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One of the main competitive advantages of Accuvio is how easy the software is to use, and how easy it is to configure “out of the box”. While most companies don’t require any customisation of the software to achieve 100% of their goals, some companies have company or industry specific requirements that require either an entirely new module or some tweaking of an existing module.

Challenges range from company specific challenges such as a specific web service which needs to be developed to interface to a legacy data repository, to highly specialised dashboard combinations, or bespoke data collection and transformation.

Accuvio recognises that in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting, that the market and the standards are continually evolving, and that one size doesn’t always fit all.

Our in-house software development team are very experienced in the Sustainability, CSR and Energy sector and therefore can provide much more value to any project than simply developing the required changes or a new module.

We approach bespoke projects which are related and complimentary to our core platform with a partnership approach in many case will share the cost of development.

A library of Resources & Experience

Over the years our team has developed numerous tools and a knowledge of the Sustainability and resource efficiency space which will accelerate any Sustainability related project.

In House Team

All development is carried out in-house by our experienced and innovative development team.

Re-invent the Wheel

Many bespoke projects might be very different to a current module, but with an experienced development team, its often possible to re-purpose a module to short cut timelines and costs significantly.

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