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The 01dB WebMonitoring Version 3.0 is a simple and efficient solution for environmental noise and vibration monitoring. Its features include the supply of monitoring stations with pre-set parameters, cloud data storage, display of measurement data via a customizable website, real-time alarms, and periodic system checks. 01dB now offers a simple and efficient solution for noise and vibration monitoring activities, thus improving your productivity.

01dB WebMonitoring offers a tangible response to your monitoring issues, with the benefit of the following technical advantages:

  • Pre-set class 1 metrological equipment
  • 3G SIM card and subscription provided
  • Simplified on-site implementation
  • Accessories provided (extension leads, mounting system, etc.)
  • Data secured on hosted server, accessible by FTP
  • Public or private website that can be customized with your graphic style guide
  • Real-time display of data collected by the measurement stations (noise, vibrations, weather information)
  • Real-time and offline spectrograms
  • System management and on-site operation services (installation, disassembly, maintenance, etc.)

For a fixed monthly fee and a three-month minimum rental period, 01dB WebMonitoring helps you keep costs under control. Do you need to cover a longer period of time? Simply e-mail our Customer Services Department so that your request is taken into account before we receive your updated order.

Monitor urban noise levels to validate noise maps and provide information for noise reduction action plans, inform neighbors about the noise and vibration impact of your building site, demonstrate the results of noise mitigation efforts at your industrial worksite... In other words, stay focused on the ultimate objectives of your monitoring operations, while 01dB WebMonitoring takes care of the technical matters.


Now available in a new 3.0 version, the 01dB WebMonitoring interface has been reviewed in order to enhance the user experience and productivity:

  • New graphical style for improved legibility
  • Dynamic tabs to display or hide information
  • New 01dB HeatMap graphics
  • New banner with weather information
  • Direct integration of the alarm management
  • Annual summary page reviewing key indicators
  • Summary reports, etc.

This web interface collects the key noise, vibration and weather indicators, and presents the relevant information in clear and simple tables or graphs.

Access to the web interface is secured via a user ID and password. It can be made public upon request from a customer. Alternatively, two dedicated web interfaces may be associated with a single project offer: a public one and a private one. In this case, the information contained on each site will be different (please contact us for more information).


Data collected by the monitoring stations is transferred to the 01dB data-hosting center on a periodic basis. It is stored and backed-up in order to maintain its integrity. Raw data is remotely accessible by FTP and can be downloaded for further processing with dBTRAIT software (provided on demand).

All data and the project website itself will remain accessible for up to six months after completion of the project.

All hosted information is strictly confidential and cannot be used by 01dB or any associated third party.


Noise and vibration monitoring also relates to risk management (e.g. damage to buildings), requiring a reaction almost in real time. As a consequence, 01dB WebMonitoring includes a sophisticated application-oriented alarm management system: triggers based on all available indicators (noise, vibration, weather conditions, etc.), two levels of alarm (orange and red), an alarm count, combination of alarm between two measurement points, and sending alarms information by e-mail.

With 01dB WebMonitoring Version 3.0, users can generate alarms directly on a dedicated web interface. To do so, users can view all the monitored items directly on the 'Site' page menu, along with the associated alarms indicated by a bell that changes color (green, orange and red) in real time. The bell also indicates the number of alarms registered since the latest acknowledgment by the user.

By clicking on the bell, the user accesses a window where he can comment on and acknowledge each alarm to confirm that it has been taken into account. The alarm shall still be recorded in the database. Any comments entered will be reproduced in the reports available for each measurement point.


HeatMap, a 01dB exclusivity, provides users with a clear and simple overview of the indicators monitored throughout the operation. For example, it enables users to instantly see whether worksite start-up and shutdown times have been respected. It also identifies the time periods during which regulatory thresholds are exceeded. 

Based on the principle of a weekly chart displaying average hourly levels in color for each day within a week, 01dB HeatMap offers sophisticated features over and above a conventional chart:

  • Choice of period displayed: Day, Week, Month, Year
  • Choice of time unit, depending on the period displayed: 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 hr, 24 hrs
  • Choice of indicator: average LAeq, LAMax, LA99, alarm, meteorological data, etc.

01dB HeatMap offers users the perfect database explorer tool.


With the new 3.0 version, 01dB WebMonitoring has been enhanced with an essential features for creating summary reports directly from the Web interface.

Summary report includes the following information:

  • Location of the considered measurement point(s) and associated description
  • 01dB HeatMap over the period displaying the indicator selected by the user
  • List of alarms during the selected period of time
  • Variation of the selected indicators over time
  • Table of indicators

As the report can be generated in Word format, users can make changes and add information that is not directly available on the 01dB WebMonitoring Web interface.


It is possible to connect a weather station to a noise monitoring terminal, with the data collected then transmitted simultaneously and in synchronization with the acoustic indicators. Weather data is available in real time or offline in various formats:

  • New banner with weather information displayed on the 'Site' and 'Station' pages in real time 
  • Time history on the 'Station' page in real time and on the 'Point' page offline

The following data is available in real time:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Rain intensity
  • Atmospheric pressure.


The 01dB WebMonitoring offer includes the provision of interactive measurement stations (DUO, OPER@ or dB4). 01dB provides all the necessary accessories (tripod, extension cables, etc.), along with a 3G SIM card and the corresponding phone subscription (unlimited package). The monitoring station is ready for use and simply needs to be started up: its connection to the 01dB server is automatic.

01dB WebMonitoring is flexible and upgradeable, offering the possibility for each customer to use their own equipment (and/or to invest in new equipment) by combining it with dedicated services (data storage, customized website, application-oriented alarm management, etc.).

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