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New Technology for Smarter and Easier Groundwater Modeling. Adaptive Groundwater is a software program which uses highly-scalable, three-dimensional numerical code for high-resolution simulation of groundwater flow and solute transport problems. Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and multi-threading are used to automatically generate unstructured grids to handle multiple scales of flow and transport processes. This is done by translating and adding/ removing telescoping levels of progressively finer subgrids during simulation.

Adaptive Groundwater is an advanced three dimensional groundwater flow and transport simulator with features such as dynamic adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and multi-threading.

With Adaptive Groundwater you can:

  • Quickly create three-dimensional flow and transport models
  • Significantly reduce model development cost
  • Develop very large, high-resolution regional models
  • More accurately and efficiently compute hydraulic head and solute concentration solutions (grid refinement is automatically added in regions of high head and/or concentration gradients)
  • Quickly change the grid resolution by simply varying the number of AMR levels
  • Accurately simulate thin and highly-stratified plumes (the higher-order Eulerian-Lagrangian transport solution significantly reduces numerical dispersion)
  • Take advantage of multiple-core processors
  • Use much larger time steps when simulating advection-dominated transport
  • Reduce computational effort (the simulation time step is automatically adjusted based on the velocity field and cell sizes
  • Visually monitor simulation progress during model runs
Illustration of AMR Mesh with Three Levels of Subgrid Refinement (vertical cross-section) during solute injection. Click on image to enlarge

Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Adaptive Groundwater
Adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) techniques dynamically redistribute the nodes on a computational mesh in such a way that physical phenomena can be resolved accurately and efficiently in space and time (Gamliel and Abriola, 1992).

Simulation Controls

Adaptive Groundwater
he Simulation Control Parameters Dialog defines input parameters that control the numerical mesh design, simulation time step, flow and transport equation solution accuracies and other simulation control parameters.

Porous Media Properties

Adaptive Groundwater
With Adaptive Groundwater, hydraulic conductivity (K) may be assigned either as homogeneous K zones or a correlated, lognormally-distributed random K field.

Initial Conditions

Adaptive Groundwater
Adaptive Groundwater initial conditions include concentration and hydraulic heads.

Boundary Conditions

Adaptive Groundwater
Adaptive Groundwater boundary conditions are assigned independent of the mesh geometry.

Pathlines and Monitoring Points

Adaptive Groundwater
Adaptive Groundwater computes groundwater pathlines that start from User-selected starting coordinates.

Input/Output Visualization

Adaptive Groundwater
Adaptive Groundwater offers numerous options for visualization of model input and output.

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