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Managing chemical inventories in laboratories and manufacturing facilities, from chemical tracking tasks like splitting containers and re-labelling to more sophisticated tasks like generating emissions reports to comply with an air permit, compliance is becoming a more daunting challenge year over year. Especially when goods and raw materials are shipped and consumed all over the world. Regulations requiring the calculation of inventory at the substance level like Europe’s REACH and similar restrictions in Asia further complicate the challenge. In order to meet global compliance demands and reduce chemical handling costs, manufacturers need a materials inventory tracking and reporting system that can track the volume of substances used – converted to a standard unit of measure – throughout the entire production process by location and across all facilities.

In some cases, failure to comply with regulatory mandates could mean huge penalties in government levied fines, or manufacturers having to forgo selling into certain markets, potentially forfeiting millions of dollars in revenue through unrealized sales. Tracking the movement of small quantities of chemicals ordered outside the normal purchasing process is cost prohibitive as the chemical moves through the laboratory or research and development facility. In all cases, Actio Regulator can help.

Actio Regulator features include:

  • Raw material and chemical tracking / control
  • Auto-conversion of substance volumes into a standard unit of measure
  • Greenhouse gas inventories for emissions reporting (HAP, VOC, etc)
  • Minimized waste and well-managed resources
  • Mitigated risk through measurement and tracking
  • Visibility into chemical inventory across an enterprise
  • Defensible corporate sustainability reports
  • Bar coding: material containers tracked via unique ID through lifecycle
  • HazCom labeling: generates labels & accounts for new materials received
  • Integration with ERP Systems, such as SAP, Oracle and MS Dynamics AX
  • Local, state and federal compliance reporting: generates Tier I, Tier II and Schedule R reports, as well as a variety of state and local reporting forms such as California HMIS Report (Form 2731), Right to Know, and Unidocs
  • Waste reporting – generates waste stream reports for environmental requirements
  • Integration with Actio Material Disclosure for substance-level roll-ups and chemical aggregation by legal entity
  • Chemical containers are individually monitored and located instantly
  • Inventory logs, movement records, storage locations, and reoccurring usages are trackable and actionable

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