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A2A ASCII Export

Customers, who use Adcon's own SCADA software addVANTAGE Pro, frequently need their data to be imported into other applications. While in many cases import via the Adcon addUPI interface will be faster and much more convenient, it sometimes is necessary to exchange data in conventional file format. For this purpose Adcon has developed the A2A utility - where A2A is an acronym for 'addVANTAGE-to-ASCII'. Since A2A grabs data through an addUPI interface it can also export data right out of an A840 or A850 Telemetry Gateway, if required. The files to be created can be widely customized, with the client having the option to export one file per day, per week, per month, or work with one big file only, export daily or more often, actual values or averages, and much more. The headers and column denominations can be adjusted to meet the other applications needs, thus making A2A an extremely versatile data exchange utility.

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