Softavac - Power Solutions International Inc

Softavac - Power Solutions International Inc

Aero Tools

Aero tools is a web platform designed to act as workbench and a meeting point for the HVAC professionals, such as consultants, designers and manufacturers. Its business proposition is to provide such professionals with unparalleled tools that capitalize on performance, time savings and data reliability.

Using certified data from Eurovent, we created an area designed for the professional market and another for the residential market. Both allow for the selection, criteria customization, comparison and reporting of equipment in an operating range according to their respective power threshold. They will bear Eurovent’s certified data Stamp and the domestic area will be linked from Eurovent website.

We intend to implement solutions that match the market needs and simultaneously create a positive impact on society.

Fast Discovery

A careful selection of a piece of equipment for a project can take up to 4 hours using excel and Eurovent’s certified data. The claim for Aero tools is that it reduces this time to only 5 minutes (a 48:1 ratio).

Response time by professionals

Potential to improve work quality in the HVAC industry, potential to reduce the entry barrier to the industry, increased availability of information.

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