrating their experience in these areas to produce high-quality, cost-effective, and often innovative solutions to complex environmental problems. Our work is conducted in accordance with a highly effective QA/QC program, and our testing laboratory is certified and accredited, resulting in reliable evaluations and testing programs. Our primary objective is to provide the best information available for our clients, which include industry and agriculture, ports and marinas, POTWs, US military services, local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, as well as support services for other environmental or engineering firms.

  70. Pacific EH&S Services, Inc.

    Pacific EH&S Services, Inc. provides services in the areas of industrial hygiene, safety, environmental air monitoring, asbestos and lead consulting, ergonomics, health and safety management, policy and procedure development, safety audits, indoor air quality investigations, health and safety training, accident and claims investigations, expert witness testimony, and emergency response coordination. With the use of state-of-the-art technologies and a diverse staff, Pacific EH&S Services provides quality services with excellent customer service.

  71. Pacific Engineering

    Interested in promoting power engineering products and systems.We offer sales and marketing services and after sales services. We manufacture automation control panels , power distribution panels , generating control panels , and gives complete installation , commissioning and maintenance services for electrical systems .

  72. Pacific Environmental Corporation (PENCO)

    Pacific Environmental Corporation (PENCO) is an emergency response clean-up contractor specializing in oil spill response, preventative booming, sub-surface oil recovery, hazardous materials response and tank cleaning, inspection, and repair. Our team of over 200 highly trained personnel are ready to respond 24-hours a day to any emergency location in the Pacific Basin.

  73. Pacific Gas and Electric Company

    Pacific Gas and Electric Company, incorporated in California in 1905, is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. Based in San Francisco, the company is a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. There are approximately 20,000 employees who carry out Pacific Gas and Electric Company`s primary business—the transmission and delivery of energy. The company provides natural gas and electric service to approximately 15 million people throughout a 70,000-square-mile service area in northern and central California. Pacific Gas and Electric Company and other utilities in the state are regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. The CPUC was created by the state Legislature in 1911.

  74. Pacific Groundwater Group

    Pacific Groundwater Group is dedicated to solving the complex water resource and environmental challenges of the Pacific Northwest. With an experienced staff that includes some of the most highly regarded professionals in the industry, we offer our clients a range of diverse and complementary skills. Our technically sound, cost-effective solutions integrate a knowledge of groundwater and surface water hydraulics, soil and water chemistry, and regulatory strategy. This specialized expertise - along with a stellar reputation for efficiency and integrity - gives us a competitive edge in the Northwest consulting industry. Our technical foundation rests on a strong commitment to meet our clients’ needs and produce quality work.

  75. Pacific Image Electronics Co. Ltd.

    Established in 1993, Pacific Image Electronics Co. Ltd. has been devoting huge RD energy on development of consumer electronics and bioimage instruments in Taiwan. Now Pacific Image Electronics has launched a series of quality bioresearch products in gel imager system and electronic pipette series that exactly fulfill the customers’ needs in analysis of the existence of DNA/RNA/protein. Farther Pacific Image Electronics Inc. will aim on developing lab image system with combinations of systematic electronic platform and colorimetric spectra pathway theory for detecting DNA/RNA/protein in advanced multiplex level.

  76. Pacific Institute

    The Pacific Institute is a nonpartisan research institute that works to advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity.We work to create a healthier planet and sustainable communities. We conduct interdisciplinary research and partner with stakeholders to produce solutions that advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity—in California, nationally, and internationally. <br><br> Our aim is to find real-world solutions to problems like water shortages, habitat destruction, global warming, and environmental injustice. Based in Oakland, California, we conduct research, publish reports, recommend solutions, and work with decision makers, advocacy groups, and the public to change policy. Since our founding in 1987, we`ve become known for independent, innovative thinking that cuts across traditional areas of study. Our interdisciplinary approach not only helps us make connections that others miss, it also enables us to bring opposing g

  77. Pacific Iron & Metal

    Pacific Iron & Metal, the first of the Glant Pacific Companies. From the beginning, he instilled pride, personal and professional integrity. He also recognized very early the wisdom and value of recycling increasingly scarce re-sources in an efficient and economical way for our customers and the general public alike. In addition to metal, Pacific Iron also dealt in waste paper, rubber, and rags. Today, Pacific Iron & Metal operates one of the largest non-ferrous scrap processing plants in the Pacific Northwest and is the only non-ferrous scrap processor in the state of Washington with an approved and operational water treatment system.

