- Online, Rapid, Climate Risk Screening Tool


An online, rapid, climate risk screening tool, designed to help you easily identify and understand the potential risks from climate change to companies that you are investing in.

  1. Easy to use - you need little or no knowledge of climate change science. We have done the hard work for you with literally millions of global data points supporting the risk screening methodology. Screen a company in one location, or across a portfolio of locations.
  2. A three step process - create a project, select the company's geographic locations and answer some simple questions based on your knowledge of the company. Need an even quicker assessment? Use the Express reporting feature.
  3. No need to download any software - use it from anywhere in the world through your favourite web browser, all you need is an internet connection. Purchase a subscription account on-line - it's easy to give access to your colleagues too - share the benefits of Aware across your organisation.

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