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AFCOM is an easy to use AFTN interface that comprehensively monitors, handles and logs all AFTN traffic as well as giving controllers the ability to manage all inbound and outbound aircraft movements.

Its simple setup and straightforward operation make it perfect for use in high volume operations at larger airports but also mean that this functionality is available to smaller operators who are seeking to expand. It is another industry standard product from Muir Matheson that has been developed over more than 20 years and is currently operating in almost every major UK airport and dozens of smaller aerodromes.

  • Fully customisable slot monitor inc departures and arrivals
  • Configurable message processing and colour coding
  • Flight planning
  • Configurable flight planning forms and template creation
  • Integration to ATCOM strip printing software
  • In-built redundancy
  • Data log storage and archiving for 40 days as standard(more if required)
  • Integration to accounts packages for invoicing carriers, operators etc

The AFCOM network is made up of any number of workstations connected together and to AFTN but crucially without any of them acting as a ‘Server’.  This affords every machine complete redundancy from the rest of the network and prevents the often necessary hot standby facility that is integral to other AFTN systems.  This inherent network redundancy allows much wider scope for extension of the AFTN network on your site and can include ATC, Operators offices, Agencies, training companies, flight briefing facilities and even emergency control locations.

AFCOM has been programmed to retrieve OPMET weather bulletins by location or block and is typically supplied with at least one printer for printing any received or transmitted messages.

AFCOM can be integrated with the family of Muir Matheson Software solutions and form part of a much bigger flight operations system.

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