  78. Pacific Medical Specialties, LLC

    Specializing in autoclave bags and autoclavable cart liners, Pacific Medical Specialties, LLC is a certified woman-owned, small business. We also offer disposable surgical cart covers, biohazard red infectious waste bags, sterility maintenance covers, equipment dust covers, chemotherapy waste bags and specimen transport bags. Pacific Medical Specialties was founded out of a perceived need for a competitive, high quality and reliable source for a variety of specialized products utilized in the healthcare industry. We are constantly looking for new products and will continue to expand our product line.

  79. Pacific MultiLining Inc.

    MultiLiner was developed in Europe in 1992 and more than 1,500,000 ft. has been installed worldwide since then. MultiLiner is being manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia. In the last 10 years, fiberglass CIPP liners have taken over 50% of the CIPP market in Europe. MultiLiner was the first European fiberglass CIPP liner to be introduced to the North American market, but others have already followed. Whether or not fiberglass will take over 50% of the North American CIPP market in the next 10 years is yet to be seen. However, with it`s excessive strength and thinner material thickness it has proven to be a cost-effective alternative.

  80. Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA)

    Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) is a Member Association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), the non-profit technical and educational organization for water environment professionals active in 39 countries.

  81. Pacific Northwest Research Station

    The Pacific Northwest Research Station provides scientific information to land managers, policymakers, and citizens. The Station has 11 locations in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington and about 500 employees. Our mission is to generate and communicate scientific knowledge that helps people understand and make informed choices about people, natural resources, and the environment.

  82. Pacific Ozone Technology, Inc.

    Pacific Ozone is the leading manufacturer of air-cooled ozone generators and systems for industrial applications. The overarching goal at Pacific Ozone is simple; we want to make customers for life. Customers that are delighted with our products, services, and support. Customers that, as we earn their trust, come to think of Pacific Ozone as a trusted guide and partner. Customers that come back to us again and again as their ozone systems needs change and grow.

  83. Pacific Pyrolysis Pty Limited

    Pacific Pyrolysis Pty Limited has an exclusive license to exploit the proven BEST Energies slow pyrolysis technology in the Asia Pacific region through commercial deployment to solve a number of the sustainability issues facing businesses. The technology converts non food biomass into renewable energy and a proprietary biochar called Agrichar, that has been proven by independent trials to increase food production and sequester carbon over long periods of time.

  84. Pacific Rim Design and Development, Inc.

    Pacific Rim Design & Development is a leader in environmental science and engineering, specializing in airborne toxic and odor abatement process development. Pacific Rim takes the time to truly understand YOUR situation and the environmental problem YOU face. We then create a design solution that is the right fit for YOUR business. While we are familiar with conventional technology, we are not limited by what has worked in the past. Pacific Rim is proud to offer a proactive process development laboratory and pilot testing program. Ongoing research gives us the ability to include options in our design package that are not available to other firms, resulting in your ability to meet mandated compliance requirements with a cost effective, GREEN, and comfortable solution that addresses the mandated problem.

  85. Pacific Rim Laboratories Inc. (PRL)

    Pacific Rim Laboratories Inc. (PRL) is an ultra-trace organic lab specializing in the analysis of Persistent Organic Pollutants (dioxins/furans, PCB, PBDE and pesticides) by high resolution mass spectrometry. PRL is accredited to ISO 17025 by the Standards Council of Canada and NELAC for specific tests. PRL is servicing our clients from a specially designed 850 m2 lab and office complex in Greater Vancouver.

  86. Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd

    Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd (PRA) is a risk management consultancy specialising in sustainability and ESG risk management needs of investors and operators in Asia. Our aim is to enhance the overall performance and value of a company or investment through managing and reducing non financial risks. These risks include regulatory compliance, operational and business, human resource, security, environmental, health, safety, labour, social and community aspects, corporate governance and reputational.

