4PL, the first COMPREHENSIVE solution to ensure Dangerous Goods Compliance, Globally. 4PL addresses the separate needs of all Actors in the Supply Chain including: Warehouses and Stores, Freight Consolidators, Freight Forwarders, Couriers. Delivered from the Cloud or Private Networks. Allows all Actors to enter the Supply Chain at any point. Determines whether local or international Regulations has any impact on the consignment. 4PL produces compliant paperwork, automatically: Multimodal Declarations, Bills of Lading, Air Waybills, ORM-D (USA)/Consumer Commodities (Retail Goods)(EU and elsewhere) Documentation. 4PL populates all major Global Courier Forms, online, automatically.

With 4PL you can
  • Create your own consignments, containing DG and non-DG chemicals, as well as other items
  • Choose from appropriate inners, outers and overpacks dependent on your consignment contents
  • Be notified of required labelling and markings for inners, outers and overpacks
  • Create your own labels and shipping documents


Create your consignment quickly and easily

  • Search our database for products or create your own items to add to your consignment
  • Drag and drop consignments into
    • Overpacks
    • Multiple overpacks
    • Compartmentalised IBCs or bulk containers
    • Palletised loads
    • Shipping containers
  • Drag and drop your loads into the required forms of transport
    • Road vehicles
    • Planes (cargo and/or passenger)
    • Trains
    • Ships and barges
  • Create transportation documents including:
    • Multimodal Declarations
    • Bill of Lading
    • Air Waybills
    • ORM-D (USA) / Consumer Commodities (Retail Goods) (EU and elsewhere)
    • Global Courier Declarations
    • IERGs, MFAGs, ERGs, EmS
  • Print or send these documents to the required authorities with an auto-generated email or a cloud/server repository.

Track Your Goods

You can follow your consignment throughout the entire delivery process, right to receipt of the consignee.

Achieve this online through 4PL by giving logins to each downstream actor, or send ‘proof of receipt’ emails with links to 4PL or your own cloud/server repository where delivery status is stored.
Use Chemwatch’s SiSoT (Scan-in, Scan-out Technology) to create barcodes and RFIDs for items, allowing easier consignment management from creation through to final delivery.

Global Compliance

4PL supports the most current versions of the following requirements:

  • UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Model Regulation
  • European Agreement for International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID) and Road (ADR)
  • Regulation for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods on the Rhine (ADNR)
  • US Department of Transport (DOT) Title 49 Regulations
  • Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail
  • Australian Chain of Responsibility and National Self Insurance Guidelines
  • China Classification and Code of Dangerous Goods GB6944
  • Korean Dangerous Goods Management Act
  • Japanese Fire Services Laws (FSL) and related laws and ordinances
  • International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG Code)
  • Dangerous Good Regulation (DGR) of the International Air Transport Association

Regulations in 4PL are updated almost in real time. Where cross-border or international transportation is required, the application automatically selects the more stringent requirements ensuring your consignment is compliant wherever you need to send it!
4PL also supports transportation of non-DG items, and can assist where articles may be classified as a fire risk, waste, or are subject to Special Permit (US DOT), ensuring mixed loads meet local authority requirements.

Label Template Search

Pick from Gallery or Search for label templates. Where Label gallery is large and many label templates are used by a particular Company - a label search option is available.
Inputing data at print time
Input data to your labels at print time when required. 'Each ''Special'' field that is set to INPUT AT PRINT TIME can be named. At the point of generating a label for printing the user is asked to input values for each field.'
Chemwatch Label Templates
40 label templates are the starting point!!! Chemwatch regulatory specialists have collaborated with in-house designers to produce 40+ basic label templates. These support the requirements of various jurisdictions. You may edit any of these to create your own customised label templates.
(M)SDS Version Comparison Tool
Compare (M)SDS Versions quickly and easily! This tool is unique to Chemwatch and reflects the strong R&D focus of the Company. Compare any 2 (M)SDS versions in Authorite. Simply select versions you wish to compare and submit. Changes will be highlighted, and removed text/elements will be marked with a 'strikethrough'. This allows you to track changes between versions - as well as regulatory updates on your Product (M)SDS authored using AuthorITe.
Documents in 47 Languages
Global in the true sense of the word. All Chemwatch Documents are available in 47 languages. Professional translators from the fields of Workplace Safety, Toxicology, Chemistry and Environmental Science maintain the worlds largest Phrase Library. More than 25,000 expert phrases are currently available; this library is growing at a steady rate as new research, phrases and knowledge becomes available.
Multi-lingual Chemical Search
Search over 200,000 Substances in over 30 languages. Thanks to Galleria Chemica, official chemical names from hundreds of regulatory/official lists have been indexed and made available in the Chemwatch search engine. Simply choose your search language and type away…System will suggest results as you type...
IRMA – Emergency Response
24/7 Chemical Emergency Response line in 150 languages Fire, Spills, First Aid, Medical and Worker or domestic exposure advice is available for each chemical (substance or mixture). Reports are comprehensive (they may contain several pages of information each). Emergency Response Service Hot Line 24/7 provides responses in over 150 languages and is supported by trained individuals specialising in Fire/ Spills/ Medical and Regulatory disciplines.

