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Activated Carbon Software


PACS has developed an easy-to-use, low-cost Microsoft Windows software program to calculate activated carbon (AC) loading capacity from the air concentration at equilibrium. This program also evaluates the relative humidity effect on AC equilibrium loading capacity. This software database contains 818 volatile organic compounds (VOC) of interest to regulators and solvent recovery applications. This program is useful for quick AC feasibility, evaluation, predictions, performance, loading at regeneration, relative competitive adsorption of different organics, and expected breakthrough compounds. The VOC Vapor-Phase Carbon Adsorption with Relative Humidity Software calculates the equilibrium AC capacity for a VOC using the Polanyi model. A user simply enters a known or estimated VOC Vapor-phase concentration and the relative humidity and the software calculates loading in grams of adsorbate per 100 grams of carbon for a wide influent VOC concentration range.

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