  87. Pacific Sentry LLC

    Pacific Sentry is dedicated to providing high-quality, inexpensive ammonia sensors for commercial and non-commercial use. With its technological success and achievements in the ammonia-sensing field, Pacific Sentry`s mission is to become a world-leader in the detection of ammonia.

  88. Pacific Services & Manufacturing (PSM LLC)

    Pacific Services & Manufacturing (PSM LLC) and American Compaction Equipment are both known as leaders in quality attachments for the construction industry. These two companies now form the corner stone of Cascade Corporation’s entry into the construction attachments business. Pacific Services & Manufacturing Lift Truck Attachments, has acquired the rights to produce and sell Wedgelock products in North America. Cascade Corporation is the World-leading manufacturer of forklift attachments. Providing customers with material handling products and solutions for over 70 years. Knowledge gained in engineering design, flexible manufacturing technology, application expertise and commitment to total customer satisfaction has set the field for its entry into the construction attachment business. The acquisition of American Compaction Equipment and PSM LLC provides a launch into this new arena.

  89. Pacific Spectrum Environmental Research & Consultancy, Inc.

    Pacific Spectrum Environmental Research and Consultancy, Inc. (PSEnvi), is an environmental and general engineering design and consultancy firm based in Manila, The Philippines. Filipino engineers are renowned as one of the best engineers in the world who can provide high quality engineering works and services at one of the cheapest rates globally. We at PSEnvi recognize this strength and would like to take advantage of the trust that the global marketplace has given to us. We offer our environmental and general engineering services as one of your valuable resources offsite. We have extensive engineering design experience in the field of wastewater treatment systems, water supply and sanitation systems, road networks as well as general engineering design works.

  90. Pacific Star Corporation

    Pacific Star Corporation is a manufacturer/distributor of Industrial, Laboratory, and Safety supplies. All of our products are brand new. We do NOT sell any used or refurbished products. All products have a full manufacturer’s warranty. Many of our products are used in the research lab, industrial lab, education sector, manufacturing, and construction facilities. Our expertise is in Supply Logistics and Expeditionary Supply Chain. Our logistics experts are trained to handle specific aspects of each of customer operations and have capabilities to offer attractive and efficient solutions. Our vast supplier networks allows us to handle urgent/emergency orders within the next day (domestic) or 1-2 days (international - depending on the location and nature of the product). Established in 2005, we have been awarded several government contracts for various laboratory and scientific instruments. We are a GSA contract holder.

  91. Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc.

    We are a full-service environmental remediation, demolition, and construction contractor, providing services to public and private sector clients. Our strong financial position has been built on reliable, high-quality performance, allowing Pacific States to maintain consistent growth.

  92. Pacific Supply & Safety, LLC

    Pacific Supply & Safety sells office supplies, electronics, and laboratory and safety supplies to the federal government and prime contractors. Founded by Julie Valdez, Pacific Supply & Safety is a small woman-owned 8(a) certified company. Our success and growth can be attributed to one thing... our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

  93. Pacific Trans Environmental Services, Inc. (PTES)

    PTES offers hazardous waste packaging, transportation, disposal and remedial construction services. The company operates from headquarters in El Cajon, California. PTES focuses on serving customers that either have special environmental needs, or require superior services. PTES meets the environmental needs of over 400 government and commercial customers.

  94. Pacific Water Quality Association (PWQA)

    The Pacific Water Quality Association (PWQA) is a non-profit organization representing the water quality improvement industry. Our members include retailers, assemblers, manufacturers and suppliers, as well as auxiliary member companies. The goal of the PWQA is to provide all consumers equal access to quality water options for home, business and commercial water treatment applications. Our members strive to provide the very best water quality improvement devices, back by trained, certified professionals who understand how to improve the customer`s existing water supplies with safe and sound cutting-edge technologies. The Pacific Water Quality Association was founded in 1957 as the Pacific Water Conditioning Association. In 1975 the Association re-named itself the Pacific Water Quality Association to better emphasize the membership`s involvement with all aspects of the water quality improvement industry.