Classification and Authoring

Any substance or mixture is classified following reference to Chemwatch's underlying database  of 700,000 substances. The database is based on, for example, EU Annex I/VI Japan GHS(NITE). Korea GHS(NEIR), NZ CCID, C&L Inventory, ECHA Dossiers and QSAR 'Read-across' solutions. Users may substitute their own Classifications. All substances are automatically linked to an (M)SDS authored using our Authoring tool, without additional cost. The Authoring tool is supported by over 100,000 Expert Rules created over many years by our technical teams of graduate and post-graduate scientists. All regulated formats supported (GHS/ REACh/ Chinese/ Japanese / Korean etc) in almost 50 languages. Over 30,000-strong  phrase library (per language) comes with the System. Expert translations for each phrase is performed by native speakers specialising in OHS. Comprehensive  Audit Trail tools are supplied with Chemwatch Systems.
Regulatory Compliance
Chemwatch creates and maintains, arguably, the World's largest database of Substance Regulation (800,000+ substances, 7000 families, 5000+ granulated Lists, over 85 countries). All data is available in the Cloud and may be delivered to ERP systems, Reports and other Regulatory instruments using a simple Web Service API. Data is updated daily. Over 12 GB of data is currently available, making it at least 4 times bigger than our nearest competitor. Our  Regulatory team of almost 20 individuals is provides support during normal business hours by Video, Audio or Live Chat.
Supply Chain Management
Dangerous Goods may be added to any consignment, packed, consolidated, and transported to clients. Ensure full compliance with Packaging and Transport requirements - alerts available when chemicals are 'illegally'  packed in combination packages, consolidated loads or onto trucks, ships or aircraft. Outer/ consolidated package markings or vehicle placards calculated and displayed on-screen. Chemical incompatibilities recorded at all levels of the supply chain ( generating alerts). Generates all mandatory Report (MultiModal Declarations, Bill of Lading, Airway Bill etc). Supported by Bar-code (1D/ 2D) ad RFID management at all stages of the supply chain. Consignment tracking is also a feature that supports the requirements of most freight forwarders (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.)Chemical Approvals
Prior to purchasing any chemical, our on-line Approvals tool checks each ingredient against over 300 Lists of Concern, produces a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Full Tox and Ecotox Reports, Engineering and PPE Controls Report as well as Registered Uses (under ECHA). It also allows you to produce a Risk Assessment using in-built Control Banding models. Any two (or more) persons will always get the same result irrespective of their level of skill. Workflow engine allows you to configure your Approvals system in a way that reflects your organisational structure. Each stakeholder may be assigned any one or a combination of tools, reports and forms to complete before the approval is sent to the next stage. Full e-mail alerts system is also available, alerting stakeholders of new requests as well as existing requests needing their attention.
(M)SDS Distribution
Chemwatch takes care of (M)SDS distribution for some of the worlds largest Chemical manufacturers and distributors. Over a period of 20 years, as the global requirements of our clients grew, new technologies and solutions were embraced to support new requirements. Chemwatch always focuses on future requirements to ensure our Clients are ready for the 'next change' Our Cloud-based systems allow you to distribute your (M)SDS to named organisations/individuals or to the World. 'Proof of Receipt' solutions included. Updates are automatically distributed to stake-holders.
ERP Integration
Chemwatch data access web service provides the framework to integrate existing ERP and other Enterprise level solutions with Chemwatch chemical data and documents. In addition it provides powerful search API that can be used from within external systems. Data for more than 700,000 Substances organised in 7,000 chemical families, for 80 countries, appearing on 4,000 + Regulatory Lists is available for Integration.
Health, Safety and Environment
Our services, products and solutions are a manifestation of combined efforts, knowledge and research undertaken by  professional staff of almost 300 include Chemists, Toxicologists, Hygienists,  Regulatory experts and physicians. Each contribute their expertise to each module, calculation and report produced by our systems. Our focus is on the knowing the Hazards, and evaluating the Risks. Chemwatch is not simply an IT company. Rapidly evolving technological solutions are enormously valuable in delivering fast, accurate and stable software.

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