  95. Pacific West Equipment

    Pacific West Equipment started business in 2001 to serve the wholesale marketing needs of independent manufactures in the states of CA, AZ and NV. In 2006 I decided to enter the retail market to meet the ever increasing customer demand for a internet based store selling high quality products, at a good price by a qualified and trained sales person. That is what you will get from I have over 20 years of experience in the equipment industry and know the products that I sell and how they work. I am a factory authorized retail outlet as well as the manufacturers representative for the area, providing technical and warranty services. I believe in what I sell and strive for 100% customer satisfaction, before, during, and after the sale.

  96. PacifiClean

    Headquarted in Spokane, Washington, PacifiClean Environmental was formed by SRM Development and PacifiClean’s General Manager, Larry Condon, in response to the growing need to manage organics processing in environmentally progressive and sustainable ways. Lifelong friends and colleagues, the SRM principals recognized Larry Condon’s visionary strength as well as his organics processing experience as tremendous assets with which to deliver on their foundational value — Innovating for a Cleaner Environment.PacifiClean Environmental leverages expertise, synergies and innovative technologies to provide integrated organics management solutions that optimize returns for municipalities, its residents, and the environment. In conjunction with our team of partners, our highly-skilled, pioneering technical experts bring decades of direct experience designing and operating organics processing facilities world-wide.

  97. Pacific-Tec Scientific Pte Ltd

    PACIFIC-TEC SCIENTIFIC, a Singapore-based company and Major Distributor of renowned handheld Scientific Instruments in Radiation and NDT in Asia since 1994, provides a one-stop solution from Marketing, Sales, Training and Consultancy, Technical and Repair Support to its Radiation, NDT and Security customers. Well known in the Radiation field, it has partnerships with many leading European and American manufacturers, covering all your needs from Alpha to X-rays and Neutrons. PACIFIC-TEC has ISO 9001: 2015 in Sales, Repair, Calibration, Testing and Training of Analytical, Safety and Security Equipment. It supports key sectors: Civil Defense, Homeland Security, Regulatory, Medical, Environmental, Mining, Research, Universities, Gems, Oil & Gas, Shipyard, Scrapyard, Seaport & Airport. It covers a wide range of sensitive equipment under 3 divisions: Radiation/NDT/Security with Radiation Portal Monitor, Dosimeter, Survey meter, Area Monitor, Identifiers, X-ray scanner, metal detector, XRF

  98. PacificTech Solutions, Inc.

    PacificTech Solutions is an independent architectural and engineering outsourcing company based in Manila, the Philippines, offering a broad range of technical services to international clients. Leveraging the extensive experience of its senior management, a highly productive environment and a pool of capable and experienced technical staff, we deliver high-quality and cost effective services via project assignments, service level and framework agreements in areas of: tender preparation, including preliminary design for architectural and engineering projects, CAD and 3D visualization, staff secondment for project implementation, detailed design for civil, electrical, mechanical, control system and SCADA projects, detailed architectural design, detailed engineering design for water, environment and energy related applications, and GIS applications, 3D visualization and clash detection.

  99. Packaderm Equipment, Inc.

    Packaderm Equipment is the exclusive distributor for a European waste compaction machine that compacts waste in open bin containers (20`-50`). Reduces the number of pickups by the hauler by 25%-80%. Customers are getting 4-10 times as much waste in each bin dramatically reducing costs .

  100. Pack-A-Drum, Inc.

    Pack-A-Drum saves your businesses 40-65% of your current waste hauling costs, even clients w/waste brokers. Its real money currently thrown away, we can help you recover. The Pack-A-Drum system is a completely manual safe to operate compactor reducing trash volume, decreasing number trash pickups and/or dumpster size. In thousands of businesses Worldwide as it needs no electrical and can be used in any business for waste and recycling volume reductions. Ease to operate and own with only 10 minutes per year in maintenance. It can be leased to own or purchased with any credit card. Your Return on Investment will be 23 % to 285% depending on your starting costs. Can be used for Toter Programs, Dumpster Based Trash and Electric Compactor replacement due to higher costs. If you need to reduce waste volume we have the answer to your problems. Call, Email or Fax us to get started on your Sustainability Program Today.

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